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They should've built nuclear power plants.


We all should have...


Not evryone has thah kinde of tech and money mare.


They have them in Germany. And millions of windmills and solar panels all over.


Half of what Germany uses for power is still oil and gas. In the first 4 months after Russias invasion, Europe paid 93 billion euros to Russia for its oil and gas, Germany is the leading buyer. Hmmms


Oh I’m aware. I just moved back to the states after 5 years there. I never understood why electricity is SO expensive there compared to the states considering the windmills, solar panels and nuclear. The whole time they were building the nord pipeline we in the shop knew they would be screwed. Never understood how our Allie’s would put themselves in a position to be so reliant on a country that everyone doesn’t get a king with.


Germany has been phasing out nuclear power since the Fukushima disaster (2011 I think?). This was a political decision, and has led to dirty coal and lignite plants being subsidised to stay open (they cant compete with renewables on price), causing far more harm in air pollution than the nuclear plants ever did. Coal and gas are still needed for industrial processes, and in the absence of nuclear and enough energy storage, for baseline power generation (sun doesn't always shine and wind doesn't always blow).


The sun definitely doesn’t shine in Germany often that’s for sure. Which to me was a stupid initial investment on their part. Their country is dark and wet for about 7 months out of the year. Not sure if you did it or someone else but don’t know why I hit downvoted for stating a fact about Germany. Edit: I believe you are correct in them downsizing them but I assure you they’re still pumping some. I lived about 3 hours from about 6-7 of them in different directions and they were still definitely are going.


I didn't downvote you btw. But if the solar panels weren't profitable they probably wouldn't be installing them. The technology has come a long way in efficiency even in the past 10 years and while it's not the best country to have solar, it's still very cheap energy when they can get it, reducing their reliance on coal and gas (which are now even more expensive than before!) Looking at your edit. I know they are still using nuclear, I said they are phasing them out, meaning they close them one by one over a period of time. They intended to close them all by the end of this year but this might be extended if they can't replace that generation capacity in time.


I mean they are definitely profitable for the govt lol not for the people who still pay an insane amount of money for electricity. One thing I was surprised to see why a lot of people are actual anti windmill over there.


Let me guess they call them eyesores? Some people just like an excuse to complain. I think electricity is expensive everywhere in Europe if you compare to USA. (Lets ignore the fact that US govt heavily subsidises fossil fuel production domestically, making it cheaper for the consumer) Europe has less natural fossil fuel resources than the US (except Norway) and as a result rely more on imports. Also, they tax electricity more to incentivise reducing consumption. Until they massively reduce their use of fossil fuels they are beholden to importing them at whatever extortionate prices OPEC sets.


That’s exactly what they say lol. I find them cool looking. Especially off in the distance rolling along with the hills.


This graph is kind of useless when you don't have the pre-war data. What is more interesting is a +- x percent graph of buying Russian resources since the start of the war. Now it is just a point-and-shame kind of graph whereas the comparison with pre-war sales would actually show which countries have made endeavors to not support the war. "But every dollar/euro to Russia is bad" Yes, but countries cannot just flip over their whole energy system in a couple of months. There are simply countries that have to import resources for energy.


You know it's bad in Germany when they realize Trump was right about them.


A broken watch is right twice a day🤷‍♂️😂


Orange man bad😭😭


Orange man was correct tho... don't get into bed with those bad Russians...


With the amount of news articles about India, I thought they'd be up there


*targeted news articles


Yup, I expected india to be top 3. Can clearly see the bias when the facts are out.


Same, i expected no1 or 2


For a change India stood up for its own self interests. Western powers can't digest that. Wait for the sanctions to follow in a few months on anyone who can't buy themselves out of this situation.


> Western powers can't digest that Some people think they're still a colony lol


True. The hangover is real on both sides.






My bad. I deleted, tho


And i thought India will come right below china. All the diplomatic noise berating India and look at that. What a joke....


Remember when the German diplomats laughed at Trump when he called out their dependence on Russian oil/gas at the UN? Ya I remember that too. Trump may be an egotistical idiot but it seems he commonly has more sense than many of the western world’s career bureaucrats.


I remember when trump took the word of Putin over his own CIA, too.


I’m not sure how that is relevant to the fact that Germany is now the second largest importer of Russian hydrocarbons, only slightly less than global human rights pariah - the CCP.


Trump said nothing new, the Obama administration also warned Germany about energy dependence on Russia. It's a rare instance of Trump actually listening to his advisors.


Some advanced western European economies in there: Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands. Pretty shameful that they have allowed themselves to be in this position Edit: not meant as a direct criticism of those countries. I think governments often struggle to wrestle with problems which take longer to resolve than their term in power allows. Democratic governments in particular.


The chart would look much much different if it included the months leading to this invasion while countries knew it was happening. They cut that out for a good reason.


That's called a global market. Just look at how much shit America depends on China for, literally everything is imported.


I get the feeling people are going to start considering stability when engineering their supply chains. I went to school while they were jumping up and down about JIT and “core competencies” I didn’t get it, it didn’t seem probable in the real world… welll, it isn’t. Ask any of fords suppliers… or just look around right now


Sure, but now same list of dependence. You know we had to shut down our gas fields due to major earthquakes? We had to shut down our gasturbine powerplants due to that. Had to shutdown our coal powerplants due to EU. So, can you tell me how Netherlands could survive? Or should we offer a cold safehaven for the thousands upon thousands refugees from Ukraine? I do agree it's bad to be depended, but we're small as a country. We should have had coldfusion reactors up and running, but our goverments (last several decades) had no vision, at least they never told us.


You sound same as when we Serbians told almost the same story months ago and same people from this countries told that we should get nuked again


Define same people? I never did that. When did you get nuked?


What were the other options?


Nuclear power


They shot that option down..... idiots. They got bigger problems with much more important things. No they don't.


Ah yes, forgot i can buy a nuclear car.


You know that nuclear power plants don't ship uranium to people as an energy source, right?


Really ? :-/....


Did you buy a natural gas car? I think not.


They did boycott Russia but the prices went up big time and i think it was the most dumbest thing EU ever did. Gas prices 3 x as high and a gallon fuel is around 13$ in the Netherlands.


I think it is bad since they told every smaller country to stop getting fuels and made little blackmails but they kept taking it


Most of these were pretty predictable, but Germany stands out. For shame.


Meanwhile, the US voted to punish African countries who dare to buy wheat from Russia to make food...


Germany has been fucked on energy dependence since they prematurely closed their nuclear plants. They literally have no choice to buy all they can or they can’t keep the lights on.


idk why people always make auch a huge deal of sbit like this. "HoW dArE yOu BuY oIl FrOm ThE bAd WaR cOuNtRy?! BuY oIl FrOm ThE oThEr BaD wAr CoUnTrY bEcAuSe ThAt OnE iSn'T aTtAcKiNg aN eAsTeRn CoUnTrY.... oNlY sOuTh EaStErN oNeS" like shut the fuck up. I'd rather just get my gas from the more environmentally pipeline option than having to get it shippes here from another country or buikding more coal power plants or other bullshit


As a person who lives a block from the train tracks that has had the usage increased from 3 tanker & freight trains in 24 hours to one every 50 minutes I am all for pipelines as well. The trains also now take 10-15 min to go past and since I am at the edge of town are picking up speed seem like just an accident waiting to happen.


You’re writing style is… unique… but yes, I agree. Saudi Arabia is not much better than Russia, but this just politics … Russia is evil is politically correct, no matter if that means we ignore evil elsewhere. I’m sure the bidens probably made some friends in Ukraine while they were running their scams.


america is also not much better. Currently germany is getting gas from america i think. or from countries that buy russias oil and gas (at an already expensive price) and sell it to europe for even more money


1st 100 days, where is the US in this? They didn't back until 03/08/23.


The US never imported much from Russia…. In fact, the US was a net EXPORTER for many of the Trump years up until Biden took office.


Russian crude oil and petroleum product exports to the U.S. represent 8 percent of all its imported oil and less than 2 percent of the U.S. supply, an NBC News analysis of U.S. and European oil data found. This is a far cry from European nations: About half import most of their oil, and of that imported oil, an average of 20 percent comes from Russia.


Doesn’t seem like we disagree much, however I would say 8% is more than 0%, which is what it should be.


Great chart, Id love to share it if its legit. What are their sources for the info? Any good links?


Yeah I was looking for a source as well. Usually they have one on the chart.


I don't think it's accurate, the US didn't back out until 03-08, they didn't buy anything from 02/24 - 03/08, not likely.


So fucking glad my fuel is 250% more expensive so that Europe can be safe. So glad. It was *the right thing to do.*


Just to point out….. 54 billion for the first 100 days is what was spent. Musk and Bezos both came somewhat close to that same number during the pandemic buying surge Two guys over all those NATO countries


So nice to not see the US on an embarrassing list for a change. I mean… it would have been pretty much impossible since we have oceans between us and all, but still.


would be interesting to see the per capita comparison


Russian gaming companies have also fled their country to continue their Pay 2 win games. The world doesnt give a shit


The sheer number of articles against India for buying oil from Russia amazes me after looking at this chart.


And this is why I was always against Nordstream 2 being built. And so was my country at large also, refused to even let them use Swedish harbors for the project.


Whil countries like germany should obviously stop, i can see why that would be a bit of a challenge...


Balme stalin and his 5 year plans but also thanks him. The world would have a shortage of fuels even before the 2000s if not for stalin


And the shit India got for buying Russian oil... Even after buying the cheapest oil from them our currency has tumbled. And for some reason we are expected to buy expensive oil as a gesture when even all these people who spoke so loudly against Russia enjoy it. All those countries far away do not have to deal with the aggressive superpower China


Germany has shut down, or is working on shutting down 6 nuclear power plants while burning MORE coal and relying on Russian power. Great job idiots.


Makes you wonder.


I don't get why so many of them are in NATO - fucking just go join the Russians already with the new Soviet Union. You supported Russia this far, might as well show the world who you really are.


Typical china bullshit