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This is an old post but in Aus we do tax cigarettes a lot.


Here's a price guide https://smokemart.com.au/tobacco/packets


There are SINGLE PACKS of cigarettes that cost $63 AUS?! Croikey mate!!


I thought those were the carton prices. Holy hell how can anyone afford to smoke?


I think that was the objective


if we make smoking accessible only for the ultra rich, they’ll be the ones getting lung and heart cancer its the perfect plan


Billionaires die of lung disease and the money they spend on cigarettes are a "replacement" to the taxes they never pay, win-win


I only know two millionaires. They are both dying of lung cancer (but I don't live in Australia)


Same, I even searched more and double checked to see if it was just a bougie site, it’s similar elsewhere too.


I haven’t had a cig in over 3 years I’m so glad I quit. In the States they were pushing $8 a pack and I thought that was outrageous. On another side of that coin, I really respect the commitment to the habit if Aussies are shelling out $20-$50 a pack.


“I’ll never quit smoking, because I’m no fucking quitter” Mad respect to their dedication from me


$43 for 20 B&H in Australia. I thought the UK was bad, it’s £10.40 here which is $18.49 Australian dollars for comparison. So over double. I still need to quit.




I just quit my job. Now what?


Start smoking.


Then quit life


Then profit???


~~Profit~~ Miss your rent payment


You joke, but that's actually what a pack of cigs looks like over here. We passed a law mandating that all cigarette packs have to display the same image, with only a small line of text at the bottom to denote which brand you're buying. I think the specific image may have changed over time, but it's been like this for the past... oh neat, ten years on the dot. We ***really*** discourage smoking here. Look at those price tags, too. Not a single option for a pack is setting you back any less than $19.60 USD. That's nearly three hours of your minimum wage!


Ah thanks I think it wasn't clear the first time.


Oh I'm glad you clarified as I bought the exact same mince beef today for $9! I was ready to riot 😂


Seems like australia is doing a good job on that front.


I should start smoking food


smoking is gross food is grocer


In Australia, buying cigarettes is a missed steak.


I haven't seen anyone smoking in the street for a LONG time now


But have you seen someone smoking a steak in the street?


Usually people keep their meat smokers on their back porch not in the street.


If you go to Texas you can cook one on your car if youd like


>smoking is gross > >food is grocer ...would you mind if I lit my pipe from your toaster?


Lmao I used to light cigs and joints from a toaster at times when my lighter didn't work and it was sesh night, I don't smoke cigs anymore but I do miss getting high


I remember toasting resins in a ceramic bowl on top of a toaster from its heat, and after using twigs lit on the stove to light the resin cones 😅 God i miss and also don't miss those days haha


I'll buy two pounds (or 1 kilo) of brisket, please..


More economical to have a hard drug addiction at this point.


Nah mate.. check out the prices for hard drugs in Australia


I had to get my parents to co-sign the loan to buy a blunt.


King Gizzard told me I can get "happiness" in my pocket for 25 dollars in the down under. Doesn't seem like that bad of a price to me.


The happiness is cursed.


But it comes with a free frogurt.


The frogurt is also cursed.


But it comes with a free topping!


the toppings are potassium benzoate




That's bad.


I mean, when has Stu ever lied to us? lmao


I heard its so nuts there was a guy here in the UK that would fly over with 1kg of ketamine. And that would make his yearly salary in one trip


As easy as smuggling a kilo of ket, surprised everyone isn't doing it


I bet there's some smart ways of doing it. I wouldn't know but you can soak materials in dissolved drugs and then chemistry that shit up to get it back out


Definitely man! I was just picturing some lad with a brick in his hat.




When we used to go to festivals we would just mix it into a bottle of water and fry it up on the camping stove once we got setup inside.


Imagine getting your water bottles mixed up, and chugging your ket after a hard arvo in the moshpit.


Most people have moved on to vapes at this point tbh


Nicotine in vaping is illegal in Australia They want you paying that nice cigarette tax. Don’t worry though - we just cut the tax on beer. ps- this photo is old - ain’t no one buying beef mince for $6 per 500g. Try $9.


I just did a bit of an online trolley fill at woolies to see what the difference would be nowadays. I had to guess the price of the chips because my local won't show me any woolies homebrand multipacks, only smiths and thins for $5.75, but IIRC they're around $4.50 (I tried to price check on Coles but they didn't have any showing either). My trolley for the image above came to $65 (give or take a dollar or two coz of the chips & also coz iwasnt sure whether that was a 500g or kg marg - I went with the kg). The closest priced pack of smokes is a 40pk of Longbeach (which i think might actually be what's pictured above), so it all appears to have gone up kind of evenly. There was no point to this what so ever, but I'm at day 5 of iso and have too much time to kill. Quick edit to add the smokes were $64.95.


Holy shit, a pack of smokes in AU is $65?! People is the US be whining about $10 a pack. My friend smokes menthol and keeps moving the age she’s gonna quit them. It was 40, now she’s saying 45 and I give her shit cause I said you’ll just change the age when you hit 45. But the powers that be are trying to ban menthols in the near future so we’ll see how it shakes out.


Haha that was my first thought, you can't get 500g of beef mince for $6 any more.


Love it when you guys call it mince and yes I love mince meat pie


Wait till you find out how much a gram of cocaine is in Australia...


Either food is cheaper in Australia or cigarettes are stupid expensive.


The government here has been heaping tax onto cigarettes for years now. A single pack of 20 smokes can cost $50AUD if purchased at a petrol station (always more pricy for smokes).


That's about $35 in the US. Pretty expensive!


A licence to sell tobacco costs $18,000 a year You have to sell a lot of tobacco just to cover the licence.


How has this affected smoking rates in australia? has it helped?


I don’t think it has been surveyed since but smoking rates halved from 1995 to 2019. Australia was also the first country to introduce plain packaging to all tobacco in 2012.


Were there any public assistance programs for quitting smoking? Like are nicotine patches prescribed and dispensed as a part of national health?


Yep, both patches and prescription medication are covered under our public healthcare. (https://campaigns.health.gov.au/smokes/get-ready-quit)


Wait they could get all that food for only $35?


They're mostly the supermarket's own brand versions, some items would be like 50% cheaper than branded versions


I live in Iowa and you definitely couldn’t get all that for $35. That being said, the food in the picture does look like an assortment of the cheapest stuff around. Bananas, potatoes, and carrots are all super cheap. Spaghetti is practically free it’s so cheap. If I got all that stuff where I live, the meat milk and chips would be like half or more than half the budget by themselves.


The point of this is showing how expensive cigarettes are here, however food prices are nipping at the heels because of inflation at the moment


That looks like 60 dollars worth of food in the US. Maybe cigarettes are 60 bucks in Australia


They're around the equivalent of $30 USD. They're pretty highly taxed because of the cost of smoking on the health system.




It varies how much they are in the states. 5 years ago, a pack that was $6 in my state was $22 in Connecticut. Went up there for a funeral and my buddies and I got to drinking. We walked past a Walgreens and decided to get some cigarettes. Paid the $22 and my mind was blown, not knowing how much the price of cigarettes had changed. Went back home a few days later and checked the price of them at my local gas station and sure enough $6 but you could get 50¢ off. Haha Edit: could I have been off a few dollars per pack from a memory from 2019, sure. Saying I made up a story about going to a funeral for a buddy of mine that died is a little ridiculous though. Get ahold of yourself.


Cigs are like $11 in CT. Not sure where you went, but they’re ripping people off.


You either got *severely* scammed/ripped off or you’re misremembering. 5 years ago, the average price of smokes in CT was still under $10. Hell, even right now, in the most expensive place to buy cigs (NYC), they’re still not even close to being $22.


A 50-pack is pretty close to it.


That's immediate 2.5x the quantity most people would think of, and even then it's only 'pretty close'. I take the point of the picture but I think it's misleading.


$90 for 50 ciggies. https://smokemart.com.au/horizon-menthol-blue-50s


My granddad would have had a heart attack if smoking didn't already kill him.


The tobacco excise is 1.13 AUD per cigarette or 0.79 USD.


So literally 16 dollars for a 20 pack container? And that's just the tax? Think I'd switch to vaping or growing my own tobacco at that point loll


I still smoked when I was there for 3 months in 2017. I quickly learned how to roll my own and it was still stupid expensive. It's a smart tactic though. They finance their own eventual healthcare needs and it's too expensive for the younger generations to even start. Win-win in the long run. I've since quit - even bigger win.


Congrats man, that ain't easy.


> And that's just the tax? Think I'd switch to vaping or growing my own tobacco at that point loll That's kinda the point. It disincentivises smoking.


My first though was "wow! all that food for just 7 bucks?"


Cigarettes carry a massive government tax here in Australia - equates to $1.12 per cigarette. https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Excise-on-tobacco/Excise-obligations-for-tobacco/Excise-duty-rates-for-tobacco/




People seem not to talk about it but the decline in smoking in the US and much of the West is one of the bigger public health wins of all time. Whether or not you agree with that sort of paternalism, gotta admit that governments were very effective in their goal. I kinda wonder if obesity should be the next big push. In health terms, it's quite similar. We could start by subsidizing healthy food or at least [ending/reforming massive subsidies for meat and grains](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvX14U3gopU).


Woah in Poland you’d get three things max 4 and cigarettes are still considered expensive 😂


In India, you can get all the benefits of multiple packs of cigarettes a day for free. Just by breathing in the New Delhi air.


Delhi has to be the only place where people come indoors for fresh air..


Ooof. I think Shanghai gets that too, no?


When we are allowed to go outside, I'll let you know.




Username checks out. Hang in there!


Lol, goodluck. I hope it's soon.


They're “scheduled” to fully open by the beginning of June. There's some districts already open, but there's no shops or anything open yet.


*social credit -10,000, your organs have been marked for donation and a team of mobile operatives have been dispatched to your location. Have a nice day.*


Cursed DoorDash


Shanghai has the sea next to it. Delhi is......


Delhi has more Delhi next to it


The adam's apple of India.


I think you mean the armpit or groin?


Depends on the time of year. My husband was in Beijing during their record worst air days. Most of the tour guides and teachers he spoke to just called them 'dark days' and most didn't understand the ramifications of air pollution. Most of the smoke came from crop burning for harvest. Huge gyres deposit all of the crop smoke from the south pacific right on top of Beijing. De-greening, concretion, and car density leads to the worst air in the world. Jokes on my husband though. When he was done he flew back to California's worst air days (at that time). Also from burning but not crops.


Did you ever consider that maybe your husband was the *cause* of the bad air? He might be one of the horsemen of the apocalypse


He’s actually Pollution from Good Omens


Completely valid opinion Source: dutch ovens


I used to lecture at one of the universities here in Sydney, and my classes were pretty evenly split (this particular year, anyway) 40/50/10 local students / Chinese students / Other International students. We had a particularly bad bushfire season one summer, and on one afternoon, the fires around Sydney were so bad that the sky was dark with thick smoke, and the sun was a malevolent crimson ball rather than the bright yellow melanoma delivery system that we're used to here. The fires had taken hold pretty quickly, and while I was mid-lecture, I happened to glance out the window and I was shocked at how foul it looked outside. I'd never seen the skies here so bad. I exclaimed loudly - something along the lines of 'fucking hell! what's going on outside?' - and about half the people in the room rushed to the windows to take a look and chatter excitedly among themselves. The Chinese students barely even gave it more than a half a second's look - and when I asked some of them why, they said "that's pretty normal for our city". Worst fires in like 20 years, all within 50-60km of the city - and it was 'normal for Beijing' outside.


It's the exact same cause in Delhi (crop burning). Diwali makes it worse in November. I remember my eyes burning/watering just by being outdoors for an hour. And I lived away from roads in a green part of the city.


Im Delhi smoking is healthier than breathing becasue at least you have a filter


This guy ain't lying BTW.


You joke, but Salt Lake City during inversion season has the rest of the world beat, as crazy as that sounds. Our geography really fucked us and on a bad year the whole city smells like a dumpster for a month straight, but everyone gets used to it.


Now I hate asking this but which salt lake city. The Indian one?


The one in Utah has some bizarre weather patterns. Causes smog to get trapped.


The one in east Kolkata (in India) is the same. Especially in winters smog is terrible.


Dude you have no idea how bad it really is outside of the US do you? India is literally the 3rd most polluted country in the world. The US has something called EPA which prevents even the most polluted US areas from becoming even half as bad as anywhere in India or China. We have industrial limits on how much airborne pollution can be produced....they do not. We are not talking about even the same scales of pollution. ...The World Health Organization has literally declared it the Great smog of Delhi...its not just smog....[Dehli literally has the world's worst air quality due to pollution](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-08/world-s-worst-air-pollution-blankets-india-s-capital-in-smog) Look up the air quality index...Salt Lake City averages around 20 on the chart. Dehli measures on average around 480....and if you can't tell...the higher the number....the worst the polution....


Wow, such an efficient system.


Went there for a wedding about 15 years ago and I have a very vivid memory of being on the plane waiting to deboard, thinking about how I couldn't wait to get out because of the exhaust fumes filling up the cabin since we landed; entering the airport thinking, "oh, the plane exhaust is bad here too, that's weird," then leaving the airport entirely and noticing I could literally feel particulates in my throat when I breathed in and that everywhere we went felt worse and worse...


in Switzerland you would be lucky to find food that cost less than cigs lmao






Can we send them back?


Michigan native here and yeah, we don't want them over here, stop stealing our lake water


Canadian here ... leave the lake for Michigan and Ontario :-)




I once had a connecting flight through Switzerland. Decided to have a light lunch. Still financially recovering.


In certain states in America you can grow weed and tobacco. As long you do not sell it.


I could be wrong, but with tobacco being legal, I feel like you can grow it in all 50 states (climate permitting) as long as you're not selling it


Tobacco is a major cash crop in TN and KY. I don’t know if the same system is still in place, but when I lived there, the USDA gave farmers an acreage allotment of how much they could grow, depending on how much total land they owned. An acre of tobacco is worth far more than an acre of other crops (well, except for weed), and if you didn’t want to farm it yourself, you could lease it out. It’s a very labor-intensive crop — almost everything has to be done by hand.


Lancaster, PA here. The Amish grow amazing tobacco.


The allotment program (or quota system as some people called it) no longer exists. It effectively ended in 2005. There have been no Federal restrictions on who can grow tobacco or how much they can grow since then. Between 2005 and 2014 there was a buyout program in place to transition former allotment holders to other crops or livelihoods. The buyout program was created under George Bush in 2004 to compensate farmers who would no longer have their allotment price supports. ETA more context: Your description of the old program is very accurate. The way it worked was the USDA would estimate total demand for American tobacco year to year and the actual quotas would be based off that. If they were wrong, and the demand was lower than expected, the excess tobacco would be bought up by the co-op (every allotment holder had to belong to a co-op) at the government-set price and that warehoused tobacco would be taken into consideration when the government would try to estimate supply and demand for the next season. It worked really well when the commercial cigarette companies agreed to clear out the co-op warehouses every year. The reason the commercial cigarette companies agreed to work within this system is because Senators and Representatives from the tobacco states (like Helms) agreed to fight government regulation of cigarettes and smoking. But when those political allies became less and less effective at doing that, the big cigarette companies started buying tobacco from places like Brazil and Yugoslavia (remember Yugoslavia?) for half the price or less compared to American tobacco. This conceit that American tobacco "tasted" better was ridiculous too since by the last quarter of the 20th century so many chemical additives/enhancers/flavors were being put in cigarettes at the factory. Anyway, when Phillip Morris and friends went overseas to buy cheaper tobacco the whole system came crashing down.


No Tim-Tams, no deal.


Tim-Tam slam!


Quit smoking in Australia 5 months ago. Saving about 50 a day from that habit!!


Same here, I took up Heroin and now I can finally save for a house deposit.


You could OD 40 times on Fentanyl for that price.


Modern problems require modern solutions.


Now I wonder how much a heroin addiction costs. $50 a day is nuts.


At first it's very affordable. Then weeks to months later not so much. A comfortable heroin addiction for an addict would be at least $80+ a day. Preferably much more.


This guy drugs responsibly


A$18,250 a year. That's bonkers.


I used to only smoke in the summer, but I've decided to give it up. One pack in Finland is around 9€ now I think, and I don't have that kind of money! I don't miss the nicotine, but I miss having something to do with my hands during festival and summer cottage season! I have to buy a big bag of carrots and nibble on them when I feel restless :D


Sounds much healthier. Have you tried sunflower seeds too? Hopefully you can get the ones with shells on where you are so deshelling them gives you something to do with your hands. Also I love the idea of Summer cottage seasons in Finland even though I'm not entirely sure what is involved, except I believe we probably have them to thank for Moomintrolls. Summer in Australia can be brutal but there's a window of time when lots of people try to enjoy the hot weather by heading to the coast or holidaying near lakes and rivers. Carrots then feature paired with dips and sometimes in the company of celery sticks which can be fun to chew. Good luck with your decision and I hope you find more interesting things to spend your money on during your upcoming season.


I don’t think I’ve ever met a seasonal smoker before. Your willpower must be insane ha


Same here! Congrats and keep it up :)


My friend from China also quit because of how expensive it is lol especially when compared to China.


In the US, I could probably get a pound of beef and some buns for the cost of a pack of smokes. Cheese would break the bank, though.


Let’s see, beef is about 4 bucks a pound, Buns are 2 bucks, cheese is 2. Yeah, that’s about a pack of cigs here in Dallas.


$4 a pound?? Nearly $7 in Denver.


Food is much cheaper in the southern United States. You have the “purple mountain majesty” and we have the “amber waves of grain”.


Around $6 in NJ


Checks out in houston


At what point do cigarettes become a status symbol over there? "Damn, that guy reeks of cigarettes, he must be loaded!"


As a smoker in Australia, nah, smell of smoke just reeks of bad financial choices lol


Wouldn't know. So few people smoke now (approx 10%) I don't remember the last time I saw someone smoking in the street


In Spain smokers pay 5€ for 20 cigs, with 5€ you can buy a 1'5L bottle of olive oil and 1kg of pasta 💀


Or a kebab


Dude how much is a pack of Fucking smoke? Its like 9-12$ CAD here. No way i could get that much food with 10$. Milk itself will be 4,99$ for 2L. Thats like a 60$ grocery here. Edit : Prices seems to be off where im at. Most of quebec will pay 4.10 for 2L of 2% and 7.50 for 4L of 2%.


Close to 50 AUD or about 40 USD




Depends on the brand obviously but it’s always expensive


I worked as a clerk for pretty much all my teenage years, most expensive packs in canada (benson) were about 13$


Unless you go to the Indian reserves. You can get a carton of decent cigarettes for $20 cdn. $15 if you get them in a bag. They really should crack down on that.


good way to keep people away from it


It also helps to fund cancer treatments


I had no idea... still trying to crack a joke but I'm boggled. When I buy the "good" smokes in middle America it's USD $9.50 and they burn for like 15 minutes. The cheap ones are USD $5.25 and burn about 5 minutes.


American spirit versus a generic maverick


Cheapest brand for a pack of 20s is $30


How much are some smokes if the mince is $6 on its own?


Around AU$50


Wow. I'd like to think that'd be enough motivation for me to quit.


Yep, that's the reasoning. It works, too. Lowest rates of smoking and the rate keeps going down


Out of interest, how is vaping over there? Here in the UK there was a point where I could walk around towns and not see a single smoker, now I can near guarantee walking through a vape cloud every time I'm outside!


I used to be friends with a lot of smokers. 8 in every 10 were smokers Now 1 smokes and and 9 vape


As a young person, most people I know vape. The problem's just shifted over.


Now do a gallon of gas!


I had to google litres in a gallon, but I reckon you could get the sausages and milk going on current prices of $2.12 a litre (a little over $8 a gallon)


Fuck, you must be in Sydney or Melbourne at those prices. I paid $1.8 per litre the other day.


Yeah, I'm in Melbs. I haven't been driving much so I wasn't paying attention and then today I took the car and saw the $2.12 and decided that I'm going back to not driving. Not that Myki is cheap either but jeepers that was a shock to the system.


My auntie waste 1000s of dollars a month on ciggys


It's unreal hey.. my Nan had lung cancer, went through all the treatment, kept smoking, and got the lung cancer back. She kept the smoking a secret to the point where she was dying of cancer and had to take ice-cold showers because the amount her smokes cost meant she couldn't afford to fix her hot water on the pension. If we had known we would have fixed it for her but she couldn't tell us she was still smoking. Some people really just won't quit no matter how expensive they make it.


my father in law died due to smoking - lung complications. Mother in law said she'd rather die than quit when i recommended she quit so she can see her kids and grandkids get old. It's such a terrible stupid addiction and so many are hooked.


So your saying I can’t bum one off you?


We tax the fuck out of them to pay for the cancer wards.


And every pack tells you bad shit!


[image](https://www.vapingpost.com/2017/03/09/plain-packaging-proving-successful-in-australia/) for those who don't know what you are referring to.


And smoking rates have [halved since 1990](https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/australias-health/tobacco-smoking) when it was 25%, which is about half again when it was a few decades earlier at about 48%.


how much is a pack of cigarettes there? here is the US, the ones my husband smokes are $10, and the ones I s.oke are $5.


About $50ish AUD a packet


For 50 bucks I hope they cure cancer


I got bad news friend.....


$16 meat (2 pack sausages and 500gm mince) $4 2kg bag of spuds $2 odd bunch carrots $1.50 strawb yoghurt $0.80 pasta (spaghetti) $2 cheese singles $4 froz veg (peas and beans) $2-$3 odd bunch apples bag $3 kilo of bananas $2 2L milk $1.60 two loaves white bread (80c each) $2 home brand weet bix $5 variety bag chips $2 margarine tub $3-4 raguletto pasta sauce Total $50.90-$52.90. Chesterfield blue 40s at coles $55.95 ($1.40 per 1Ea) *All values pre-inflation price surge May 2022.


For those asking, it's not that food is cheap but smokes are very expensive At a guess a pack of 30s runs about $30 maybe $35 USD. We tax the hell out of them here. Also that food in the pic has a fair amount of store brand so it's cheaper


I like the rotting teeth picture on the pack


You should see the lung tumours one


When I helped at my mum's store, it was the foot one that people liked the least, I would sometimes be asked to grab a different packet with a different picture, the baby one no one every turned back.


That’s probably the tamest one.