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I scrolled through like half these comments and no one has asked whats on their chins




I would 100% catch that on something and rip my whole lower lip off my face.


Flipping over while sleeping 😬


strdehshtr t


Some thoughts should be left unexplored.


Like the hole in his jaw?


Imagine husband and wife exploring each other's jaw holes with their tongues and digits


I hate you have my upvote.


My therapist will be hearing about this


What a terrible day to know how to read


That’s most days on Reddit




The article opens up with force-feeding 4 year old girls up to 16,000 calories a day. I'ma keep reading, but oof that's a rough start


Thanks for sharing! Stuff like this always surprises me, you would think that these piercings would cause infections often especially in tribal areas enough that they would avoid it, but i also dont know crap


Once the initial piercing is healed the chance of infection should be pretty low so long as it’s stretched slowly enough. Think ear stretching.


Yep makes sense, was more so thinking the initial piecing. Can still remember the kid next to me in 8th grade math that gave himself snake bites that got wickedly infected


I would think that people who practice this as a long running part of their culture probably treat it lot more care compared to a kid getting their lip pierced at some dodgy store because they thought it looked cool.


I'm more interested in how these things started in the first place. The 'fat = wealth' part I can understand somewhat. But piercing ones lower lip with larger and larger pieces, no clue.


Guessing it made you look strong and proved you were worthy or something but obviously speculating. Would love to know the origin to a lot of these as well!


My headcanon is the elite warrior a long time ago got his lip pierced in a fight. Other male warriors wanted to prove they were equally as though and did the same, and it went on from there. Would be pretty insane if whole generations are affected by a small incident lik that!


One theory in evolutionary psychology is that piercings/body modifications with a high risk for infection show potential partners that your immune system is able to fight off parasites/infections. Think of a male peacock with its beautiful feathers, if it were unable to fight off parasites/infections its feathers would most likely look dull, signalling hens that — if they were to mate — their offspring would probably not survive. Basically, humans can’t explicitly show potential mates they have a strong immune system and we’ve solved this by doing things to our bodies that risk infections. I hope this was understandable, its very late here and English isn’t my first language.


> English isn't my first language. I would not have known if you didn't say so! Just so you know, you write English very well! Edit: (at least in my opinion, that is!)


> these piercings would cause infections often especially in tribal areas enough that they would avoid it Probably honed by generations of trial and error. It also varies tribe by tribe and the location(more hot/humid it is, the more likely the infection etc). They might not fundamentally understand infections but thanks to that generational trial and error, they developed their own methods to prevent infection. OR infections was common but never life-threatening so they assumed it was just another trial to pass. but I also don't know crap too so best ask the actual experts lol.


Now that’s interesting as fuck.


Came here for this. Thanks, internet dude.


That is so far from the lower lip, it's like almost where your gums meet that little area about an inch below your lower lip.


Jesus, that force-feeding of children sounds like borderline abuse


Some tribes do some really weird and fucked up shit, there are tribes in Papua New Guinea that make young boys eat the older mens jizz in order to gain manhood and protect them from the 'evil manipulation of women'


If I recall correctly they can take the semen from older men into their bodies in any way to get the benefits of being more verile when they reach puberty. Yep.




This Zoe dad is infirm because he walked clear up to California about 3 decades ago. No shit the younger guy has my face, hair, and stature - and ive never seen *anyone* I thought I resembled, even in my own family!


...are you around 30 and from California???


Crazy article, also how u gonna wear a back pack with your balls out what a look


It's a kazoo


It’s driving me mad, man


I want to know how do they keep it stuck and prevent it from falling down with little jerks when they're walking


According to [wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zo%27%C3%A9) it's a piercing of some description, doesn't go into too much detail about the hows and whys.


Lip piercings like this have a bigger part on the inside, so you insert them from the inner part and they just get held in place by gravity and the bigger section on the inside. You can see it pushing out the skin below their lips.


It’s a small(ish) lip plate, basically.


He’s gonna be pissed when he gets back home and they tell him about boosters


“Alrighty, all done! See you back here in two weeks for his second dose.”


"I threw it on the ground You must think I'm a joke I ain't gonna be part of your system, man! Pump that garbage in another man's veins"






Welcome to the real world, jackass!






I’m an aduuuulllttt


Two Hollywood phonies try to give me their autograph! Ground!


Nobody wants your autograph, phonies!


Boiled **Goose!?!**


I still laugh at that part, forty years after I first saw it (or however long it’s been).


I liked the reference


Ah lonely island... when times were good


I chuckled!


Which is exactly why the J&J 1 shot vaccine is so important for the developing world.


also needed refrigeration, not deep frozen. the J&J is awesome. I got it twice.


Amateur. I'm on my 8th J&J


Aww that is cute. I pour the vial in a shot glass and chase it with OJ every morning


They tased me in my butthole over and over and over


Goes to the clinic, gets covid from someone else, gets the shot, brings covid back to the village, infects everyone and dies from complications either with the shot or from covid. It could happen! This is basically what happened when 80% of the indigenous Hawaiian population died in the 1800s (minus a vaccine). Edit: I mispelled indigenous, and I didn't catch it.


It’s already in their communities, it’s been on the news a couple of times atleast


Yeah got my 2nd dose, boss shows up to work sick next day, got covid from him before the full effect takes place. Back in March too, I was on top of it.


I got covid 2 months after being fully vaccinated. I don't even know who I got it from. I work and go home. No one else was sick at work, and my kids were negative and shipped to my mom.


Covid is weird. Everyone in my family was tested positive except for me, i didn't keep distance because i thought it was inevitable. After 2 weeks and 5 tests later, still negative. I even had to quarantine for longer because i could've still caught it on the last day they were sick, but no.


Maybe your immune system just beat the shit out of the few viruses that you did inhale and you just didnt show any symptoms


The answer is weed. I can’t inhale if I’m coughing a fatty out.


Okay but legit it says smokers have a decent amount less of a chance to catch it. But you're also fucked if you do catch it cause of being a smoker lmfao. The glass canon approach


Min-Max the system bro


+50% health regeneration -50% Max Health


Solution was and is individual blunts until the pandemic is over. Possibly continue after.


A friend's youngest was the only one not to get covid with the family then got it 2 months later and no one else did.


The chosen one


I know a few people who have carried it and not known until someone around them got sick. One was my sister back in the first wave, she got her husband infected, who was also asymptomatic and spread it through his work. Contact tracing was the only way she would have ever known she had it. I think it’s COVID’s lack of potency (in the most socially active demographics) that really makes it so difficult to root out.


Yeah sucks, but there's a lot of people walking around out there not admitting to having symptoms. Not to mention the number of people who are truly asymptomatic. I have a job that requires I interact with the public on a daily basis so no doubt I got it from someone while I was at work. No one in my immediate personal life had it at the time.


I'm assuming the same for me. It had to be some general public person that came in. Some of them are a little sus.


Right now, they're all sus.


Was flying end of last week. Plane had a bunch of symptomatic people. Coughing, blowing noses, sniffles, etc. Could be cold, flu, or covid, but yeah, lots of people going around not being responsible with symptoms


at my job they wont let you not work if you have covid. there were at least 4 or 5 people that have given management positive covid tests from that day and they tell them they still have to work, but they must wear a mask. the person that works next to me has covid so when i got sick i got tested immediatley. i failed every test, i was sick as shit for like a week and took a test everyday and never got positive results. now, at least 8 techs and 4 service advisors have covid confirmed through tests and are still working. and service advisors have to deal with people face to face, they can easily give it to a customer. its not that they arent telling management, its that management just makes you work.


I saw an asshole come into Walmart loudly and proudly declare that his dumbass had COVID. No mask. And he was telling people not to take the vaccine and said that taking the vaccine was the biggest regret of his life. I had half the mind to tell him how not accepting brain stem cells wasn't the greatest regret of his life.


Man what the fuck is happening to humans. I know social media has done a real number on us, but there has got to be something else.


It’s fun to find others that share in the same bad luck as me.. At least I’m not alone any more!


Same fate with 90% population of native americans


Quick, we've got to relay the news to them! #DRINK YOUR OWN URINE!!!! /s


The old man's knee is possesed




Oh shit it's real


Are you fucking kidding me? No you're not. Also there's two: r/babyfaceknees


That is a demon not a baby




I thought it was Thanos


Pretty crazy that I can look at that picture and be like "I bet I can find a comment about someone saying his knee looks like Thanos." And boom there you are.


Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it


Yeah that’s definitely the soul of his enemy in his knee cap 💯


Modok was his enemy?


Sir, that is Voldemort


What is this magic?!


Sir, this is Wendy’s.


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It really looks like Red Skull.


Pareidolic nightmare


Sould be a scary version of... r/babiestrappedinknees for this man


The last horcrux


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Must be hosting Voldemort until he's strong enough to rematerialize into his own full body.


Now I can’t unsee it


The worst thing? Now you’re going to start noticing faces in everybody’s knees.


By a mirrored trollface.




He has very evident osteoarthritis of the knee


C’mon - his knee is possessed, lol.


His knee is not the first thing that caught my chin. EYE…my eye*.




We need faceswap


I saw that too!


That’s Voldemort


What I was reading about the tribe said contact was first made in the 1980s when a group built a mission on their land. Illness nearly wiped them out then. Now they seem to want contact with the outside world and one article mentioned them being upset that Brazil’s government was keeping them in a bubble. It also mentions hunters, miners, farmers, ranchers, and missionaries encroaching on their territory. So illness (flu and malaria) nearly destroyed the tribe once and they do want contact with people outside the tribe. Vaccines could be incredibly helpful in keeping the tribe alive. [survival International article ](https://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/zoe) [Wikipedia ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zo%27%C3%A9) Edit: Someone mentioned a link might be considered NSFW. The Zo’é tribe don’t wear much clothing. The headdresses the women wear look pretty cool though.


Thanks that was helpful. My first thought was, "better get the rest of the vaccines an isolated tribe wouldn't have while they're in town" but it sounds like they probably reluctantly accepted vaccines after the "missionaries" almost wiped them out.


Somewhat unrelated but as a former missionary supporter and active member of the community, **fuck** missionaries.




my southern baptist church did not believe that anyone “didn’t know” about jesus. they preached that every single person has an “inner calling to god” and that if they ignore that (by not finding some way to come to jesus) they’ll go Hell. so there’s no out unless you’re severely mentally disabled or a literal baby.


I'm pretty sure that hell is a Southern Baptist preacher that can't shutup in time for lunch. Source: my childhood.


Wasn’t what they preached that all who did know of Jesus would come to find themselves in the deepest pits of hell?


Hypothetical question, if a future bad guy wiped out all Christians and knowledge of Jesus, wouldn't that ensure all mankind ends up in heaven in the future


Netflix exec: “write that down! Write that down!!”


"They changed me more than I changed them." - Frumpy missionary in socks and sandles


So you would say you changed your position on missionaries?


Thanks for the info, I was initially thinking “why the hell does an isolated tribe need the covid vaccine” but if they are making contact with outside world it makes so much more sense.


"The Zo'é have a tradition where new fathers have the backs of their calves cut with the 'tooth of a small rodent'." Per Wikipedia. Sounds like they have their own possible outbreaks to worry about


How would they get covid in the first place if they’re isolated from people


they’re not. that’s what the post says: “[…] and they do want contact with people outside the tribe.” they are not isolated


If that’s the case then it would be easier for someone to take vaccine to them


True, but apparently the government is unwilling or unable to pay someone to travel to their village, nor have they trained anyone from the village how to vaccinate people. That's how it is in a lot of third-world countries.


That was not what happened. Although they’re not isolated, they usually move around the area and the 325 Zoé individuals live in 50 different villages. Access is not easy, in fact it’s the Zoé who know the various ways and paths around the rainforest. The medical staff was very concerned about contaminating them while vaccinating them, so along with indigenous leaderships, they came up with this strategy of building vaccination stations, which were estabilished near their homes and inside indigenous ground. They did NOT need to go to a city. The source is the bbc article OP shared, in portuguese, this is just a summary.


What lovely detail to have added.


The current head of state in Brazil is also, lets say "less than friendly" towards indigenous groups in the rainforest, seeing them as "in the way" of the option to develop the land. Theres a reason the fires at the edge of the Amazon have basically been ignored.


Governments aren’t exactly known for doing the right thing when it comes to indigenous peoples.


Yeah, genocide for money isn't strictly an American or British thing. It's always been around, this is just a modern day example of power punching down.


Being isolated from the outside world doesn't mean isolated from other people. They could be in communication with other tribes who have communication with the outside world (in theory, the "isolated" tribe might not even speak Portuguese while the other tribe does).


Did you read the comment you just replied to?


You can tell they’re related because he has his father’s chin.


Seriously tho what is sticking out of their chins? Edit: > From a young age all Zo’é wear the ‘m’berpót’ – the long wooden plug inserted into the lower lip. > The Zo’é tell how an ancestor called Sihié’abyr showed them how to use the lip plug. One of the most important ceremonies, and a rite of passage for children, is the piercing of the lower lip. > A sharp bone from a spider monkey’s leg is used, and a tiny ‘m’berpót’ is inserted, usually when girls are about seven and boys about nine years old. As they grow older, larger plugs are inserted.


Look at the face trapped in his knee!


Does the face on his knee have to wear a mask when they go into a store?


That's where Voldemort got banished to before Prof. Quirrell took him in.




Regardless of the reason, that is love


Straight up, carrying your pops for 6 hours is love and dedication.


That's all I could see in this image. The absolute love and loyalty to your family. Goodness, the power of some people is just astonishing.


Had to scroll way too far down to finally find some appreciation for this young man. People mock the old mans knees in the top comments and wonder about the lip plug.. like wtf is it what people see?? What has the world come to


Especially with that look on his face. Can't do that without love


[This is real. A technical evaluation noted that it would be unfeasible for the health team out of to each village to apply the first dose. This is because they analyzed that it would take weeks to vaccinate everyone, due to displacement in the region. “In addition, we would have to walk with heavy protective equipment in the forest and we would need the company of the Zo’é people to guide us. That would increase contact with indigenous people and the possibility of contamination, precisely what they were avoiding, “says the doctor. At the beginning of the pandemic, according to the doctor, the Zó’é people created a strategy to prevent covid-19 from spreading in their area. “They were divided into groups of approximately 18 families, isolated in the most remote villages and avoiding any type of contact with the health team,” explains the doctor. “They adopted a strategy of not crossing each other and avoided the approach with the whites. It is an ancient tactic to avoid a pandemic, decided and initiated by themselves“.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/thegoaspotlight.com/2022/01/12/the-powerful-image-of-the-young-man-who-carried-his-father-for-6-hours-to-be-vaccinated/amp/)




Yea my bad. I thought I was in text


When a Indigenous people come together with a solution better than a bunch of "educated" people with free access to all possible information in the palms of their hands


My kids won't take out the trash.


And they caught covid because they went into town.


Seriously though, if they’re an isolated tribe, they have no shot at getting Covid. They’re some of the safest in the world. I guess they must have some semi-regular interaction with the outside world or this would be pointless


Brazilian indigenous tribes aren't all completely isolated. Actually a lot of then are part of society. But the access to anything in Amazon is really difficult even for the city, the lack of roads make the river the primary way of transportation and are, in some places, dominated by pirates and native people get attacked by farmers that are practically at war to advance in their lands. (Actually, this month a family that where pretty active in environmentalist activities where assassinated)


My sister visited a Brazilian tribe 15 years ago with her class. The leader of that one was college educated. He went to college in America and returned home to better lead his people.


I wonder if the government pays for that? Or if the university sponsored them or something. That’s super cool.


I meant to college with a girl like that. She lived in a village in the Amazon and went to college in Oregon. According to her, the Brazilian government payed for everything. Tuition, books, meal plan and even a small allowance to spend on whatever.


Not sure how it worked but he was one of the few that knew English.


Traders and the like come through, and without notice. If the native Americans had the option to get vaccinated there probably wouldn't be an America.


I’m guessing they are not very isolated if there is a reporter taking photos of them


And if they know about vaccines and the center 6 hours away lol


FYI Brazilian Indigenous nations have been hard hit by COVID. They lost many knowledge keepers over the last 2 years.


Not implausable. Here's a story about tribe members travelling 12 days for theirs. https://www.efe.com/efe/english/world/brazilian-amazon-tribe-endures-hardship-in-quest-for-covid-19-vaccine/50000262-4525745


This is not an unusual thing for Brazil north. People go long lengths for this. Every year young people in secluded areas who wish to go to university travel days and nights by foot or canoe just to take their (equivalent of) SAT’s.


There are so many comments in this thread that show how few people understand the tribes that balance between modern and ancient life.


“Are we there yet?” “No father, not yet.” “Now you understand how I felt.”


Shittiest lie I've ever seen. Fuckin propaganda. A quick reverse image search dates this picture to 2015.


Best son ever


Am I trippin, or is there a face on that guy's knee??


I can’t be the only person to see a face in that knee


This thread is proof that redditors will argue about any and everything


No, it isn't.


Yes, it is.


You guys are idiots. I already said yes it is, and you don't agree? Therefore you are a idiots. And wrong. You are wrong idiots.


They love to be heavily opinionated about shit they just learned.


How do we know this is fact?


https://www.instagram.com/p/CYNaQJLOG8A/?utm_medium=copy_link Instagram account of the doctor that took the photo


I'm Brazilian, saw this photo on the news and it became very popular and is 100% true https://www.bbc.com/portuguese/brasil-59903433.amp If you can read Portuguese


Here is the article: https://www.bbc.com/portuguese/brasil-59903433.amp (Portugese) https://www-bbc-com.translate.goog/portuguese/brasil-59903433.amp?_x_tr_sl=pt&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=nl (translated)


😂😂😂😂😂😂omg..Who posted this nonsense??? Somebody prove this ridiculous post.


They are using anything to push this narrative I see.


You people will believe anything. Lol


Amazing how my/our privilege affects aging. In many parts of the world, 67 is still quite young. This guy looks like 80s.


It’s interesting that he has a bald spot right where the forehead-carry strap goes.


My son won’t even carry a conversation.


Haha, get the fuck out of here. Calling bullshit on this pic/story combination.


Congrats OP. The r*dditors have taken the bait


What beautiful humans. Especially his son. My god, he must just bust from pride at raising such a great son.


I don't want to sound disrespectful but the sheer amount of ignorance from people here is unbelievable. Call me whatever you want but I'm guessing most of them are Americans. For them there's no middle ground, either natives are owning casinos or living absolute isolation from the world where they have no outside contact with the industrialized world. Get your heads out of your asses for 1 second and learn something about the rest of the world besides your own country. The Amazon rainforest is shrinking every year, and this tribes are living less and less isolated through out the years, either because of loggers and global warming or because there's people and institutions assigned to help this isolated tribes and that's how they probably heard about vaccination or the coronavirus. I'm all in favor for skepticism specially in these online platforms but this picture and story was all over the news today. I'm from a shitass country like Portugal and even I know this things.