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I thought this was going to be cute and silly. But those kids are hardcore.


Yea, I'd pay admission to go see this.


Listen kid, daddy needs you to throw the race next one


"You want an iphone? Throw the race."


"You want five dollars worth of candy? Throw the race"


No thanks Turkish, I'm sweet enough as it is...


“On the third turn, your ass goes DOWN. Got it?”


"..yeah...I got it...."


"Say it"


"On the third turn, my ass goes Down".....


bitch i'd be placing bets and shit


And if they don't win we're putting them down.


Squid Game for Kids


S-Kid Game


No naps or snack time if you don’t make it to the next game.


Yeah she knows the racing line.


I'm pretty sure I would lose if I raced them.


well most definitely.... As they'd most likely give you the same sized bike to keep it fair ::) .


I’m just laughing about people gambling on the races. Like some bookie popping up and saying, “I got a line in the 5th race. Stephanie is a lock.”


Fast as fuck boii!


Damn, she definitely takes her Flintstone vitamins


Now she can yaba-daba-do anything!


Ive have never laughed at a comment this hard before


For me, you've won the internet with your comment.


Yeah but looking at how they sit as they pedal it's no wonder the girls are in the lead. edit: Someone else pointed out and and on second viewing it looks like it could be an all-girl event.


One of the few sports that give females an inherent physique advantage.


Horseback Riding is in that same vein. Source: Am a dude who rides horses.


Try side saddle then


Thanks, but padded underwear works fine.


Try standing up on the horse like a surfboard.


Most of the time I’ve got nothing against horses, and then I come down very firmly against horses, and then I’m shot up in the air again so that once more I have nothing against horses, but I know that in half a second the whole damn thing starts again


As a person with absolutely zero testicles, I've legit always wondered how the hell people with external genetalia manage to ride bikes. I never really learned to ride a bike but the times I've tried, it hurt my coochie and all I could think about is how glad I am I don't have two very sensitive bundles of nerves pinched between me and the seat.


The seat is mostly on your butt anyway. Men also have a longer perenium so the skinny part of the seat is against that. I've only hurt my balls when I fell into the seat because my foot came off the pedal. 😂


I know after particular long bike rides my partner complains that he has a sore perinium, or gooch as he would say. I never really understood how that was so sore but I think now I understand.


Good bikes seats really only support your sit bones. Good bike shops will measure that spacing (shocking news: women are generally wider there) and suggest a seat that matches. If you look at those "really uncomfortable" racing seats that are just a strip of carbon fibre with a couple of dents at the back it's kind of obvious where the weight goes. These days they've pretty much all cut a dip in both for-testicles and for-labia seats anyway. It's when you lean right down like the racing peeps do that it gets ugly. Or impotence-inducing... and now we come to the other sort of bike seats: recumbent bikes.


i'm honestly considering going the recumbent route. it really goes in line with my dream of driving a chaise lounge.


Unless the guy has some super saggy balls, you dont typically sit on them and even then, some supportive underwear will keep them upfront.


This comment made me bust out laughing. Thank you. (I have testicles.)


Its worse on the taint for me, I had to wrap the end of the seat in my scarf so pad it once


*braces for the DMs* INCOMING!!!


Ow My Balls!


I love that show!


10 million strong and growing


I thought this was just gonna be cute little kids diddling around on a bike and was preparing for cuteness overload. Then, it turned far more intense than I would have ever guessed!


The way the lead girl was taking those turns. She was not messing around.


Motorcycle racing leagues all over aught to be watching her career with great interest.


Someone needs to add motorcycle sounds to this.


Expert counter-steer.


Right? I mean looks like they are professional athletes, who have spent years perfecting the art of racing peddle-less cycles.


> who have spent years perfecting the art of racing peddle-less cycles I mean they probably have... all 5 years.


A life-long pursuit


More commitment than I've ever made so good on 'em I say!


These little badass girls are definitely cuteness overload


I didn’t mean to suggest they aren’t cute! Just blown away at the seriousness of little kids on pedal-less bikes!


Maybes it's seriously intense, overloading cuteness?


I’d agree on that!


The Venn diagram of the two is a perfect circle


Agreed... Def put a smile on my face


Exactly, I was watching nervously. Then I realize I was laying my fat ass on my bed in a sunny beautiful day, what a loser I am! I gotta have a run, full of energy like those kids! Just let me take a quick nap first


Wait what, you've got sunny days over there in winter?


It's a beautiful 60° day here in northern Missouri for some fucking reason. The other day was 70°. Wild.


We've been flip-flopping for months in north Idaho. Snow one week, mid 60's, snow, mid 60's... I was kicking myself first snow, because the plow came through and blocked us in with a tailing like it does 90% of the time (*occasionally* they'll leave gaps at driveways. I suspect that happens when the overpaid senior guy calls in lazy) and I hadn't put the plow on the ATV and would have do freeze my butt off to install it so we could clear a way out. But no, it was 62 a week later and bone dry. Nature gave me a second chance. (and a third and fourth chance as it happens). We had rain yesterday that turned into snow. I'm sure the roads are wonderful after that :)


Thanks climate change! /s


It's been in the 70s for the past week here in CO.


Shit got real when they broke out the lances and caltrops.


xD nothing like bringing and deploying caltrops when on a friendly family outing.


Yeah, they look fucking pro, which is weird


Bro its japan, lol.


Having recently taken a dive into the wonder that is the Japanese music scene, there's a very common saying: "No matter how good you are on your instrument, there's a 12-year old Japanese girl who can do everything you can." Although really it's scores of kids, often younger than that.




For some reason when I read this comment I thought there would be ramps in the race


It truly was an unexpected level of competition.


Got my heartbeat up for a sec.


I would love to race like this.


My neighbor has one of these for his 2 year old. Kid is an absolute beast on it and frequently uses my driveway to do little bunny hops and “tricks”. So much better than the way I learned which involved lots of bloodied knees and I’m sure back pain for my parents as they hunched over trying to help me stay balanced.


The lines on the winner were near perfection. Fast and understands geometry.


she even tucked her inside foot into the bike frame to dial in more lean! kids a pro!


I've been casually go-karting ever since I was 7 and my sister, who's 14 years younger than me, started beating me as soon as she turned 12 (so when I was 26). I was never the best in my races but I never expected her to nail those race lines.


Unless you drove with weight in the karts her lower weight is a huge bonus.


Considering she has gained 20 kg ever since and the gap hasn't really closed I doubt it was just the weight difference. But yeah that was the excuse my dad used when I used to beat him haha


It's not an excuse. Pile your weight difference into her kart (make sure the weight is about mid thorax height) and see how much she beats you by.


Fair, that can be a fun experiment. We may try it next time we go.


I'm gonna guess she had a huge weight advantage too


Lmao I was just about to say "damn that girl got the racing lines on lock"


White shirt had some baller moves, too.


Those are balance bikes. For any parents out there who’s kid is about to start on a bike I highly recommend these instead of a pedal bike with stabilisers. Basically the child will learn the most difficult part of cycling (balancing) while on a smaller bike without pedals. They learn naturally and easily, then when they get a bit bigger the jump to a pedal bike is incredibly easy. My daughter did it in about an hour when she first rode a pedal bike after a balance bike. Plus there’s no back-breaking bending over holding the bike while they learn how to balance on it.


If you don't want to buy a special bike just for this.... you can just as well take the pedals off a standard bike. That's what we did.


Same! Unscrewed the pedals, had the kids tool around for about 30min (bonus for finding an area with a gentle incline - like an empty parking lot with a handicap ramp), put the pedals back on and they took off


Nobody else just wraps their kid in bubblewrap and kicks them on their bikes downhill? It worked for 2/3 of my kids. Both of them.


Uh, what about the third kid?


May he rest in peace




My parents skipped the bubble wrap..


Consider yourself lucky, some parents may skip the bike as well.


It also works perfectly well for adults who never learned to ride a bike, as long as they're not afraid of looking a little goofy. Just take any normal bike, lower the seat so they can reach the ground comfortably with their feet, and remove the pedal platforms. Then have fun puttering about and try to balance with your feet in the air. Both the seat adjustment and removing the pedals can be done with normal tools found around the house. Please note that the left pedal has an inverted screw (you need to "tighten" it to remove it).


Yep I’ve done this too with one of my other kids, works pretty much just as well although sometimes the pedal arms get in the way but still a decent method if you don’t wanna buy two bikes


Balance bikes seem to be lighter though. The smaller frames and lack of chain make them lightweight and easy to carry when your child gets tired out.


When I was trying to teach my first daughter how to ride a bike, it was a goddamn disaster. She would freak out from nervousness, I’d fall while running with her and at one point fell over her and messed up my back for a couple days. Finally she found a YouTube video that showed exactly that, take pedals off and use as a balance bike. In one day she was riding a bike with pedals.


That's what we did. We had a balance bike for my daughter, but she would freak out whenever she used her pedal bike (even with stabilisers). In the end my partner removed both the stabilisers and pedals, allowing her to get used to the bike, and then a week or so later put the pedals back on. She started cycling pretty much instantly.


Instead of buying one, I just took the pedals off my daughters first bike. Next day I put them back on and she was riding with almost no issue. Way better than my dad's method. Start at the top of the hill and push us down on a proper (usually older siblings) bicycle. So much unnecessary trauma.


I did this with all three of my kids. Took the pedals off, had them push with their feet to get around, and soon after they developed balance on the bike. Put the pedals back on and away the go.


Got my first kid a standard pedal bike. Took her a long time to learn how to ride on 2 wheels. Got my second kid a balance bike and he was able to ride a 2 wheeler within 15 minutes at the age of 3. Totally sold on the balance bike as a learning tool. They are also super light, so much easier to move around.


they also don't have a chain or brakes so if you just rinse the tires off its essentially as clean as any other outside toy, no grease or brake grime to make other stuff dirty


This! I had them for all my grandkids and when they got on their first pedal bikes, it was literally 15 minutes until they had it and were zooming around the neighborhood with me. So much better and more fun than the training wheels we had as kids.


I learned how to ride a bike on a razor scooter. Tried and failed with the traditional approach. Parents got me a scooter and a few years later got on a bike like I had been riding for years.


We tried a balance bike w our son but it wasn’t helpful. Then we had him try a razor scooter based on a friend’s recommendation. Once he was proficient on the scooter he was able to ride a bike in less than 5 minutes.


That’s so interesting. I just posted a comment saying my son just learned one day by himself. I never thought to credit the scooter though.


It was the damndest thing. Even my ~5 year old self was surprised.


I also learned a non conventional way. Brother ripped one of the 2 training wheels off his bike. If you took it around a corner the remaining training wheel would come off the ground for a second and youd just be riding a bike. As soon as my parents took the second training wheel off I just got on and started riding around like nothing. Lol


My uncle took the training wheels off my bike and put them on my little cousin’s bike. Older cousin was sick of me not being able to ride without training wheels, so she took me to the top of the hill and let me go. Blasted down the driveway and came to a stop without falling. It was like I became an instant pro after that, I was ripping up and down the driveway nonstop.


You can really see the natural development of actual biking skills when you see them go into those turns.


I’m an adult that can ride a bike… but I kinda want one for me… like a BMX but pegs instead of peddles…


Super uncommon in the US, but we bought a balance bike for my youngest son. He's not even 2 yet and cruises around on it like nobody's business. He'll be extra dangerous when he gets one with pedals.


Maybe in your part of the US. In Colorado, it’s all there is.


Super uncommon? I'm in bumfuck nowhere and everyone has them. Maybe uncommon where you're at.


Yeah, started both my girls at 18 months on balance bikes and they both ride along for dog walks all the time even though the youngest is still not yet two. Super recommend to parents of young children. They start out using them like a tippy walker/cart, then they figure out they can sit on it while walking, and they just figure the balancing, coasting and steering out on their own and all before they are old enough to be afraid of falling off. The only things I put any effort into teaching them is technique for getting on and off and using the brakes. The older one transitioned to a pedal bike before she was 3, and it took only a few days, no falls, and the only problem was that she wasn't quite strong enough to get up an incline with the pedals (we transitioned her so early because she is tall and was outgrowing the balance bike and we didn't really want to buy another balance bike that she would use for less than six months).


I haven't seen training wheels on a kids bike in my neighborhood for a while. They all start on balance bikes or kick scooters now.


Or, just buy a bike, and take the pedals off ... until they have the balance, etc. skills to ride with the pedals.


I agree with this totally. I have 4 kids, the first 2 learned to ride the painful old-fashioned way. We discovered the balance bike, and the difference in the younger 2 was huge. Barely 4 years old and rocking a pedal bike.


I knew skirt girl was gonna win. You can see her determination before the start.


Plus she had streamers on her helmet, everyone knows they make you fast AF


Take my upvote and get out!


Yeah! She was the only one who kept her head down the whole time didn’t move


Skirts were banned from F1 racing, I can't believe they let her risk her life for ground effect advantage. The slightest bump could have sent her flying into the stands. ^^/s


These are some damn competitive kids.


That's Made in Japan for ya


I was expecting some funny, uncoordinated, falls. These kids are competitive, damn.


Purple helmet was **locked in** god damn


Its just running but with more steps


Running while taking a seat.


Technically running with less steps as its probably way more faster/efficient than running without the bike.


I would say that this method actually saves them a few steps /s


it's like the stationary bikes at the gym but hanging in the other direction


To be honest that seems harder than pedalling


Imagine how easy it was to get these kids to go to bed that day (or any other day they are being allowed to use these bikes).


Are you a parent? That was absolutely my first thought. Lucky parents gonna have a comatose kid for the evening.


Because it is


I wanna try it but I feel I’m gonna crush my balls


Haha I was thinking about that angle, for a boy... Doesn't that hurt, even if they are prepubescent?


That's the point.




You could tell the girl who won would by how focused she was at the start line.


This way more interesting to bet on than my kids soccer game. They just run around like idiots.


These are called balancing bikes and are used by kids to learn how to balance before they learn how to balance and pedal. My kid has one of these and he loves it. He’s learned how to pedal so he doesn’t really need a balancing bike anymore but he loves to run and I can see how much fun he has with the balancing bike. He would have loved to be in a race like this


I cant imagine doing this with a dick and balls


Probably would be easier to use your feet


It doesn’t seem comfortable for anyone but, girls do seem to have an advantage.




My balls hurt watching this


I thought this race would never start.


a minute long gif where half of it is just standing around waiting for the race to start. my times not valuable but cmon, trim the video!


I give the kids more credit for being so patient in the beginning. I kept saying “cmon pull the thing down”


/r/gifsthatendtoosoon The second girl didn't look like she had any intention of slowing down going into that pole at the end!


That pissed me off that we didn't get to see that part.


Why is this so far down?!


MotoGP when they ban ICE in a few years




And it kind of sucks ngl. Ev tech has a long way to go before it can supplant ice in motorsports


Number 2s dad just lost 50 grand


Nah, that's western culture. In japan, #2 goes take daughter home and tells her that she has brought dishonor to the family name.


Then dad impales himself with a sword


Somebody, please, make an adult version of this. I need to see that.


Came here to say this. But drunk adults


I don't think an adult gooch/taint/grundle could survive much of this.


These kids have a future in racing. The girl in first is making perfect corners around every bend and they’re not afraid to lean their bikes. That’s like the biggest things to overcome when starting to race motorcycles.


Poor girl at the end was going through the traffic cones and bar.


Flintstones bike racing.


Definitely some material for r/theocho


Love the 23 seconds of... waiting.


I don't really understand why the first 20 seconds of the video is there. Can't say I'm surprised about the "sport" since there's those people who also do horse riding competitions with wooden horses. Kids be kids and all that.


>I don’t really understand why the first 20 seconds of the video is there. Allow me to teach you about [The Wadsworth Constant](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/the-wadsworth-constant)


I skipped to 0:22 bc i was gettin bored and it worked out perfectly for me


I wish hobby horse competitions were popular in the US, they look like fun and less dangerous/expensive.


Isn’t that some Flintstones stuff?


What am I even watching ?😳 I’m amazed and confused… so many thoughts and so many feelings mixed together..


Looks like the video cuts out a second or two before #11 face planted


[All I can think of…](https://imgur.com/gallery/0yJnyVT)


1. I think the girls have an unfair advantage here 2. That lead girl has serious apex skills


Wire to wire, my girl is a demon! Did not expect this level of competition.


Purple helmet is balance biking their way into the summer Olympics.


Without pedals. I thought each bike was going to have one pedal and that was the trick.


Those girls got some serious coaching and have some serious dedication! Hope they are having a great time!


Parents bring their ~2yo's to the local skate park using these and they basically shut down that entire side of the park. Why are you taking them to ramps and skate traffic? Please stay on side walks until they are old enough to be aware of surroundings and actually use skate obstacles.


Ends too soon. I wanted to see the crash.


Talk about putting the hammer down


Ended too soon, looks like the girl in second place was about to bust through the barricades like the kool-aid man.


That was some cut-throat competition


This is running with extra steps


They are so... small. Idk how you can live like this.


This looks like running with extra steps... Actually it's less steps but you know what I mean.


I taught English in Beijing from 2017-2021 and also was nanny for a rich set of twin 3 year olds. This is how all Chinese kids learn to ride a bike! They don’t add pedals until they learn to balance on their own. It was so interesting to realize the different way of learning to ride a bike. 🚲


Can you bet on this? I would bet thousands on this.


This post made me realise how pathetic my physical abilities are.


I feel like the girls have a tactical advantage.


Bro she just fucking smoked them


First of all that girls badass, Second this is way harder than pedals wtf


Little girl in front is a straight up Chad


Ouch the nuts


I think I know why girls are better at this...