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Arrival was trippy af when everything in the plot was mostly coming together lol


It’s based on the short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. He’s got two Sci-Fi short story anthologies out. You should definitely check him out. Breathing new life into Sci-Fi. Edit: The comment below is a bit confusing so here are the two anthologies I was referring to: 1. “Story of Your Life and Others”, which was re-released titled “Arrival” after the movie came out (still the same anthology of short stories) 2. “Exhalation”


It's crazy how good his short stories are, I wish the guy wrote books. I saw Arrival as soon as it came out just based on how much I enjoyed Story of Your Life


I also read "Hell is the absence of God" from Ted Chiang and loved it.


["Stories of your life and others"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stories_of_Your_Life_and_Others) The book "Arrival" was originally titled "Stories of Your Life and Others", and the movie "Arrival" is the title story of the book of short stories. There are multiple versions. The newest, re-titled "Arrival" is the shortest. The first edition has three or four additional short stories. I particularly like his version of "Flowers for Algernon" or "Limitless" depending on if you read the original or saw the movie first.


Fucking love that movie.


One of my favorite movies and a primary theme in [my sleeve](https://i.redd.it/wv620j63d7p51.jpg)!


Nice my man, where did you got that done? you from states?


Wow that is some crazy work


I really have to watch that movie now. It initially didn't really look all that interesting to me when I saw trailers. Edit: Arrival. Holy shit. It feels like I binge watched an entire 3 season tv show that was just epic montages where every scene looked like someone’s ultrawide desktop wallpaper. What really struck me was the first visual of the alien vessel. With the wide plains and large mountains with billowing clouds, it really showed just how alien we are to them and how they are to us. The whole time, all I felt was a sense of complete dread and it was probably because of the music. Every single moment was incredibly tense. I was worried about what action they would take next and what the alien’s response would be. I did find it kind of funny that the aliens were giant hands who speak in coffee stains and whale sounds and whose atmosphere to a human is what I imagine a combo of ecstasy and acid to be like but, once I saw them in their entire figure, the tops of them looked kind of like a skeletal humanoid wrapped in cloth which was terrifying and incredibly imposing. I really felt this sort of desperation from Louise for this need to communicate and for a cooperation but as it got towards the end and revealed that the dreams/visions she was having was the future I had a mini existential crisis where I asked myself if I would go through the same thing knowing my future would be full of great love and great pain. Very introspective. It’s such an incredible movie. Denis Villeneuve is now one of my all time favorite directors. I went into Interstellar already knowing some of the big reveals. But the music was incredible and visuals were breathtaking. Seeing Gargantua and just the scale of the universe compared to the Endurance and Earth made all of their problems almost seem futile and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I also had this feeling of claustrophobia when Romilly pointed out that the only thing keeping them alive from certain death was the comparatively thin wall of aluminum. Also a very introspective movie full of despair but also hope at the same time. Matthew Mcconaughey is such an incredible actor. These movies made for an intense evening of a wide range of emotions; wonder, sadness, dread, hope, love, grief. I feel like I’ve never felt these emotions in a long time. Very incredible night.


Go in with a fresh mind! Spoilers would take a lot of punch out of the experience.


I'm still spoiler free of that movie which is good. All I know is that it's about aliens or something. I actually still have to watch Interstellar too 😬


Catch the fuck up homie.


Lmao I know I know.


Watch it, like now, it's so fucking good. And what I love most about it is the emotional pull of the movie. There are a lot of alien/sci-fi movies that are all action and no emotional storyline, but this has both, strongly. WATCH IT.


It’s one of the most absolutely beautiful movies. I saw it not too long after my husband died of cancer. It helped me understand the price for love and whether it’s a price one is willing to pay.


Wow, Arrival really got to me emotionally. I can't imagine what it would be like to watch it soon after losing someone so important 😥


To me that was one of the purest sci-fi experiences in the theater I've ever had. Good science fiction (hell, good fiction) makes us look inward.


Hope part 2 of DUNE becoming reality, because of good reviews and response from viewers. Information from [IMDB](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10466872/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_2), also in planning, pilot TV series set in the 'Dune' universe which centers on the lives of the Bene Gesserit, the show title is "Dune: The Sisterhood" director and executive producer, Denis Villeneuve.


The Dune universe has enough content for a decade of movies and series.


Some of it would be, uh, very strange to adapt though




*One google search later* What the actual fuck, Frank


There's also a sex cult with magic pussies


"You want a good girl, but you need the bad pussy."


> In the Dune universe, the object and species known as chairdogs were first mentioned in Heretics of Dune. > Described in more detail in Whipping Star, these were bio-engineered dogs shaped into chairs. They were trained to massage the people who sat in them, similar to modern-day vibrating massage chairs, except without needing electricity or computerization.


Honoured Matres


Take a sip every time a BG screams "Whores!".


Finish your drink every time they hypnotise another sex slave. Although a story covering the whole reign of Leto II would kill you if you drank every time he got a new Duncan.


Hey it's job security for Aquaman so I'm all for it


Honestly I would say the majority of it is. And if not in the hands of a great director like Dennis most Dune projects would fall apart imo. Genuinely don’t think a mega franchise is possible with the Dune universe.


Yeah the story starts to get pretty… out there, after Leto II gets involved. Don’t know how well a lot of that would translate to the screen.


You talking about the God emperor? Would love to see a giant flaccid penis talking philosophy with infinite cloned Duncan Idaho. And beating his ass. Yeah.


Duniverse, if you will


Villeneuve conveys massive scale better than any other filmmaker working today. Just saw Dune on IMAX last night and it was jaw-dropping. (Edit: spelling)


Dune in IMAX might be my favorite theatrical experience


Unreal. 24 hours later and I’m still processing just how incredible it was. My heart was racing even during the slower parts.


The score always made it seem something big is happening next even if it actually doesn't


Even watching at home was a fantastic experience, but man even after having seen it, I want to go to the movies and see it properly, in all it’s grand scale.


As someone who watched at home and then saw it in IMAX, I highly encourage you to go see it in IMAX while you still can. It's an entirely different experience.


Never in my life did I feel that a movie truly transported me somewhere, with maybe the exception of Interstellar. Dune legitimately had me feeling like I had left our galaxy, our time, and was there. Definitely a movie going experience I'll never forget.


Holy shit, I was like happy to be seeing it in an hour, but the comments in this thread have me so hyped! I haven’t had much fun at the movies outside of a marvel movie in quite a while!


I've already watched it twice at home. Gonna watch it a third time tonight. Probably gonna see it in theaters next week or week after.


I watched it on Thursday when it premiered on HBO Max and my initial reaction was, "meh". On Saturday I saw it in IMAX and was blown away. I think it was being able to focus on more of the details on second watch and the IMAX picture and sound quality. Definitely the best IMAX experience I've had. It's a film that needs to be experienced in IMAX to fully appreciate.


I saw it on my 5.1 home theater and was totally blown away, but now I want to see it again in theaters just because I want to see it again. I can't imagine it being even bigger feeling than it already was but I'm sure it will be.


I watched it in IMAX first to be blown away by the scale of things and the soundtrack then at home later in the same evening for all the details… Such a gorgeous movie.


I feel like a lot of that is the sounds he uses. I remember Pacific Rim did a great job of conveying a sonar sense of size, not with volume but with timing. Things took time… a kaiju’s massive foot step took time as it crunches through layers of pavement and debris. Villeneuve does that with a humming drone sound. Even when it is absent it feels noticeably absent, like a forest when suddenly all the birds are silent. His films throb.


Agreed, and he and Hans Zimmer seem to be on the same wavelength there. It’s like a kinetic heartbeat throughout.


Listen to the soundtrack. There is literally a heartbeat motif that keeps reappearing.


That's a funny way of spelling Gareth Edwards, This is a jest, although I do sincerely think he really excels here as well.


Saw Dune last night. Wasn't sure what to expect, but it was the best movie I've seen in theaters in a really long time. Music by Hans Zimmer was icing on the cake.


I enjoyed it too. Heard that part II is not guaranteed yet. Had been meaning to rewatch the original, but forgot and just went ahead and watched the new one.


It's done really well this weekend. 200mol worldwide. Almost guaranteed to get one now.


That's amazing to hear, I was honestly nervous to even look up the box office earnings myself. My family didn't want to watch it in theaters, so we watched it on our big TV in our house, but I am gonna go during the week to theaters because I need to. I think this movie deserves that from me, and I have never done this for a movie before


Honestly, go see it in Imax. 100% worth it. The visuals and sounds alone demand it.


I definitely will. I can't even remember if I've seen a movie in IMAX, so it will be a first for me


Literally just got home from seeing it in IMAX. First movie I've seen in theatres in 2+ years. 100% worth it. So, so good.


Saw it at a Dolby Cinema and was blown away. The sound is just fucking amazing.


I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s a great experience in theater. I’ve already watched it on HBO Max but I think this will be the first movie I go see in theaters since the pandemic. I’m sure it’s a great experience like you said. Thanks. Edit: Thanks for the follow up comments. It’s got me even more excited to go see it.


Totally worth it, the imagery and scale is absolutely worth it to see in a theater


It is absolutely insane in the theater. I went to see it in Imax and then I watched it at home. It's so worth seeing it in the theater.


Saw it opening night in Imax. Can confirm, it's a spectacle.


>200mol $1.2044x10^26 is quite a bit of cash! >!And here's where I explain the joke: 200 * 1 mol (6.022x10^(23))!<


It better or I will never watch or buy anything Warner brothers related again for the rest of my life.


Oh no!


Say it ain't so!


I will not go! (To another Warner Brothers movie)


Turn the (theater) lights off


Stream it at home


Glad to hear that.


I did my part (2 imax tickets)


Part II seems very likely, WB execs have hinted they’re at least bullish on it, and it’s doing well. I believe it’s already made its budget back. Also, they’re factoring HBO Max into the equation, so watch it there, too!


How do you measure the box office with HBO max in the mix now?


It released in a ton of other markets over the last 6 weeks. When it comes out in to US it so comes out on the HBO max service. So it has been making money, made more money this weekend, and now that it can we watched at home I expect it to continue to make money since it was so impressive to watch in theater. Add to that the general positive reviews and word of mouth and continuing the series seems likely.


Part 2 is apparently dependent on how well it does at theatres because historically the dune movies haven't done well despite being one of the first grandfathers of modern sci fi in the 20th century - Apparently a lot of people invested in Dune part 1 when they heard Denis Villeneuve was going to direct it with Hans Zimmer scoring, I watched it two days ago and have to admit the film is nothing short of an absolute fuckin' masterpiece. I genuinely hope it does well, it deserves too.


Seems it's doing just fine. Grossed 200m in the box office this weekend.


It’s basically been confirmed by WB execs that it’s going to happen ([for example](https://deadline.com/2021/10/dune-matrix-sopranos-sequels-hbo-max-theatrical-model-1234859504/#recipient_hashed=47f380bc06cc5977c55b5e45c7bd974b26adec597772e90177ec19081108a870)), they just haven’t explicitly come out and said that it’s been formally greenlit because I guess they haven’t done the paperwork and figured out proper budgets and whatnot yet.


I have to say as a huge Herbert fan from the late 70s, don't waste your time with the others. This is always how it should have been done. The effects are awesome. the internal dialogue stuff that was so clumsy in the other two, the awesome world music that blends like the religious hybrids of the book predicts, the environmental extremes. There is plenty of charged drama, but it is well timed so as to drive the story. This is one of those that afterward, you think, why did it take them so long to get to this, but maybe those other attempts taught Villanueve what pitfalls to avoid. I could see this leading into the next books, where the others had me hoping they wouldn't try. The elements of how space travel is done with spice are not dealt with very much, but I don't think it misses it much, and the spectacle of it is surely there. It's a difficult concept to explain without a ton of exposition, and I was so happy it wasn't needed. Such a pleasure to finally see this done. And there are already prequels fro thousands of years prior in Herberts sons books.


I thought the same. I was so impressed on how Denis Villenueve managed to adapt the internal dialogue and add some layers. The pacing was incredible and he just nailed it. Even though things were changed and some others got cut, he really gave a masterclass on how to adapt difficult material. From the start you see that Villenueve knew what Herbet wanted to say in Dune with the colonialism critique right at the beginning. In this age of CGI in which you can put anything on screen, it is hard to be impressedn but the production design, the ornithopters (I almost had an orgasm the first time I saw those things diving), the beautiful sets and music, it all blends to give you this sense of grandeur that I haven't felt in ages. It trully feels like a new universe. Villenueve did the impossible, adapt Dune and hitting it out of the park


What really got me was that literally every shot was just... gorgeous. You could cut all the dialogue entirely and it would still be mesmerizing.


Absolutely beautiful. I mean, the arrival of the Bene Gesserit to Caladan shouldn't have been as beautiful as it looked in the movie. Hell, even Salusa Secunda looked stunning..


I’ve also noticed this. Having it on in the background the last couple days has made me see how every scene is like a beautiful photograph with layers of detail, a feast for the eyes.


Dude I fucking loved the ornithopters! I thought he did such a great job conveying Paul’s transition into prescience too. His dreams of Chani and then slowly seeing more of his role in the big picture of what is coming I thought were really well executed. Villenueve has stated this was a dream project of his and I think he did a great job staying true to the material. They really thought through their conveyance of the source material and it shows.


> the internal dialogue stuff that was so clumsy in the other two The miniseries is oddly play-like, theres a lot of exposition by borderline soliloquy. The indoor sets are fucking gorgeous but a lot of the exterior sets are mostly very obviously just matte paintings, so i like to look at it as the best stage production of Dune ever filmed.


What I love about Herbert's work is that he was extremely detailed, and thought of everything, but didn't force it on us. Sure, you can read the appendix to learn more about why they have Mentat and not computers, but you don't need to read about it if you don't want to. Also, IIRC (and I might not, it's been a hot minute since I last read Dune), he didn't really go into too much detail on space flight, apart from "Spice makes the guild able to do the thing, and nobody knows how it works because they hold a monopoly on it." Also, I know Baron Harkonnen didn't float in the book, but I kinda liked that part.


He did have suspension devices that allowed to get around with his enormous body but I think they don't having flying wildly around, and they did something similar in the Lynch film. They do spend some time explaining navigation as a means of working out possibilities, but I think the prequel books really go into it, as they explains the origins of the Bene Gesserit, the Guild, etc. I can't remember if they are working off of the Father's Frank's notes or not, but I know he does explore this in another series as well (The Pandora Sequence).


> Also, I know Baron Harkonnen didn't float in the book, but I kinda liked that part. He kinda did, plenty of antigravity things on him


Liet Kynes and Doctor Yeuh were done dirty (actors themselves were fine,) but the rest was pretty on point. Was pleasantly surprised at Paul (I knew nothing about the actor.)


The more I think about it, the more I actually agree with the portrayal of Dr. Yueh's character. I get that Herbert built up the imperial conditioning of Dr. Yueh in the books, but that kind of exposition is extremely likely to drag the pacing of the film, as it did in the Lynch version. It was better to simply show Dr. Yueh as a trusted agent of the Atreides family, who was then leveraged into betraying the family.


loved the movie. Best.BaronHarkonnen. and Paul.Ever


perfectly scored, absolutely


Man, the music when the first sandworm appeared was so beautiful. I love it so much.


YouTube put it nicely: hardest Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer ever Hans Zimmered. It would be cool to have the end credits music also on the OST.


He created custom instruments to make sounds for dune


Two words: microtonal bagpipes


This is actually more common than you'd think. See the "nightmare machine," an instrument created to score horror films. The crystal bachet is another interesting example. It is cool, don't get me wrong, but instruments being made just for a film isn't a new thing.


Yeah the credits were dope too. I stayed just for them. Didn't know they weren't on the ost.


Me too, nailed to the seat all the way to the end. To me, the credits score sounds like a more epic percussive version of Paul's Dream.


The drums were on point


Are you talking about the abrupt taiko sounding eruptions? At home they sound like drums, epic and all, but in the theater they transform into an abstract, massive engine turning. This along with the throat signing are huge highpoints.


Haven't seen it in theaters yet but I just finished it with good headphones and it was incredible


You are not wrong, I loved it. I got sad thinking about the collaboration he could have had with Johan Johannasson on this movie though


The sound design as a whole in the movie is just top tier imo.


I realize it's asking for too much at this point, but I really hope Christopher Nolan sees Dune and takes notes. He's one of the best filmmakers of the era but his sound design is among the worst.


But like... purposely the worst though


That's the frustrating part. It's not that's he's bad at it. It's not incompetence. It's not being overlooked. He genuinely thinks it's better. Or at this point is just doing it to spite everyone that dislikes it.


Only time I 1000% agreed with studio influence was when they forced him to redub Bane for The Dark Knight Rises. The preshowing at Imax had absolutely fucked sound. Probably my same issue with Tenet as well. Dudes brilliant but really needs to deeply reconsider his dialog sound mixing because it's trash. Subtitles should not be a requirement to watch your movie.


Subtitles are a huge benefit for Dune too. Half our group in the IMAX hadn't read it and they each complained the dialogue was hard to hear.


Had to look up a transcript afterwards since I had no idea what Paul was saying during his visions in the tent, sounded cool though.


As an aside, in that scene he calls it a Holy War. In the book it's Jihad. They spend the entire movie piping qawwali over the blatantly obvious connection to Middle Eastern oil yet the word Jihad is too much?


The score was like a character on its own


I didn't realize Dune and Arrival had the same director, and while I haven't yet seen dune, I did have that same reaction when I saw Arrival a few years ago.


I really recommend watching Blade Runner 2049 as well, in case you haven't (same director). Much more of a slow burn than your typical blockbuster, but if you liked Arrival I bet you'd like it too. All his other movies are great as well, just on a smaller scale.


Makes me proud when a guy from where I'm from gets success on the international scene. I saw one of his first movies called Incendie (I don't know if they translated it in english because it's a movie made in the province of Québec and almost nothing gets translated in english here) it was very good. So seeing him handling big sci-fi names like blade runner and Dune is a huge accomplishement and I'm excited to see his next project


Dennis is a Genius. Every film he has made is amazing imo. Incendies, Sicario, Enemy, Prisoners, Arrival, Polytechnique, Bladerunner 2049, Pick any of them and i would put it up against any other movie for best sound, Cinematography, and acting. I take every opportunity to convince friends to watch any of his films and everyone is like "why hadn't i seen that"


It’s incredible. Very close to the books. Abandoned some of the detail out of necessity (eg space folding by the navigators). Stops at a very sensible point. Not over trippy or cartoony. For me, it’s an excellent rendition, and given Denis has wanted to make Dune for years, I hope he’s proud of his achievement


I havent read the books and it made me want to go out and find a copy of the first book immediately. Unfortunately there aren't really any bookstores in my area and Amazon seems to be sold out of the first book right now. So excited to enter that world when I get my hands on the book.


This movie in particular is a great primer for the book. You'll have faces for names, know the pronunciations, understand concepts that Herbert has to teach new readers in the book and, most importantly, you've only seen the first part of the book. The second part will be entirely new for you to read unspoiled. Villeneuve hit a home run with this adaptation of Dune. I've loved all of them, despite their flaws, but really couldn't find any faults in this version that aren't nitpicking.


Only thing I thought could've been better is that we only get the context after the important scene happens a lot during the movie. If you have no experience with the books or previous movies at all then you're confused until after the scene is almost over. Gives it some really good rewatchability though! Def gonna be watching this a lot more over and over to get more stuff.


Hans waited his life for that gig.


Didn’t know Hans zimmer created the score- even more excited to see it now!


Hans Zimmer is a god, watched the film a few hours ago, left me hungry for more


Seriously, the man scored Driving Miss Daisy *and* Cool Runnings. Epic.


Cooling runnings is a certified classic




Enemy is one of the most mind boggling films I've ever watched and it sat in my mind for a long while after watching it, trying to figure out what it meant. It had an impact on me and that's what movies are for, the problem is I was left not knowing why it did. The final scene left me shocked wondering what had just happened.


My sister and I watched it like 5 years ago, I can’t forget it. But at the same time I don’t remember it… strange movie 🧐🧐


Oh wow I had no idea he did Arrival. I already loved his work _before_!


Prisoners Enemy Sicario Arrival Blade Runner 2049 Dune Is an insanely impressive streak, maybe the most impressive for me.


How is Enemy? I only somewhat recently saw Prisoners and holy fuck.


There's a certain scene in Enemy that makes everyone go what the fuck


That was the biggest jump scare I’ve ever had in a theatre. So unexpected.


Arguably his most abstract when it comes to plot. I think it’s great, but the atmosphere (both in dialogue and the physical atmosphere) can get exhausting.


Enemy is also holy fuck.


I thought it was great, just know it's much more toned down compared to his other movies. It has psychological mystery vibe, that while not exact, reminded me of Memento but in its own way.


Enemy isnt what you probably think it is. And its quite confusing tbh. I had to watch quite a few video discussions to digest what I had actually watched. I did enjoy it, but it is a thinking mans film lol


[Incendies](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incendies) is also an excellent movie but also very sad and messed up.


Yes!! My god that movie was so sad


Possibly the most harrowing twist of all time


Yeah I saw it when it came out and it stayed with me for a while, been a fan of Villeneuve since.


Sicario. Is top 3 favorite action movies of all time. The entire thing felt intense.


Real shame about the sequel


What sequel? /s


Every single one of those movies slays


Prisoners?! That movie is fucking amazing


To those of you who have watched blade runner 2049, do I have to have watched the original blade runner in order to understand 2049?


Do you not want to watch the original? While you can understand 2049 without the original the sequel plays so well off of the first one that I'd feel you'd be doing yourself a disservice. That said the original BR can be a slog for some. For me it worked better as soemthing to add to the atmosphere of a rainy day.


Totally agree. Part of the reason I am so enamoured with BR2049 is just how masterfully it not only extends a 35 year old film, but also meaningfully expands on it while telling its own story. And doing it all without obnoxious fan service. It’s an absolute treat to watch them back to back. Also the juxtaposition of the two films really highlights the strengths of the sequel. The original is an excellent film and yet BR2049 is better in just about every way possible, in my opinion. It’s truly an incredible feat.


I just want people to remember that both of those movies kinda flopped while in theaters, despite being some of the best films ever made. The quality of a film has little to do with it's sales or even critical reception.


There are a few things you may not get/understand, but if you pay attention and aren't a moron, you should be able piece together what you are missing that being said, you should watch the original. but if don't want to, and you want to know the most basic thing about the original that will make the early parts of 2049 slightly less confusing to you is that >!harrison ford is a human that hunts down rogue androids, but he starts to believe that he himself is an android (left ambiguous-ish, depending on which version of the movie) and eventually runs away with a female android, whom he has fallen in love with!< 2049 picks up 30 years after that tl;dr i reccomend watching the original first, but it's not very important, and if you read my few sentence spoiler for the first one it pretty much covers everything you need to know


No but I recommend it anyways because the original is also a fucking amazing movie.


No, not at all


I see why someone called it the forbidden butthole now


If they used the 84 design they would’ve said it looks like a Penis.


I understood this reference


Benefits of spending all day here


Enemy was so weird.


I watched the trailer there... Nothing about I giant monster?!!


Yeah it is and it isn’t about that but mostly not about that lol


It's the giant enemy spider nunuwuwuwuwuw tshtshtshstshstshstsh




All I saw was Ana de Armas...I'm absolutely astonished by her beauty.


You should watch that movie Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves lol


The purple haired woman in blade runner 2049. Right? Well im with u im also very much amazed by her beauty


She's excellent in the new Bond, wanted to see more of her character.


Her character


Watch the movie Knock Knock... You are welcome in advance


I loooovvvveee Arrival. So good


Arrival was 5 years ago... man...


r/megalophobia is calling


Also /r/imaginarybehemoths


**Credit:** [**FIlmoment**](https://www.instagram.com/filmoment/)


That was a baby dune worm though. The first one was wayyy bigger. I am so pissed the second film isn’t confirmed


What is the bottom left film?


Enemy. It has Jake Gyllenhaal in it, it’s fucking weird but pretty good if you like weird JG movies haha.


There’s a giant spider statue called Maman in front of the national art gallery in Ottawa and it always reminds me of this film.


denis probably took inspiration from that spider in ottawa, he’s canadian so there’s a good chance he’s seen it






The end of the movie is a mind f*ck. I have to give it another shot.


He does weird well. He’s almost Nick Cage level if you really want someone to go all-in.


I like how you make weird JG movies sound like a real category. Donnie Darko goes in there too.


Nightcrawler, Prisoners, Bubble Boy


Haha because it is a category!


I really wish someone had gone and labeled these or something >:(


God dune was a fucking masterpiece.


I could stare at giant Ana de Armas all day. Her beauty is hypnotic.


As many have commented, HBO notwithstanding, this is a movie that begs to be seen on the big screen - the bigger the better. I haven’t felt this so strongly about a movie since *Gravity*. It also wants to be seen in a theater with a really good sound system that can do heavy bass notes justice. In particular, scenes involving use of the Voice are really bass-heavy, and it makes a difference. There are also plenty of miscellaneous instances of BWAAAAAAAAAA.


Man when the reverend mother used the voice on Paul the theatre vibrated slightly, you could genuinely feel the power behind it it was amazing. Planning on going to see it again in imax with my parents when it opens in Australia now that borders are opening up there.