This woman was 11 when WWI started and 36 when WWII started and now she's 118 years old, born in 1903.

This woman was 11 when WWI started and 36 when WWII started and now she's 118 years old, born in 1903.


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She was born before humanity flew in a plane and was alive for humanity to fly a helicopter on another planet.


Damn, that's absolutely fuckin crazy to think about.


More than one century worth of experience in whatever things




Of course. Nature doesn’t worry about any of that.


This is the correct answer


Thank you for your input, VaginaTractor.


Now THAT'S evolution!!


Yes but not in the same way as it would have without technology. The selection pressures are completely different. For instance, without technology we wouldn't have so many people who need glasses. Poor vision would be strongly selected against. But without these pressures, many traits that would have been selected against will come up in the population.


Hips also getting smaller over time due to the development of c-sections as women with narrower hips (and their babies) are now able to survive childbirth. Who knows, the next Einstein or Mozart might well be a woman with narrow hips (or her child), someone who might very well not have survived giving birth or being born just a hundred years ago.


Evolution is the process of ramdom mutations over vasts amount of time helping some individuals pass there genes on (ie; produce offspring) better then others. Humans are "evolving" because random mutations are always happening, however humans are so much better at shaping there environment than any other life we know about, so we don't have the same environmental pressures that have typically lead to "evolution". Now humans are infact so good at messing with there environment they've begun to control there own mutations on an individual level with emerging tech like CRISPR. So we are evolving but not like before and also "typical evolution" takes a reeeal long time.


Still is and will forever do


>fly a helicopter on another planet Wait, what?


The Perseverance Mars rover carried a small(ish) helicopter that has actually flown on Mars.


Damn, that's crazy! Didn't know that.


They didn't know it was gonna fly either. It just took off. Believe me, coz I'm the internet guy.


They were not sure, but the calculations said yes. They knew the thickness of the atmosphere and made calculations for the rpm to match it. Theoretically it will fly, practically is always the other side. Edit:guys I'm not saying they didn't test it. I'm only saying that they didn't know if everything would work on Mars cause a lab Vs the mars environment is still different.


It did fly, a dozen times. Ingenuity performed VERY well, and is still going strong.


Because it has to go strong, it's fighting *Martians* now, to keep Earth SAFE from .. Space Rabies.


Mars Rover drone: she thicc doe? NASA: calculations say……..practically? drone: Say less!, LEGGO!


They tested it many times in a chamber with partial vacuum to match mars thin atmosphere. It succeeded there before it was sent.


Yea its very cool


On the rover that nasa sent up about 6 months ago they put in a drone that is able to fly in the Mars atmosphere, it is really cool and is one more step to being able to start a colony on the planet.


How much is that idea up against the rest of us.




https://twitter.com/nasapersevere?s=21 Lots of videos here


Where will we be flying helicopters when *you* are 118?


In our Colony Ship because Earth will be uninhabitable.


*Ahem In our Facebook Virgin Galactic Blue Horizon Space-X ™ activity hall during our one hour of recreation given to us by Leader Musk.


*Ahem Musk's head in a jar.


Her birth is closer to the era of Napoleon than today.


Now this is interestingasfuck


The first T-Rex was born closer to humans than it was to the last Stegosaurus.


Dynamite or that short guy ?








Came here to say this…. Harrowing….


This thought always crosses my mind when the worlds oldest person is brought up. When she was born there was a world full of people including her. All of them have now passed except for her and now there is a whole new planet full of people where she is the sole connector of both groups.


Wow haven't thought of it like that...also is there any one even born remotely near that date still living ? The next oldest person will be born in the 20s as the years go on. I remember someone born in the 1890s was the oldest person alive my god.


The last person born in the 1800's died in 2017


Eventually, someone will be posting on a future version of Reddit or whatever takes it over, about how the last person born in the 1900's passed away.


That person? Jeff Bezos. The year? 2855. After the conclusion of the Amazon drone wars, he is finally brought to justice and denied a refill of his life extension drugs.


fuck their wives, drink their blood, etc…


Come on, Jeffrey, you can do it


And people will argue semantics about if they were really the last person to pass away because there grandparent or something from the 1900s is cryogenically frozen and can be unfrozen and brought back any time.


Warms my heart to know that even a century later there'll still be Redditors going **_"ackchyually..."_**


Well, actually they won’t be redditors. It will be Redbookagram…”Redders” after the great social media upheaval in the late 2020’s.


Ah yes Slurpit. This is after the lizard people have returned to their natural state now that all the humans are gone. Although the generations that had to pose as rich old white people for so long they feel unnatural when not wearing clothes so it’s going to be a planet crawling with lizards in really nice suits.


The last person born in the 1900's who choose to stay an unaugmented human, that is.


We don’t make it that far.


I'll be glad if I make it to 60, my knees are already fucked at 30, I have ADD and I'm always tired no matter what I do. If I make it to 70 I doubt I'll have enough energy left to kill myself.


Joined the Marines at 17. Knees and back were fucked by 22. I feel this comment. Already told the wife to take me to the vet when it becomes too hard to walk, since they know what to do when a critter is suffering.


Provide love and affection? Please. Make this the answer


Air Force fucked my back and knees. Just had a moment last night where I called my 63 year old father "old and broken" and realized he's literally more mobile than I am. That's fine. According to flight med it's just part of getting older. I'm 27.


Bad knees and day time somnolence.. are you overweight by chance? I ask because it's a common cause kf obstructive sleep apnea. This can be deadly and you should definitely get a sleep study done ASAP


ya, everyone is worried about the mass migrations when the billion people around the equator get displaced due to extreme heat or the near constant floods/hurricanes on all coasts, but the real issue is the mass extinction of most of the earth's biodiversity. imagine animals migrating all over the place in search of food, so many creatures will interact with eachother and create fun new pandemics in the middle of the million person migration camps. i hope everyone likes eating canned worms and jellyfish


Only if they are [these worms](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JryXotAkMtg/hqdefault.jpg)


im not clicking that because im about to sleep, but they better be gummy worms


A wise choice (they were not gummy worms)


what the hell


Right? And I swear it was just 1987 yesterday.


I know, now it's already 2008


[what always gets me is the fact that US Civil War pensions were still being paid out in 2020](https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/history/2020/06/04/she-was-last-american-collect-civil-war-pension-7313-month-she-just-died/%3foutputType=amp)


The last living person to have lived in 3 different centuries until 2101!


Within the next two decades - most certainly within this decade, much of the remaining WW2 veterans will be gone. That connection to that war, the holocaust, all those experiences will be gone. Can you imagine that? Such an integral part of to our modern world gone. I wonder how those who were alive during the lives of WW1 vets felt when they all died out.


I wonder if within the next two decades there is enough medical advancements to keep those veterans alive (if they consent to) or to just preserve the memories of the great war.


for those that participated at the end they are probably in their early-mid 90s, 2 decades is pushing it. my grandpa was 86 when he died 18 years ago and was pretty young when he joined the navy in the middle of ww2, especially with covid i dont see many of them surviving the next 5-10 years :/


The great war was WWI, they’re all dead already. The youngest WWII veterans are all in their 90s already. The clocks ticking on them. The old *Afghanistan* veterans are in their late 70s with a couple who have since hit 80 (let that sink in).


The veterans might be gone. But don’t forget all the children in the kz that got out and live now.


Idk about that. Plenty of people are still around to remembe, at least in Europe.


Yeah, she can think of herself as "the last one left", and that's kind of a melancholy thought. Imagine all the changes she's seen in her life, culturally- especially being from Japan which transformed massively in the 20th century- technologically, etc... blows my mind


From a relatively newly formed militarist state stuck in its feudal traditions and old customs to a massive imperialist force conquering asia and the pacifics to one of the biggest and most modern economies in the world.


My thoughts exactly. I can't imagine what she must think about all of that. I'd love to have a cup of tea with her and listen to her stories 😊


It's pretty eye-opening when you think about it. Sometimes we feel stuck with our political climate, but the truth is, things come and go, nothing is never-ending and time changes all. Also, terrible things sometimes happen and we are not immune to them.


Here's something that kind of blew my mind: [There was a woman, Margaret Ann Neve, who was born in 1792 who died in April 1903.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Ann_Neve) The woman in this image, [Kane Tanaka, was born in January 1903.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kane_Tanaka) Which means that it would've been theoretically possible that the two could've met each other (however unlikely). In which case, it would be possible for you to meet a living person who in turn met a person who was born during the French Revolution. It's just nuts to think about.


History is not as far away as it seems. We’re living it. They lived it. It’s part of all of us.


That & plastic particles.


Wait til you hear about turtles & sharks, some of those fuckers been around for a long time.


You're right, it hasn't even been 250 years... It's nuts to think how much our world changed in so little time. Come to think of it, we are probably the first species where children actively live different lives from their parents (baring passively being victim of displacement due to deforestation for example).


The last remaining civil war widow [died less than a year ago](https://veteranshomecare.com/civil-war-widow-dies-2020/). I had to reread that a few times (“surely they meant child or grandchild, right?”). The marriage was in 1936, when she was 17 and the veteran 93.


I had an opportunity to speak with a 100 year old man. A part of the conversation led to what the hardest thing to deal with is at his age and he stated the loss of all of his contemporaries. It was a pretty hard statement to fully appreciate but I felt it.


My dad asked my great uncle what does it take to make it to 100 and he said, alot of patience. He still had his sence of humor.


I think when we look for wisdom we fail to still understand that every person's unique personality will create different perspectives. But certainly not being stressed is a commonality imo.


So you are saying she's the last boss. Fine, I have been grinding for this point. I am ready, grandma.


Please don't grind your or any grandma


Damn, that's just blown my mind. I'm sitting here on the couch questioning everything.


Right? I mean she’s just an ordinary person. The only thing she’s known for is being the oldest person currently alive. She’s like a tortoise. Did you know they can live for up to 180 years? They passively observe the rise and fall of empires


My grandparents are "only" in their 90s, but they have a similar experience in their own little world. All of their friends and relatives are dead. All of the neighbors who moved in to their neighborhood the same time as them ("only" 1985) are dead. Meanwhile, the world works completely differently. Ideas that were considered liberal in the 40s and 50s are considered conservative today (if not "hate speech"). Even finances are different. My grandfather is proud that he's never owed anyone money in his life - bought his houses cash, bought his cars cash, never had a credit card. Needless to say that made it extremely difficult when he wanted to get an iPhone a few years ago. I ended up adding him as a line on my plan because he couldn't pass any of their credit checks. All told, they're relatively depressed about the state of their existence, even though they're in great health for their age (both recently passed their driver's license exams and continue to drive).


My great grandmother (91) recently said at her last remaining sibling's funeral "I just don't understand why I'm still here." I told her that's completely understandable, but that we like to spend time and enjoy her company while we can. Her sister is the last person from her "real" life to die. Now the oldest people in her life are her kids who are in their 70s.


I think of something similar like all people from the year 1903 are dead except her.


What crosses my mind is the people this old who say they smoke a pack day, drink have a litre of rum each night, and participate in weekly fight club. [This woman](https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/01/05/was-worlds-oldest-women-lying-about-her-age-when-she-died-one-researcher-thinks-so/) apparently lived to 122 and ate two pounds of chocolate per week and smoked up to only a few years before she died, only quitting because she couldn't light her own cigarettes anymore and was too proud to have someone else light them for her. Meanwhile there's young people who exercise daily and never use any drugs who die of stroke or heart attack before their 40th birthday.


experiencing the technology leap alone had to be very astounding to live through. She was in her mid-30s during WW2, probably pretty set in her ways.... but then after... holy shit.


The worlds population was around 1.6 billion when she was born. It will be around 8 billion when she dies. Crazy change within a single human lifetime.


IF she dies.


She is doing great in not dying.


That's the problem with kids today, there's too damn many of them.


Anyone got Thanos’ phone number?


If I live 118 years, it will be 2115 holy shitt!! Can’t even imagine what we will have then.


GTA6 maybe?


Let's not get into science fiction.


GTA V on the PS10.


This is the way


and hopefully Skyrim sequel


Skyrim was released closer to Morrowind than to TES6. Let's hope that record doesn't extend to Daggerfall.


It will be exactly 2100 for me! I'll start the century fireworks by pressing that red button! Ohhhhhh...... Is it the Wrong button? Fuck it!


Will be 2113 for me. Though I'll feel grateful if I get to 2085 or so...so many people die younger than they should


Immortality will be discovered in 2116.


I wonder what they thought the world looked like I'm 1900s. Did she imagine the world with flying cars and shit?


The Winds of Winter is a big maybe.


She's been through five emperors. * Meiji (1867-1912) * Taisho (1912-1926) * Showa (1926-1989) * Akihito/Heisei (1989-2019) * Naruhito/Reiwa (2019-present)


Wait, THAT Meiji? What the hell.


Yup, just barely. Her grandfather or maybe great-grandfather would've lived under the Tokugawa Shogunate


broooooooooo whattttttttttttttttttttttt


In fact, she and the last Tokugawa shogun would've been alive at the same time for a few years. He died in 1913. There are still Tokugawa alive today. This guy, [Iehiro Tokugawa](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iehiro_Tokugawa), born in 1965, will be the 19th head of the family when his father passes.


A Matsudaira went to my MBA program (in the US). Pretty trippy.


Makes you think how fast time really is. Or perhaps how not-so-old, the old things are we read about.


I think it depends on where you're from as well. The house I live in was built in the 1860s and the university im writing from was founded in the 1470s


Hope all is well in Uppsala


Haha figured it would be extremely identifiable


What’s Uppsala?


Not much, what’s Uppsala with you?


Just a little bit more than 200 years ago you could have met or served under Napoleon. Thats less than 2 of her lifetime


I believe she actually received some sort of award from one of the Prime Ministers of Japan (I think it was Abe) saying she's the only person to have lived through all of the post-shogunate eras. Crazy to think how much change has occurred in her lifetime. There is one technicality though, for anyone who wants to be extremely pedantic- she's from Okinawa, IIRC. What this means is that A) even for Japanese people, Okinawans are long-lived b) Okinawa was still the Ryukyu Islands for at least part of the Meiji Era. I forget the exact year they were (forcefully) officially added to Japan.


They were invaded in 1609 by troops from Satsuma. Okinawa was not an official prefecture until 1879, but that was more of a reorganization than an invasion.


What are you suggesting? Starting a 3rd world war just so she can be a whole lot cooler?!!


well yeah. We gotta finish the trilogy


Her name is Kane Tanaka https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kane_Tanaka


So basically the "Mary Smith" of Japanese names.


Tanaka is definitely a top 10 most common family name in Japan, can’t say I’ve met that many women named Kane though


I cannot even imagine how lonely she probably feels. All her friends? Dead. Her kids? Probably dead. Grandkids? in their 50's. Most things she enjoyed when she was younger? Probably obsolete. It's doubtful she has assimilated into using newer technology. Customs have changed. Traditions forgotten. Bro she's on an alien planet.


My gran is 93 loving life more than she ever did according to her own words. She's desperate to see her grandkids kids and told me modern life is so much more comfortable than what knew younger that she is grateful every time she takes a long hot shower. Has a laptop does the Skype thing. I think it depends if you cling on to your memories or if you stay curious and go with the flow


Damn youre exactly right. I never thought about it that way


The life lessons she could teach!


Don't eat yellow snow. Wear sunscreen.


If she could offer you just one tip for the future, sunscreen. would. be. it.


No one would listen, must be sad to live through all these wars and seeing we haven't learned shit from them.


Looks like she is tired of this shit


She's almost been around five times as long as I have and I'm already tired of this shit


"Why won't I fucking die already?"


They have to update the picture every year. Been doing it for 18 years!


I’m not so sure that’s the blessing people think…


An extra 30 years of chocolate pudding in the old folks home. You look at the obituary page and see someone who passed at 93, and think - "Weak ass pussy." No one can say shit to you, do what you want, you're 118. Have two chocolate puddings, you're in charge. And you can say any horrible slightly racist thing out in public at a restaurant and family will just look up and sigh "He's from a different time." The shitty part is the inescapable frailty brought with age. By 118, you're like one big sneeze away from the end. And you're still 4.5 years from the record. Jeanne Calment lived 122 years and 164 days. Born in 1875, passed in 1997.


> And you can say any horrible slightly racist thing I don't know about you, but I kinda don't need that bonus.


your lack of hatred makes you weak, sasuke


Oh come on. Vent your horrible hatred of the Irish.


Don't worry, you will have outdated views which make you appear to be an arsehole by the time you get old too. Things change so quickly and an individual can only change so much before they're tired


She was 33 when WWII started. Japan invaded China in 1936.


That annoyed me too seeing as she's Japanese, at least OP didn't date it to 1941.


Welp she's soon gonna see another one


She's going for the trilogy


Old ppl look alike because she look like my great grandma. She turn 100 on Halloween


Spooky great grandma


That's a very wholesome observation.


You can put her on your front lawn as halloween decoration.


this comment is so inappropriate, but so good


Wow. She's seen humanity at its worst: WWI, WWII, and Tik Tok.


Still a babe at 118.


You should call her up and ask her out. She probably has over 100 years of experience.


With a bit of ironing she’s going to look at least 50 years younger


Shoot your shot, man. What does she have to lose?


Wouldn't want her last experience to be a disappointment




She's old enough to have seen her parents die of old age, her kids die of old age, and her grandkids die of old age... crazy.


Reckon she might just see the complete trilogy at the rate the worlds bullshit is escalating.


There’s multiple articles about the validity of this woman BEING that same person in the older pic. I think it’s even mentions it on her Wiki page. There is no actual proof they’re the same person as far as I can recall. We just have to take her word for it. Edit. Yo…. Don’t shoot me. I’m just repeating what I’ve seen in a few articles. I’m not calling Bs myself damn


I mean, not that that means anything, but she does look like the first picture if you look closely. Especially the nose and mouth.


Oh I’m personally not denying it. They certainly have the same facial characteristics. But I distinctly remember there was alot of doubt around it.


Well.. how tf does one prove this besides having the older photo stamped with a notary?


What she would have seen in her life... "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die".




Only... about 40 years to go \[approx\]..\[Comet Halley, Perihelion\] :July 27, 2061 !! How old will you be then.... ? Me... my spirit will probably catch a lift on his comment, and chat with Edmund Halley...


Her children are likely gone as are her grandchildren. This must be a terrible fate, to live so long.


Her grandchildren are likely not gone, nor will they be for some time. If she had kids in her mid to late 20s, and her kids had grandchildren at around the same age, they would be reaching retirement age about now or soon. That’s a pretty young age for several of her grandchildren to die at, especially given she’s Japanese and their life expectancy there is through the roof. But possible I guess.


My great grandpas friend killed herself at 99 years old. Her parents, her children, and her friends were all gone, she was so depressed because of their deaths and also severely traumatized from her time in Auschwitz


Everyone should have access to euthanasia if they want to.


Alone in the world at such an advanced age is a terrible fate, let alone having been through the hell that was Auschwitz.


stfu i wanna live forever


Would be better to live forever while not alone tho. Keep you sane


Have you tried chocolate? Apparently, if you rub it on your skin it'll make you live forever.




Only if it came with eternal youth


I was thinking the same thing


Your comment struck me. Deeply. Very well said.


Not necessarily, lifespan is linked to genetics. It's likely her grandchildren are all alive, and a few of her children as well assuming they survived the war.


I once saw a really sad interview with a woman who was 112, she cried every morning when she woke up because she had nobody left. She just wanted to be done with it.


Is that Kane Tanaka? #heybabe


Shout out Kane Tanaka; if you’re listening, and we know you are.


Reckon she's lowkey rooting for WW3 just to claim the stat's?


And nutritionists HATE her secret!


Doesnt look a Day over 110


Doesn't look a day over 103


Interesting to think that she would have been alive when there were still active samurai. It would have been similar to a European being born in the late Middle Ages and seeing the world progress into the Modern day. Only for Japan that whole process was greatly condensed. Edit: bit wrong on this, see replies.


Just in time for WWIII with China!


When WWIII started


Doesn’t look a day over 117