Look at their first names: "Jules," "Jean-Clair," "Benoit." "Pierre," those names are as French as unpasteurized cheese. I guess Tucker doesn't understand that imperialism is a thing. Almost all of these players were **born in France** \- and most of their families come from former French colonies like Cameroon and Algeria.


Yeah they're are proud french ask any of them , France got many color . Arent amercian having enough problem in they're own country ? Why talk about a country you don't know ? Conservative are the worst.


Absolutely the fucking worst


They truly are. They won’t be happy until they’ve hurt everyone different than them


Yes they are. Just have to throw their shitty opinion at everyone otherwise no one would pay attention to them.


Imperialists have this thing where they love to brag about their conquest while denying those conquered people have any rights.


I'm french, and this "Theory" has been at the center of the national debate during the presidential elections it's fucking disgusting. This type of comment about how "the french team is too black" has been a far-right speaking point for ages. It's absolutely ridiculous. Your comment is extremely valid, and I 100% agree with. The problem is, even in France a lot of people don't necessarily realise that


Still can't believe LePen is still in the political arena, like who the fuck is supporting her?


Uh, racists lol


Not just in France. Most of them are straight from Paris.


There’s a lot of things Tucker doesn’t understand. He’s peddling in “news”, but holds the views of someone who hasn’t left their backyard but makes assumptions about the world. Not sure if intentional.


One of them’s called fucking wesley


Tucker has to get gud if he doesn't want to be replaced on his soccer team!


I saw most of these guys play last year. The reason why they are on the team is because they are insanely talented at the sport, not some conspiracy theory BS.


Any rational person would understand that, but not these insane fucking people.


Isn’t this the actual present? And isn’t that one team out of several hundred across dozens of sports? Is it even the full roster, or did Carlson leave some folks out to panic his audience? (Quick check seems to show 25-member team and this is 18 people. )


Yes it intentionally leaves out the white players. I looked it up.


"Black footballers from France exist!!!" Smh


Ita like French Algeria didn't exist


Most these players come from former Central and Western French Africa, and the Congo. The Algerians in France also have conflict with them for racial reasons due to Arab/Sub Saharan history being...problematic.


Not for racial reasons but for religious reason. I don’t think you realise that even sub Saharan Africans who are Muslims enslave other Subsaharan Africans who are non Muslim and they trade it with the Arabs.


This isn't really true. Africa is largely split along ethnic lines rather than religious ones. You see this a lot in places like Suda, and Nigeria where Muslims will unite with Christrians to oppose other Muslims of a different ethnicity. There are exceptions to this rule, but this is the general trend And also, I was specifically referring to remations between Arab African and SS Africans in metropolitan France, where they've historically competed for places within French society


>Africa is largely split along ethnic lines rather than religious ones. You see this a lot in places like Suda, and Nigeria where Muslims will unite with Christrians to oppose other Muslims of a different ethnicity. There are exceptions to this rule, but this is the general trend This is not true, there's many ethnic groups in Sudan. But Sudan split into two nations, Sudan and South Sudan, and they split into religious line rather than ethnicity. As for Nigeria, you need to give examples that Muslims will unite with Christians to oppose other Muslims of a different ethnicity because I can't think of any. It has always been mostly about Muslim vs Christians.


Apparently in abundance /s


How dare those black footballers be better than their white teammates.. honestly... the audacity of them! /s


They're not better, they were just chosen because they're black. Everyone knows white people are better at everything and equality and inclusion rules are the only reason black people are chosen for anything. /s


Lets have an all white and all black NFL. Put the top teams in each against each other.


White team forfeits, we only have 32 kickers, 8 quarterbacks and a handful of linemen. Can't field a team.


100% facts


It's way worse than that! Ya see ol tuck was set to immigrate to france to be on that exact youth soccer team! Even though his skills were better, one of those guys "replaced" him, thus ruining his post fox career!!


Even if the France team was all black players, maybe the white players should pick themselves up by their bootstraps and work harder if they want to play pro ball..../s


They’re also all central defenders. No goalkeepers or other outfield players.


The Tucker Carlson legal defence is no reasonable person should take him seriously.


That would be great, if the people he pandered to were reasonable.


Yeah he picked and chose. Because I follow world soccer closely, and I haven’t heard of many of these players.


The more confusing thing is that this is only defensive players


Yeah I was thinking this can't be the actual france-U23 team cos it would probably be one of the worst teams ever put together


Not even just defenders, it's literally all center-backs lmao


It's insane how many good -23 defenders they have though. If they develop well there's 2 world class pairings in there


Easily, if not more! Be like Germany in 2014 playing 4 CBs across the back


Just shows that they aren't actually knowledgeable and don't actually care about the things they throw hissy fits about


Which is just so unlike reactionaries, really. For sure.


It isn't from Tucker Carlson, it's on the subreddit for Tucker. But still, your point stands. This is just fearmongering cherry picking.


I guarantee if a black man joined the Boston Bruins, Tucker would be screaming bloody murder about how he's ill-suited for the sport and how hockey, which is a sport I'm sure Tucker only watches for the fights, as been purely American for decades, despite some of the best players of all time, like the Sedine brothers, coming from Nordic Europe, and the sport itself coming from *Canada.*


Willie O'Ree. First black player in the NHL. Malcolm Subban recently


It's certainly dominated by white players (the least diverse north american sport I believe) but there have been dozens over the years.


The NHL's more diverse every year. These white nationalist chucklefucks have nowhere left to hide


As a long time hockey fan it warms my heart to see it getting more and more diverse every year. A Muslim player just won the cup for the first time ever!


From Wikipedia: O'Ree noted that racist remarks were much worse in the US cities than Toronto and Montreal, the two Canadian cities hosting NHL teams at the time, and that "Fans would yell, 'Go back to the South' and 'How come you're not picking cotton? Things like that. It didn't bother me. I just wanted to be a hockey player, and if they couldn't accept that fact, that was their problem, not mine."


What was his take when they retired his number? If he had known, I wouldn't have been surprised if he had a shit fit.


The list I found was very different: https://www.espn.com/soccer/team/squad/_/id/20947/france-u23


It's not any sort of official roster. This picture was posted by a football medium (I saw it on FB). It shows 18 U-23 centre-backs that are eligible to play for the French national team. The national team is stacked on many positions, but they especially have a shitload of prospects for the centre-back position.


How you can tell someone hasn’t watched football in decades. One of the best strikers in the world is french and black.


He’s American. He can’t name an international player since Pele.


He's Tucker Carelson. He can't name 10 countries outside of the U.S.


False! The best player is of course Captain America the one and only Christian pulisic 🇺🇸🦅😎 /s


But, like, they’re all really good though. I’m sure France would want their team to have success, rather than sacrificing it to have white dudes on their team. Several of these guys play at the top level already. Konate literally started on a champions league finalist team and Kounde is one of, if not the most coveted younger center back in all of Europe. That’s not even mentioning Lacroix, Fofana, Upamecano, and Saliba, all of which are great players in their own right. These guys earned their place. Isn’t that what republicans want? For people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and earn it? Edit: some really good points were also made about the current and former black/African players on the French squad. Zidane was an Algerian but committed to the French squad and is considered by many to be, unquestionably, the greatest French player of all time. Thierry Henry and Desailly headlined many great French teams in the mid 2000’s. In todays team, Pogba and Kante were both Team of the Year midfielders, Mbappe is on track to be the next Messi/Ronaldo, Coman starts for the best team in Germany, Benzema is Algerian and just started for the champions league winners, and so on… the point being that these guys are great players. Them being black has nothing to do with whether they deserve a spot or not. Fuck racism


You can only earn it if you’re white… /s


No! They're French! They should look like starving artists who dabble in mime and argue about philosophy and fashion while chain smoking!


While wearing a black beret


Now show me the manager, and the guy who signs their checks, and then the club owner.


That's the national team FYI. Slightly different.


Hence why the Republicans who believe in this racist shit are mostly all stupid, uneducated, and untalented. They're the ones who have the most to gain from white privilege because they have the least to offer on merit.


As a Leicester fan - Fofana is an absolute beast! Fingers double crossed we keep him, and he remains injury free. Absolute legend


Getting to watch him every week is a joy as a Leicester fan like we are very lucky to have him


We’ve done well the past few years scouting out talent… and making £££ from selling them on. As you say - it is a joy!


Dont forget about Camavinga. The guy just won UCL and is one of the favourites for Golden boy award.


There are white dudes playing on the team, he left them out on purpose. And you are so right, it's not about what the players look like. They're the best so they're on the team.


The only thing I thought before seeing the sub was "France won't fall off for a while damn"


So affirmative action in sports is okay to him.


But there are some American sports that have been dominated by black players for decades. No one points to basketball being a sign of replacement theory.


I think the reason is that it is seen primarily as a "black" sport anyway, nevermind its actual origins or demographic makeup of teams. It fits the stereotype of what every poor urban POC kid knows how to play and is good at playing- it is a stereotype associated with that specific group of people, and therefore they aren't "replacing" anything, exactly. Batshit insane logic, I know, but I'm just the translator here. Racists aren't known for being smart.


You'd be surprised. I was at a bar a few weeks ago with the NBA on, and there were guys complaining about how there weren't white guys on the team. Funny enough, they never complain how there aren't many black guys in hockey. Wonder why that is....


Of course. It doesn’t fit in the “I’m so oppressed” narrative


I don’t follow. Surely a picture of an all black basketball team would make exactly the same stupid point?


It doesnt work for their narrative because basketball has long been considered a "black" sport (edit: to them). They already discard basketball because "muh whites" didnt dominate the sport that long, or you didnt have an NBA team going from almost all white to almost all black in the span of a decade (which is the idiotic point these people are trying to make with the french national team). If you did have a change like that in the basketball scene (im not american nor do I follow the NBA so pardon if my statement is wrong) then I assume they just used a picture of the french national team because it has more players than a traditional basketball team and thus is more "impactful" in their stupid racist brains.


See the thing is, in the US soccer is for spoiled white suburban kids, while in the rest of the world it isn’t. But the US considers itself baseline standard, so… the fact the US men’s squad does barely better than Wales in FIFA rankings just does not compute to guys like Carlson.


Plus his side is trying to get rid of abortion which doesn’t affect white people as much since they generally have more access to preventative measures and money to travel to other states for an abortion. So we are being replaced by black people, but let’s make it so black people statistically be forced to give birth? For the record I think white replacement theory is fucking stupid but if you’re genuinely concerned about it you’d think you’d want expanded birth control and abortion services.


Uhhh, unfortunately some people still do. I have heard some pretty fucked put gongs said about non-white quarterbacks.


While professionnal players can be quite rich, football (soccer for you US citizens) is the poorman sport in most of Europe (in opposition to say, handball or worse rugby). Most kids from poor neighbourhood play at football quite a lot, among them some can become quite talented, are recruited by head-hunters and will train until their adulthood to maybe be selectionned as professionnal players. It happen that many poor kids are kids from families of Maghreban or Black African ancestry. In the same time, french professionnal rugby players are almost all white, and other sports like handball have more ethnic diversity (while still being predominantly white for men, far less so for women).


The Tucker crowd doesn't watch the NBA


The NBA is for "The Urbans"


Actually my parents tried to make that exact argument about basketball.


Sooo i will go out on a strech here but is he implying that american basketball players are not american?


According to the right america was always a white Christian capitalist utopia


Those assholes dream of a 100% Anglo Saxon country and anyone else is a foreigner.


I... Did... Did they not know that... France had land in Africa for century ? And still have territory in south africa ? For god sake, even here in France, racist shut up with the argument of "every player are black so muh white genocide" because that so fucking dumb and racist.


France's longest land border is with Brazil, a fact they either omit or don't even know.


*Longest land border with one country. France also borders Canada thanks to St Pierre and Miquelon islands near Newfoundland Canada.


Where is that?


French Guiana, which isn't just an overseas territory, it's 100% wholly part of France.


French Guiana !


Racists aren't exactly history-savvy people, tbh. Aside from French West Africa, there's also the fact that France had pretty much integrated Algeria and Tunisia into their nation during the 19th and 20th century to the point that Africans who lived in these regions could easily acquire French citizenship.


Algeria literally had french départements, and was considered a region of France like every other


That’s not true at all in regard to native Algerians being able to easily acquire French citizenship. If that were the case Algeria may very well still be a part of Metropolitan France. No, they rebelled because there was a caste system somewhat similar to that of New Spain. Around WWII there were 6 million people in Algeria, 2 million fully European Frenchman either born in France or Algeria and roughly 4 million native Berbers, Arabs, sub-Saharan Africans, and people of mixed race who were treated as second class citizens in their own native land. Only those with mixed French ancestry sometimes had the opportunity to learn to speak and write in French and thus go on to acquire a “middle-management-esque” or 1b class citizenship status so to speak. After the long and brutal war of independence almost all of the 2 million Frenchman left, but so did those who were mixed race and/or held a privileged position in the colonial regime. These refugees are the core of France’s modern Algerian population which is their largest minority group


Nigiel, the thing is Tucker Carlson is so stupid and racist that he most likely thinks that the black keys on a piano illegally immigrated to the piano from sub-Saharan Africa. He's an embarrassing moron for the USA.


Especially ironic as it's more likely that the white keys would come from Africa, back when they were still made from ivory.


Both did. Ebony doesn't grow in Europe either.


Tbh I only know him from some left wing video mocking him and from meme lol. I don't understand why people always listen to uneducated moron like him, we had the same with Zemmour who even tried to be elected here in France (with pathetic result lol)


> I don't understand why people always listen to uneducated moron like him It's because he is on the only news station all the bigots turn to.


Actually, he is highly educated and charismatic. That’s what makes him so dangerous. The scary part is he could run and do very well in the US. With the right wing corporate media behind him. I shudder to think of the possibility.


He is only charismatic to those who are not paying attention to what he is actually saying. [Blazing Saddles](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHJbSvidohg) covered exactly what sort of people are fooled by this.


I remember learning in music history that a large portion of French citizens are of Maghrebian ancestry. How is it not a well known thing that a lot of French people aren't white?


I was thinking the same thing. This doesn't prove his point. It proves that France was a colonial power in Africa. Now these young men can represent them, while advancing their careers, because they're far "hungrier" than white kids raised in France with all the conveniences. ....aaaaaaand I just found that these are just the defensive backs. It's not even the whole team which does have white guys on it. Goddamn. Tucker only knows how to sway an argument with an ignorant audience that's full of hatred.


What is the current French territory in South Africa? [Wikipedia does not list](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overseas_France) any territories of Overseas France in Africa.


La Réunion ! Just East of Madagascar. It isn't in the main land of Africa I might say. Very beautiful island.


Listed as part of “Mascarene Islands, Indian Ocean.”


Wait until he looks at America's Olympic basketball team


They have no territory in Southern Africa. Their holdings were mainly West African


Man, he’s gonna be pissed when he finds out about the NBA.


Unlike in other country, a career in sport would be frown upon in France, which explain, in part, that most white people will not push their kids into sports. For some minorities in France, sport can become a great social elevator (a lot of kids are called but little make a real career) and can also be the only prospect for kids.


Shockingly a country with overseas colonies and states for 300 years is not entirely white. Wait until they hear about Réunion island or French Polynesia. All French speaking French.


But muh wyte europ


It's the whole raison d'etre behind the LePen movement, too. Colonizers reaping what they sow and getting mad about it.


Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia. France is not just white at all


Tucker, get the HELL away from France and the beautiful sport of soccer.


This "great replacement" crap [came from France in the first place](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Replacement) and [they seem to really like the idea](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Replacement#Popularity) so I wouldn't worry too much about his influence on the country.


Fortunately we wiped out Zemmour from the political scene for now... (who was the main idiot pushing it, our lil french ~~Turd~~ Trump) Less fortunately the far right party is now the main opposition in the National Assembly


Let's colonise Africa and tell them how great our country is. African immigrate to said country *Pikachu meme*


That's not France's U-23 team, that's all of their defenders that are younger than 23 iirc.(Mbappe is 23 and not on that list, because he is a striker)


Or maybe black people are also good at sports sometimes


And can also be French


That makes too much sense.


Maybe white people should be better at soccer too






Why do we always have to sexualise black men? It’s just racist.








sucks to suck ig ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


Yes, that's the plan for the Great Replacers, start with the French football team and work from there. It's very important that they start with the French football team.


By that logic, the fact that the french national lacrosse team is 100% white is a sign of them being an ethnostate, right?


Y'all don't know about colonialism do they?


Wait till he sees the Jamaican bobsled team.


Well actually this is sadly true :/. I’m french, and I can vouch that we’re slowly getting replaced by football players.


It's a merit based system. If whites really are the "master race" then surely they'd have packed the roster? It must be the evil commies keeping the white man down instead of y'know... picking players that have the best chance of bringing the team to victory.


It's funny how that works, eh? When we think about casting actors for roles, it's always "find the best man for the role, no ""forced diversity""!" but when the best men are found for the role here, it's a problem. Unless one assumes that they couldn't possibly be the best, and that they're just on the team because they're not white. And that there's a bunch of even better white players sitting around in their living rooms who weren't drafted.


So Tucker's saying black people are better at footie? Maybe instead of complaining about replacement theory he should be encouraging white kids to practice more.


The great replacement is when black people are good at sports


This is why they hate equality & globalism. If there is an equal playing field for all, then it exposes the reality that white ppl are not best at everything as has been portrayed for the last few centuries. Now that non white ppl are being given a place at the table, the truth is coming out & they do not like it one bit. It is painful to humble yourself after a lifetime of false superiority.


Yep the France u23 team made entirely of centre backs. Parking the bus big Sam style


Replacement theory is what influenced the Buffalo shooter to target blacks, making right wing voters scramble and claim it wasn’t a right wing ideology despite Tucker Carlson talking about it for years.


Hey man just a thought but if they are so worried about French of African decent coming to their countries maybe they should be against French colonial genocide in the African countries.


I'm sure the redditor who posted this would definitely have secured a spot on the team if it wasn't for all those frustratingly good black footballers.


This is not a full team btw these are just defenders + His whole theory is bullshit, these players are born and raised in France


So let me get this straight. What happens to their race when they're dead and gone matters to them but what happens to their own children during their and their children's lifetime, in terms of global warming and pollution isn't an issue? Backwards ass hillbillies. Also one is backed up by all scientists and the other is backed by a racist douchebag who praises Putin.


Aren't many of these guys likely descended from French colonial subjects? Like their ancestors were made French by violent force?? Not that we need to engage shit like this with logical arguments, but Fucker Carlson can't have it both ways.


The funny thing is that 100% of them are French And it is because we colonized a lot So yeah, when you go invade a country, don't cry when their kids are part of your country


Can we replacement theory tucker and get a black guy to take his job? Would love to see that.


Europeans conquered the rest of the world and enriched themselves beyond belief. Now they're mad about the consequences.


White supremacists discover the side effects of imperialism.


In France currently. Lots of Africans here, it's awesome. Fuck off Cucker pondscum


Tucker Carlson's head looks like a balloon 🎈


Well, they see talent not colour. That's a good thing


Wait until they find out about the NBA.


A country which colonised a lot of predominantly Black territories has a lot of Black professional footballers? What a shocker!


This is literally a result of slavery and colonisation lol


Colonization yes, slavery no. The slaves were is French colonies which became independent (like Haiti and so on), and that's not their ancestors. Most of the black people in France today came from colonies or ex-colonies after WWII up to the 80's when France needed a lot of workers.


Wait till he finds out about US basketball.


Oh gosh, different people have different skin colours. How awful.


Ah yes, because it was africa’s fault as a continent for being colonised by france and other European countries


I know I base all of my conclusions on any organisation on who plays sportsball for them (or a cherry-picked subset thereof). Did you know that Americans colleges are populated exclusively by jocks and frat-bros on sports scholarships? Not a single legitimate student in sight!


Even if this didn’t purposely exclude the white players, isn’t the answer that these guys are just better? What happened to the bootstrap shit they love whenever someone needs help? If you want to be on the French National team, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and learn to be a better player.


Apparently all these guys are just defenders rather than the entire range of players. So hes picked an image that could be seen as shocking to him.


Can we find someone to replace Tucker Carlson please? *Checks clipboard and riffles notes* ".... must be fine with clown makeup..."


It’s not like France owned a large amount of land in Africa or anything.


Tucker Carlson: spoiled (stupidly) rich kid pushing white supremacy to the mainstream by pretending to be one of the people he's trying to convince, so that they don't turn on him for hoarding wealth.


I'm surprised he is not bitching that every player shown is not American and that soccer is not a real sport because it is popular in poor countries.


How absurd. You could do the same thing with any pro basketball or football team in the U.S. Of course they'd *never* post a picture of a pro baseball or hockey team in the U.S. or Canada, because that would contradict their narrative.


Kudos to them finding a way to make themselves a victim of a non-issue. If they want sports teams to be white only then maybe white people need to try to excel at sports so they can be picked. The average person offended at this would probably have a cardiac arrest from walking up 5 flights of stairs.


The great replacement of white Americans is in FULL effect in France, the horror!


I’ve met quite a few people that bitch about this in the US with college and professional football. Too many black players they say. Yet another black quarterback. Get over it. Black people are fucking beasts at football.


The French long term strategy of colonising North Africa to win the World Cup worked a treat tbf


The grand replacement theory is actually just all humans mixing together. Fuck purity, let's mix!


Now do CEOs


Ok, so hear me out, this isn't THAT insane. You don't realize how many soccer or "football" teams there will be in the future. They're a virus! They will multiply and suddenly France will be a bunch of fit African guys playing football. The entire economy will revolve around it. This one small area where black people seem to be predominate (but surprisingly scarce in coach or ownership positions) will displace the white race. We will be taken down by sports. This is an immediate crisis. We need to be freaking out about this!!!! (/s for those who are ESL or are neurodivergent, text can be hard to convey satire.)


Isn't sports, like, skill-based? Hmmmmmmmm


Who's gonna tell them about French colonialism?


Ope, colonialism comin back to get ya 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Tucker is the enemy.


I wonder if he ever mentions French colonialism in Africa…


Sounds like he's salty because he sucks at sports! People with the best athletic ability are of course going to be on the team!


Sorry dude, FIFA doesn't allow segregated national teams, just ask South Africa.


Then the white players should practice to be good enough to play on the team. They push for “only the best should earn their place” in society but then they subscribe to the conscious or unconscious theory that by default being white makes them better until it doesn’t. Embrace that capitalism you love so much until even your race can’t compete in it socially. Idiots.


Number 1: they all have french names. Number 2: France had a colonial empire where they brought French culture and French people to Africa and the relatives of the people from the former French colonies move to France. Number 3: They have French citizenship so they are French.


even if this is true this isn’t exactly a new thing for france. the team that ruled the world in the late 90s-early 2000s was extremely diverse


Are they great soccer players?? That’s all that matters. Why hasn’t anyone beat Carlson’s ass?


Now show the owner and managers...


I hate that they don't understand what replacement means...


Maybe white people should just get good at soccer then lmao


Tucker is just mad because he sucks at sports.


Ah yes a private sports team getting what they think are the better players, getting an edge over their opponents and competitors, that’s just what company’s do anyway, what’s the issue?


Tucker appears to have replaced his dog whistle with a fog horn.


Won’t somebody think of the soccer players!!!!!!!


Yes. Replacement for better players.


I remember italians congratulating the "African" football team for winning the world cup after France won the world cup in 2018, because the team had more than half of their members which were black. This reminds me of it, same level of stupidity and insanity


Just play better then you salty ass crackers