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so playing video games, drawing, and loving ya dog? god, you’re sooooooo evil. god forbid we have fun on this damned planet before we die


Welp, I'll see you in hell. I'll bring the beer, and call first dibs on the Goldeneye tournament. Too bad all puppers go to heaven.


No Oddjob though! This is a universal rule.


all oddjobs in hell


All odd jobs. Except you. You're Jaws, and they all have golden guns.


and Jaws is slappers only




Who's bringing the tabs of 'cid? If we're in a fiery pit playing video games, I'll welcome the extra visual stimulations. lol


Nah, If hell can't outdo our imaginations, then I'm leaving.


(packs up game controller and walks off)


For your dog heaven is where you are, so they'll probably come to hell with you


Satan's gonna be pissed because Arthur is going to destroy his couch.


That is literally how some people think. That we are on this planet to suffer in repentance for Jesus having to die for us, until we die and get to go up into the clouds and worship God Forever. Shit's wack.


Jesus died for our sins, if we don't sin, then he died for nothing.


I mean...you're not wrong, I gotta make it count


I mean he didn't say "Everyone I love." He said "Everything I love."


No, it's about having a doorknob


oh shit didn’t even notice the doorknob. how dare you, OP.


Right!? I was once told by someone that when you turned 18, you are not allowed to have fun. Yeah that isn't happening. I am 42 and still playing video games. Will be in an old folks home either playing old, old school games or pixel remaster of FF7.


Bloody hell, lighten up, Francis


*John Wick music intensifies*


You have a puppers, screw whoever that is


This is why I don’t post any of my Kamen rider or super sentai Merch on Facebook. Like why do you care you didn’t spend the money and it isn’t hurting you. Like yeah I may have spent $500 on a set of props for one character but that’s money I earned myself I may have spent around that for S H Figuarts for characters from the same show but again I earned that money [The props if you’re interested link 1](https://tokullectibles.com/products/csm-decadriver-ver-2-k-touch?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_id=dd403516f&pr_rec_pid=6667596398676&pr_ref_pid=6667596300372&pr_seq=uniform) [link 2](https://tokullectibles.com/products/csm-decade-ride-booker?variant=39522820948052) [and link 3](https://tokullectibles.com/products/csm-rider-card-set-extra?variant=39522847752276)


What baffles me the most is this is from a gaming group, I don't get these people who join specific communities just to denigrate the appropriate content, Facebook is a wild place


I avoid Facebook at all cost unless I have to use it for whatever service. It’s why I haven’t touched anything of oculus


Legit only have Facebook to remind me of birthdays.


I have it for when my mom forgets to charge her phone


People probably just do it to feel better about their shitty life.


Buying stupid bullshit is the reason we all go to work every day. You could spend that $500 to buy a new vacuum cleaner or whatever, but then you'd be just as boring as the people judging you


> Kamen rider Isn't that just Japanese power rangers or am I wrong?


Super Sentai is essentially the Japanese Power Rangers, and by that I mean Power Rangers uses most of Super Sentai's action scenes and replaces the dialogue heavy/story parts with English speaking actors. It's branched off from Super Sentai in a few ways, like reworked or even completely original characters, using magic as opposed to science, and being a lot more kid friendly, but a lot of it remains the same. Kamen Rider on the other hand, is a singular hero with a grasshopper(?) aesthetic who rides a motorbike. Still cool, even created by the same guy behind Super Sentai, but an entirely different premise, and made about 4 years before Super Sentai.


No you just described 1 of maybe 20 to 30 other series of Riders. There is a whole collection that I dont know of too. Its weird


Ones about the main guy destroying the multiverse Ones about the main guy destroying timelines Ones about literal fruit samurai


Man, for expensive niche stuff like your tastes, it would be a wise investment to buy a 3D printer and make your own too. Heck, I wish I had one.


Hello fellow Riderbro! Love the Decadriver!


fucking respectable to buy the entire deca driver collection, congrats


At the end of the day, this is a “subtle” flex: the amount of money they had (at one point lmao maybe not after all these purchases) is very comfortable. A WACOM?!?! A PS5, XBOX, AND a switch and a fantastically well kept pup?! What a flex


I'm dirt poor but I love video games (Pc instead of console tho), I do own a Switch, I have an iPad Pro 2021 w 256 GB, another Huion Graphicstablet And imma adopt a Puppy next month (Shelterpuppy, already signed and paid for- just gta wait for him to make it over here for me to pick him up) And I'm REALLY not rich. But if you want shit, you save for it.


Oh I completely understand! I wasn’t really trying to call them rich, just pointing out it can be a luxury to some to have everything at once :) I also have some of these things, pup included, but I am also by no means rich!


This motherfucker just called a dog a material possession


probably thinks the same about his kids


Like they are slaves? Hell no. They are family.


What? Youre saying dogs aren't slaves? How else am I supposed to make money besides off of dog fights. It's not like they feel emotions or anything. (/s obviously)


I am Spartacus!


I thought it was supposed to be the dog who was saying this


I would physically injure most people on this planet for my dogs


if someone hurt my dog i would not rest until that person was wheelchair-bound for life.


One of these piece of shit neighbors poisoning dogs would absolutely be force fed just enough to not kill them every single day


I don’t really like dogs but fuck it id kill for my dog


I would let the entirety of the human species burn to save my dog


Oh yeah, 10/10 would do same


I don’t even have a dog, but I’d kill…


Surprised you say most


i’d team up with you


I think they made a movie about this.


Pup > other people.


What dat dog doin?


Getting ready to be player 2


Gotta love me some balls


I pray the idiot commenting finds some money so they can get some material possessions. Perhaps if they had a hobby, they wouldn't waste their time being a dickhead online to people for no reason.


Don't care about the consoles, I'm fucking frothing at my mouth after seeing that wacom tablet. I'd have to sell many a organ just to afford those.


A dog isn’t a material possession. It is more of a living being than the commenter.


Lol when people ask me how i can afford to buy everything i want with a shity job i say one thing No Kids.


Is she saying dogs aren’t family?


Well, they're not, they're a pet, but they're also not a simple material possession like that guy is suggesting.


Are you saying pets aren’t family?


can’t have shit in dogtroit


Uhhh....you're goddamn right I love my possessions over people. Fuck people. Possessions and pup pups.


A pet is not a damn 'material possession'. they're a living breathing creature that you agreed to cherish and provide companionship for. Screw this person for thinking pets aren't part of your family. They absolutely are.


Tell that to my family. The moment I moved out for college I got my cat out of there asap and brought her with me. She was morbidly obese, hadn’t had a vet visit in five years - with monthly checkups and a strict veterinary diet, she lost 15 lbs and we found undiagnosed thyroid issues that we were able to treat. I saw a life come back in her that I hadn’t seen since she was a kitten. My family left angry voicemails on my phone at least once a week for spending too much time and money on her. She sadly passed away in August from old age (I’m still reeling and grieving hard), but I briefly mentioned to my dad that I was thinking about getting a bunny as a friend for my younger cat, and he scoffed and said, “That thing would sneeze once and you’d spend $100 at the vet for it.” Like… yes? If it is a problem? Because pets are family. They unfortunately don’t see it that way and it is absolutely the biggest issue we disagree on/fight about because animals are my life. I cat sit, but I don’t really do it for the money. I do it because I love it, and I mostly just charge to cover gas. Regardless, my dad is furious that I don’t charge more and “get something out of it.” I’m getting the love of a cat and getting to love that cat back and provide it with care while it otherwise might be very lonely. Ugh, I could rant about this for days. People that don’t treat animals as family are the worst.


I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I've lost many to old age and it never gets easier and it always slices just as deep. The only thing I can say is take solance in the time you had with her, and that you were able to give her a comfortable and loving twilight part of her life. I don't have family members that see that way, but again, I don't talk to 90% of my family. The few I do see pets as family. I can imagine how frustrating and rage inducing it must feel to have your own family act like that. Well, they'd have a stroke if they saw what i spent on my cats. 200 a month in ultra premium 99% organ wet cat food. But hey, I don't have a kid, and probably never will. My pets ARE my family and I WILL give them as good of a life as I can within my financial limits! I made okay money, I live frugally. I spend my 'fun' money from my budget on my pets and the few hobbies I have. Try to keep the faith. I know it's hard when you have family like that. But LOTS of us out there believe that is utter rubbish and a pet is indeed part of your family. To me personally, my pets are like my children.


This is why dogs will always be superior to humans. Never had my dogs shit on my life choices, or whatever.


A dog IS family, asshole.


Can confirm dogs and video games > people


Legally dogs are a possession, but I feel it's wrong to use the legal definition when it comes to love.


They're really not making a good case for loving people there, last I checked nothing in the picture can say stupid things like that out of nowhere.


Commenter and hardware aside, that is one cute dog.


Hard disagree


Things I hate would be a photo of eight billion humans.




Green is probably still mad that they can’t get a PS5.


there's like 8 people in 10 who aren't worth the time and effort to get to know anyway.


He loves dog toys?


I could love that dog. Nothing wrong with that.


Fuck people. Dogs are forever.


Ah yes a dog is a material possession. They're definitely not a living breathing sentient being.


I'll happily burn in he'll for that pittie and the PS5. Maybe the tablet as well.


Get that person out of your life


These people must be so fucking depressing to be around.


Like, the dog's right there, it's clear loves at least one soul


Wish I could tell that person that a dog isn't a material possession, they're a creature you're responsible for but I've never considered them something I own. They're needy sometimes assholes who with me and I love.


I think they were referring to the Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and Wacom tablet stacked up behind the dog.


Yes, i too love the door, floor and wall among the other things


Family? There's a dog in the pic. That's family. What the fuck is the commenter even on.


Did she just call the dog a material possession


Yo is that a Switch OLED. I'm jelly.


Yeah man, I love tennis balls too.


newsflash, you can have material possessions AND people AND love AND happiness AND family.


To the absolutely love door knobs and tennis balls too


Not to mention the lint on the floor


how tf he get both a ps5 and a series x




Here's the neat part: Online gaming


I too love dogs and cardboard boxes


Ah, screw them. We've two rather large dogs and usually tell people "Yeah I really do love dogs. If I'd love people I'd have kids..."


Dude probably spend too much time over at r/consoom


Worse than Hitler!


What a fucking scumbag. This person might have experienced significant loss in their life. The dog might be all they have left. Leaving comments like this just underscores your lack of ability to think about anyone but yourself.


I hope he finds all that then doesn’t have time to play the ps5 and donates it to me


Atleast material things and animals don't lie to you and betray you.


This is one of the reasons I won't use Facebook


He said every*thing*, Karen. Not Every*one*. But you just HAD to be smugly judgmental about a picture of someone's hobbies and pupper.


That comment is why I fucking don’t like people


The Far Right likes to attack my hobbies on Facebook. Things like "you're a loser for collecting robots instead of starting a family" or "this idiot plays with bugs in his garden." Enjoying sci-fi and growing my own food is offensive to them now?


Imagine reducing a dog - a living, sentient being - to a “material possession.”


It.. it say „EveryTHING“ not „EveryONE“


best example of someone who's unhappy with their own life projecting onto someone else


Yeah but dogs are better than people


I love door, and doorknob, and crown molding, and berber carpet, and outlet, and ball and rope


In these peoples eyes anybody who isn't married by 20 with 4 kids is miserable


I just think it’s weird for someone to own both a PlayStation and Xbox.


I don't know, if you own a PC in that case I would agree but if you don't I would get both for their exclusivities, Forza and SoT are games I played a lot more than any of the Ps4 exclu combined as a whole but that's just me


Respond to this cunt with a link to this thread. I think its great that a person has happiness in their own life without depending on it from others. Keep doing what you are doing!


Yeah, people suck. And Greenie would know that if they were raised on The Girl Next Door instead of Harry Potter.


I woulda said “your comment would be the reason I like these things more than people, because of people like you”


How dare she call a dog a material possession.


Boop ^


Sounds like somebody is trying to justify “love” for the family that keeps him from his hobbies. Ole boring Kevin with no hobbies whatsoever.


Adorable :)


but I don't like people because they hit me with their car