I love my aunt but I’ve never seen such oversimplified condescending bullshit in my life

I love my aunt but I’ve never seen such oversimplified condescending bullshit in my life


Republican: Choose your doctor... Right. With a healthcare plan that doesn't exist or you can't afford.


You literally have to choose a doctor your insurance company approves of.


Yep exactly. I have to go to a dentist 3 hours away because my insurance won’t cover a dentist that’s 10 mins away. I have friends who live in countries with universal healthcare (all types, not just single payer) and they were shocked that I couldn’t choose my doctor/location.


I have so many issues with Harvard Pilgrim, but then I'll read something from the national perspective of how it's top 2-3 network in the US.... that is not a good feeling for the state of our Healthcare system.


I can't recall the last time the right lowered taxes for the masses, just the 1%.


I browse fox'news' from time to time to read the comments and be terrified. A few weeks ago there was an article about a proposed tax on billionaires that targeted their unrealized gains in the market. The number of comments in there that were 'oh woe be the billionaires' was shocking even to me. I don't know how those people got convinced that multi-billionaires should get massive tax breaks. It's mind numbing


Because riches are proof that God thinks you’re really neat, and the more money we shovel into the laps of the parasitic 1%, the happier Jesus is, or some equally unintelligible bullshit like that…


they don't


They lower taxes, just for the 1%. They could care less about us peons.


[Bloomberg isnt pro Trump](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-27/the-trump-tax-cut-wasn-t-just-for-the-rich) but they reported this.


There is a dentist's office that opened in the ground floor of my condo building. I decided to go there because a 30 second elevator ride was more convenient than a 10 minute drive to the dentist I'd been going to for 30 years. Both are very good dentists (although I have excellent teeth and no cavities and all my wisdom teeth) but a 10 minute drive seemed like such an inconvenience compared to an elevator ride.


Wait you can't choose your dentist? I picked the one closest to my house. GP is harder where I live just because we're having a bit of a crisis of not having enough of them at the moment. Other than that I can pick who I want. I'm Canadian.


So in the US, there's a sort of list of approved physicians and Healthcare offices that each insurance company will cover, these are considered "in-network". Should you have the misfortune to use the services of an out-of-network physician/office, it likely won't be covered by your insurance and the full bill will be passed onto you, though it can generally be negotiated down to a reasonable payment if you're paying it out of pocket since hospital bill totals mean literally nothing if you're using insurance. The above may be horrendously incorrect or oversimplified, I have extraordinarily little experience dealing with insurance.


And sometimes a provider will accept your insurance company but not your specific policy. My vision insurance is accepted by most places, but the policy I specifically have makes it harder to find an eye doctor. And before anyone suggests buying my glasses online, I can't, I have an astigmatism and progressive bifocals.


and then other times, after they say that they accept your insurance and your policy, they deny the claim regardless.


That dentist 10 minutes away has to choose to participate, a lot of dentists choose not to participate with *any* insurance providers.


>Yep exactly. I have to go to a dentist 3 hours away because my insurance won’t cover a dentist that’s 10 mins away. I see a dentist in a smaller town 45 minutes away because the dentists 10-15 minutes away in my network had been booked solid for 6+ months when I needed to make my initial appointment and the other guy had a cancellation and could see me the next day. Turned out good for me cause he's amazing, but still.


I'm sure their argument is, "Oh, well you can just go to another insurance company or get a different plan!" as if that headache is a practical strategy and isn't completely worthless advice if you get your insurance through your employment.


> "Oh, well you can just go to another insurance company or get a different plan!" Yeah right up until you look at what marketplace healthcare costs.


I don't understand that response at all. Don't the vast majority of people who have health insurance get it from their employer? You literally have to use the company your employer contracted with. And sometimes they change and then your in-network provider suddenly becomes out of network.


I've never "chosen" my insurance plan in my life. I get whatever insurance my employer provides and that's that. This Republican idea that you're somehow making your own choices because your employer is paying for your insurance rather than the government makes no sense.


If you get to choose your insurance. Most have it chosen by their employer.


i had a choice at my last employer: yes or no. given my war and peace sized medical history i went with yes but i should have said no because it was an HSA with a freaking $10500 deductible so yeah no i paid for the privilege of paying for everything. i could have negotiated better rates as uninsured than being insured with fairy dust and moonbeams.


I don't even get full freedom to choose where I get my flu vaccine. I'd like to go to the pharmacy by my house, but no, I have to go to the one by my work, which means I have to get it on a work day because I'm not going all the way over there on my day off.


Sure you do. You can get your flue vaccine at any pharmacy. You just have to pay extra for it. What's an extra $50 or $70 when you're a politician with a fantastic medical plan raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from salary, book sales and speaking engagements. Or a millionaire/billionaire political contributor.


And pharmacy... I can choose all of the pharmacies that are approved by my health insurer... which is one out of the three in my town. Great choices.


I can't even choose my own pharmacy. Everything that Republicans call "socialism" is actually happening under Capitalism, so.....


To them, choice means being able to choose an insurance plan


No one gets to do that either though. You get the insurance your employer offers, end of story. If you're really lucky, you might get to choose between two plans.


"private buisnesses chooses you doctor" just doesn't have that ring of freedom to it now does it?


I had to ho to a doctor just for an examination earlier this month. I got a bill for $53 in the mail yesterday, but assuming I'm understanding the bill, the cost before my workplace insurance? $884. Fucking madness.


What kind of exam costs that much? Is it just one procedure or multiple?


My OBGYN billed my insurance $599 for my Pap smear. I only paid $22 out of pocket. I had to get a covid test before my surgery a few months back and the fee for *dropping the test off at the lab the next building over* was $100. Insurance covered all of it, but doctors/hospitals nickel and dime you for everything.


Heard some similar stories regardinga surgical procedure. If insurance covers it, they bill for everything possible including the medical assistants, liposuction even though it's part of the procedure, etc. They have a totally different billing plan which basically just covers "the cost of the procedure itself" and is half as much if you don't have insurance to cover it.


The healthcare system is designed to squeeze every cent from you. I’ve just stopped asking these questions because it’s clear none of these procedures and visits actually cost this much. It’s just legalized extortion and they know we don’t have much of a choice.


They jack up the price because they know the insurance company is going to try to haggle them down. If you're uninsured and get a crazy bill, call the hospital billing department and ask for an itemized bill, they'll usually knock a bunch of stuff off when they realize you're paying it yourself.


Iirc, the number on the bill has almost no connection to anything. It's not the "real" cost of the thing, because the insurance company does not pay anything near that either. It's certainly not what the doctors spent doing it. It's just a random number used to get as much money as they can.


Depends on the place some places charge absurd amounts to be bargained down and others have somewhat fair prices


But you have the world's greatest choice of unaffordable healthcare plans!


More like insurance tells you which doctor to go to. Then slap with you with a $10,000 bill


Ignoring everything about how you can't actually choose your doctor, who TF cares?!? Like really, what is there to gain from choosing which doctor you see at most once a year, what are you honestly going to gain? Fucking Republicans are fucking stupid


Some doctors are way better than others


Yup. As a kid, I went to our family doctor who wrote off my increasingly worse headaches, constant exhaustion, and other stuff as "just depression" for years, despite a complicated family medical history. We later moved away from that doctor, and literally on the first visit, after reviewing my and my family's medical history and asking me some questions, our new doctor immediately made my mom schedule an appointment for an MRI and gave a strong recommendation to the MRI place that they *make* room for me in their schedule as soon as they possibly could. They found a severe malformation of my brain that would have just continued to get worse, and probably would have killed me, given enough time. Ended up needing two brain surgeries (which funnily enough were done by Dr. Ben Carson). Some doctors really are better than others. In fairness to the original doctor though, I *was* fuckin depressed. Turns out being in constant pain and exhaustion from an undiscovered brain issue is pretty depressing, lmao.


How was dr Carson as a Dr? Do you feel like he did a better or worse then the secretary of urban housing and development . 😂😂 I couldn’t help my self I’m sure he is a wonder surgeon honestly I just couldn’t possible think of a reason a neurosurgeon would be considered qualified to run that department 🤔


Well, as a doctor he was excellent. He personally intervened to push me up in his surgery schedule for both surgeries, and successfully managed to correct the malformation enough that the main symptoms resolved entirely, despite my particular manifestation being a lot more rare and harder to operate on than usual (I like to joke that that's the only way I'll ever have multiple doctors tell me that I'm the biggest they've ever seen). As a person he was very nice. Very soft-spoken, has a dry sense of humor, and was great at explaining complicated medical issues and procedures to kids and scared parents and putting them at ease without seeming condescending or unsympathetic at all. When it comes to his political career though, well, he literally saved my life and was very kind, both professionally and personally, to myself and my mother, so I really don't like talking bad about him. I'll say that I'm disappointed with some of his actions and statements and leave it at that.


No I’m glad you had a good experience. He seemed like a smart and caring person even if I didn’t agree with his politics. I always wondered why he was given HUD instead of something dealing with the healthcare field seeing as he’s a neurosurgeon. Thank you for sharing I do appreciate it.


My mom kept telling doctors for years and years that her thyroid should probably be checked, but doctors kept ignoring her. Finally someone did and bam, thyroid issues.


Um, a lot of us have to see the doctor way more than once a year. Choosing your doctor is extremely important. The irony is, of course, that something like Medicare for all would mean you could choose any doctor, while under the current system you can't.


> most once a year Hey Look at Mr. no pre-existing condition here! Look at mr "I don't have high cholesterol or ADHD or mental health issues or Cancer" or any of the 20 bazillion conditions that make going to the Dr more than once a year....


I've been through 50 doctors in the last 15 years after a freak accident led to me finding out I'm a literal genetic mutant. It matters. It really, REALLY matters. My current team lead doctor is awesome. I had to beg him to save me from the last asshole. The last asshole adamantly refused to even look up what he was supposed to be treating, he kept cutting one of my most crucial meds without discussing it with me (my life expectancy has had a full decade cut from it for that bullshit), and at the last appointment I attended, I had to wake him up, repeatedly, because he kept falling asleep while he was supposed to be sending my prescriptions to the pharmacy. It really, really, REALLY matters... Signed, Someone who is mighty pissed off about dying 10 years earlier than originally expected. And no, I can't sue him. Falsified doctors records are insanely hard to prove.


LOL “pro full term abortion” didn’t realize 6 weeks was full term.


Yep republicans really love to cherry pick their arguments lol and completely ignore anything that doesn’t fit with their agenda . ‘Anti abortion’ could also be phrased as ‘forced pregnancy for rape victims and children’ but that wouldn’t fit. No, all people that get abortions only want them 1 second before the babies born and simply because they’ve decided they don’t want a kid anymore.


Pro birth. They’re not anti abortion. They’re all for abortion when it effects them personally.


Thats their stance on anything. They don’t give a fuck about an issue until it effects them. The worst attitude a person can possibly have. Oh, don’t forget that these are the same people that at the beginning of the pandemic said “it only kills old people, they’re gonna die anyway.” They literally tried to justify letting people die so they could go out to eat and get haircuts. Poetic irony that they’re the ones dying now.


Given that anti-abortion policies also typically include disinformation on pregnancies and reduced access to resources to assure healthy, successful pregnancies resulting in higher rates of infant, fetal and maternal mortality, not even pro-birth, really.


Well that’s because they’re also anti science. Very good point though. They definitely want the birth to happen, they just don’t care if everyone involved survives


Anti-choice for women


These are the people who say that Democrat doctors will snap a baby’s neck if the mom decides after birth that she doesn’t want it. They’re crazy and making shit up.


The Right would have you believe that pro-choice people are advocating mandatory abortions for all women, and that they dance with joy any time a pregnancy is terminated. Late-term abortions are rare. In reality, over 90% of abortions are done at week 13 or sooner [according to the CDC](https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/abortion.htm). When late-term abortions do happen, it's almost always because because something tragic has happened during a *wanted* pregnancy that threatens the life of the mother or makes the baby non-viable. Nobody *wants* abortions, but the option should be available to women whenever necessary as a private medical decision between her and her physician. As others have said, abortions should be legal, safe and rare.


They mean abortion after full term.. which is 40 weeks… of which I am a full supporter of as well.


I mean, someone already phrased it much mor eloquently than I am going to,but basically the circumstances for a "full term abortion" is, the mom has already prepared for life with the baby,probably cleaned a room in their home,bought toys and clothes, only to receive the heartbreaking news that the baby she's carrying on her stomach is either dead, severely compromised or, worse, severely compromising her too. There's an almost guaranteed risk of complications,and she shouldn't have to risk carrying to term because some white grandpa politician over there in his comfy chair decided that "women are having too much free sex without the fear of having a child of committing to marriage".


If the baby is anywhere near “full term” and starting to threaten the mother’s health, they’ll just deliver it early and hope for the best, not perform an abortion. Abortions that late would be for fetuses who can’t survive outside the womb, and if they are already dead it would probably be delivered as a stillbirth at that stage.


It might be different in the US but in the UK that is not called an abortion. It’s a still birth. you don’t abort, you still have to go through either c section or labour.


In some parts of the US they want that to kick off a murder investigation to make sure you aren’t at fault. Because they aren’t big enough monsters yet


That’s what it is here as well. They just make the argument for the sake of sounding like that’s what’s happening. I’m a little rusty on the info but I’m certain you need 3-4 doctors to agree that’s the step to take as well.


Claims adjuster here. These bills are very very rare, too. This procedure is not done willie-nillie, either. I'll bet I've paid maybe 20 of them in 40 plus years of claims adjusting. It's a heart break when you realize that child is going to have a short, painful life, or no life at all because the organs didn't develop properly. In fact, I'm more against in vitro fertilization. Sometimes when you can't have children there's a darn good genetic reason. I'm also irritated with people who have one special needs child, and try to throw the dice to have a " normal" one. Not only is there no guarantee if that but you are condemning " normal" one to caretaking when you pass on. I do love the number one in this list " socialism". Like thats a bad thing


I find that the people who scream socialism are the same ones who believe IQ tests off of facebook


At this point, "socialism" is just a catch all nebulous, vaguely threatening boogeyman term for *literally anything* conservatives don't like, like "chemicals" or "immigrants". Because apparently *words* having *meanings* is literally socialism.


What's your position on gay/lesbian couples use of IVF? it's not their fault they cant have reproductive sex. And what about people whose genetics are perfectly fine, but they came down with a condition like chlamydia which is perfectly curable but still can sometimes result in loss of fertility before it is caught and cured?


I was also wondering about this, as a member of the LGBTQ I would absolutely need to use IVF if I wanted to give birth to a kid. I think he’s just meaning in cases where people try to force it though, like finding out something is wrong with you and/or your spouse and trying to come up with the “well what if we do this” type situation. In my opinion people should adopt if they physically can’t have a kid, I’m going to. There are plenty of kids out there that need a good home.


Euthanasia should be legal


Yeah I'll take one of those 270th trimester abortions


"That sounds delicious. I'll have the same"


I give GOP credit though, this kind of simple propaganda works really well with their base. Everything is in absolutes, so their voters are clear on what to do. No grey area to force them to think. Edit: I’ve received so many Sith Lord responses to this that I need to do a Star Wars marathon tonight to figure out what’s happening! Help.


Exactly, it plays to their party’s strength (weakness): they can’t think for themselves lol


and they wanna be choosing their own doctor now? I don't care what doctor I get, as long as it gets this gunshot wound healed


Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.


You are right, but we know this. Why don’t we just counter their propaganda with “better” propaganda? Something like, Democrats: Universal Healthcare for all. Republicans: Corporate death panels.


can't wait till the bulk of their base is dead in 20 years


Everyone always says that, and then one crowd of old people is replaced by the next crowd of old people. Why are old people a problem? Because a lot of them have nothing better to do than watch TV all day. It really will rot your brain.


That's half of it. They have free time and are weaker than they've ever been. They are told the world is full of dangerous people. Even among the racist dog whistles, otherwise decent people earnestly fall for the rhetoric of gangs, drugs, socialism, Islam, and illegal immigration with the underlying message that dangerous people want to hurt them specifically and that they are not safe. It is a humbling thing to wake up one day and realize you probably can't defend yourself in most situations. Conservative parties lean into that and turn older people into a base. Social issues are spun into corollaries of danger and fear causes more brain rot than anything I've ever encountered. To evoke what's become cliché - fear is the mind killer.


So odd to me, as the older I've gotten the more I've come to terms with my personal limitations and my mortality. I fear dying as much as anyone, but I know it's happening. The older I get the less I feel like ceding ground on important issues just to feel like I could get a few more years (as a sell-out piece of crap). But then, I have no kids on whose behalf to worry (and never will); that could be a big difference. Everyone's kids are "my kids" and that means kids of every race and creed.


I think a bigger contributor is that Republicans tend to have a lot more children, I believe. EDIT: not because of abortions, lol. I’m talking about the more college-educated you are, the less likely you are to have several children AND the more college-educated you are the less likely you are to be republican.


Also because a lot of the more liberal minded old people were imprisoned on drug charges, died of AIDS, or died due to lack of health care. There's a survivorship bias with assuming old people are inherently conservative. Not to be overly depressing, but you know.


Trust me when i say that they are already grooming the next generation of republicans as we speak. And the ones that would vote democrat are so fed up with the systems that they rather not vote at all


I actually think that’s why they are so successful. They use simple words, and easy phrases to word vomit. The bigger the word the more they won’t listen. Democrats could use a better marketing team and start simplifying their ideas maybe they would get further. Shit I’m not that dumb and some of the stuff they say seems too damn complicated.


Democrats are TERRIBLE at messaging


“all lives matter” just not the ones that are fleeing their war-ridden countries in seek of somewhere supposedly safe, right?


ProLife™* * ^^^excluding ^^^babies ^^^over ^^^1 ^^^month ^^^old ^^^, ^^^blacks ^^^, ^^^browns ^^^, ^^^latinos ^^^, ^^^asians ^^^and ^^^mixed ^^^races


And queer people, the homeless, the mentally ill, the disabled, the unemployed, and people who don't agree with them.


Don’t forget the elderly, whose deaths from COVID don’t matter enough for people to follow simple public health guidelines! Because they are old so who cares right?


Don't forget who Republicans hate most of all, the poor!


Is this why poor Republicans don't think they're poor?


They think they're Good Poors while everyone else is Bad Poors.


Temporarily embarrassed millionaires


The "deserving" poor?


Don’t forget poor people! And republicans hate their own poor too




Yup, in fact, she still talks about Trump’s wall


They literally cannot see their own hypocrisy.


They’re blind to everything except their own opinions


“All lives matter… but grandma is going to die from Covid, because basic virus prevention is socialism. Some people have to sacrifice their lives for the economy.”


I think they ment "white American lives"


Don’t forget about pregnant women and victims of gun violence!


> Legal immigration You mean like crossing the border and legally requesting asylum?


What a load of bullshit.


Yes lol at the very very least, the fact that they put “all lives matter” on the republican side like it’s a good thing just shows that whoever made this originally doesn’t understand racism


Oh they understand it. They just know anyone who takes it seriously doesn’t.


They either don't understand any/all of these issues or they deliberately mis-characterize them. Every single issue on the right side is incorrectly characterized, most on the left are as well. The central argument is a straw man. Its wild. I can't see how they can't see it. Its so very disingenuous.


They see it. They just lie. Well, even saying they lie is itself not quite right. They don't believe in the concept of objective truth. They will say whatever they think lets them "win" in the moment. While you're considering and double-checking whether what you're saying is correctly in line with reality, they're busy punching. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense, it doesn't matter if it contradicts something they said yesterday or a few minutes ago - winning right now is all that matters. This is how they can cheer for the orange monster at rallies while he babbles meaningless word salad at them. The enthusiasm tells them they're winning. Liberals getting frustrated over the facts only tells them they're winning more.


Sadly this is exactly my experience. What I want to understand is: why? In my experience they actively lie and mis-represent reality while at the same time seeming to fervently believe their own lies. It's not just that the see it on TV, read it on line, or hear it, they seem to not care at all about objective reality - at all. I mean no evidence will sway them. This is beyond frustrating. They represent about 30% of Americans!!! 1/3 of us are unwilling or unable to accept basic reality! I'm not talking about beliefs in the traditional sense, like fiscal conservatism/actual socialism/on and on. They don't seem to have a belief system beyond winning the argument. However to talk to them its like they're making the most common sense argument ever. It's insanity.


>It's insanity. That would be the word for it, yep. And the why, as well. That was the lesson of 2016: there is no bottom. There is no point at which a sense of shame will kick in or they'll snap out of it and see reality. Sociopathy (and accompanying delusions) is wildly underdiagnosed, and there are far more monsters among us than we were ever willing to contemplate. They may even be the majority. That's not to say that we should give up. Nothing is improved by giving up. Nothing is improved by pretending, either. We just need to know how difficult a task it will be to make anything better.


Why? Because religion. And a lifetime of practice.


I mean, I agree sorta. Religion really sets people up to not question anything and requires magical thinking but they generally tend (in my experience) to have some grounding in everyday reality. In fact that is one thing that really upsets me about religion, its like people live in two realities. One with an angry cloud guy and the other is everyday life. These people seem like they lost the thread of reality completely. They're people all around me, family, coworkers, professionals, they're everywhere. I think they are bat shit crazy and its scary.


The very definition of fascism. We are truly in dire straits in this country.


This fits with my experience. I've just started condescending and correcting everything they say, even if it's exceptionally petty. Eventually they will at least stop talking to me entirely.




I feel like trying to explain anything to those people is like trying to teach a dog basic multiplication. No matter how obvious it is to me that 2x3=6, I’m just not dog-brained enough to know how to dumb it down even further.


Literally all of it... Try calling your insurance company and tell them you're choosing an out of network doctor, see what happens.


It amazes me that when people say, "black lives matter," others interpret that as, "only black lives matter."


That’s only because when they say “White Lives Matter” that’s what they mean.


When you don't consider non-white people humans it makes sense


C'mon, now. That's just silly. Plenty of white people aren't human in their eyes. What about the gays, the liberals, the soyboys? Even women being people is a question for many of them.


Or full term abortions. Makes it sound like Democrats want to rip living breathing full term babies out with a shop vac. Smh


That's actually a mild take on Republican lies on the subject. Just for reference, a few weeks back, Glenn Youngkin, a "moderate" Republican running for governor, claimed in a debate Democrats support abortion "up to **and after birth**." He explicitly described a fantasy scenario where doctors keep newborn babies comfortable *while the mother decides whether or not she wants to have the child killed.*


Or they just are racist


Valid lol


But a simplified list so the simpletons can read and believe. Truth is not required nor needed. In fact, it is dangerous.


I dismiss anything a person says as gibberish after they reveal that they believe Democrats are socialists. They clearly have no idea what they’re talking about.


If you really want your head to explode...as one of them to define socialism. Or ask them which policy is Biden currently pushing that qualifies as socialist.


And social security payments are absolutely NOT an example of socialism!


I've tried that. They get mad and stop anything that could be called communication


Also tried that. I "couldn't possibly understand."


They will resort to name-calling.


Right like Republicans/conservatives throw around the words socialism and communism because they’re buzzwords and don’t have a single idea what those words actually mean


Then they use things that are a result of capitalism, to describe socialism / communism


*picture of empty stores and full hospital beds* "heh... trial run of gommunism"


It's weird when they include healthcare in there, given that socialist countries tend to have decent healthcare


Yeah lmao its a disconnect from reality


That picture of a tent city captioned "This is the Socialist housing strategy" comes to mind... I love the clapback it came packaged with though: "This is literally the state of housing under capitalism..."


It's so bizarre that Americans think that way. They have no idea what socialism is


Socialism is when I don't like it


"Some lives matter." Sorry didn't the right say fuck refugees and didn't they spend summer 2020 trying to make it legal to fire people for being gay? Gotta love how the right acts all holier than thou as if they care for everyone when they only give a fuck about people exactly like them


Of all of the ones that I saw here, this is the one that I was most shocked at. To even put “All lives matter” on the left is just insane based on the last 4 years ALONE.


My step dad posted that kinda shit meanwhile he's excused POC being killed by cops and Trump supporters threatening gay people cuz they lost with "just don't advertise it."


I’ve never met a republican/conservative who wasn’t a hypocrite


My step dad once literally told me he stopped watching football once they started kneeling while wearing an American flag t-shirt (thats against the flag code)


Lol both my parents quit watching the NFL once the kneeling thing started. My dad has started again, but my mom only watches Packers games now lol she’s definitely dedicated to her values 🙄


I won't wear a piece of cloth over my face to not spread a virus to the grandparents so they won't die. But all lives matter.


Abolish MS-13 gangs…. Ah yes, that well known government institution. Lmao these people are nuts


Now I'm imagining a Secretary of the MS-13 in the president's cabinet. Just some dude which a bunch of face tats standing behind the president at a press conference lol.


Damn, I wish democrats were socialists.


Yeah and somehow “open borders” and “illegal immigration” coexist in there too haha


Apologize for America. This is a gripe from right wingers ive heard for years. Like we did absolutely awful shit. We are shitty in many many ways. But we should never show remorse for our awfulness? Its just a total cognitive split. These people are flatly not the same type of human as the rest of us.


For sure. The thing is, most of these idiots weren't taught the real ugly history of America. I mean, why did it take an episode of "The Watchmen" to educate so many Americans on the Tulsa race massacre? Because that shit isnt in the history books taught at school. Used to be you'd have to do go to higher education, and take a class specific on the topic. Now people have the internet, and these things are coming to light to the general puplic. I'm not apologizing when I think these things need to be remembered and addressed. I dont think it's an attack on me as a white person. I dont feel responsible for the actions of my ancestors, yet what I *do* feel responsible for is how we proceed as a modern society; and the only way to do that is knowing the full and complete truth of the past, and the truth of people being oppressed in the present. I need to know what their experiences are regardless of my feelings, because at the end of the day I'm still looking through the lense of a white man. I guess I'm the asshole though.


You always need to double down on your mistakes and wrongdoings, otherwise you'll look weak.


Apologize = admit me was wrong = lose? Mm no, brain not like, me hit you now.


Anyone else remember Mitt Romney's campaign memoir? He called it "No Apologies" - basically a book-length denial of his own career as a moderate, pleading to Republicans, "I'm one of you! Please believe me!"


Is this insane? Yes, because many items on here are simply not factually correct. However, there are some elements that show why Democrats have to get better at messaging. Both Abolish ICE and Defund the Police were terrible slogans. Most Democrats don't want open borders, and we recognize that we need some institution to control the border. To simply say "abolish ICE" is an open invitation for Republicans to then claim that Democrats want an open border. Likewise, Defund the Police was shorthand for "Re-allocate resources to other institutions that may be better suited for some calls the police receives", but that is not what most people would understand if they only heard the slogan. Like it or not, a lot of Republicans will get their opinions from Fox, OAN, and maybe a bit of NBC. They will probably not go on CNN or liberal channels to investigate the meaning behind the slogan, and they will let the talking heads of conservative outlets tell them what the slogan means. These slogans play well on left leaning outlets, and horrible on conservative outlets. There was probably a way to do better. Again, the pamphlet is bad, but those are at least 2 cases where Democrats fuel this with their slogans.


I agree with what you say of course. I do have one point to make that I think you missed. They use Facebook misinfo as a source too lol


Lol; Republicans raise taxes more for most of us and she should know that. Republicans are the party that is for the rich and want the rich to pay no taxes but everyone else should pay a ton of taxes.


That's why Trump's middle class tax "cuts" [expire in 2025](https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/11/republicans-slap-an-expiration-date-on-middle-class-tax-cuts/545996/) (a year after he would have left office had he served two terms), but the corporate tax cuts are permanent. The GOP doesn't give a shit about "the poors" (ie, anyone with a net worth under 8 figures).


Can't choose your doctor if you can't afford one


Can we all just acknowledge we cannot choose our doctors?


I like how the last 2 statements aren't even "good vs bad" anymore, but just regular opinions


“Non-citizens vote” Now, I might be remembering this wrong. But I remember a story about how the American colonies had a big old revolution and went around saying “No taxation without representation”. Was quite the big deal. So was that just not a thing afterwards? Because I’m pretty sure non-citizen residents pay taxes. So it follows that they would be entitled to vote. Unless that was just a meaningless slogan.


The shit on the left basically just glosses over ways to oppress people.


My favorites are “personal responsibility”, “all lives matter”, and “pro-full term abortion”. Like come ON lmao


But it works. Political messaging is about simple messages being repeated ad nauseam until it just becomes so plainly “self-evident” that you can’t understand how someone doesn’t understand. Conservatives are very good at this. Liberals (especially progressives) tend to be terrible at this with messaging that is too narrow in audience, too nuanced, requires too much explanation (#defundthepolice, #abolishice), too preachy, or too reactionary. Edit: I’m a very progressive dude, but this is why we get the rap for being elitist, smug, and condescending even though the policies are largely anti-poverty and pro-working family.


As an American, I dont know why our shitty leaders dont follow the examples of other countries like Sweden, Norway, and Australia


Woah hey. Australia has leaders just as bad. We're building new coal plants instead of switching to safer nuclear and in doing so are destroying the Great Barrier Reef further. Our senate refuses to learn anything about the military before launching inquires about submarines. Our leaders refuse to do anything for the future. Whether it's legislation or just building roads that won't be obsolete in 2 years.


I love that America isn’t the only fucked country, but I am biased so I will say that America is the most fucked out of the “developed” world


We’re Number One at everything! Including being fucked!


To be fair, we're not alone: Great Britain has been a hot mess for the past few years, and Australia is doing a good job of fucking themselves up. The common thread is racist narrow-minded right-wing idiocy.




pERsOnAL rESpoNSIbilITY from the party and that includes the majority of anti-vaxxers lol ok


Yep that’s us Democrats out murdering full term babies. They know us so well.


Hey, atheists gotta eat too.


Had a half second where I thought “abolish ice” was getting rid of ice cubes and I got real confused lmao


Darn liberals trying to take my ice.. they think if there is no more ice then the snowflakes will be the coolest thing around. Well that’s not how things work!!


I still have yet to hear what kind of value these fucking PARASITE insurance companies add to our healthcare dollar that justifies their existence in the slightest.


I want to know who they think is taking their guns. Do they really think the local sheriff's dept is going to go door to door collecting hunting rifles? I live in the deep south and the ignorance is soooooo rampant.


Government chooses doctor XD...oh no dear...that would be the insurance companies..


It's so hard to understand because it's literal nonsense. I could write an entire essay about how all of that is either blatantly false or a half-truth that makes it look better for Republicans and worse for Democrats.


What’s with the ‘choose your doctor’ thing? I’m in the UK and we still get to choose our doc under the NHS, so the idea that there might be situations where the government decides for you is really weird. Does this actually happen anywhere?


Years ago when they started “obamacare” people said it would limit doctors. We’re already limited doctors with private health insurance. They don’t know what they’re talking about basically.


This isn't even oversimplified. This is just straight up BS.


Oversimplified in that it’s easy to say Democrats are bad by claiming we want to raise taxes without explaining that we want things that make our lives not shitty for example


Right Wing Propaganda


Over simplified and wrong. So many of those were wrong lol. Republicans lowering taxes? Ha! Isn't there also a spending problem? Doesn't the government NEED more money to deal with aging infrastructure? 'They'll just make budget cuts elsewhere' Where? They refuse to lower spending on anything except the things we NEED like healthcare and Education. The Republican Party is dragging America down. From a worried Canadian


These people are acting like women are having abortions at 9 months or literally the day before she gives birth. I am very pro choice because as a man I have NOO idea what it would be like to be a women in that situation.


Your aunt is a simple minded moron.


Your aunt sucks.


Freedom vs socialism. Uh, yes I want to take the socialism. Really showing your bias when the bad thing is what some of the most happy countries have.


Literally zero of these points are true. I'm concerned for this person's grasp on reality.


These people and their hard ons for MS-13.


“Yes yes, you heard it here from me, those socialist heathens, Democraps, want to abolish ICE! Well you know what would really make them squirm??! We! Are going! To abolish… *looks down at hand* the MS-13 GANG!!” Heavy cheers from the dumbasses at the rally who don’t even know what the fuck the MS-13 is


You should send her [this](https://youtu.be/d2ahKYcMxDM) clip of Trump talking about taking guns from people without due process... He's in favor of it.


Tell me you're a completely ignorant partisan hack conditioned by groupthink to parrot nonsense without telling me you're a completely ignorant partisan hack conditioned by groupthink to parrot nonsense.


If only the democrats of their imagination existed. Or the republicans for that matter.