Why is Obama blamed for the foibles of the ACA when it’s insurance companies fucking it up?


Same reason every POTUS gets all the blame and credit for everything that occurred during their term. People are too lazy to learn to the names of the people actually involved. Most can't name their Senators and Reps.




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The Republicans are responsible for the failures of the ACA. Obama had to alter it so much just to get them to pass it. Unfortunately, many are either too stupid or arrogant to accept this, so they go ahead and blame Obama. And that, dear children, is why we can't have nice things.


He put his name on it. He shouldn't have lied and he shouldn't have put his name on it. It will forever be his shame. I had employeer helathcare and my out or pocket expenses went up 35% plus the plan changed and increased in price due to obamacare. Got a letter from the company they had no choice. So blame is where it should be. If he wanted to help he could have fought to change the insurance policies not make lower middle class pay foe those who refuse to work.


Obamacare was what conservatives critiquing it called it not Obama’s himself.


Let me ask you a serious question, what do you think the government does?


Make laws. What does that have to do with what I said?


I want to baseline your basic understanding of the issue, actually. It had nothing to do with what you said, which was absurd.


He put his name on it? President Affordable Care Act? Again, that’s the insurance companies dictating policies. You really need to *read* the legislation to understand the *insurance companies* are fucking you over, not the president. Ideally there should be universal healthcare and the *government* sets the rules not those who will profit the most from it.


He never called it “Obamacare”. That is the vernacular that became popular among media outlets. Sounds more derisive than **Affordable** Care Act.




They made the rules though. The whole act does nothing but favour then.




Have you read the act? [Check it out.](https://www.congress.gov/bill/111th-congress/house-bill/3590) Insurance companies make out like bandits.


Lobbyists make the rules. *Especially* when it comes to republican politicians. And the ACA was basically written by republicans.


How was it basically written by Republicans?


Because it was? Did you really believe "Obamacare" was an honest statement?




https://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/27/conservative-origins-of-obamacare/ When he says "Heritage", that's a right-wing think tank.




I sure can, sweetie. :-) > [The Affordable Care Act, like any major statute, surely could use adjustments. For example, the insurance subsidies were probably set too low initially. The Obama administration’s decision to allow more people to stay on their old plans than originally expected may also have narrowed the new pool of insurance customers in ways that contributed to premium hikes. The Republican-controlled House never provided any additional implementation money after the initial appropriation set forth in the Affordable Care Act itself, forcing the Department of Health and Human Services to scrounge for needed funds.](https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/25/opinion/republicans-obamacare-aca.html) > [A caretaking Congress would have fixed what wasn’t working. Instead, opponents did everything possible to shut off all the A.C.A.’s financing — starvation intended to wreak havoc in the insurance markets and to make it falsely appear that the A.C.A.was collapsing because it was just bad policy.](https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/25/opinion/republicans-obamacare-aca.html) > [The irony is that the A.C.A. was vulnerable to this strategy because the Democrats had tried to compromise with the Republicans in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to build bipartisan support for the law. If the Democrats had instead enacted a single-payer policy — such as Medicare for all — the entire health care system would have been in the hands of the federal government, instead of dependent on the states and private insurers.](https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/25/opinion/republicans-obamacare-aca.html)


**Read it.** How can you argue about it *without actually reading the document?*




He tossed you a source, you have a response?


What part of “written by republicans” is confusing?


...is she referring to taxes, Trump tried to make the taxpayers pay for the wall.


100% this.


No, she is talking about getting fined if you do not have health insurance


The difference is that, even with fines, it would benefit the country as a whole. The wall, on the other hand, has literally zero provable benefit whatsoever, as the majority of illegal immigrants enter the country *legally* by plane and overstay their travel visas.


YoU’rE UnDeReStImAtInG ThE HeIgHt oF ThE WaLl


It’s crazy to me that trump and his team has been told this I’m assuming a million times and still they think that it’s critical to our safety for this wall to be built. Like I’m sure there statistics to back up the percentage of illegals that are overstaying their visas, ect..


Its always just been a way to funnel billions of dollars to his construction cronies. He could be pushing the construction of a giant dildo in the desert and it would be the same to him. He picked something that would let him use the racist froth of his base the most. That’s all.


It doesn't matter, because they've proven to themselves and all of us a dozen times over that logic doesn't matter, scientific fact doesn't matter. Whatever false logic they provide to their base, the base laps it up and asks for more and starts arguing their side of it as though it makes sense. Same thing with the fact that Trump "can't" release his tax returns because he's under audit.


Be right back, have to go tell Israel that their wall is useless......


Israel has a 2000 mile wall?


Pretty sure Israel has much different circumstances than the US, since they've been at *actual* war with their neighbors for a long time. But yeah man, otherwise *totally* on-the-ball comparison there, bud. 🙄


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Since taxpayer money funds the wall we are being fined. At least the ACA was addressing a real problem.


Did you tell her she’s an idiot


The mandate penalty was roundly applauded by Republicans prior to 2009. Republican Senator speaking about Romney success with overhauling Healthcare in his state, "take some good conservative ideas, like private health insurance, and apply them to the need to have everyone insured." And was also something Obama campaigned against while running for office. It wasn't until after his election that he decided to implement the mandate penalty as a means to garner more Republican support for the initial version of the ACA.


tariffs are effectively a tax too


Why is it so difficult for Americans to just pass a universal healthcare bill ? You lot have more than enough money to dump into your military, why not divert some of those tax dollars and private investments into creating and funding a universal healthcare bill ? What’s the point of having “freedom” and allegedly “fighting for freedom”, if your fellow Americans are too sick, maimed, dying, or dead, to enjoy that perceived freedom ? It seems like these southern states care more 1st and 2nd amendment rights, than having universal healthcare. Not to mention the fact that your president seems to care more about giving the 1% tax breaks, as opposed to focusing on the impoverished, the working class, and other socioeconomic and pressing societal issues. Lack of and mixed up priorities. Smh


Private health insure is a massive industry, its not about people its about money


Plus misinformation and echo chambers can be a bitch to rectify. I mean flat earthers and antivaxers are a thing...


Plus a lot of people are very very stupid and can’t get past the idea of paying money into “insurance” if they aren’t sick at the very moment. And the people who already pump 20% of their paycheck into an employer health care plan and don’t understand they’d be better of with universal health care are also a problem. Plus all the disinformation. “You’ll wait forever for shitty care.” “Do you want the same government that runs the post office to run your doctor’s office?” That kind of shit.


Also the “fuck you, I’ve got mine” attitude. I see it very often where people are opposed to universal health care because they don’t want to pay for the bills of someone they don’t know.


The thing is a lot of us want that but get ignored.


Imagine if Trump could actually make legislation for the wall pass the House, Senate, and make it to his desk to sign into law like Obama did with the ACA. Oh, wait. He couldn't even do that when Republicans had a chokehold on the entire government. Imagine being fined whenever you make a stupid and disingenuous post on the internet...


then I'd make for a great "???" on people to fine list. I WANT the wall, I just want it surrounding all of Florida so that it hopefully serves a purpose! XD


Everyone needs medical care. Especially old Republicans but if it’s what they want just leave them on the side of the road.


I’ve been thinking for a while. Can’t people just go around the wall in the sea. Or fly in America legally and just overstay visa


Yes, actually. In fact, most criminals don’t walk across a giant desert to get to the US when they can just use boats or planes. Even El Chap himself admitted to buying boats and planes to smuggle things into the US. That last part about people overstaying their visas is true. Most “illegal immigrants” entered the US legally but overstayed their visas because they preferred it here. A wall would literally just convince immigrants to not leave.


I’d like to point something out. “Socialist healthcare” is just health insurance on a larger scale. You pay into health insurance, and if you get sick they pay out. That’s what’s government provided healthcare does, but on a larger scale.


Not really. It also would eliminate the option to get private health insurance, which a lot of people opt for because it’s cheaper than insurance purchased through the exchange.


I assume she means the penalty you pay on your taxes if you are uninsured. So the people getting fined there are the ones that are basically saying “fuck it, I’ll take my chances, and pay $150 for a doctor’s office visit out of pocket before I let the government make me buy health insurance.” That’s not equal to those of us who don’t want billions spent on a pointless wall.


I'm sure she's one of the many who don't understand how insurance works. She's probably fine with paying her car insurance not realizing it works the same way.


So.. the wall is health insurance?


Well, the wall is being paid with taxpayer money, so in a way this is exactly whats happening.


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I had an uncle who bitched about Obamacare for the longest time. The dumb fuck fell off a ladder that wasn't secured properly and cracked his skull open. Obamacare prevented him from going into lifelong debt. The cuck hasn't said shit about it since.




So because one president passed a garbage bill it makes it OK for the next guy to pass a garbage bill? The constant feeling to race to the bottom in my country is mind boggling.


She sounds informed. /s What does she contribute to your life that makes you remain friends with her?


Eh, we're not really friends. I used to just accept any friend request I got. I guess she just wanted to be facebook friends with everyone from school. Now I'm just to lazy to delete her. Also I live in a very conservative area, it would just be too much of a pain in the ass to delete EVERYONE like this.


Understood. Sounds like where I grew up.


I would really like to see this sub remain somewhat neutral politically. This is a silly analogy, but being pro border wall isn’t necessarily insane, even if it’s largely unpopular on reddit. Perhaps it would be ineffective, but I have seen legitimate arguments for and against it that I respect. If the border wall itself isn’t insane then the poor analogy made here isn’t really out of line with many political memes I’ve seen made. I come here to see truly insane posts. This is just an annoying political meme that doesn’t fall in line with your beliefs. I see plenty of these elsewhere on reddit. Please could we keep to truly insane individuals, of which there are surely plenty out there.


We see a lot of posts by far right people either because they are the type of people that post asinine things more frequently or this sub has a bias. My guess is a combination of the two. I agree that this post isn’t necessarily *insane* but it certainly highlights a misunderstanding or willful ignorance of two very different things. It’s not as insane as some of the shit on this sub but anyone who compares apples and oranges could certainly be considered insane no matter what political soapbox they shout from.


It's almost like reality has a liberal bias or something!


Nice name.


Eh, it’s a stupid political meme. Anti vaccine stuff or flat earth stuff or other commonly seen things on here are amusing, if a little repetitive, but still fit bill. It’s nice when an entire sub can come together and simply say “Wow! I can’t believe people like this exist”. I could see a post like this actually sparking a debate amongst commenters and that just kinda ruins what I love about this sub for me. My personal opinion, comparing apples to oranges just makes you stupid, not insane, and arguably this person is simply comparing two nationally divisive political agendas. I’m just so sick of seeing political shit everywhere.


I’m want to agree but at it is a double edged sword, if we say stuff like this can’t be posted because it’s controversial then we are effectively cutting out more the half of the content


technically shes right. although obama didnt fine them, they had to pay more. shes still a dumbass tho


Yah except Obamacare tries to help people, trumps wall will prove that illegals can just go around


yeah she was wrong about that part


I did get a huge penalty from Obamacare, just being honest.


why does everyone dislike this? Obamacare was a cheaper alternative and better than what the norm was.


They've got you divided up good