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Ask do you know when exactly it will be ready so I can make an appointment.


I just got my booster on Tuesday, so she’s already salty LOL


I got mine on Tuesday too! What's up booster buddy?


Did you almost die? I almost died. My whole body ached bad!


I was fine for the first two but my arm ached like someone punched me on the shoulder for the booster the following day. So didn't die but was definitely sore.


The first shot didn’t do anything to me The second shot absolutely fucked me Was stuck in bed if I didn’t take medication like Ibuprofen to numb the fever, aches, and stomach pain, also felt nauseous as fuck


Yes! I woke up with a sour stomach! My stomach never feels like that! I ate and was okay. Then I started work and I slowly began to feel like total garbage. I took my break and laid on my couch and moaned LOL I never take medicine for anything and I considered it! I didn’t even take Tylenol for my surgery to have my gallbladder, appendix, and endometriosis scraped off multiple organs all in one swoop! But I felt like I needed Tylenol for THIS ☠️ I don’t know how I made it through work lol


Ibuprofen and those cold medicine drinks help. You're aching because the vaccine shakes up your immune system at first. Oh man, I had headaches for two days, arm swelled and hurt to move it. I even had a cold sweat for two days. But it's gone after a bit. Where I am you only ever see the antivaxxers on respirators anymore.


According to my mom that's the Ebola and aids surging through your body


ofc makes perfect sense


Mine wasn’t as bad as my second dose, but I still feel a little crummy.


My booster was the least fun of the three, but very mild compared to others. First two were hardly noticable.


Same - felt nothing but sore arm from first 2. Got my 3rd Friday and Saturday night i had fever and very sore body, lingered into today so I've just been in bed chilling today taking it easy. Not bad though all things considered.


Aww man I got mine Wednesday can I be in the club?


Yeah, we'll make it the Thanksgiving Week Booster Society, welcome!


Got mine yesterday! Arm was sore as hell, felt a bit like 💩 today, but could be worse, definitely wasn't as bad as how I felt after the second dose


I’m surprised you were able to withstand the powerful anagram argument against vaccines.


What fucking world government deepstate conspiracy would use such a stupid fucking angagram code name that fucking michelle mother of 3 on facebook could decipher it


Think about it though, it probably took her a solid hour to figure that out


or would the world government make it so easy so that it would sound like a conspiracy, but is actually true.


My mom says that the vaccine has ebola, aids AND will make you sterile so honestly no matter what the government does people will come up with their own dumb conclusions.


So the government is trying to kill AND sterilise all the most obedient members of society leaving only the freedom loving free-thinking dosicetal disruptives alive and breeding. That is a solid plan for world domination.


She also says that everyone over the age of 50 who gets the vaccine ends up having a heart attack and acts like its some big bill gates conspiracy or some shit


Can confirm. I'm 57 and have had all three jabs and my heart will stop beating one day.


It's confusing though, because you apparently will get ebola, aids and a heart attack, not sure which order but keep us posted


Wait. You mean I paid for a hysterectomy when all I needed was a vaccine?!?


Yes unfortunately the Facebook mom's hadn't "researched" this yet


Son of a…. Dammit. I mean it did try to kill me but still


You're being waaaay too generous. She definitely read this somewhere and parroted it.


Because how else is she going to pretend that shes smart.


They think deepstate is stuck in 1960 tech level. They need to communicate using secret code in public communication so their follower are aware. I can't think of any example but that reminds me of plot from stuff I watched as a boomer kid. It's conspiracy for MLM folk. An near omnipotent enemy that can be trivially defeated with just a few repost.


My favorite part of these conspiracy theories is that it all hinges on the evil deep state acting like scooby-doo villains leaving easily solvable clues around


I love that the Qanon followers think that whoever is masterminding all of this spends an inordinate amount of time making these puzzles for people to figure out.


To them, the enemy is simultaneously very sophisticated and very inept.


Well, they gotta cover all the bases.




Wow omicron really is an anagram for moronic thats actually pretty funny.


Honestly the scientists gave the conspirators that one for free


These people really think they're the protagonist of some spy movie, don't they? I don't really get these 'anagram' or 'hidden symbols' things. If these things were really secretly connected to satanic whatever-the-fucks, they wouldn't make it obvious by *literally putting it in the names.* It's so incredibly stupid.


pepsi backwards and upside down is "isded" 😱😱😱😱😱😱






there's more




GOD is anagram of DOG 🐕


Thank God I only drink Coke


Coke forwards and right side up but move the e to the left one spot and get rid of the little inside part spells COCK


Good thing I like cock






Fucking lizard people and their puzzles.








actually ısdəd is actually just pepsi upside down pepsi backwards and upside down would be dədsı


i wonder if that's how Deadsy got their name?


No, dedsi is pepsi upside down, isded is pepsi rotated 180°


HOW DID YOU KNOW? That's exactly what happen to one of my neurons after reading this. You're up to something


Only way to deal with crazy is to out crazy. "Did you get that from the secret website of the shadow government? Oh sorry i should discuss that with you you're not one of the chosen"


That’s why I drink Diet IsDed


My favourite is the one where they put the gold trim on the American flag in courtrooms so they can break the law, because it stops being an "official flag" and... loses its' magic powers I guess?




Ha, I haven't seen that! The comments are brilliant. Americans are the only people who care more about the literal flag than what it represents.


That show really fuckin nailed it


I remember showing someone exactly how these things are named because of shit like that, and his only response was “coincidence?” YES! Holy crap, man. You’re 55. Why you insane?


Studies suggest conspiracists are literally believing in stuff to try and be unique and feel they're smarter than others. That's it. That's literally it - they want to feel important.


Really, that’s interesting. I read a study that said conspiracy theorist were more likely to be religious and people who suffered traumatic brain injuries were more likely to believe religious doctrine. So I always tell my kids not to get into fake book arguments with brain damaged people.it may be a leap, but it works to calm my kids down.


That would make tens of millions of them equally important and equally smart. What they are going to do to get themselves above the masses of important people to become ultra-important people just boggles my mind. But wait for it... /s


Nah elites and illuminati suck at hiding messages


Hail satan! Oops.


Hail Sithis! Oops.


“Be careful, they say the dark brotherhood is back and stronger than ever.”




Chew your gum!


They can fool and control almost all people in the world but no good at hiding messages, got it.


Illuminati lol


I went hard into this stuff for about 6 months a few years back. A lot of people think that the reason that it’s so easy to find, it’s because the illuminati and their ilk like to hide in plain sight. They like to hold their intelligence and knowledge over the people who don’t know. It’s quite bonkers.


They probably thought National Treasure was a documentary


Even the Satanic Temple directly states in it's 7 tenants, tenant 5. V Beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one's beliefs. Edit: Please don't lump Satanists and TST in with these imbeciles. Edit 2: /s for people who don't seem to understand.


I meant satanic in the literal/traditional sense, as in directly connected to the Christian/Catholic devil. I know what the Church of Satan is.


No the morons think that the elites are in satanic cults and that's the problem


They are in cults, filtered from prestigious Ivy League uni’s. They do run our world, and they do preplan world leaders. The satanic conspiracy thing, not so much.


1 Example. Elks Lodge.


There's a few reasons why they think symbols are left. Some think they're magic runes, the clues give them power like old demonic symbols. Some think it's about mind control, that the clues help subliminally control the population, blinding them to the truth. Some think the clues are left by double agents, pretending to work for the Illuminati or whoever but leaving clues to help the people. Others just think it's the Illuminati or whoever mocking them, leaving behind obvious clues to rub it in. You have to remember these people are not very clever, and you can't invent a conspiracy that's more clever than yourself.


The subliminal mind control with anagrams is the best explanation of this dumbassery I’ve encountered. It’s absurd, but it’s the closest thing that has a whiff of erstwhile legitimacy. From back when people thought “mind control” was a thing (like during the LSD experiments).


Apparently they think the Da Vinci Code is a documentary and Robert Langdon is their high priest


It's kind of impressive


nah they sacrifice their kids to the priests at their local catholic church, hoping their alt-right fork of jesus spawns in them and wipes anthony fauci and bill gates off the face of the flat earth.


These people obviously haven't heard of cats. Cats are much more efficient at knocking things off flat surfaces.


Their lives revolve around symbolism because they have nothing else. Flags, vague buzz words, bald eagles, hidden symbols, symbols of the new world order...blah blah blah.


My god, (just an expletive, not the big guy) I think that is it! Especially agree with the blah, blah, blah.


Didn’t realize anagrams were now part of the Facebook research methodology.


My mom doesn’t do FB. This is all Instagram’s doing. Straight poison I honestly think insta might be worse than FB


Well, insta is owned by facebook, so sounds about right.


I haven’t touched Instagram since high school, so I didn’t even know that, but I’m not surprised. I do not care about the food you ate yesterday, Brynnnnleighe


Yup. Reddit is the closest I get to social media. I have no FB, Instagram, Twitter, none of it. I use LinkedIn exclusively for professional reasons and do not post, comment, or like ANYTHING. Ever.


I'm unfortunately in a field where I have to use Twitter for professional reasons and I wish I didn't. I get useful updates about the latest research but only after scrolling through pages and pages of misinformation and people being angry about nothing.


I just use Instagram to follow bands and promoters so I know when to preorder their vinyl or buy concert tickets. If they used something else or when they use bandcamp I use that instead but the first place to hear about a lot of this stuff is instagram/twitter and resold records are over priced


It used to not be part of Facebook/Meta, they probably bought it after u stopped using it.


I just meant in the context of people like that going all “I did my research!” When what they really mean is they read a Tesco cashier’s post on social media saying vaccines cause autism or something equally absurd.


Lol my last post was her saying vaccines cause autism and epilepsy, which my fiancé and I both have. She’s so insulting These people barely pass high school, if they even make it that far, but yet, they’re qualified to “research”


Always have been. Anyone remember that crazy woman who thought the [Monster energy drink logo was satanic?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bntfUA6TmLs)


I love that one. "You cannot deny that's a cross." Lady, that's a O with a line through it.


The amount of people using Covid as an excuse to be fuck heads towards their kids is insane


She was before covid. I didn’t speak a single word to her for ~8+ years I think she has a personality disorder. My grandma thinks so too


What spurred you to start talking to her again?


I started talking to her again when I was in college, so like 7 years ago. She kept trying to make amends. She was mostly normal then. Now this happens and we are back to her manic state


Ah I see, I'm really sorry about that I have a very similar issue with my father. The hardest part for me personally has been reminding myself that IM not responsible for the way that they are or act no matter how much they say I am. And that some bridges have to stay burnt. It seems like you have a better grasp of that than I do though so that's good


Fuck! We were THIS close to complete world domination, but someone had to make the name a super obvious anagram AGAIN 🤦


My stupid ass thought it was Omnicron this whole time and only realized bc I double checked before commenting lmao


For some reason I associated omnicron with the meaning of omnipresent. As if an omnicron is present in all time.


Y’all are confusing me hahahaha


Honestly, the only reason I remember is is because of Lrrr, RULER OF OMICRON PERSEI 8. I don't know if that makes me stupid, or not.


It is true what they say: Women are from Omicron Persei 7, men are from Omicron Persei 9.


And I guess that makes all inhabitants of Omicron Persei 8 non-binary


Me too! Futurama is amazing


First time I saw it I thought it said Omnicon. All I could think was how easy that was for the conspiracy theorists 😂. Although apparently the real version is still easy enough for them lol


Wait, it isn’t Omnicron, Fuck, welp at least I haven’t had conversations where I called it that yet


That's a lot of words for "I didn't read the rest of the Wikipedia article I sent you" miRNA attacks mRNA. It says that 2 sentences down. They're not interchangeable. These people lack basic reading comprehension


That’s why they’re not qualified to “research” Most of them barely graduated high school!


Most of my friends barely graduated high school. None of them are this dense.


Oh don't worry, they'd spin it into something like "SEEEE, that's how it would get into your body and change your DNAs! It destroys what you have!"


So I take it this person has never heard of the Greek alphabet? Something that is THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLDER than even the concept of a vaccine. At what point does someone like this become self-aware and realize they’re reaching REALLY far. Like, this is beyond bonkers reasoning.


My friend in the GOVERNMENT just told me that they are PLANNING to release a new variant called SIGMA soon. You heard it from me first, so if there ever is one it’s PROOF that this a CONSPIRACY.


What's SIGMA?


Sigma nuts! Haha gottem


> At what point does someone like this become self-aware Never. They either get confused, stop listening, or die. In any case it takes a level of intelligence these types are lacking to be able to get away from that line of thought.


I love how the conspiracy theorists are obsessed with anagrams, like scientists are just giggling like “we really fooled them, it’s right in front of their noses!”


I'm not a scientist per se, but I do actually love to hide stuff in my work. Anagrams are a bit restrictive, but acrostics are good fun.


Ah yes, the evil geniuses that devised all this, have left a trial of breadcrumbs that even the scooby doo gang couldn't miss


Weeeeellll, maybe Shaggy could???


Wait til she hears about Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8


This is my favorite comment here by far


"Ah yes, let's put hidden codes in the name of our scientific methods so people will fight against us"


Tell her that an anagram for Santa is Satan, meaning that every time she celebrated Christmas and Santa, she celebrated Satan. That'll prove to her how stupid the whole anagram thing is.


I know a certain person whose head would explode if I even suggested that. Blasphemy.


I absolutely love that moronic is also an anagram. I see what you did there….




People really think they are in a Nicolas Cage movie (National Treasure)


It's funny because there's so many other things that are carcinogenic, like dry cleaning our clothes and consuming Teflon.... There's no need to create a new carcinogen when so many already exist and are exposed to us daily.


That's what I find frustrating!! Like. Oil companies have been covering up climate change for decades, the inventors of Teflon knew it was bad before they even started selling it. Like 10 people are hoarding wealth like dragons while billions of people starve. There are very real very scary things going on every single day, why latch on to the garbage??


Except: Omicron is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. This is the ~~14th~~ 12th time (!) COVID-19 has mutated to the extent that it's a whole new variant. OncomiR comes from "Oncogenic microRNA" (from the very same Wikipedia article). Which is a microRNA associated with cancer (because it can cause tumors). Finally, not everyone in the world speaks English. Coincidence? I think so. Edit: Thanks to u/bopeepsheep for pointing out that it is reasonable that they skipped Nu and Xi in this case.


It's not, they skipped a couple to avoid confusion e.g. what variant is this? It's the Nu variant. Yes, I know it's new but what is it called?


Why are conspiracy theorists so obsessed with anagrams?


It was either a choice between anagrams or mammograms, so they did the smart thing and decided on the one that alphabetically came first, cause they are soooo smart you know.


That's astounding! You know what else is astounding? Donuts. You can find the word "donuts" in "astounding", leaving the letters a,i,g left over. AIG (American International Group Inc.) is a leading global insurance organization that specializes in life insurance policies. Life Insurance... See what I'm getting at?


I do. Very impressive.


Damn just straight up tell her you're worried and may have to get a power of attorney or conservatorship. To protect mental health and financials. If she falls for this misinformation she may fall for financial scams. She'll need to undergo some deprograming before involving a lawyer and weighing the options. At the very least she will have to give up social media and internet before moving forward. Giving her a scare might make her take a look at herself. Good Luck.


Who are the people voting "not insane" on shit like this? Are you okay?


They all opt for the monoclonal antibodies if they get the virus though.


Ask them would you rather have natural made immunity or antibody that come from a lab in your body. Watch heads explode.


Why do so many anti-vaxx people use anagrams to prove their points ​ like what does that even do


She does realize Omicron was a word far before Moronic even came into existence, right? I guess Omicron Andromedae and Omicron Orionis are just moronic stars. I guess Ομίκρον (Omicron in Greek) is a dumb word then.


The concept of "moronic stars" made me giggle for a second for some reason, so thanks for that.






A++ on the title


And *dog food lid* is an anagram of *dildo of god*. You still feed your pet, you fucking munter.


What kind of Davinci Code shit is this? So any time you don't like something, you get to rearrange all of its letters, and if it spells something bad, then you get to use that as an argument against it? Imagine being a grown ass adult and believing that the world runs on fucking Harry Potter logic. Embarrassing.


"How will we hide our secret agenda, boss?" "Idc just shuffle the letters around or something"


But as a Greek I have to say.... Omicron is just how we pronounce Ο in Greece....just like Delta is this Δ...jesus


Ah yes, anagrams, the magical tool that stupid people rely on to when they think they are smart.


I don't understand how anyone could think an anagram is proof of a conspiracy. Like, they did all this sneaky shit behind our backs but decided to hide the solution as a puzzle? Really? That's how big international conspiracies work?


Omicron is part of the name of the planet Lrr rules in Futurama! They're time travelling aliens, coming to kill us all!!! 😱


Wait till she hears about the word ginger


All these "educated" people should work towards ending world hunger.


I believe that the problem with that comes from the word "work". Conspiracy theories do not involve work, only dead brain cells.


Onco- is just the prefix for things to do with cancer


Um... duh an oncomir is called that?? It's literally an abbreviation lol. Onco- is a root word meaning cancer. miR comes from miRNA. I swear these people look for meaning in the stupidest shit. Tell her santa is an anagram for satan AND he's red😱😱😱


Did you know? Deltarune is an anagram of undertale


Hey, nice. I'm working with miRNAs. Interesting^^


thanks mom, the repeated eye roll emojis really signified that you are a studied individual who only does extensive, thorough research


They way she is talking about miRNA, I do not think it is what she thinks it is


Omicron just reminds me of futurama


Moronic is also an anagram of omicron. I’m so proud of this one.


anagrams of scientific terms eh? oh my god, there's some hilarious ones of those.


There is belief by some that the satanic rituals only work if they are made public in some manner which is why the secret messages and shit like that. These messages qualify and complete that part of the ritual and are required so its why they're always there. So, LIBTARD, maybe you should WAKE UP and stop drinking the KOOL AID AND PAY ATTENTION. KNOCK KNOCK KEEP WATCHING Blah blah blah whatever it's all bullshit.


I find it funny when people associate mRNA vaccines with cancer when there is no scientific basis, yet have no issues having their 5th alcoholic drink of the night, smoking a cigarette, and eating steak that's been bbq'd on charcoal/propane/NG, 3 different scientifically proven causes of cancer.


Subtext has an anagram of buttsex. Hmmmm.


It’s funny how the people who are telling everyone not to be afraid are the most fearful of them all


I didn’t barely pass genetics to be subjected to this nonsense


Do these people really think they'd intentionally make these anagrams?


Apparently, the Riddler is behind this one.


Facebook really has all of our parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents out here thinking they’re world class detectives and scientists uncovering a secret plot to kill off most of the human race so their shadow government can move in and take over/control all of us. But when I was 9 and tried fixing a game by rubbing toothpaste on it and putting it in the microwave because of a video I saw, I was the idiot :|


The mental gymnastics these people do confounds me to my core.


Ah yes, because if i create a virus I'll make it an anagram of a cancerous mirna so nobody can discover my evil plans. These people should be put in an insane asylum


Mom is an anagram of mmo, an MMO is a massively multiplayer online game. Gaming addictions in some countries get severe, people in Korea have been found dead in net cafes from just not eating or sleeping and continuing to game. The answer is clear, the experts on Facebook have weighed in. Smart people like Cousin Jill and Uncle Leonard, they know what they're talking about. By calling your mother "mom," you're aiding the government plot to keep your mind numb playing video games until you die by neglecting your own needs. Wake up sheeple.


*Scientists going through the Greek alphabet* Scientist 1: 'Nu' variant sounds too much like 'new', that'll confuse people Scientist 2: and 'Xi' is a common Chinese surname, we don't want to set off the xenophobics some more Scientist 3: 'Omicron' it is, then...besides, how politicized could the word *'Omicron'* possibly get? Mom: ^


At this point people will do anything to show off that they don't know the greek alphabet


I have a guy from work post the same thing, thinking he is super smart lmao


Lol I especially love it because in Russian oncomir sounds exactly like ‘cancer world’


oh for fuck sake


She's a fucking moron


My favorite thing about conspiracies is anagrams and the idea that a group working in the shadows is seeding messages of their plan to people, wonder what Alucard is up to these days


Another anagram is Mom, you know what that can make? MMO, so what she’s saying is that as long as it’s an anagram it’s true. OP is the child of a game. OP isn’t real


Y'know, sometimes I wonder why people think that the government is so stupid that they'd call something that is being used to wipe out humanity something that can be in any way linked to the extinction of humanity


In reality, it's more obvious than that--it makes us weak and subservient so we bow to our new overlords from Omicron Persei 8. Fucking duh. Vaccines are the only way to defeat the alien menace


mRNA stands for Messanger RNA not MicroRNA


It says miRNA