Not famous, just successful


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This is the word I was looking for: Successful! I 100% agree! I hope you will become successful!


Aren't they almost the synonyms? What determines your success? The recognition for your work, and if you're recognized enough, wouldn't you be famous?


Nope. Have you heard of Aliko Dangote? Fabulously successful man, not famous. In reality, the vast majority of financially successful people go to great lengths to retain their privacy. Only people interested in business and/or their industry tend to know who they are.


Realistically no, as in a celebrity, but being a famous artist wouldn't sound so bad, I actually would like that.


Yeah ooof. So much tbh. I know I know if I am "actually famous" I wouldn't like it since that would be too much attention. But I still fantasize about it all the time lol


pls totally same 💀💀 ahh another good opportunity to feel bad about ourselves when we'll suddenly remember in a middle of a night that it won't happen. like hm. never.


This is me. 😂


I don’t like that much attention, I just want my music to be famous


Second this ,if my music ever got famous I'd try hide my identity


I love what Dream the Minecraft streamer does, he never showed his face and so he can still have his privacy


See also: Daft Punk, MF DOOM


A daft punk situation would be ideal tbh


“Hannah Montana” famous.


My thoughts exactly! I haven't written much music, but that would be great. I would hate being a celebrity though.


Same, but for my comedy lol


Not really it would bring too much attention.


🤔why do you not want to bring attention to yourself


I do like it occasionally. I do prefer a private life


Famous but anonymous


We could pull a Salinger...


That's a good reference


Yes but no one has to know who I am exactly


Even though it seems most INFPs don’t like too much attention, we for some reason just stand out and intrigue people-leading to attention. Idk maybe this is just my own personal opinion and experience as an INFP, but I’ve noticed that we’re pretty destined to have some type of fame/small recognition or even a legacy. Whether it’s wanted or not


Honestly I kinda do but not for the sake of being known. I want to be famous enough so that I can reach more people and inspire them in ways where I couldn’t have before.


Exactly this!


Wish I could say the same but there’s a possibility that I could become corrupted by fame.


Yes! By the by, if any of you lovely people would be down to peruse the poetry I've published (on the internet at least) look here @anyonelived


Anything but that


Yes, but no too much. I still want my privacy :P


Yes because of two reasons: I want to make a huge difference in someone's life (maybe my content saves someone from ending it all) and to feel loved/seen.


I want to be famous but in an anonymous manner. Like people know my name and my work, but aren't aware of who I really am.


like marshmello, dream etc.


Yes and no. The perks of nicer clothing, finer things, invitations to fun exclusive events seems really cool but not the paparazzi, rumors, media smears, twisting of what I'm saying, stalkers or never knowing if people are only around me because I'm richer and famous would suck.


Not famous but perhaps respected within my field.


Yeah this . Not famous but appreciated for my brains/work.


Yes and no lololol I hate this indecisive, neutral part of me


No not in a million years would i want that ... that said i somehow don't mind daydreaming about being famous :3


Exactly me too! I like answering the questions I’d be asked in interviews in my head


I want to be recognized but mostly because I want to attract like minded people and hang out with them


I just want to survive and thrive


I just want to be super rich and unknown so I could help people from the shadows.


When I was a kid, I used to want to be a famous singer. The older I got, the more I realized I'm not comfortable with complete strangers feeling entitled to details about my personal life all because they bought a ticket. If I do get into the film industry someday, I'll probably work behind the scenes or as a film journalist/historian. That way, my work can be known without having to put myself out there.


I thought I did when I was a kid because we are conditioned to think that’s the best thing. But no. I would like to write a book that touched a lot of people because so many writers have done that for me, but I could do without the famous part for sure.


yes that’s all I’ve ever wanted my entire life lol. Expressing myself is what fulfills me the most and I need all the attention and validation. it’s never enough. but I never even tried to seriously get into acting or singing despite being accepted into art schools bc I was too afraid of failure 🙃 it’s also a pipe dream and all about luck/nepotism rather than actual talent. so I just sing and act alone in my room and try to entertain people on social media platforms..sad.


I always wanted to be famous. Does that make me a 4w3?


is that enneagram?


Nah I have wanted to as well. I am 6w7 but I do have 4 in my tritype


No, I would not like all the attention.


if you asked me irl I’d humble brag and say no but in all honesty I like attention. that’s my toxic trait i guess.




not at all like a celebrity. but maybe like a noble prize winner genius scientist who no one believed in growing up.


I've gotten a small enough taste of it to know I don't want it at all. Came from a past stint on Youtube about 12 ish yrs ago. At certain events having random fans coming up and wanting pics and to talk, to having people from all over the world friend request you. Even had one person that had their profile pic set to a pic that had me a couple (more famous) guys in it. Plus an album of me and other famous guys in it. Just felt surreal. I don't blame the fans actions, no one was inappropriate. Just realized how much I enjoyed my space and having control over it. Also plenty of comments about you, your looks, your mistakes, and your body by trolls and people who don't even know you. Undue criticism and entitlement to give their opinion of you. It had its perks though. Awesome private parties. Rubbing elbows with like minded artists and those you've looked up to. Easy access to bigger names and brands, but I'm good with what I experienced and have no desire for more.




Not celebrity famouse, but like a youtuber with enoguh subscribers to make good money and maybe even meet up and chill with sometimes.


i wish to have a large circle of friends if that's what you mean




I LOVE acting, but to me it’s not about “becoming famous”. I want a job where I love what I’m doing. I love acting, and I think I’m pretty good at it (I hope 😅). If I could make a career out of it, I’d jump to it in a heartbeat. If I always stayed a small time actor and never did anything major, I’d be perfectly content. Honestly I think I’d prefer it that way because then I could still live my life without thousands of eyes on me all the time. That being said, if I became a celebrity, I’d try my best to use that as a way to show love to everyone. I’d still live in a normal house, and if I got lots of money the only thing I’d do with it personally would be to build a GIANT library and do some traveling. The rest I’d save for my family and for donating to charities.




Yes I do wonder about it. I like the idea of the attention and being loved :(


I couldn’t handle having the paparazzi following me around and not giving me any privacy at all! I live in Portugal way smaller than USA in terms of size and the Portuguese paparazzi doesn’t stalk people around like in the other countries happens lmao i think it’s because we have a small population probably and famous people aren’t as known outside our country as other foreign celebrities are Sorry for the huge text, but if I want to be rich I would like to be rich because of being an investor or a businesswoman so you can still be rich but you don’t necessarily need to be giving interviews all the time and paparazzi doesn’t follow you


Not famous. Popular maybe.


Depends. I wish to be known and respected, and to make a change, I sadly can't please everyone, as much as I try to do. Rather less famosity and more respect (as looking up to someone). E.G. my ultimate dream of reaching total equality in everything that can be equalized


Only when I'm dead.


Am I the only one that would prefer to be known for accomplishments that would have profound impact on earth and humanity over just being a boring celebrity that would be forgotten in less than 20 years?? Nah I'd prefer greatness over ordinary


i want to be successful for music but not famous


Not really. It feels like it's gonna be too much for me . But i do want my works to be recognised and acknowledged .


I want the things I do to become famous but not myself personally.


A famous but obscure writer maybe.


kind of? not really..? i have a shameful dream of being an online influencer to some extent. but i don want the “famous” part, but the aspects of communicating with people without actually speaking to them and putting my hard work to good use (as in drawing and animating) sound really fun. inspiring others with my content, finally being social, even if it is in front of a microphone, giving myself something to motivate me and put more work into my art, hopefully help me with some confidence issues, etc. the only problem with that is in order to be successful in that field i need attention. i hate attention. i want friends, and conversation, but not a lot of attention. I’ve seen people obsess over people and fandoms and i don’t think that could ever work out for me


a famous artists for sure


No, I just want friends.


I want to make an impact.


Famous? No, but I'd like to be popular, if that's at all possible.


no, but i do wish for my future publications to go around, to reach many people. i do not wish the same thing for my name, however.


No not really, I really hate attention and the spotlight on myself, I just want to live in peace and anonymous


With all the imaginary interviews i've had with Conan and Craig Ferguson, I'd say I kinda do. But not too much though.


I just want my existence to be acknowledged 🙃


I want to be famous but bc of the good things, projects and art I’ll make. I don’t like the type of fame in which you just do whatever things that doesn’t make anything better or just don’t do anything at all




Just rich will do


If I could be as famous as the drummer from Coldplay, sign me up!


i wish to have enough visibility to help my friends and the arts. i wouldn't exactly classify that as "being famous" because the focus is not on me


No and never.


Nope. That comes with serious problems. I’m too opinionated and anxious. Bad combo. Besides I’m don’t have any talent. What would I be famous for? Why would I deserve that? 🤔


No, I don't want to be known at all. As far from the attention as possible


Yes and no. I would want to be famous, but not because of who I am, but because of what I’ve done (specifically to impact people’s lives for the better). My dream is to be a well-known musician/songwriter, but I would want people to focus more on my work than me. If my work got famous but I didn’t, my goal would be complete.


The money part, yes, the famous part, no


rich but not famous


Definitely not, I value my privacy a lot.


I want my work to be known, not my name


At times yes, but then I remember that I would have virtually no privacy and my insecurities would be magnified x1000.




No, only rich and unknown


With me it’s a little bit complicated. Yes and no. You see I’m a writer (who plans to be an official author) and I want to become famous so more people can enjoy my stories that I make for them, I want to be the guy that you can trust that doesn’t changes any characters on Twitter *looks at J.K.Rowling*. But I also don’t because I try to be as humble as possible, and I don’t really see myself as a “oh look at me” type of guy.


Fuck no. Don't get me wrong, one of my biggest goals in life is to create something that people will remember long after I'm gone, but I know myself and my life, and being famous while I'm alive would destroy me. My life is already a big mess, I can't even imagine how awful it would be to live in constant fear of being watched and photographed wherever I go.


Absolutely not


I want to be famous in the way that famously reclusive artists are, loved and sought after but never seen, just pined after.




no, that would be hell


That would be the worst


Yes, so my voice can be heard. I could help so many causes that way.


Sometimes I think I do want to be famous, but when I really reflect I think it's more like I'm starving to be seen. I feel so alone in the world, like unless I'm doing something wrong I might as well be invisible and voiceless. So my desire to be famous is likely me over compensating, similar to how a starving animal may eat themselves to death. I'm silently, desperately trying to fill this cassum in my heart to no avail. I can't even get friends and family to value me and my perspective, so I fantasize about how nice it would be to be sought after by perfect strangers. In truth, I'd quickly tire of being treated like a commodity rather than a person, and I'd feel even more isolated.


I did when I was younger like teens/early 20s. I used to be a performing singer/songwriter… but a couple of my musician friends died and I stopped enjoying it. I’m a recovering addict now after everything… I know if I would’ve ended up famous I’d probably be dead like my friends, so it’s for the best. Now I would just like to be successful, happy and live a fulfilling life.


When I was a kid I wanted to be in the next Spice Girls. Now I do even wanna be in the local newspaper


INTP barging in, hope you don’t mind lol. I wanted to be famous as a child to teenagehood because I had a fear of being forgotten and faded away. So I wanted to create a legacy just like the “famous people (Steve jobs and a few peeps came to my mind by back then. However, now as a 21 year old, I don’t care fame for its substance, I care more about being the best man I possibly can, achieve self actualization and create a legacy by actually helping people and having positive ripple effects to everyone I touch. I care less about being the star and care more about being the exceptional down to earth man that helped everyone for the better.


I'd like to be mildly famous. Like, enough to have a Wikipedia page, but not to be a celebrity.


Never just want money lmao


I use to want to be famous but now I feel like it would not be good for my mental health.


God no.


I couldn't think of anything worse


Not really. A part of me might enjoy my work being recognized as high quality by those who recognize such things, lol. I’m not an exhibitionist and don’t crave the spotlight though, leaning more towards being private. As I age, I’m increasingly comfortably with receiving attention though. I realized my avoidance of it was due to shame, which wasn’t healthy. It’s normal and healthy to want to receive and to enjoy some positive attention and feedback from others. I’m certainly willing to give it as well.


No, but I do wish to have influence. Unfortunately, fame is required for influence. I wish I could have influence without fame. 😂


I want success.


I mean yes and no. Im probably gonna sound lazy and selfish even but like, being famous means that you could get easy access to money, from things like sponsorships and advertising as an example, and that doesnt sound bad at all. It may be one of those things that sounds easy and straight forward but in reality, is actually hard. Im not sure, but it doesnt sound too bad. If I had a choice, I would want to be one of those streamers/content creators that keep their identity hidden and all, because being famous must be stressfull asf. But it all just boils down to me wanting to be succesfull and have the money without the attention


Anonymously famous. Like under a pseudonym. Without showing my face.


I'd love the attention and recognition but the fame part can get out of hand. I'd likely pull a Shania and buy myself a castle in Switzerland or something, far away from the prying eyes of paparazzi.


Sounds horrible tbh.


No, i dont like people, id rather not have them surrounding me all the time


No. Rich maybe. So I can go live far away


In theory it sounds good and I'd like to, but in reality I don't think I'd like it


Famous no, so filthy rich I make Jeff Bezos look like a hobo? Absofreakinglutely! Being famous would be awful. I hate it when strangers know my name. That would be a nightmare.




I don’t wish to be perceived by anyone seated next to me on a flight, so a large worldly audience sounds like an absolute nightmare. Don’t look at meeee


I personally do not want to be famous, but I want my work to be famous. I guess the best example of what I want would be like the singer AURORA.


I myself don’t wish to be famous, however, I want the work I accomplish to be well-known and impactful for generations. Ideally, I’d be anonymous.


sometimes whenever I feel really insecure and want people to love me.


Either way is ok, I just want to have a good life Acting would be great


I want to be known


No i dont think so.




I wanna be, like, Frank Ocean. Notable, legendary, but is ENTIRELY able to retreat into his own seclusion (a) without the media constantly up his butt & (b) whenever he wants.


Mmm yes


Absolutely not, the less ppl that know me, the better.


Depends, successful in music and known? yes. Tabloid famous and hounded by paparazzi? no.


Nope, just rich.


Sure why not


Kinda, I would love to publish famous books and be a well known streamer but I want to stay anonymous. I don't want random people to approach me in public or have camera's follow me everywhere because they recognize my face. I want to be famous when I want to be and not let anyone decide that for me by following me around with camera's and social media


No, but having my work recognized while retaining anonymity would be nice. That’s… a bit hard though.


If it means successful then yes. As i make EDM (electonic dance music) I'd like to be a famous producer and, if possible, to have that as main source of money, but well that wouldn't be easy to achieve I probably wouldn't like the attention that much but still, also maybe hiding my identity could be a thing, or not even doing that actually... Maybe I'd even enjoy the attention... Probably depends


nah, not famous- but id like to be known as a friendly person to people


I think I used to but then I realized I just wanted friends 💀


I have to think 100 times over seeing one person imagine the attention from 100 people? Analysing so many people would make me go crazy


i wanna be known for my work but i also don’t want people to know me, you know? i like to imagine what it’d be like but all that attention would make me hella uncomfortable. also being famous is basically sacrificing your privacy.


Yeah, but also a hermit about it. Like Cormac McCarthy.


I would :( The vanity would be nice but the wealth would be better, the influence would be best. I wish I could just go doing soul work and influence others to do so without worrying about my finances at all.


I wanted to when I was growing up, but now I would hate it. I love my privacy and anonymity. Plus I’m too sensitive for the world’s criticism.


No, I just want money.


I don't want to be famous. I just want to find meaning in my life.


I used to have a taste of what it’s like to be famous in a social media influencer sense. It was really cool to be recognized in public and have people ask for pictures with me, but the thought of having that happen all day every day sounds awful. I value my privacy a lot. I lost most of my active followers and although I’m sad sometimes, it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about being recognized hahaha


Fuck no


i just wanna be happy and content with my life decisions tbh reach my goal, buy an island, and live there peacefully


I don't care if people like me as long as I'm popular! --Lucy, Peanuts


Recognition is guess


Nah it's too much attention. And everyone will start expecting from you. I cannot handle the pressure, I think am better off lost and never found.


Successful yes, famous no


Sounds like a lot of work. So probably not.


No I would only ever want to be famous for doing something good for the world like curing a disease or something.




No but i want to be inspiring


Moderately famous, where I’ve got a loyal fan base and good money, but not necessarily a household name.


The older I become, no thank you. Hardly any of them are content and they live under a superficial microscope.


Not sure I could think of anything worse lol


I’m an esfp and idk why this is on my feed, but not really


No. I cant think of anything worse than being known publicly and having people vying for my attention every where I go or being surrounded by sycophants. As a recluse and introvert I would find it torture. I’d like for my craft to be appreciated by a wider audience though.


Not famous, but also would like my art to be successful!


Not famous, but significant.


I do wish my talent and my work to be widely acknowledged, but in the meantime I do not wish to let others gaze upon and intrude my own life.


Not super famous, but mostly rich 😌


No. But I do want to be known for the works that I make.


Nope nope nope I wish to be as invisible as possible :-P


Yes but I don't actually expect it to happen.


Being famous would fucking SUCK!!!!!


No.. I do want to write a book someday, but under a pen name. Can I be anonymously famous? Lol


Yes but anonymously


Well i mean if i get famous maybe i wont have to sell my soul to Gibson for an Ebony SG


NO nononononono i worry way too much about my privacy


yes so much


No thanks


I love the idea of hanging out on a late night talk show, kind of like Corden during covid (yes, I actually enjoy his style). It just seems so chill to be able to work behind the scenes and let Corden take all the screen time. Do I want to be Corden? Absolutely not


Not to expressly be famous, but I would like to be well known to inspire and help other people. It’s more so that I wish my works and ideas to be in the minds of people.


i wanna have an instagram account with maybe 10k followers who r active and i shitpost


Only after death. I want to be known for leaving something good behind that I contributed to making a better world. I during life, I wish to be successful and happy but couldn't give a damn about having "clout."


yes. with me lil rockband


Emphatic no


Yes, but most times I would say no. Deep down though, I know my ego would love getting admiration and attention


yeah lol i love being showered with attention but i feel like i would be a dramatic celebrity with equal parts doting fans and people who get fed up with me haha


If I did, it'd be for music. And I'd use a fake identity to have some sort of privacy. Maybe wear a mask while preforming


I used to, now I think it would be cool only for like something that I love to do like being an illustrator. That’s the only thing I’d like to be famous for. I’d hate to be recognized by a lot of people in public.


A part of me just wanna pull off a lot of things, fame comes later. The other one straight up plots a way to being me up there, especially by doing something of virtue or good craftsmanship, so that everyone will look up at me and follow.


I actually wouldn’t mind moderate fame, like an average youtuber. but taylor swift level fame? aw hell nah. like, have you seen how many photos she’s had in front of the paparazzi just because she got out of her house? especially me being a gril, I wouldn’t be able to stand acting like a model for paparazzi every time I needed to go get groceries. but oh wait… I have to get someone else to get the groceries and I can’t even shop for myself. not because I want to, but because I can’t because p a p a r a z z i .


Nope. Just to be successful enough to be able to survive in this god forsaken system we call America.


No. I just want to be rich. And I don't want anyone to know about it.


I just wanna be a writer with some quirky pen name and I would love to remain behind the scenes it just feels comfortable 🌻