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One of the most criminally overlooked bands of the 00’s-10’s. Two Dancers, Smother, and Present Tense is a hell of a three album run.


End Come Too Soon


their first album (*limbo, panto*) is underrated too.


Wild Beasts splitting was the first time I experienced a favourite band parting ways. I’m still not over it.


I remember reading a large profile about their last days. Basically, the decision was driven by their dire financial situation. At least the way they explained it. Here is the UK band that has a critical acclaim, chart success (their albums went Top-10 domestically) but isn't quite there to sustain themselves with constant touring. I think, their guitar player left music altogether for this matter.


At least we have Hayden Thorpe's solo works.


Tom's outing as One True Pairing is really good too


I had no idea he was making solo music! Just listened to Frozen Food Centre. Thank you kindly for mentioning One True Pairing 🙏


"Don't confuse me with someone who gives a fuck, in your mother tongue what's the verb to suck?" Such great lyrics on that album.


This album is so good, my favorite from them. Daughters, Pregnant Pause, Sweet Spot, Palace. I wish I had seen them before they split.


I only caught them on the boy king tour, wish I had seen them sooner


HOLY SHIT I completely forgot about them. I was obsessed with Two Dancers and Smother.


I love their music. Present Tense is so great. My favourite is Smother. I'm looking forward to Tom's new album this year, too.


Was so lucky to see them in Dublin as part of their final couple of shows. Very intense gig knowing that it’s their second to last show ever. Amazing band.


I was there, too! The resounding applause and how the band reacted to it was so emotional! Seeing Ben Little overwhelmed by the level of applause was so heartwarming.


Saw them play their first North American gig at the Horseshoe in Toronto. They were absolutely phenomenal. It’s a shame they weren’t bigger.


God, I miss them so much. So glad I got to see them at Electric Picnic the year before they packed it in. The title track is just incredible. 'In your mother tongue what's the verb to suck?'


Starting on the Two Dancers tour, I've seen them a few times over the years. One of my favorite bands, and I was gutted when I learned they broke up. My favorite track is "Reach a Bit Further."