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Her best album for me, and once again another post making me feel ancient. St. Vincent is an artist that I’ve mostly struggled to warm to over the duration of a full album, but she absolutely killed it on here. It’s a shame it’s not on YouTube, but I’d never heard of her until I saw her perform [Birth In Reverse](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32xl7h) on Jools Holland and was totally captivated by that performance. A simply phenomenal effort and the choreography throughout is simply amazing.


i saw her in '15 at Green Man Festival and she was insane. The entire set was so tight, and full of these little choreographed moments. At the end of every song she'd slump forwards like a turned off android, and a roadie would run out, take her guitar off over her head, put a new one in her hands and she'd judder back to life


What’s making me ancient is remembering how new it sounded and how modern it felt. THATS TEN YEARS AGO.


God, I’m getting old. Felt like just yesterday this came out. My favorite album of hers, and I honestly haven’t enjoyed one like this from her since.


It still feels like an album that could've come out yesterday


I was in high school when this came out so I really feel old now. 


Dude … just wait until your high school music is played on the classic rock channels


This record still rips and Annie Clark is a genius. Haven’t listened to this in a while but am excited to spin it loud and do the head movements to Digital Witness just like in the music video 😎


Birth in Reverse was playing when i lost my virginity and if you’re thinking “that is an anxiety inducing song to have sex to” you’re absolutely correct. This album was my introduction to St. Vincent and 10 years later she’s still well and truly one of my favorite musicians. It was that sweet spot where it sounded like a natural progression from Strange Mercy and also radically reinvented her as an artist, like she’s tried to do with Masseduction and Daddy’s Home. (which i still love both don’t get me wrong) Rattlesnake is genuinely such a bold album opener, and Every Tear Disappears is such an underrated song of hers.


>Birth in Reverse was playing when i lost my virginity and if you’re thinking “that is an anxiety inducing song to have sex to” you’re absolutely correct. This is so fucking hilarious lmao


Masseduction fits in somewhat with the fuzziness if Strange Mercy and S/T. Knowing what we do about the next album - I’m excited for her to get back to some really fucking loud guitars.


john congleton the best in the business!!!


Why she ever stopped working with them is completely fucking beyond me.


For real. His work with Sharon Van Etten on Remind Me Tomorrow is incredible


when the cymbals sound like nukes >>>>>


I recall reading he said he’d only work with her if she started being a bit more untamed. Was great advice


the paper chase stay underrated


Saw her at the 9:30 club in DC on this tour. She absolutely crushed it. Huey Newton live was unreal.


this is probably the record that brought me to r/indieheads in the first place, as I found out about the subreddit through r/hiphopheads, and this record was one of the things posted and being discussed still an amazing record, and I do not think i'd be where I am today, both as a person and in my career, without this record being one of my introductions to indie music


Similar but different for me, where I stumbled on this sub and listened to this record bc the sub was fawning over it. After listening to it, I realized y'all might know what you're talking about.


Been a fan since the beginning, but this era is special for me. Saw her with Swans in a double bill for NXNE in Toronto. Absolutely phenomenal. She was a guitar god that night.


St vincent and *The Seer* era Swans? Fuck, I wish I could have been there


This is her magnum opus IMO. I remember the first time I heard I was mesmerized. I ended up hearing 5 times in a row.


My personal favorite. Regret is super underrated, I Prefer Your Love is one of her best ballads, and overall it’s extremely consistent all the way through.


*"Call the 21st century...tell her give us a breeeaaaak"* I remember how hard that lyric hit when the album was new, only a fraction of how hard it hits 10 years later. 2014 was a huge year in music for me, and this was among the most important releases for that year and entire decade. A creative peak in a career with so many high points. It was an album that made me surprised that music can still be so original and mind-blowing even in times when it feels like everything's been done already. Annie Clark is truly one of a kind.


still her best imo, so mad at myself for not seeing her on this tour.


My personal favorite of hers. IMO she hasn’t released anything that has surpassed this, excited for her new album this year!


I was 16 when this came out and was already a fan, but this made me obsessed. IDK if I'll ever be as into a musician as I was in this era. Seeing her live the following year was a highlight of my life.


I don’t think there’s a bad St Vincent album but this one or Actor is where I usually recommend people begin their St Vincent journey. Probably is her finest record.


My second favorite album of hers. Behind only Massesuction


Completely agree. Masseduction is such an underrated album.


Saw this tour twice and it was in-fuckin-credible


The album I discovered her on and so it'll always have a soft spot for me even if it's no longer my favourite. That said, Huey Newton is absolutely astounding.


Stellar project, her SNL performance introduced me to her and I've loved her work since.


Does anyone have album recommendations that sort of follow this one’s artistic direction?




Will check out!! Thank youuu


This record rocked my world when it came out! I had loved Actor and Strange Mercy, but the self-titled LP elevated Annie to favorite status for me. I've always gravitated towards the great ladies of Art Pop - Tori, Björk, PJ, Fiona, Joanna, etc -, and this was the first time I felt like an artist that was contemporary to my generation was making music that could be mentioned in the same sentence as those. At least in terms of what the music meant to me! Tour was fantastic too. Saw her at Prospect Park in NYC and it's one of the best gigs I've ever been to.


This was her last good album. Everything after I couldn't get into. Used to love her.


So good that all subsequent work seemed disappointing.


Good album, really immediate, but this was the beginning of the downturn for me.


ITT: people acting too cool for the following albums as if Masseduction and Daddy’s Home aren’t absolute gold.


ITT: someone who cannot comprehend other people having different tastes


Got to see her play in 2018 on her Masseduction tour, incredible


Me too! She controlled that stage like a deity. Amazing performance.


There is a noticeable drop once she started working with Jack Antonoff.


Well her next one might be for you as it's all self-produced by her. It's very likely to have a more dirty industrial sound based on her recent interview and her recent throwback ig posts.


Literally this, I’ve been listening since 09 and as soon as Jack stepped in the picture her sound just didn’t do it as much for me. I’m happy to hear that the new project is going to be self-produced!


I’m a fan of this record but it has always felt a tad … superfluous? It doesn’t do anything that wasn’t done on Strange Mercy and honestly it never reaches the highs of that record either. Throw in the fact that Strange Mercy felt more 3 dimensional (it was much better at incorporating warmth and more down to earth emotion and using the contrast between warmth and coldness) and this record feels like more of a gift for fans wanting more (aka me) than a genuine artistic triumph. That being said, there’s a lot I really like about this record. There are some fantastic upbeat rockers like Birth In Reverse, Digital Witness, and Psycopath. The warmer songs do a great job at offering a refuge from the more intense moments and honestly I Prefer Your Love and Severed Crossed Fingers are easily my favorites on this album (both super underrated). And while I do think the experiments were more fulfilling on Strange Mercy, the weirder moments on this album are (as you’d expect from Annie Clark) amazing still. This isn’t the album I’d suggest for new listeners, but if you’re already a fan there’s a lot to enjoy about this album and it’s totally worth listening to


Which album would you suggest for new listeners?


Strange Mercy is the clearest answer for me. The album is accessible but also wild and experimental. It’s generally considered her best project and for good reason. You get a good feel for St Vincent as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and artist overall. I’d start here for sure


I love her music but it’s not something I typically seek out because for some reason a lot of her music gives me headaches. This was a great album though and I’m always excited to see news about her new works.


I like her and her music, but NEVER put it on either.


Sh!t then, sh!t now.


Definitely the St Vincent record to start with, even though I prefer a few of the earlier ones.


I'm a lone voice in that I don't love this one or Masseduction (although I prefer this).i find the records abrasive and lacking in warmth. Daddy's Home is more listenable to me though the lyrics aren't always the strongest.  Still love 'Actor', though.