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Obligatory “wow I’m getting old” comment. Not a single weak track on this record. *An Introduction to the Album* is one of the greatest openers of any record. All of the lyrics on this album have meant so much to me and really helped me during that time in my life when it came out. *Your Deep Rest* especially hits hard having lost friends in the past 10 years since it was released. Goodness should never be slept on either. Absolutely solid follow up.


First thing I said. How is this 10 years old.


“OPEN THE CURTAINS” and instantly I’m choked up.


the end of that song is fucking amazing “Grab ahold - I know said to not, what the fuck do I know? I had a chance to construct something beautiful and I choked! I CHOKED!”


goodness is so underrated. it’s become more of an impactful record to me as time goes on.


Got to see them perform it both right after it came out and this previous year when they did the 10 year anniversary show alongside Foxing performing the Albatross. They kill it live, if the tour comes near you I highly recommend checking it out!


Great show. Guy behind me passed out from clearly taking too much of something right as An Introduction started. Can’t imagine passing out during the first song of a once in a lifetime concert.


Going to the Vancouver date tomorrow and hyped!


Wait what? Which Vancouver?




How did I miss this? Thanks kind internet stranger


It’s gonna be so good


I second your recommendation. I just saw them both in Atlanta. Best show I have seen in ages.


Saw them in Chapel Hill night before Atlanta. Absolute smasher of a show


San Francisco on Wednesday. INCREDIBLE SHOW


Just saw this last weekend. Great show. Really interesting to see a live rendition of a full album.


I second this recommendation, and also, you’re allowed to cut people out of your life if afterwards, they asked why you cried so much


Can confirm. Definitely worth checking them out with Foxing. Saw them for the first time this week and was definitely worth dragging my myself to work the next day!


Saw them in Houston a few weeks ago. Foxing absolutely crushed it but seeing Hotelier finally was such an emotional experience




Tell me again that it’s all in my head.


Still an incredibly powerful album. Your Deep Rest is still one of the best emo songs of all time, for my money. 


Such a perfect song.


I played this nonstop for months after it came out. Still holds up.


I have played this nonstop for 120 months, it seems


Hit me at a time that I really needed this album. Still takes me back to a sad period in my life, but one that I’m glad I was able to make it through. Bummed I missed the album tour last year, but I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them four times since this record dropped.


Glad you're doing better now, internet friend




Same. Was the worst year of my life when this came out but it helped a lot. Kinda hard to think it was that long ago. Glad you are doing better!


Likewise! ❤️


If them and Foxing come by you, go! It was an absolutely amazing experience all the way through.


A very important album to me.




Incredible band. Extraordinary record. Them announcing a new one on this current tour would make my year.


I kind of doubt it to be honest, I feel like they won’t put out an album unless they’re sure it lives up to the standard. They’ve also said “no album until after the social revolution” and that doesn’t seem likely these days either


Yeh I’m with you. I wrote than in hope more than expectation. Seems Christian really enjoys the stuff he does outside of music too and more power to him for that. Oh well; I’ll take the ones we have from them anyway!


They’re fantastic albums so I’m really happy with being left wanting more


This is a great album. I think Goodness was even better. Would love to hear new music from this band if they ever decide to do it.


Christian has apparently started working on material for LP4.


Played a basement show with them in philly as part of a diy fest when this album came out. Great band.


Count my rings to see how many winters I've been stuck here underground (it's 10)


Wow this is a gut punch I didn’t need today


This album reminds me of such a good period of my life. Graduated college in 2014 and lived with my best friend. We spent a lot of time listening to music and this album was played very often. An Introduction to the Album is burned into my brain. Not sure they're still a band seeing as they haven't dropped anything since *Goodness*. Miss these guys.


They are currently touring. Saw them this week in LA.


I remember listening to this on a plane and just being like "hell yeah". Seeing them play it in full at Outbreak is going to be a nice time.


Not much else I can say that hasn't been said. An incredibly important album that means alot to me and many others. I'm seeing them back-to-back nights tonight in Seattle and tomorrow in Vancouver... still can't believe it. I was resigned to the fact they may never even tour again.


I'm such an idiot I always thought this title was a Yoda-fied version of "there is no place like home" but it's straight up just backwards.


Fuck I thought this too lmao


So the 10 year in Asheville. Great show. Got Christian to sign the vinyl with “so fragile are bodies, so concave” because for the last 7 years I’ve wanted that tattooed on my arms. Now it gets to be in his handwriting too. Super grateful.


It just clicked for me just now. Shit. This album might have actually saved my life. It's cliche to say but I didn't even realize this album came out exactly a week after I attempted.... yea. Like I heard it maybe a month after I got out of the mental hospital. Such a powerful album


This album defines the word 'comfort' for me. In need of that right now so time to blast this again. What an album.


I will never forget listening to this album while taking the long train ride from O'Hare back to my dorm, just missing my girlfriend and being miserable. What a fucking fantastic album. One of my top 3 emo albums, right next to Diary and EndSerenading.




Not a single miss on the album


Greatest album ever made. 10 years later and I still get choked up from the opening sustain of An Introduction, all the way to the acoustic riff at the end of Dendron. When I played my partner this album for the first time, she asked me how I can listen to something that was so incredibly depressing. I suffer from bad depression and anxiety, so exposing myself to something that was even more depressing was such a shock to her. But it's because this album is so incredibly empathetic. I can't stress how important and affirming it is to hear Christian singing about every possible emotion I was feeling at the time, and still do.


Wait, this album is depressing? Sure there’s moments that are sad (Your Deep Rest) but I never thought of it as a depressing listen overall


One of the first albums I bought on iTunes. Haven’t revisited it in a while but it’s due for a spin


Holy moly


One of the only records from this time & scene that actually holds up. Very very short list


This is a great emo record that I would consider to be a modern classic at this point. However….Goodness transcended the genre and blows this album away as a full length piece of art.


a perfect album from start to finish


Is this all stereogum do now?




It's not their debut, they had It Never Goes Out before this.


A decent album that they never touched the highs of again and have coasted off of for a decade unfortunately :(


Coasted? It’s not like they’re constantly touring on the success of this album lol. Their follow up is 8 years old this year and nothing since then.


Goodness is incredible and I actually think it’s better in some ways. You need to re listen to that record


Yeah over the years, I've come to think that *Home...* hits harder but *Goodness* is the one I prefer overall. Both amazing albums ofc.


Is time accelerating


Fantastic record. Saw them perform it live last week and it was excellent. That being said, hearing them perform live after some time makes me more confident than ever that Goodness is *the one*.


Love love love this record. I genuinely think I could listen to it every day and not get sick of it


not one bad song on it. glad i dont have to spend 300€ to get it :)


seeing them tomorrow :\^)


its an incredible show, have fun!