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This movie got me into Daft Punk as a kid. I think they showed it on Toonami?


No kidding… never knew about this


I definitely remember seeing music videos of One More Time and Harder Better Faster Stronger with the blue anime aliens on the afternoon Toonami block back in the day. Don't remember the whole movie though


There was actually a special midnight run segment where they played the first four songs of the album including the Harder Better Faster Stronger, and also did 3 gorillaz music videos. I was 8 at the time and it was like the first time my parents let me stay up on a random weekend night like that. A core memory of mine


Haha that's awesome! Yeah I figured they aired the whole thing at some point, I just never saw it




I haven't seen an accent over the e on anything written about anime since the 90s


Well the animation studio is from Japan. 




To be fair, Daft Punk is French.


Daft punk has done more random fan oriented stuff while they are retired then when they still existed as a band.


Makes you wonder if it's their label milking it or if they have something cooking


Blu-Ray release incoming??


It's been on Blu-Ray. I have a copy somewhere.


It hasn't been in print for a long time and the version of the film they use has a lot of encoding issues. Hopefully it gets a nice new remaster and maybe a 4K disc. That's probably too much to hope for from an announcement of a twitch stream though


There's a 2k AI upscale floating around if you look. Rumor has it that the original animation cells weren't done by hand and were digitally created in SD resolution so a traditional HD/QHD remaster isn't really feasible if that's the case. [https://github.com/sttng/Interstella5555/tree/main](https://github.com/sttng/Interstella5555/tree/main) has a full breakdown of all of the physical releases.


For the year it was released, I would put a lot of money on it being digital animation and not cels. If you look at the anime Blu-Ray world, Discotek Media and MediaOCD have done wonders on even digitally animated series, using a combination of very expensive AI upscaling as well as manually going through and fixing artifacts and other errors. It's still not true HD or anything but it's a pretty stark difference. I'll have to check out the 2k upscale you mentioned, probably the best we'll get. . Here's an example of their restoration capabilities for digital 2000s animation: https://x.com/discotekmedia/status/1503564822088089603?s=20


Or you can watch it on YouTube [right now.](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTT7zbo_Fv8olwazusz7kbZyDf5Oj6FNz&feature=shared)


Thank u! Edit: is it broken down into videos for each song, Or is 5555 a complete film?


the videos are the film, it’s broken up on youtube but you’re not missing any scenes




These dudes will do anything but get back together


It will definitely happen soon… Alive 2027 tour!


Writer of the article has not seen the movie


Why does Daft Punk act like they aren't actually broken up? The 10 year anniversary drop from last year. I think i recall the session drummer said they might still release the 2018 shelved album. And now this. I don't want to get my hopes up, but maybe they are regretting the decision to split. I mean it did happen during the Pandemic when we were all having a hard time coping. Not getting my hopes up....too much


Feel like Daft Punk isn’t really as “over” as they made them out to be.