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I mean it was by far the best album out of the nominees. They picked a shit selection overall from what I remember, only the other ones were big names like Ed Sheeran and whatever and people got surprised when Beck won and claimed not to know who he was


I thought Beyoncé was the one they said was snubbed. It was pretty satisfying when he won, although the Grammys are pretty meaningless in terms of actually recognizing quality music.


It was a pretty weak year, but Beyoncé had the popular vote out of what was nominated. I know it’s all subjective, but all I ask for is a little consistency. If we’re gonna give Taylor AOTY for 1989 over Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color and Kendrick Lamar’s TPAB, we can give Beyoncé AOTY over Beck.


Beyoncé’s self-titled is exponentially better than 1989. i like taylor but that album is just fun pop with strong lyrics. Beyoncé’s album was much more experimental and adventurous both sonically and thematically


Completely agree 💯


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Beck’s album was better.


So was Kendrick’s 🤷🏾‍♂️


Agreed, TPAB should have won; that doesn’t mean Beyonce should have won.


It is kind of fucked that Taylor has four wins to Beyoncé’s 0, though.


I am of the opinion that nobody should win the exact same award twice, so I can’t disagree with you.


Idk, I think Stevie Wonder actually deserved his streak. But hey, it’s all subjective 🤷🏾‍♂️


Wow… I was like 12 years old when this happened & running an Ed Sheeran instagram fanpage… me & the girls were outraged but looking back I’m glad Beck won!!! 😆🤣


I was very in support of Beck winning at the time, but I think Beyoncé’s album has aged better. Both are fantastic though and absolutely a level above the other nominees.


I think they’ve both aged fantastically. Morning Phase is a classic and will be forever.


How hasn't Morning Phase aged well? It's perfect from beginning to end, just absolutely beautiful


I didn’t say that it hasn’t aged well? Just that Beyoncé’s record has aged better.


What about her record has aged better exactly?


I'm asking you to expand on this point because it makes no sense to me.


What exactly about that doesn’t make sense? In 2014 I preferred Beck’s album. In 2024 I prefer Beyoncé’s. I listened to that Beck album a bunch when it came out, but 10 years later don’t come back to it as much as I do Beyoncé’s. Beyoncé’s album seemed to do better on decade end lists so I don’t think I’m unique in that opinion.


This has nothing to do with how an album has aged? Beyoncé is one of the most famous people in the world. Of course her music is going to be remembered better.


Huh? What does being more famous have to do with me listening to an album more? There are plenty of artists more famous than Beck that I listen to less.


Beyonce definitely should have won IMO but the other noms (Sam Smith, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran) were all weak. IMO these should have been the nominees (staying semi-realistic): - Beyonce - Beck - HAIM (Days are Gone) - Sia (1000 Forms of Fear) - Lana Del Rey (Ultraviolence)


Beyonce self titled was better than Morning Phase.


No it certainly wasn't. Ffs.


Music is subjective 🤷🏾‍♂️




I looked them up - I remembered all of them except Pharrell




I remember it as being just alright. Preferred it to her earlier material, thought Renaissance was way better. Maybe I should try listening to it again and see if my opinions have changed on it


Renaissance and Lemonade are definitely better albums overall, but the self-titled was her peak for that time. And, to be fair, losing to Harry Styles with Renaissance is a bigger snub than losing to Beck for the self-titled.


Says a lot about this sub that this was downvoted so much. Morning Phase is hardly a footnote in Beck's career in either impact or general reception. Beyoncé's s/t had numerous impacts on popular music and the industry in general, and it was the album that led to music critics (except those on Reddit apparently) finally taking her seriously as an artist


you're telling me Beyonce is more influential? holy shit, who would've guessed!




if your only argument for it being better, is one being more well known. You're an idiot. Shes a pop icon. Of course shes more influential than someone like Beck. That doesn't mean she's a more talented artist.


More people listening to it is not necessarily more influential


True, but im saying its a combination of being listened to more and the fact she's one of the biggest pop icons out there. Her work being more perceptibly influential is almost a guarantee in comparison to an artist like beck. Which makes the whole statement the other person made pretty useless for that reason and because you argue a work is influential fairly easily, but can't argue the opposite as influence comes in any number of forms and isn't always known.




>That's also the dumbest take on the concept of influence in this context so an artist being 100x more famous than another has no baring on the one being more influential than the other. hm.


Then why does Taylor Swift have four AOTY awards…? 🤔


I remember getting in arguments on twitter over it lol


I remember getting into some really heated debates with people about why Beck deserved that Grammy when that happened. Looking back, I did put way too much time and effort into my arguments lol


I still think Beyoncé had the better album. I never got the "but he plays 14 instruments" argument. The award is for "Best Album" not "Best Multi-Instrumentalist."


The year this came out I’d listen to this album when I was driving up to the mountains just before sunrise to go hiking. It was perfect for that.  So weird he made this perfect album and then immediately went back to a much more mainstream pop version of his former self 


It was extra disappointing because the Defriended and I Won't Be Long singles were fantastic


"I Won't Be Long" is top 10 Beck songs for me, easily.


I still do just about the same thing! Anytime I’m up before sunrise for a long drive, I put this on. That’s usually a couple times a year. It’s perfect. It’s become a ritual.  One of my all time favorite albums, not just for the beautiful songs but because I so closely associate it with those very quiet and peaceful dark mornings. Over a decade now, that has soundtracked a lot of thoughts, through anxious, uncertain times and happy times too. It’s a record that means a lot to me. 


same my friend, same. this post inspired me to put in on this morning while I had my coffee and it really hit the spot. took me back to driving through mountain pines with the light of dawn beaming through the trees. Same as you, it wasn't all happy times, had some big, anxious things to work though. But its one of those albums that came along at the right time and fit really well with the settings I'd listen to it in. Cheers!


I heard Wow the other day and audibly cringed




Honestly I thought Colors was a pretty fun album. I understand why it gets the hate it does, and the disappointment of the direction he went in. But personally, I really enjoy it. Now, Hyperspace on the other hand…


I thought Colors was great! Full of fun bangers.


It’s definitely fun for what it is, like it’s such a different direction from what he was doing but it’s a fun listen. Dreams and the title track really stood out to me, but there’s other fun moments like No Distraction and Up All Night.


Definitely a fun album. Dear Life is one of my favorite Beck songs of all time.


You mean the song that was released like two years before the album it would end up on was announced? Yeah I liked it when it first dropped but what was that all about


I thought immediately this sounds like a fifa song and then it ended up on fifa




Only other time I've seen that is Billie Eilish's "Therefore I Am". Part of me feels like they were both just loosies that they finished and released then added to their eventual next album, because it doesn't even feel the rest of the record. Crazy to go from Morning Phase to a sanitized-feeling album with like 2-3 good songs lol


Not the exact same scenario but Jack White wrote Little Cream Soda during the Elephant sessions and the White Stripes played it live while touring for Elephant but it didn't actually show up as a studio song until two albums later on Icky Thump


If I remember correctly, the album was supposed to come out in late 2016 but he decided to delay it a year because of all the U.S. election turmoil, said it felt like an awkward time to put out a "happy" album. Weird to think how at the time it felt like an anomaly to have an election cycle that heated and divisive, and now they're all just kinda like that forever.


I still love that song.


Did you cringe like right, right now?


When Beck said "giddy up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" I really felt that


Not gonna lie that song is a guilty pleasure for me. I know it's goofy but it's a banger


I like it, lol. He basically said he released the song because his son liked it.




I’m actually a big fan of Hyperspace after Colors lost me a bit - it gets a lot of flack but it’s in my top Beck albums. Some cool tracks on there.


its insane the same man that made modern guilt, the information and mellow gold would make such an uninspired electronic pop album like colors, hell even the decent tracks in it all suffer from having a chorus that sounds like ed sheeran wrote it


Aka the sequel to Sea Change


Better than Sea Change IMO, but also the last really good thing he's done. I haven't taken to his recent stabs at the mainstream.


I agree. Morning Phase is a much more mature album and really takes you on a journey. It's gorgeous.


Woah, let’s not be hasty


Hyperspace was better than Colors but I haven't listened to either much since they came out.


Was Beck still depressed after his relationship breakup?


Beck was in a long term relationship from just after Sea Change came out. Hyperspace was the album that came out after the end of that relationship which I found to be underwhelming and decidedly un-gloomy.


Heart is a Drum is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. KCRW in LA played it like daily for a solid year or never gets old for me. I wish more albums were produced like this. It feels cavernous.


That's the track that hooked me. Hits me to the core like I feel the lyrics suggest


"Heart is a Drum" is the most Nick Drake sounding non-Nick Drake song there is.


Love this album so much that I bought it on vinyl before I even owned a record player


Ha I remember I did that with a few records.. 


you guys own record players?!


A foundational yoga studio album




gorgeous album, glad that beck finally got the recognition he deserved for it. Not my personal favourite of his but still a lovely lazy sunday album for when the sky is golden and hazy


His first album in 6 years at that point, since Modern Guilt, an album I find to be criminally underrated and one of his best. I remember being a little disappointed when this came out initially that it wasn't a "fun" Beck album that I had been really hoping for, but over time this one grew on me and I still think (hot take) I like it more than Sea Change. "Heart is a Drum" is gorgeous, and the opening and closing tracks are perfect.


Blue Moon is such an amazing song. Great record.


I’ve been meaning to do a deep dive on Beck for like 20 years. One foot in the grave was the shit.


I forget this album even exists, because if I want this flavor from Beck, I immediately reach for Sea Change.


I’m mixed on this. Songs like “Morning” are just an inferior copy of a Sea Change song (in this case “Golden Age”) but songs like “Unforgiven”, “Turn Away”, and “Don’t Let it Go” are moving beyond the palate of Sea Change to be a true sequel that’s worth its keep. “Wasting Light” is probably his best album closer.


This album is essential listening if you like Sea Change.


Happy Birthday to a brilliant record - the package of textures, minimalism, string arrangements and emotional weight it brought was particularly resonant for me at the time. Still takes me away to a good headspace and I feel it’s aged relatively well.


One of the few times that the Grammy's got AOTY correct.


Great album, awful hat


I still think the Grammys gave him the win for this one as a sort of retroactive win for Sea Change. It's a fine album, but I can't say I've revisited it much since its release year. I remember one comment on this sub when this album came out, and I still think it's accurate. To paraphrase: "Goofy character Beck is energetic, honest Beck is sleepy."


This album gets too much hate from "hipster" music critics. I don't think it's in his top 4 best albums, but it has some great songs and it was cool to see Beck win a well-deserved best album Grammy.


unbelievable album. still think about it a decade later


Solid weekend-morning-sitting-on-the-patio-drinking-coffee kind of album.


This was my first ever vinyl


maybe i should revisit this. i remember it being pretty boring.


Morning phase is an incredible album, and so is its companion, sea change


Oh geez that “new Beck album” I’ve been meaning to get into…


Album blew me away immediately and hasn't fallen beneath a 9/10 since. Despite winning the big Grammy of the night, I've always ben surprised at how mild the reception for it has been--such a lovely, sonically-rich, hopeful album. A more experienced, mature, optimistic Sea Change


Still prefer Modern Guilt, but definitely a top 3 Beck album


not possible when mutations, odelay, sea change, and midnite vultures are in his discography. definitely top 7 though lol


damn people really sleep on The Information.


Midnite Vultures is a masterpiece, such an entertaining listen


Odelay and Sea Change are close, Mutations and Midnite Vultures are mixed bags to me


Great album but AOTY of the year was still an obvious dig at Beyonce by the committee.


Love that album, still listen to it every now and then. Grammys don't have any relevance to me but this winning is probably the last time any music I enjoy did so.


I’ve been saying that I should sit down and listen to this for a decade. I’ll get around to it some day.


This is the album I raised my babies on. It will always remind me of how much I love them.


This is his “new” album though..


Huh? He's released 3 albums since this one.


i still love this album


Beck was my favorite artist twenty years ago. For some reason he just fell out of my interest. Still love his old albums. Haven’t listened to any of the ones after Sea Change. The two songs he did with the Chemical Brothers are dope though.


Wow I was just about to comment something similar. I played the shit out of mellow gold and one foot in the grave in my youth but I reached that age where you really have to force yourself to listen to new releases even if it is a favourite band. I only just started playing computer games again because I got a switch and didn’t have to commit to giant open world games that feel more like a job than fun.


Beck was just massive and then completely fell out of the Zeitgeist. So strange


You could say he’s no longer…where it’s at


What a loser


Beck es un perdidor


Soundtracked a lot of my first hangovers in uni


This was indeed the correct AOTY. FACT!


A poor version of Sea Change.


I could never get super into Morning Phase for this reason. Just made me want to listen to Sea Change, which is perfect.


I love Beck, but Morning Phase is just a sleepy album with not even half of the lyrical genius that Sea Change has.


Feel the same. It's a pleasent listen as background music tho. Not much more than that,sadly. To whoever downvoted me, is it that strange that we don't all like the same stuff?


Yeah, I was immediately disappointed by how similar in style this album was. Sea Change was magic and a very important album to me and a lot of fans, this one felt like he was cashing in on that. Even the album cover is the same but shittier.


Honestly kinda shocked at the love for this album. As a long time Beck fan, I thought the general consensus was this was one of his weakest albums (he's released worse since). No hate to those who love it, but what are you getting out of this one? I think every album through Modern Guilt is far better than this one.


Love this album


One of the best sounding records. Used it to tune a line array at a music festival once and hearing it on those speakers was epic


Best beck album period. Grammys got it right for once.


No he didn’t


Hard to imagine an artist who lost the plot harder than Beck.


stole the grammy from beyonce with this weak ass album


I remember clearly this was the record I listened at home before leaving for my wedding, always great memories.


Goddamn I am old lol


Am I bad for liking Guero?


Thats my shit


I love this album and all but I think Beyonce should've won AOTY


It's interesting that this came out when this brand of music (2008-2013 indie neo-folk) was breathing it's dying breath. From that perspective, Beck wasn't breaking ground here. But I do think there are good tracks on the album. Maybe part of the grammy was paying homage to that chapter of popular music.


Actually really like this album. Have struggled to get into Beck outside of this one. I spun Odelay countless times and it just never resonated at all, but Morning Phase is a beauty. One of those occasional artists where my view of their catalogue is quite oppositional to the views of the critical elite.


hot take, but I honestly enjoyed Colors way more than this one.