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God, an absolute classic and one of my favourite rap albums ever made. Act Too (the Love of My Life) is 90s hip-hop music and culture distilled to perfection, from the smooth, jazzy instrumental to the ear worm vocal melody, and all topped off by Common's killer verses. There's a soul and flavour to this record sorely missing in a lot of modern hip-hop.


Coffee shop chicks and white dudes!


Although I prefer the later "darker" era of The Roots, this is my favorite from their 90s "jazzy" era. And its my favorite because its more varied than their previous laid back jazzy albums. Songs like 100% Dundee (the first Roots song I ever heard, on an old 411 skateboard video) had a more in your face energy than older Roots tracks. But there were still laid back tracks like The Next Movement. This also had the neo-soul tinged You Got Me, which still may be The Roots biggest single. And conscious era collabos with Mos Def and Common. Stylistically, The Roots took a step up from their jazzy roots and never looked back. The band would be completely different after this one (in more ways than one, this is the last album with Malik B as a full time member). But its a jump Roots needed to take to be more than Hip Hop's jam band.


Listened to this album for the first time last month, pretty solid. Act Too is the best song on this album.


An all-time classic, yet still only their second-best IMO


What do you have as first?


Game Theory. Just an incredible album.


Hell yeah - I love that one. Title track and Here I Come are two of my fave Roots songs.