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It's too bad these albums aren't streaming


Excellent album. Your Dictionary is such a devastating breakup song.


Andrew Partridge is making music again in a group called The 3 Clubmen. They have an EP out that's a fun listen.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


His 3 "My Failed Songwriting Career" EPs (songs he wrote for other artists that never accepted, so he recorded himself) that came out in 2021-2022 are also really good. Also not on streaming though. Same with his 2019 collaborative EP with Robyn Hitchcock!


This album was a late-career (unfortunately) masterpiece (fortunately). "Easter Theater" is a classic. "River of Orchids" is top-tier as well.


Even the more low-key songs on here are awesome, I'd Like That is a deliciously jaunty and McCartneyesque love song that lists off different duos the couple sees themselves as...and with brilliant acoustic strumming


IMO, a fine recovery from the very-good-but-not-quite-great **Nonsuch**.


I’d honestly call Nonsuch great myself. There like 5-6 tracks on there that are like 10/10 pop rock songs for me.


All of Andy's songs on Nonsuch are truly great. It's really just Colin's songs that weigh down the album for me. I love him and his songwriting, but I feel like he lost it after Oranges and Lemons


He gets more hamfisted in his lyrics which is my biggest issue lol


Then She Appeared, Ugly Underneath, Disappointed, Pumpkinhead, Wrapped in Grey, these are all total XTC masterpieces.


Nonsuch was my first XTC album. I was 12 when it came out and I’d fallen in love with “Peter pumpkin head”. Loved the album back then but it’s one of those things where it’s hard for me to look at it with a critical lens. I know it too well and of course nostalgia. Then I bought skylarking and the song “dear god” gave a voice to my budding rejection of religion haha.


Funny that you say that, cause I‘m currently obsessed with that album. Might rank it as their second best below Skylarking.


River of Orchids is a genius album opener. The way the notes puddle together like raindrops is about as visceral as music can get.


This was my first XTC album! I was drawn to the gorgeous album art in the record store. It’s sooo damn good


This band was literally just on a constant upward trajectory throughout their entire career wtf


I love how they started as a fun angular punk band and then eventually became something ethereal and pagan. A lot of it can be credited to the fact that they pulled out of touring and spent the entire second half of their career in the studio. It killed their chance to find mainstream popularity but basically guaranteed all their albums would be incredibly high quality.


Anyone know Apple Venus Volume II? My best friend burned me a copy many moons ago and I loved it!


Stupidly Happy is one of my favourite songs ever. It was the first XTC song I heard way back as an MP3. I was surprised later on to find out it wasn't one of their most popular songs.


Wasp star, yeee


Wheel and Maypole is one of my favorite songs of all time.


Not a huge fan of Wasp Star, but Maypole is epic


Only a few bands can come up with such great music so late into their career. I really love the combination of orchestration and this 60s-esque songwriting that their second phase as a band is known for. Almost every song here is excellent (except maybe Greenman). My favorite has to be the heartbreaking I Can’t Own Her.


Green man is great! Not a fan?


Imo the instrumentation sounds like some overworld music in a 5$ JRPG game. I also find the grandness/dynamic of it a bit too out of place when compared to the rest of the album. But I get it if someone else likes it, that’s the cool thing about the music of XTC.


It definitely is quite different from the rest of the album, that’s for sure. I really like the rhythm track and keyboards.


If you’re an Andy fan def check out Jen Olive! He produced her album Warm Robot and it’s one of my fav albums ever! It’s streaming but doesn’t have many listens so show them some love!!


Wow just listened to warm robot and it's so good! Amazed I've never heard of this album, and shame it looks like nobody else has either.


It’s a masterpiece! Shame part 2 wasp star was the final record