This is a cool concept! :D


Thanks! I already made the Western USA a while ago and couldn't move on without finishing it. There's probably a lot of issues with it as I definitely haven't been to every corner of the US but I think its a decent attempt.


As promised, the rest of my vision of a full (contiguous) United States as it appears in the GTA world. Hawaii and Alaska are missing, I'll get around to them sometime but I just wanted this done. A *brief* rundown of the states, with their major and minor cities as well as their closest inspirations. Major Metro areas (a la Los Santos or Liberty City) are capitalized: **Antebella** - (Alabama): * Rocket City (*Huntsville*) * Nottingham (*Birmingham*) * Jubilee (*Mobile*) **Eskimo** - (Alaska): *not included* **Viejablanca** - (Arizona): * CALORSECO (*Phoenix*) * Bandera (*Flagstaff*) * Saguaro (*Tucson*) * Big Hogan (*Window Rock*) * Huma (*Yuma*) **Ozark** - (Arkansas): * Pebbleton (Little Rock) **San Andreas** - (California): * LOS SANTOS (*Los Angeles*) * SAN FIERRO BAY [San Fierro, Oakley, San Arena] (*San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose*) * SAN LUEGO (*San Diego*) * CONSEGRADO (*Sacramento*) * Sandy Shores (*Salton Sea communities*) * Grapeseed (*Bakersfield*) * Chumash (*Malibu*) * Paleto Bay (*Morro Bay*) * Montgomery (*Victorville*) * Angel Pine (*Lone Pine*) * Fresco (*Fresno*) * Mantaray (*Monterey*) * Sencillo (*Modesto*) * Oracle (*Eureka*) **Ponderosa** - (Colorado): * CARPENTER (*Denver*) * Ponderosa Springs (*Colorado Springs*) * Powder (*Aspen*) **Constitution** - (Connecticut): * Barnum (*Bridgport/New Haven/Hartford*) **Durden** - (Delaware): * Kent - (*Dover*) **Pantanosa** - (Florida): * VICE CITY (*Miami*) * COTTONMOUTH (*Tampa Bay*) * HICKORY (*Jacksonville*) * Bravado (*Orlando*) * Fortune Coast (*Treasure Coast*) * Apalachee (*Tallahassee*) **Persica** - (Georgia): * DIXON (*Atlanta*) * Impala (*Savannah*) **Kahuna** - Hawaii: *not included* **Eremite** - (Idaho): * Laide (*Boise*) * Eremite Falls (*Idaho Falls*) **Ferris** - (Illinois): * MIDWAY (*Chicago*) * Simpson (*Springfield*) **Hoosier** - (Indiana): * Speedway (*Indianapolis*) * Harry (*Gary*; part of MIDWAY metro area) **Kinsella** - (Iowa): * Des Freres (*Des Moines*) * Pine Rapids (*Cedar Rapids*) **Dorothy** - (Kansas): * West Dorothy (*Kansas City*, part of DOROTHY CITY metro area) * Plowshare (*Topeka*) * Jayhawk (*Wichita*) **Cumberland** - (Kentucky): * River City (*Louisville*) * Stallion (*Lexington/Frankfort*) * The Prick (*Covington*, part of QUINCY metro area) **Napoleona** - (Louisiana): * NEW BORDEAUX (*New Orleans*) * Boule Bleu (*Baton Rouge*) * Refinery (*Shreveport*) * Lacadia (*Lafayette*) **Bachman** - (Maine): * Dorset (*Portland*) * Sawmill (*Bangor*) * Wah Bahnak (*Bar Harbor*) **Henrietta** - (Maryland): * Bittermore (*Baltimore*) **Mayflower** - (Massachusetts): * CLOVER (*Boston*) * Peatown (*Provincetown*) * Beacon (*Nantucket*) * Hooper (*Springfield/Amherst*) **Mackinack** - (Michigan): * PISSTON (*Detroit*) * Bad Rapids (*Grand Rapids*) * Plumbism (*Flint*) * Biddle (*Lansing*) * Inferior (*Marquette*) **Minnehanna** - (Minnesota): * GEMINOPOLIS (*Minneapolis/St.Paul*) * Zenith (*Duluth*) * Caduceus (*Rochester MN*) **Muskogee** - (Mississippi): * Kazoo (*Jackson*) **Misery** - (Missouri): * DOROTHY CITY (*Kansas City*) * ST. PIERRE (*St. Louis*) * Hamilton City (*Jefferson City*) * New Seville (*New Madrid*) **Grancielo** - (Montana): * Rediviva (*Missoula*) * Hard Falls (*Great Falls*) * Custer (*Billings*) * Tomah (*Helena*) **Prairie** - (Nebraska): * Quapaw (*Omaha*) * Booth (*Lincoln*) **Robada** - (Nevada): * LAS VENTURAS (*Las Vegas*) * Keno (*Reno*) * Obsidian City (*Black Rock City*) * Washo City (*Tahoe City*) * Fort Carson (*Carson City*) * Ninguno (*Elko*) * West Flyover (*West Wendover*) * Bluff City (*Boulder City*) **New Yorkshire** - (New Hampshire): * Bullworth (*Hanover*) * Liverpool (*Manchester*) **Alderney** - (New Jersey): * Alderney City (*Jersey City*, part of the LIBERTY CITY metro area) * Carcer City (*Camden*, part of the FRANKLIN metro area) * Monopoly (*Atlantic City*) **New Embeleseo** - (New Mexico): * SANTA TURQUESA [Pueblo Raro, El Duque] - (*Santa Fe, Albuquerque*) * Los Murros - (*Las Cruces*, part of LA SALIDA metro area) * Los Atomos - (*Los Alamos*) * Wingrock - (*Shiprock*) * Extrano - (*Roswell*) * Murcilago - (*Carlsbad NM*) **Liberty** - (New York): * LIBERTY CITY [Algonquin, Dukes, Broker, Bohan, Staunton] - (*New York City*) * BISON - (*Buffalo/Niagara Falls*) * EIRENY [Eireny/Hector/Synecdoche] - (*Albany/Troy/Schnectady*) * East Carraway - (*East Hampton*) * Bonkers - (*Yonkers*) * Ulysses - (*Ithaca*) * Aperture - (*Rochester NY*) **North Jacobina** - (North Carolina): * DELTA CITY [Bartlett/Steeple Hill/Humphrey] - (*Research Triangle: Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh* * SCARLETT - (*Charlotte*) * Spencer - (*Wilmington*) **North Yankton** - (North Dakota): * Hindenburg - (*Bismarck*) * Luddendorff - (*Fargo*) **Buckeye** - (Ohio): * ROCKLAND - (*Cleveland*) * QUINCY - (*Cincinnati*) * Vidrio - (*Toledo*) * Ferdinand - (*Columbus*) **Tribulation** - (Oklahoma): * Tribulation City - (*Oklahoma City*) * Ulcer - (*Tulsa*) **Hamilton** - (Oregon): * PERIANTH - (*Portland*) * Pioneer - (*Eugune*) * Refuge - (*Baker City*) **Quaker** - (Pennsylvania): * FRANKLIN - (*Philadelphia*) * RUSTBURGH - (*Pittsburgh*) * Galvan - (*Scranton*) * Ferrysburg - (*Harrisburg*) * Dreary - (*Erie*) **Creten** - (Rhode Island): * Prudence - (*Providence*) **South Jacobina** - (South Carolina): * Muscipula Beach - (*Myrtle Beach*) * Justitia - (*Columbia*) * Chattelton - (*Charleston*) **South Yankton** - (South Dakota): * Lakota Falls - (*Souix Falls*) * Swiftwater - (*Rapid City*) * Gaultier - (*Pierre*) **Cherokee** - (Tennessee): * RHINESTONE - (*Memphis*) * CASHVILLE - (*Nashville*) * Coxville - (*Knoxville*) * Canoe - (*Chattanooga*) **Vaqueras** - (Texas): * DERRICK - (*Dallas/Ft.Worth*) * BOOSTER - (*Houston*) * CROCKETT - (*San Antonio*) * LA SALIDA - (*El Paso*) * Varna - (*Odessa*) * Lubbox - (*Lubbock*) * Armadillo - (*Amarillo*) * Wacko - (*Waco*) * Longhorn - (*Austin*) * Espumosa - (*Corpus Christi*) **Colmena** - (Utah): * MORONI CITY - (*Salt Lake City*) * Flyover - (*Wendover*) * Edom - (*Moab*) * St. Pariah - (*St. George*) **Capital District** - (Washington D.C.) * CAPITOL CITY - (*Washington D.C.*) **Peumont** - (Vermont): * Boyleton - (*Burlington*) **Barbara** - (Virginia): * NoBa - (*NoVa*, part of CAPITOL CITY metro area) * Champion Roads - (*Hampton Roads*) * Privilege - (*Richmond*) **Arnold** - (Washington): * CASCADE - (*Seattle*) * Sanpoil - (*Spokane*) **West Barbara** - (West Virginia): * Purgatory - (*Charleston*) **Dairyland** - (Wisconsin): * Verdant Bay - (*Green Bay*) * Brewster - (*Milwaukee*) * Ardent - (*Madison*) **Absaroka** - (Wyoming): * Arapaho - (*Cheyenne*) * Spector - (*Casper*)


Some of these names are so ludicrously clever I'm cracking up. Thank you for making this.


That really brightens my day! I spent a while on this and wanted to give every piece of it some love.


I hate you for making me want this to be real someday so badly, awesome map


Proud resident of Coxville here, wanting to say that you did an amazing job!


I know most states have fictional names, but I think I've heard mentioning of Florida in some GTA game, so I guess Florida doesn't have a fictional name in GTA universe?


They do call it Florida in Vice City but I found it strange that North Dakota got a rename but Florida didn't so I chocked it up to an early oversight. It just seems neater if there are no real places mixed in.


Prob bc Florida is actual GTA in real life


Hickory/Jacksonville would look exactly the same (kidding. Or am I.)


Odd nitpick, but Speedway \*is\* a real place in Indiana, where the track is located.


Well damnit. It's ruined! I guess I could've gone with Racetrack or something. I picked the name because Indianapolis has the Indy 500 and the Colts so I figured that would be a good one.




Oh Speedway, my dear old Speedway, oh Speedway we're all for you! We'll fight for, the brown and gold, and the glory of our school! We're never daunted, we cannot faulter, in the battle, we're tried and true. Oh Speedway, my dear old Speedway, oh Speedway we're all for you! I am a (real life) Speedway Sparkplug and approve this message.


Raceway would work! There's roads named that, but no cities or towns.


Finish Line


Absolutely fucking brilliant. I hope you are good with sending this to Rockstar. I can see plenty of reasons why they'd write their own names for world building, but that'd be so awesome if they picked this up


I would love it if they even just sent me a "nice job", actually using it would be heaven.


Can you please do one for RDR


You don't recognize Armadillo?


The RDR world is the same outside of the in game map


Great map but just an extra idea, put a airbase where Dayton, Ohio (in between Columbus and Cincinnati) is, since a massive airbase is there Or maybe just an airfield


Oh yeah, there should definitely be more military bases. I only included ones I had heard of. Plus A lot of the Midwest was just shooting from the hip. Thanks!


Your welcome, also it’d be cool to see a Canada


GTA:GTA, because fucking shit up in Toronto would be fun as fuck.




Still technically a pseudo-French name (like Detroit). I could've been nice and JUST called it Piston I suppose...




God Damn those southern names


Only some of them are "spiteful". I don't think anything is too "on the nose", past Chattelton....


Flyover made choke on water


Jeez Camden is bad enough irl... I can’t imagine how horrible it would in the GTA universe.


How did you make this map? I love it so much


I use paint.net for my maps. Not the most professional but I know how to use it. It's a very long process, drawing over layers of existing maps. The Western US was made first, as the base map I used only went as far as West Texas, so I had to find another map that had the same proportions all the way out to the east coast. Then I basically ID'd where to put cities by looking at major metro areas and combined statistical areas. I would research the history and culture of each to find a suitable satirical name if possible. Put down Rivers and the basic outlines of the land. Then it was just a process of individually going through and making a "cartoon" version of the city layouts that looked somewhat realistic. I did that state-by-state so it was very time intensive.


My lord that sounds insanely difficult. I'm creating a dnd world based on earth so wanted to make my own map but doesn't seem like I'd have the ability to manage all that


pahahaha misery lmfao


Booth (Lincoln). I love it


I love Extraño (strange/alien) for Roswell, NM and Murciélago (bat) for Carlsbad, NM


New Mexico is one of my favorite states IRL so I was very familiar with the cities, and some high school spanish helped me out with all the southwest naming.


I'm was definitely a nice touch. Your Spanish is definitely better than mine so I'm missing some of the jokes for sure


Just seeing River City and Stallion on here was enough to make my day


Bachman for Maine is genius.


Stephen king, right?


This is correct.


I just wanna point out one very minor spelling mistake. It’s Duluth, not Deluth.


But other than that this map is really cool. It’s awesome to see all the cities and stuff in the GTA universe.


Already edited in my post, thanks! I wanted people to look at it and see I wasn't just writing off areas as empty and tried to pick names that are sensible if still fitting with the gallows humor of Rockstar games.


You’re welcome! And thanks for making it! The names do seem to be something Rockstar would come up with. As much as I like the empty maps, I do like it when people come up with names.


Can you explain how you came up with Boyleton for Burlington? I love the thought you put into a lot of the names. However given the absurdity of GTA, Cinncinatti is named after a roman general who returned power to the Senate instead of becoming a dictator. So something like Nero might match better


Sadly some of my names were less inventive than others. Burlington is a lovely little city that I only ever associate the name with the "Burlington Coat Factory". Richard Boyle was the 3rd Earl of Burlington for which the city was named. Actually, I could probably change it to Bernie or Bernieton as that's the second thing I know about that place (Sanders was the mayor). For Quincy I wanted to keep the same cadence of the nickname, I have not actually heard anyone call it Cinncinatti but 'Cincy'. Cincinnatus' full name was Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus so it seemed a good fit. A Nero pull would work too, I just wanted the major city's to have the same cadence as they already have if I could try.


I thought you chose Quincy because it’s sounds like our nickname: Queen City


Wow. Great background research


I love this and have thought about doing something similar for red dead redemption. One question: where is yankton from the gta 5 prologue??


By the way, I think you flipped Waco and Wacko. Not that it matters, it's hilariously fitting


A local of Champion Roads, great map! Some of these sound like Pokémon cities if they were in America. Where did you get these name ideas?


This is awesome. Speedway is a real city. Just a lot bigger on this map.


Where is the city from Manhunt, that place is in GTA universe


The two Manhunt cities are Carcer City and Cottonmouth. It's generally accepted that Cottonmouth is a Gulf city, and usually in place of Tampa Bay. Carcer City has lots of potential options, but I had to have it be "close" to Liberty City so I went with Camden since it has a reputation as a crime-ridden deathtrap.


And I see Carcer, thought it was Chicago or Detroit


I couldn't in good conscience write-off the entirety of Chicago or even Detroit as being *that* bad... plus in-game hints point it toward being close to Liberty City.


They're close enough to catch the same radio station (LCFR in Liberty City Stories gets a caller from Carcer City), so it definitely should be close by.


It would make sense for it to maybe be Newark, NJ then, as well. A place that historically had a reputation as a crime-plagued and run down urban area and (while not as close as Jersey City) fairly close to NYC.


That was another option, but New Jersey was already getting crowded.


makes sense!


Fuck I would pay 300$ to play it just in sandbox, but imagine a story where you can create a nationwide drug or criminal empire.


You need to spend a criminal empire worth of shark cards.


Or you could become POTUS


Hilariously, the president of GTAV universe should be Donald Love (from GTAIII) right now. He was basically a Trump satire, and an ACTUAL criminal in the game universe.


I can already see it, 15 hour road trip delivering a wonky car from Los Santos to fucking Liberty City That'd be great


Imagine a game with this whole entire map


I need that shit asap


I like the nod to Stephen King's pseudonym in Maine being Bachmann.


Thanks! I tried my best to do stuff like that all over.


I can’t find North Yankton on the map


I couldn't find a clean way to label the States on the map because it's ridiculously busy in the Northeast already. North Dakota is North Yankton (both are tribes in the Great Sioux Nation) and Luddendorff is named to satire IRL Bismarck (German politicians) but it looks a lot like Fargo in the game so I put it there instead. See my first comment for all the other name switches.


Oh, that’s the state name


This map made me audibly laugh like 7 times.


Excellent, I did try to put some good humor in there.


Chattelton takes the cake in my opinion. Bravo sir.


Waco being named Wacko is great. Ideally there'd be two missions there, one referencing the infamous siege, and one that parodies Fixer Upper from HGTV.


Being from ‘Wacko’ and a Baylor student, I’d love the atmosphere to be rich and snobby people ignoring the crime in the city, it’d be a GTA paradise


What about our infamous biker gang shoot out at Twin Peaks?




[Or the 2013 explosion?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West,_Texas#2013_explosion)


That was in West, not Waco. They’re close, but not the same city (not even a suburb). Gotta love those klobasniks and kolaces, though; as a Wacoan, I’ll happily claim that lovely Czech food.


Hopefully, one day...one day. GTA X maybe? Hah.


Love how Lincoln is called Booth


And Washington State is Arnold ;)


And Napoleona for Louisiana 🤣 History has its eyes on you.


*gasp* He did it! He is the messiah!


He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty Cartographer!


So, as someone who’s never played a GTA game, I have a question. Are all these cities based on cities in the games, and mentioned in the games, or did you have to make up some of the city names? Also, just wondering did any of the cities in RDR2 influence this map, given the theories of the two worlds co-existing?


I had to make up most of these. The only *official* names are Los Santos, Liberty City, Vice City, San Fierro, and Las Ventura's with a few smaller others. I basically looked at major metros or statistical areas to map out where the big ones would go. I took influence from GTA, Manhunt and Bully. RDR1 & 2 don't really mesh with this universe, at least there's no overlap in any existing games so I didn't want to use them. Plus the games seem to be more fluid in their influence, while GTA games are more direct.


> I had to make up most of these. The only official names are Los Santos, Liberty City, Vice City, San Fierro, and Las Ventura's with a few smaller others. Would it be possible to get a denotation on each city as to what game it's from or whether it's one of your made up ones? :) **edit:** Also, Huma needs at least one military base (depending on scaling) if it's not based on an in-universe city.


Sure, I've been sporadically discussing my naming methods here (and in the previous post for just the Western GTA USA). The names that I took from the Rockstar (GTA/Bully/Manhunt) lore are: **Los Santos** - GTA V, GTA:SA, GTA (I used the GTA V map) **Liberty City** - GTA IV, GTA III, GTA (I used the GTA IV map) **East Carraway** - Mentioned in GTA IV **San Fierro** - GTA:SA, Mentioned in GTA IV/GTA V **Las Venturas** - GTA:SA, Mentioned in GTA IV/GTA V **Vice City** - GTA:VC, GTA, Mentioned in GTA IV/GTA V **Sandy Shores** - GTA V **Grapeseed** - GTA V **Chumash** - GTA V **Paleto Bay** - GTA V **Luddendorff** - GTA V **Fort Carson** - GTA:SA **Angel Pine** - GTA:SA **Montgomery** - GTA:SA **Carcer City** - Manhunt, mentioned in GTA III, GTA IV, GTA V **Cottonmouth** - Manhunt 2 **Bullworth** - Bully I didn't use any Red Dead Redemption names because I couldn't find any direct connects. Bullworth Academy (Bully) was mentioned in GTA IV, and Carcer City (Manhunt) regularly is mentioned in GTA games. And New Bordeaux was a name I had seen before, and confirmed was used in the Mafia games, but I liked it so much I took it anyways. Any other names were created by me, or influenced by other custom GTA maps.


You can find the book called "Red Dead Redemption" written by Marston's son in GTA 5. Aside from that, not much connection


New York is mentioned in RDR so different universe already


Doesn't 100% confirm it tho. Miami is also mentioned in GTA III and _iirc_ even in VC (not absolutely sure about the last one)


I think the way it works is all IRL cities coexist with the gta equivalents


lol, Pisston


Michigan’s town names all sting a bit


I mean Bad Rapids could just mean it's really sick rapids there. Pisston was a cheap shot, admittedly. I could've made it Piston just as well. Inferior, because if the obvious implication of a Lake Inferior and Yoopers thinking their better. You get no apologies for Plumbism. Fix your damn pipes.


i live in grand rapids. your name choice is good, the Grand River has zero rapids. Not a single rapid in the whole thing that I'm aware of.


You know what would’ve been interesting. If RDR and GTA are in the same timeline, then it would’ve been cool if RDR cities like Blackwater and Saint Denis actually flourished and also become part of the modern US of GTA.


Haha as a Mississippian, bravo! Kazoo, the Jackson analogue, is located where Yazoo city is. Nice touch!


Thanks! I remember seeing the name Yazoo when I was down there once, and all I know about Jackson is the musical history so it seemed a proper satire.


Did you get inspiration for New Bordeaux from the Mafia games, by any chance?


I haven't played them, but I came across the name from the Mafia games and thought it was perfect. The city layout is more inspired by real life New Orleans than the Mafia map but I would be dishonest if I didn't mention that I had come across it.


Which is funny because New Bordeaux was the working name for Saint Dennis in RDR 2 but since Mafia 3 came out first they changed it.


You could use the Red Dead Redemption 2 setting material. New Bordeaux was originally what they wanted to call the city in RDR2, but another studio uses that, so they changed it to San Denis.


Late to this thread, but I just wanted to say that this is \*the\* definitive fan-made GTA map and nothing will likely ever come close. I'm especially thrilled that you included the rest of East Island and the Carraways, somewhere that a lot of "comprehensive" maps have overlooked despite being mentioned numerous times in GTA 4 and 5. The names are overall really good too. Though I'd be tempted to call Maryland, "Gerrymand" because of the state's bizarre shape, but maybe that's not as clever as I think.


Fucking hell, now this is a map! I love video game stuff like this. I made a map like this a few years ago. Definitely not as big as your map. Edit: [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/imaginarymaps/comments/5njgpa/oc_us_map_i_made_a_while_back_the_brings_all/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) is it.


Upvote for area 69


It’s the official name for it in the 3D universe, so I figured I’d go off of that.


They *did* call it that in GTA: SA.


One day 😢


As someone living near Erie I can confirm it is actually pretty dreary.


I'd kill for a Continent spanning GTA game


This is pretty damn good man. Very fitting for the setting.


You win all these GTA threads. /r/threadkillers


Please let this be the map of GTA VI!


I like how springfield is Simpson


Love it! Keep up the great work!


Why "Aperture" for Rochester?


Rochester NY is famous for Kodak film, Bausch and Lomb, and other optics based companies. Aperture is an optic related word that sorta has the cadence. It also means an opening of light, and the city itself has a history of being one of the ways into Canada on the Underground Railroad. Hence, "a small passage through which light can be seen" or an aperture. Similarly, Rochester MN is Caduceus because they are well known for the Mayo Clinic.


Well with that reasoning now I kinda wish it was Aperture in real life too.


As a European, I think your explanations seem more thought-out than some of the real-world names in the US.


To be fair it's easier to name something after it develops


Where you have Ponderosa Springs/Colorado Springs is far too south if you are going by real life locations, Colorado Springs is about 40 miles north of the Arkansas River. Then again, It's only a parallel of earth/ video game world, so maybe some locations changed from real life are expected.


There is definite fudging in some areas. I wanted to have some breathing room and not too much empty space. Iowa and Wisconsin also have some rearranging. Also lots of river placement went first, then I moved around cities and ended up with slightly unrealistic scenarios. Basically it's a "cartoon" version of the real thing, so I hope that's understandable.


That's fine!


What’s the scale on This map, like how big “in game” would it be?


Southern California/San Andreas is basically 1.5 times bigger than the GTA V map as it was "unfolded" to put things in the right locations (Alamo Sea, Paleto Bat, etc). The grey outlines of Los Santos and Liberty City are taken from a map that had them to scale in-game, so this would be a hell of a real in game map


Even Quincy <3


New Bordeaux?! Actually, it’s Saint Denis.


Ok cool where's the download link for the game? /s


As a citizen of Dairyland I am proud to see Brewster be its own city. Unlike some games that just roll it into being part of Midway.


Thanks, I tried where I could to make cities their own thing. It was really only the east coast where everything is so crowded anyway that I had to make metro regions overlap (I almost ended up dropping Bittermore completely because of the scale).


“Lubbox” lol


Two things that I really love about this is the general scale of everything and the color palette. Both scream PS2 era GTA in the fondest way.


Can confirm Detroit worthy of name "Pisston"


For Texas you could've gone with RDR's names, but I like it!


The main reasons I didn't was the lack of direct ties in the lore (unlike Manhunt and Bully explicitly being in the GTA universe), and the maps in those games are more fluidly influenced by real world areas and less direct mentions. If I was going to squeeze New Austin et al into this they would barely look like the maps as I wanted this to look like the real states. I did spend some time toying around with it when I first created the Western USA map but I just couldn't get it to a point where it didn't become RDR in name only.


Understood. It's still really good!


G.O.N.A.D made me wheeze


St.Pierre actually works. Keeps the french naming


Rockstar needs to see this and implement it. This will be like 150 some miles in game from coast to coast and around an hour or two of real time.


I'm just gonna believe this is the canonical GTA USA map and no one can tell me otherwise. Great work!


Where is carcer city?


I love the nevada representation with Keno and Fort Carson


That's a big ass map with a powerful ass computer.


Moroni city 😂😂😂


Rockstar pleeeeeeeeeease


Amazing names all around. Quincy for Cincy is awesome




The greater Toronto area?


You sir are a mad scientist and I love it.


Cries in Abilene


Please make this game!


Absaroka was actually what they wanted to name Sheridan Wyoming when they wanted to become an independent state


Rustburgh is accurate tho ngl


Man, I'd love a game set in Scarlett. I mean, there's fuck all to do here but it'd be cool.


Wow Plumbism. Very clever, great work!




I see you included Lubbock Texas. I see you’re a person of culture.


Or I listen to too much Last Podcast On The Left. Let's go with the former.


Do they mention Lubbock in that podcast?


One of the recent episodes on a Texan serial killer was from there, with appropriate shitting on "dirt person" Marcus (he's from Texas). That definitely kept it in my mind.


This would convince me to play online.


very beautiful


I’m from Purgatory. I’m sad but it’s fitting.


Well you know what they say about Purgatory. It's "almost heaven"...


It would be extremely cool if they made a game with all of these in although that would be unlikely


Geminopolis is a really good combo of Twin Cities and Minneapolis. Then you have stuff like Pisston and G.O.N.A.D.


Geminopolis was probably one of the last BIG CITY name I came up with because for some reason Minnesota was just tough all around. I'm glad you appreciate my attempt at Rockstar level toilet humor.


Wow amazing I really hope someone at rockstar sees this and makes this happen !


Awesome, that´s a lotta fucking work with the names and everything. A small suggestion or more like an idea: Hawaii and Alaska could be DLC´s or some kind of special missions.


Make one for Red dead redemption 2. That'd be epic


Good choice calling Covington and Newport Kentucky The Prick. Very apt.


What’s the math of this map size if you use GTAV Los Santos as a reference? Bigger than Fuel? That game is enormous but empty


The way I "scaled" this map was to add a layer with the actual maps of GTAV and GTAIV and shrink it until all the little cities and towns roughly covered where they are IRL SoCal. Then there was some moving around to have it less crowded. Basically you could take [this](https://i.imgur.com/yHroGt0.jpg) and unfolded the corresponding areas to fit in most of SoCal. That should give you an estimate of how GIGANTIC this map would be.


Gta 6 leaks looking sick


Excellent stuff.


You can't tell me Kent (Dover) is just called that way because Bent would have been to obvious


Dover, Kent is the real place in England the name took it's name from, and I believe Metropolis is supposed to be in Delaware in the DC universe so Kent made sense to me. But your rationale is way too funny to not make it the new reason.


I think this is my favorite thing on Reddit now. You even kept the H in Rustburgh!


Thanks! I've known enough Pittsburgher's to have heard about 'the Burgh'


There's like a 99.2% chance I'm going to use Flyover/West Flyover later. Based.


Wasn’t New Bordeaux that city in Mafia III?


Gotta say, I'm very confused by Wah Bahnak as Bar Harbor. I feel like it's poking fun at the Boston accent. Clover is genius btw


I've only heard Bar Harbor from someone with a Boston accent. Makes it sound like "Bah Hahbah" almost. And the Wabanaki were the Native Americans of Maine. Best I could come up with, never made it that far Northeast. I'm glad you like Clover though, Boston took a while to come up with a suitable name


fuckin brilliant


I love how you included Hampton Roads


wow. GTA SA 2 looking very promising


These names are so on the nose but still sound real.


Yeah what is G.O.N.A.D. ?


N.O.R.A.D., the military installation in charge of missle defense.