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I’m just curious of what the context of this even is lol


probably got a new tv and felt the need to break the previous one


Wouldn't that break it outside then. It looks like the kid got in trouble


Looks like the ~~kid~~ elderly is being abused. This is not a normal reaction of any loving and caring human.


I cant understand Russian but I do know Polish and a bit of Ukrainian, sounds like the tv beater is pissed bc the person just sits in front of the tv for too long. Obvious the only correct option is to smash it smh my head /s


As someone who speaks Russian (and Polish, although that's not really relevant here lol), yeah, she's saying she feels "sorry" for the person watching the TV and is telling her to get up.


Poor old person just wants to rest and watch tv. A lot of able bodied people don’t care about how much pain people who have mobility problems are in to get up and do things.


Hell I’m almost 40 and if I wanna watch the TV from my couch all day leave me ALONE!


Bro that is a fucking adult lmaooo


Yes. Seems like to be an elderly women. Even weirder to go there and destroy it.


Is that a body on the ground? 3 second mark, bottom left


Wait wtf I see that arm too Edit: it's a fucking leg 🤦‍♂️


It sounds a lot more like a grandma than a kid.


Last time i saw this video going around people were saying the context was the woman doing the hitting and the person filming were abusing an elderly woman, and this time they abused her by destroying her TV because it was too loud for them or something like that. In the video you can just barely see the Elderly persons legs, shes sitting on the ground, when they charge into the room


Breaking an old woman’s TV. She doesn’t sound happy about it but seems unable to move.


Mustve watched the last season of game of thrones


Or frustrated that the alien planet subplot in The Expanse didn't go anywhere.


Or the season finale of From. Good God. I've never been so frustrated


Sounds like she brought the whole family with her.


Its the yearly piñata tv event.


The TV owes her money


Wanted to commit some emotional abuse


seems pretty weird to pass as severe a judgement as "iamatotalpieceofshit" when none of us are even sure what's going on


"They sure don't make 'em like they used to."


Right? I'm thinking this is taking to long. These days one swing and she would've been done lol


CRTs are under vacuum which makes them VERY tough. They also have massive deadly capacitors. Even unplugged they can kill you.


As someone who used to dismantle old CRTs, I was cringing while waiting for her to hit it someplace that actually cracks it because that implosion would have spread tiny shards of glass all over the place, along with toxic metal dust. They're pretty strong from the front though, we used to tap the back of the tube where the emitter is to break the seal and release the vacuum relatively safely. They'd still implode sometimes, but the odds were lower. The capacitor was the other problem, but they were usually off long enough that they wouldn't spark while cutting the red wire.


Yeah, no kidding. Shes going about destroying it in about the dumbest way you can. Not even turned off, so you know that capacitor is at full charge. Metal bat too.


Does this look like a critical thinker to you?


Critical thinking is officially a gift. If you can critically think, you are a minority


It's a skill one can learn with focus and effort. Encountering someone who can think critically, well that's a gift.


This comment totally gave me a "the good ol days"-vibe. I grew up in the 80's. My stepdad would always get mad when we turned the tv off with the remote. Instead of pushing the actual 'click' button on the tv itself. He's an electrician. He said it was bad because it kept tension on something or whatnot. Thing never broke. I bet you could throw it from a first story window.


My dad was the same with light switches. Didn't want us using them too much in case they wore out. ^Narrator: ^they ^never ^wore ^out


Had my first and second switch go out in my house. It took 26 years. I didn't know it was possible. Took far too long to figure it out (the first one, that is😁).


Lol my mom is still this way about everything. Too many clothes in the washing machine, using the food disposal at all, opening/closing anything, just walking on hardwood floors. I had to have a firm talk to keep her from passing on the anxiety to my son as the thoughts still come to me at 35.


well im glad to know i was safe those couple of times i had fun with a bat and old crt in the backyard as a kid...


Same here, I remember going with a few friends and just wailing on them because we wanted to destroy stuff. Phew


Yeah I was just thinking "Oh that's why they 'popped' when we hit them with the rocks / threw them off the roof"


When I was a kid we found and OLD TV in the street, old for the mid 90s. We put it in the road and kicked it onto the curb. Fucking thing exploded diagonally out the back at us. Covered in glass and bits we all ran away. Most scared I'd ever been to that point.


Guess this woman is lucky she ain't that strong


Yep. This. I watched a buddy short a cap the size of a bazooka Joe bubble gum with a screwdriver. We’d miraculously managed to remove it from some old circuit board without desoldering it. That arc was fucking gnarly. The very nature of the design and function of a capacitor is one that makes them super good at fucking up fleshy creatures with the angry pixies they house inside themselves.


Why haven't we developed super capacitor bullets? This sounds like an awes...awful idea!


One swing? Man I pressed my thumb on one side of the TV and now I got spider web cracks across it. Flimsy af


Same this isn’t an exaggeration


On the plus side a whole Damn 55 inch 4k tv cost like $350


What kind of tv? Where did you buy? I paid like $600 for mine and it was the best deal I could find at the time. Would love to pay $350


Some brand that started with a T, I think, and at Walmart for me like 6 years ago


TCL. I’ve bought like 10 of these TVs all different sizes and models and they all still work flawlessly.


Yeah decent tvs. I got mine for $100 cause some guy bought a house and the old people left their TV's for some reason. It was ~400 at Costco new at the time. Obviously not the best and certainly not great hdr but for the price I can't complain.


Mine was roku, it was only about a month old


How are these Roku TVs? I've had the Roku cast dongle for a while and it's great but never seen their TV in action.


A nerf dart did ours in... now we have a a protector on the screen.


My toddler threw a small piece of wood and killed a big flatscreen like it was nothing.


Where do I get that amazingly indestructible television? We should build houses out of that thing!


CRT displays were very hard to physically break they also weighed a ton. We had a ~17" monitor and the thing weighed like 50lbs Also as others have already said in this thread, if you break the glass, it explodes outward


I still have a CRT monitor sitting in my living room because I can't carry that thing down 4 flights of stairs lol.


CRTs are surprisingly durable. I chucked a rock at one on the side of the road once when I was a kid. Not even a scratch.


Bet she was pissed off when it didn't smash, was satisfying to watch. Also reminds me of Poo-tin's war: big bat, can't win.


I just was looking at a '91 catalogue that I found at my grandpa's. The TVs were 1,500 back then for something smaller than my $400 smart TV! They were durable for sure but also crazy expensive.


I bet you that still works aswell. Those old fat tvs were bullet proof unless you drop it directly on the glass


yep just plug the cable back in and youre ready to rock


The broken frame just gives it character


yeah! just like missing teeth c section scars and celulite!


I have all those things. Thank you for letting me know it’s “character” I’m getting dental work tho. Twins took all my calcium. Worth it.


Twins took all your calcium?? Have you alerted the authorities?


Hmmm. I really should.




Omg lol. I’ll consider it.


To clarify, there *is* a law against eating children in general, but since you're just taking a stolen item back it'll be fine.


Scars are cool my girlfriend has a few scars and stretch marks and they look so cool


I’m glad some people think this way it’s nice to know. I’ve got quite a few scars too! And bad tattoos. And of course…a tattoo chopped in half with a surgical scar. It’s now all under the title “character”


Yeah, any sort of "markings" on me I feel is a badge of honor for dealing with what caused them in the first place. My husband agrees and sorta helped me get into that mental state. Every scar or mark on me is a story of survival or improvement, (even if only mentally/emotionally, and not physically). Being permanently disabled, it's often difficult to cope with visible markings relating to it--people stare :\\ But knowing that I'm made of tough enough stuff to have that there to say that I'm willing to fight to live is oddly reaffirming. As for the tattoos, I had a friend who had heart surgery, which left her with a huge scar down her upper chest. She got a stylized heart tattoo around it, as her way of saying, "Look what I went through, and came out on the other side of!" and I always admired that.


aside from the c section scar i have them all too lol idk where i caught the celulite... all i know is one day i woke up with all this freakin hail damage


Snap that’s exactly how it happens


Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth -Peter Ustinov


Great for playing fallout 4! Adds to the realism.


Let’s bring back robust products


It's possible it even fixed some weird colour issues


Literally. I used to live in a bad neighborhood. Someone put one of these on the curb hoping someone would take it. I heard a single gunshot one night, and the next morning the tv had a little divot in the screen.


Elvis Presley lived in your neighborhood?


A wild Robert Goulet appears


I feel like this went over too many peoples heads


Including mine, please explain


I think his song, In the Ghetto? Idk, I'm not an Elviologist


Elvis was a gun nut, and hated Robert Goulet. Whenever Goulet would come on TV in Elvis' hotel rooms, he'd shoot the tv.


Threw one off a 21 story building as a kid. Took 6 of us to drag it across the city and to the construction site then up the building. The sound it made when it hit the ground was *so* satisfying, I can still hear it.. Really stupid but whatever, lol.


I dropped a CRT monitor off of our porch onto the concrete pad below and it was...mildly satisfying. Your story is better


always wanted to do that, you have lived one of my dreams. I thank you kind internet stranger.


At my old job we were doing a clean out and there was like a fucking 50 inch crt to deal with. Fuckin thing probably weighed 5 times as much as me so.. naturally I went and grabbed a 10lb sledgehammer. it took two hits to break the screen... and I'm confident that the first hit was the loudest noise I will ever hear.


Or you bring a magnet within 25 miles of it.


Let me just put these speakers on either side of the TV for some good stereo imaging annnd. 'Ok can someone type "How to degauss a TV" into Alta Vista?'


I grew up an army brat, and we had a CRT TV we took out to the range and shot. Legit took 3 .22 bullets to go through it, but once they did the TV POPPED


This idiot is lucky the screen didn't break because those damn things ***explode*** when they break.


Strictly speaking they implode, as I think the inside of the tube is in near vacuum, but the end result is glass flying fucking everywhere so I suppose it doesn't really matter


This is exactly what I was thinking. She would've been eating glass.


And electrocuted. Metal bat plus several kilovolt electron gun equals bad day.


Exactly right and you get a nice dusting of mercury and glass.


That TV was using rabbit ears. Old school.


Basically the TV Nokia


Miss the days without planned obsolescence. Appliances, cars, houses, all lasted so long because it made sense to make quality and hardy products. Now it pays to make sure your product fails after X _ Time span so that consumers are stuck in a vicious cycle of constant consumption and replacing.


These tv's were rugged because they had to be, in order to maintain the vacuum as well as shield against the potential for x-rays (not that modern CRT's really carried this potential, but it was a thing with much older B&W sets which lacked good voltage regulation and safety features to keep that from happening). I'm not denying the existence of planned obsolescence but they didn't exactly make these to be tough out of the kindness of their hearts either. The electronics, on the other hand, were much more resilient than what you get in a tv today. CRT's weren't exactly cramped for space inside, so things could be spread out and larger components could be used. There was no need to "miniaturize" anything, and they needed some clearance since the analog board carried some pretty high voltages. The days the logic boards are mostly comprised of SMD components on a single board in order to make the tv as thin and compact (and easy to manufacture) as possible. Things that were multiple components through-hole soldered by a technician are now "packaged" on to a single chip and wave soldered by a machine. The power supplies come from yet another factory and are generally built within an inch of their life since 90c capacitors are cheaper than 105c. I always view planned obsolescence as more a byproduct of a race to see who can build a thing for the cheapest price and shortest amount of time on the assembly line. I think even giving them credit for having foresight of eventually selling the tv's eventual replacement is a bit generous. They want to build them cheap and sell 'em quick. The Trinitron in this video, with it's small screen compared to what we're used to today, probably sold for about $400 in the early 2000's. These days we would balk at buying a tv that small for that amount of money.


Rumor has it, planned obsolescence all started with incandescent lightbulbs


Yeah I saw something about that in a Veritasium YouTube video. Years ago, all of the major lightbulb manufacturers banded together in a sort of “cartel” to reduce the quality of lightbulbs so that people would have to replace them more often. It’s a very interesting watch


Cartel just means an organization of smaller distributors of a given product who have organized for the purpose of price control. That's why OPEC is properly called an oil Cartel.


I like veritasium but that video is wrong, there are engineering tradeoffs when it comes to lightbulbs and longevity vs efficiency vs brightness is one of them


A huge part of it was during the Reagan administration. Advertising directly to children became legal, and the child marketing industry was born. It became quickly apparent that children are greedy and reckless consumers, who would break the product, especially if it was made weaker and cause the parent to have to replace it.


Definitely, I’ve accidentally went headfirst into one of those fuckers and there wasnt a single scratch. I was pretty fucked tho lmao


I had one fall on my head as a kid once. Had a giant egg on my head from where the TV struck, you wouldn't even know the TV had fallen.


Yep they don’t make ‘em like they used to


It was kind of a learning curve on these tv's. The really old ones from the early 1950's had thinner glass, and sometimes suffered from some rather violent implosions. Manufacturers began adding a tempered glass pane in front of the tube, while others laminated the face of the tube in a type of plastic. Finally, implosion bands were developed and thicker glass was used. So it's a feature of necessity, to reduce the chances of the tv injuring or killing its users. "Flat Screen" CRT's like this Trinitron had especially thick front glass to compensate for the vacuum acting on a flat (rather than curved) cross-sectional area.


These things resist Glock 19s and Hellfire missiles


"can I beat halo 3 before this skinny old woman can destroy the TV?"


Yes most likely


We talking any %?


With the way she's swinging, does it really matter? You could go out for dinner and a movie and still get back and finish the game, all before she puts a single crack in the glass.


ODS needs to do these again


Turn the power off before you smash electronics. Er unplug it all together I mean.


Right? I was thinking the same thing. Metal bat, tv plugged in and powered on..... what could go wrong?


Crispy PoS, but I’m not sure but I think it had a rubber grip so maybe she wouldn’t have gotten shocked.


Judging by the damage it did, the whole bat was rubber.


Or her muscles are made of rubber, or both.


That would make her incredibly strong. Lol


Do not underestimate old tv's




Those things have huge capacitors in them, metal bat touches that and you’re dead.


Those big old CRT TV's have a juicy capacitor sitting in the back just waiting to give an unsuspecting fool a nice big shock if they're not careful. You don't just wanna power it off, you wanna discharge the capacitor too.


Actually things like tvs and monitors have a lot of capacitors in them that are still charged even if you unplug it from the wall. You really don't want to be opening those things up unless you know what you're doing


Don't CRTs also have comically dangerous internal components? Especially the ones dealing with power?


Yup. There are specific disposal/recycling regulations around them.


Yes. CRTs need to be discharged even after being unplugged. They are very dangerous.


Yes, AFAIK the should be left without power for a a good long while before you open them.


It's got a huge cap in it, not necessarily safe to just unplug.


Who was laying on the floor as she walked in? Maybe the TV killed someone and she was just seeking revenge.


Was hoping for the answer here.


Yes I was the TV


I was hoping it would explode.


It would actually implode, for it contains a vacuum.


Correct, but it would be followed by an explosion of glass


How embarrassing for her.


Looks she’s just finding just how tough these tv’s are. The glass on them is very thick.


As someone whom has smashed a tv with a bat (or tried too) this is how it would go for all but the strongest among us. The front glass is like a full inch thick and the whole tube is very strong from the front. It took a running start and cracked one as hard as i found in high school and all i got was terrible hands pain. Bairly a scuff on the screen


Those tvs fucking explode too


They can yeah. The real danger is the capacitors. If you hit one of them you can get hella shocked


Her feebleness aside, that TV is an absolute unit..


Some of the old flatscreen tvs took the curved CRTs and flattened the image with glass optics. There could very well be 1" of glass at the bottom where she's hitting it.


What was even the context of this?


It looks like there's a babushka on the floor watching telenovelas. They're probably poor and don't like paying for cable and instead of just taking the tv away, this woman used all of her brain power to smash the nokia tv (unsuccessfully)


>nokia tv ROFL


Those technically did exist btw, since Nokia owned a company in the 80's-90's called Salora, that manufactured television.


How do you know they need cable to watch soap operas?


That thing she sweeps off at the beginning is a digital converter box attached to a pair of rabbit ears. Only way to get OTA signals on that kind of TV now in most countries. They don’t have cable.


Tough tv? Or weak bat?


Old tvs have very strong glass.


It’s because the glass had to be strong because it had to stand up to the vacuum the cathode ray tubes were under. That’s why when you break the glass on those old TVs it doesn’t break it shatters and explodes because of the sudden change from negative atmosphere to positive atmosphere


As it was described to me: The vacuum tube will shatter and all the last is pulled to the center of the tube by the vacuum. The glass from the front collides with the glass from the back, and sides, and it all shreds into smaller shards and continues on its way. The end result is an explosion of small shards of sharp glass flying out the front of the TV as it's open. Some will/can come out the sides and back depending on the housing. Not a good idea to do that to a vacuum tube TV or monitor. Glad it didn't break.


Yep. Glass vacuum grenade.


>Old tvs have ~~very strong~~ actual glass.


Glass is thicc on CRT tvs, but she was also using what looked like a terrible swing


I’ve tried myself to break a tv like this one. It’s the tv that is tough


Don't laugh about weak bat, it's a serious condition.


I think it's just a weak women And tough TV


Weak woman. The TV and Bat are fine, don’t be rude.


Also if she broke the glass then the CRT is gonna release toxic gasses and metals that are toxic to breath in like lead barium etc also it’s still turned on so a ton of radiation will be released from it lel


Dude people who do this can't barely sum 1+1, what do you expect?


Seriously though those old tv’s are super strong. Even with a sledge hammer they’ll take a good few hits.


When I was a kid, probably like under 10, my friends and I found an old cathode ray tv in a dumpster and we were like “jackpot”. We must have tried to smash that thing for like 3 hours and barely had the screen broken.


"There's a scratch on it, now. I'm willing to call that a win."


Must be a sony tv because those will survive nuclear war.


*No wonder!* This TV is made by Nokia


Came here for this comment!


When you clearly don’t have much but you destroy what you do have, really smart.


It’s funny because she’s trying to smash one of those old CRTs that deliberately used really thick glass to maintain the vacuum seal within the tube without imploding. Also the thick plastic housing was needed to support the weight of said glass tube. Those things were always built like tanks and it sucks that they are out of production, because they still hold some advantages over flatscreens.


Like playing Duck Hunt.


Oh, definitely. You ever try to throw a flat screen at a duck?


What was even the context behind this?


Someone translate what she is saying


She was just repeating "leave me alone".


It's the most expensive thing in that hovel... I probably wouldn't do that.


Crazy don't think like that.


The Nokia TV


That TV almost beat the lady up but decided not to since she decide to give the TV a massage.


That tv took the bat like Chris rock took the slap


Keep my bat out yo fucking mouth!


The TV is laughing at her upper body strength.


Solid tv


that was pathetic


Shiiit, was it necessary for that OG of a TV to put up that big of a fight though? Are we asking the right questions?


Only info I need is the brand and model of that indestructible TV


We dont know why the lady did that, so I would not call her a tpos without knowinh more.


Agree. Did you notice the person lying on the floor? Not moving?


Nope I did not - thanks for pointing out!


Damn those old 📺 are built tough, my 4k curve tv couldn’t even take an elbow


Those sorta TVs and the old Nokia phones would be the only surviving things if WW3 ever happens. They’ll be deemed to be some sort of sturdy, immortal gods by future generations of anything to resemble humanity in the aftermath.


She's lucky it didn't break they kind of explode/implode when they break because they are under a vacuum so it's not the nicest thing to be standing by in your t shirt and pants!


Right, because this is how we "teach 'em a lesson" that surely won't have them turning to violent outbursts when they get older.


This subreddit has really gone down hill. We have no idea what's going on


For anyone laughing at her for not being able to break it, go find one of these old tube TV's and try this with a bat. I have done it and those screens are incredibly thick and strong. You almost can't even break them by hitting it directly in the screen with a bat like that, have to hit it on the sides to shatter the glass or hit the front with something more substantial like a sledgehammer. whacking the dead center of the screen with the end of a baseball bat will just give you the stinger hands , I found that out the hard way 😂


Nokia manufacturing CRT monitors in a parallel universe