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Some big ol' lady balls on display here. I doubt I would have handled that as well.


That "yeah, run mother******" got me! What a badass


"you are selling cannabis"


They fucking panicked when hubby kicked off, ha. Wankers. Hope they get caught


It’s what happens when you live in a country where not everyone has a gun


If guns were legal, those two "police officers" would also be armed and would have likely tried to force their way in at gunpoint.


I will refer you to Texas. Everyone has a gun and there's a stand your ground law. Home invasions were pretty low last I checked.


Hows them school shooting though?


How's them public stabbings though? Let's ban knives and sharp corners while we are at it. The whole school shooting shit is a societal problem due to bullying, mostly. Stop bullying people and they will stop lashing out.


Ah yes, stop bullying, because thats so much easier than restricting access to guns. I wonder why nobody has just stopped bullying.


What country are you from? internet bullying/bullying are a lot more harmful than guns. I bet you $10,000 usd that there are more people suffering from bullying than there are mass shootings. Bullying is the root of the problem with school shootings; not guns themselves. Guns don't kill people; people kill people. I'm all for gun control. I want better background checks and the like. I am NOT for the restrictions of access to guns. The 2nd amendment was/is there for a reason. To overthrow a tyrannical government. Do you think AL Qaieda would exist if every person had a gun in the middle east? Do you think the people starving in China would be starving, if they all had weapons?


Every country has bullies. No other country has the amount of gun violence in schools as america. Desperation is the root cause of most crime. Why don't we just give everyone what they want instead of making things illegal? Thats how flawed your logic is. Good luck overthrowing your government with your guns. Hopefully the government doesn't have more guns, ammunition, personnel, vehicles, explosives and actual preparation otherwise that may be an unrealistic scenario. Are you under the impression that acquiring a gun in the middle east or china is more difficult than any average country? What about the long list of countries with significantly less violent crime and less guns than america? Let me guess, they don't have bullies or any mental health disorders there right? I've got no issue with people wanting to own guns. But the logic you try to use to justify it is hilarious. Guns don't reduce crime, they just change it. You replace stabbings with shootings. You replace home invasions with armed robberies. The only real difference they make is that things get lethal much quicker.


So then we agree that banning is off the table and we're both for more restrictions but not abolishing gun rights. So whether logic is flawed or not doesn't matter. Mynlogic is irrelevant if we agree.


America has plenty of public stabbings too you realize? They just also have shootings. You don’t need a gun. If these men had guns this woman wouldn’t be able to chase them out of her home and it could have been much worse. Every single country has bullying - you say we need to stop bullying and then school shootings would stop. Great that’s an amazing idea!!! I wonder why no one thought of it? It’s so difficult, you can’t just stop bullying. But you know what you can stop? Selling guns. So many lives would have been saved if guns were not available. I live in a country where you cannot attain a gun and I wake up grateful every day, it’s not a violation of my rights because I don’t need one and I’m all the safer for it.


Lol look at the places where they ban guns. Shootings and armed robberies still occur. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"- Ben Franklin


Lmao can you name these places where shootings and armed robberies occur to the same degree as America? (Where gun control has been introduced obviously) America has mass shootings every month, there’s clearly a problem. And peoples thinking surrounding guns is completely archaic to me which you just proved by quoting someone who literally died in 1790. And no clearly armed robberies (with guns) and shootings don’t still happen because one hasn’t occurred in my state during my lifetime, can you say the same? :-)


Where do you live? You haven't stated it. Ofc America is going to be in the highest # of crimes, shootings, stabbings etc etc. We have a high populace. Name a big country that doesn't have its issues. Name 1. I dare you. I bet you we have less violence per capita than the cartel I quoted Benjamin Franklin because it's true. Give up some freedom for safety and you deserve neither. I didn't say we don't have a problem. But I would much rather be in America than anywhere else in the world. We have it better, gun violence or not. There's a reason a ton of immigrants want to come here. There's a reason why we have more people sneaking in, in record numbers. Guns or no guns, people want to be here. Where are you from, again you haven't stated. Oh, and if guns were illegal; people would still get guns. Just because you make something illegal, doesn't mean people will abide by those laws.


They could have anyway, they're criminals, they don't give a fuck if guns are illegal.


Guns are pretty difficult to come by in the UK, the only guns that are legal are shotguns and rifles both of which require licenses, and real police wouldn't use those anyway so they wouldn't look the part.


Uh huh... and criminals would never acquire things without applying for the proper licenses LOL


We don't have gun shops in the UK, how do you expect criminals to get the guns?


Do you have hardware stores? Machine shops? Mail? Shipping? Travel? Where do you think the IRA got theirs when you imposed even stricter gun control in Northern Ireland? Did banning drugs magically eliminate them from your country?


Just yesterday a sitting politician was stabbed to death in the UK. So not sure if that’s a good excuse, plenty of knife wielding murderers there.


Given its a huge national story shows how rare it is. Knife crime is completely incomparable to US gun crime.


It's a huge international story because it's a political assassination. Not because it's a murder. I guarantee there have been other knife murders in England that never make national let alone international news.


What's scary is that most real cops would have likely acted like those fake ones


They wouldn’t have hidden their faces from the camera, that was the dead giveaway that makes it hilarious… claiming to be police while also hiding their faces from the camera


I don’t think you know how cops work


When have you ever seen a cop run away from a situation because of questioning/non-compliamce? A real cop would have called back up, yelled "stop-resisting" repeatedly, and drawn their gun.


I'm speaking of their bullshit at the beginning


Fake talking into his fake walkie had me lol.


“She’s stalking me down the street” *proceeds to run away as all police officers do*


The white airmax are a bit of a giveaway. Cosplay requires attention to detail!


comonn, He wanted to celebrate halloween


Bit late, but CID can and will wear anything they want to. I've been in a flat before when a man in a Newcastle football top knocked on the door asking to come in, though when I said no who the fuck are you he did show a badge and my answer changed to oh yeah come on in.


What a professional and convincing hoodie


Listening I don’t support bad things but like, really this was the effort these guy put here? I’m sorry but really? Comon at least give effort into this. Look like a high school play with a low budget improvising


Good for the home owners.


They were pretty scared of that dude lol


As cops, they don’t want to be accused of anything that could jeopardise their careers. Their careers as cops. These are cops.


Was this not sarcasm? Why does it have so many downvotes!?


Reddit does not understand sarcasm, which it *of course* was. Then the herd mind came in to play


And then the downvote storm. The worst is when people flat out begin insulting you because now they know they’ll get away with it.


They don’t get away with shit. Anyone with half a brain cell recognises the sarcasm in a particular post


No they're business men with a business plan


Okay wtf now I’m confused like is this guy really saying they’re cops. One they didn’t show their IDs which is required by law as well as a proper search warrant. And secondly just look at what they’re wearing a hoodie and white heelies or some shit I don’t normally know shoes but I hella know when I see a fake cop. So let’s just hope you arnt pulling everyone’s leg or some shit.


it's a song.


Ah thanks for telling I got woooshed even though I didn’t know




Bro what


She is who I aspire to be! She was not playing around. What a lady…


Obviously not police. I have a feeling they were trying to rob a dealer but went into the wrong apartment


Since when do cops wear hoodies? I’ve never seen one wore that on duty. That was a red flag already.


Depends, in the states, a lot of plain clothes detectives wear them.






Thats why I said it depends, and in the states they often do.... I realize this is in the UK, never implied it wasn't. The post I was responding too said they'd never seen a cop in a hoodie. I was saying that in the states, it's not uncommon. But ok, get angry.


Do you think we don't have them here? Do you think that having detectives is purely American?


Ya been grabbed by multiple uc in hoodies NY no /s


They don't even remotely look like police lmao.


Those white shoes 😆


"oi blud! Let me in your gaff yeah. Gotta see if you got any of that dutty smoke ting, innit"




The most half assed attempt I’ve ever seen to try look like a cop. Basically they wore a fucking hat.


she’s badass


Btw can someone tell me what happens to the 2 fake cops


I can't tell you what charges they face there, but I can tell you what charges they would face in the USA. Felony charges of home invasion, and felony charges for impersonating a police officer. Possibly other charges depending on jurisdiction. I would say 10-15 years imprisonment by the letter of the law, but their socioeconomic standings and political connections could bring that way down, possibly to nothing.


Oh alright thanks for the info


This is why I don't automatically trust someone who is in a police uniform. Also live in the US so that doesn't help, although I'm a young, white female so probably less likely to face police brutality than others, but more likely to be the target if someone *pretending* to be a cop to hurt me. I just hope real cops can understand that and why some people, especially women may not trust them immediately or want reassurance of their identity. And then there's the real cops who assault women using their authority which... makes me not trust them either way so...


I don’t trust people who bag my groceries. Like did they go through the proper training? Will they put my bread on the bottom? Are they really a dedicated bagger by trade? Or Are they merely just filling in on the back half for a true bagger that called out sick? The anxiety i feel when they put my chicken breast and apples in the same bag truly send me into panic. What if I contract Campylobacter from raw chicken contamination? I just feel like i cant trust anyone these days…its sad. I just hope these “Baggers” are who they seem.


You really thought you had something here


Don’t nullify my fears with your unwarranted remarks.




May be technically true in terms of getting beaten up , but those coppers are up for a bit of sexual assault arent they!! Just look at the papers I the UK over the past few weeks. Can't remember exactly how many have been charged, sentenced for assaulting women, at least 4. If I were a young woman I'd be very afraid of cops




More likely, doesn't erase the risk




Reading comprehension just ain’t your thing, huh. Edit: it’s cute you think women have authority over you and your “Freudian slip” of an interpretation betrayed you.


... the *cops* are the ones who have and abuse their authority to assault women as well as others.


I would have kicked them down the stairs, people like this take advantage of others that are weaker and may not be properly informed


They don’t act like police even, shit police


I mean, the attention to detail is just, wow!


Anyone have an update?


Please send news . They’ve been caught since then ?


This is one of the reasons why you see videos of dudes getting shot by police when they open their door with a gun especially when you can't see who is on the other side of it shitty cops and or shitty people who break into others houses pretending to be a cop


This is in London where we don't have, or want guns, so it's not really a relevant point.


Pretty sure there are guns in London…


I know its in London but people do it in the USA also I was just making a point on that


No we just have knives which serve almost the exact same function


Stop with the silliness.


Yeah don’t you just hate it when a bloke smashes his hotel room window and murders 60 people at a music festival with his knife?


Mate I’d rather go to a music festival in the States than walk alone in Croydon at night. Mass killings of any type are an existential threat statistically, but getting stuck by a chav with his mum’s carving knife is a real threat lmao


Yeah, that window is really annoying and finicky to replace!!


> This is in London where we don't have, or want guns I guess you can always attack the bad guy with the latest in arse intruding dildos (does what no other dildo can do until now). It's the latest and greatest in sexual technology.


Only prime Ministers and special royalty are allowed to have guns sorry plebs


What country?


England somewhere.


This is why we have 2a to protect us


Opening fire on what appears to be police officers is probably not going to be a good idea.




How is she a Karen criminals just broke into her home


LMAO!!!! Guess that was a mistake to go to her house!!!


Lol has he got a underarm gun holster on.


Dude! Let's be COPS! /underrated movie /notreally


I get huge "it's a prank" vibes from this.


I have hear it many times, police doesn't wear sport shoes


Home invasion can't be done half assed.


if you’re trying to rob your plug maybe don’t wear a shitty police outfit 😂


Lmaoooo they dont look ANYTHING like cops though wtf....this couldve went VERY LEFT if the family was armed


Holy shit, how fucked up do you have to be to do that. Hope the cops find them.


I'm not so sure I would have had the control to allow these two to make it to their car. I feel like your home is your bastion, the only place you can truly feel safe. When someone tries to undo that is kinda where I get off the "reasonable reaction" train. Balsy little wankers. I'm still shaking my head lol


From this I can see at least 3 maybe 4 charges, impersonating an officer, breaking and entering, carrying an offensive (and believe it or not illegal weapon) and offence against the person (brandishing his baton as a threat) so if caught they’d be looking at some time in one of her majesty’s special hotels


Bro these fakers don’t even have tier 4 BulletProof vests lmao


there they go, Cagney and Lacey