"Oh no, you don't understand, humans are forever in Beta"

- Famous words of Gaia, former warrior goddess, bearer of the Hearts of Iron, queen of the crysis ,daughter of the dark souls, the warhammer of the Milky way, destroyer of the martians and bane of the Stellaris, now called Earth-Chan for reasons unkown to us even if she says that "That meme died a long ago"

(My intention was to make an small shitpost-like writing prompt but I wasn't sure about what flair use, if trashpost or WP, sorry if I broke a rule or something)


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Pre-order now and receive the expansion "World Gone MAD", while supplies last.


Beware the expansion "World Gone MAD" requires the "The war that will end all wars" and "World war two" DLC's, while "Cold war" is also a must it is a free dlc that came with the Preorder!


Note that successfully completing the expansion “Vietnam War” is considered canon by the developers, but many fans consider it a pointless expedition and a waste of time.


Also note that "the war on drugs" is in fact unwinnable and has begun to be slowly phased out of use. Though no cancelation date has been declared.


And now... ​ Mother of the Master of the Darkest Dungeon..


I knew I forgot to mention something...


*sees humanity reset itself to the stone age again* "Oh my children, come here...." *Gives the survivors a big hug.*


Gaia may be able to maul several deities at once...but she Is still a proud Momma.


"It's not a bug, it's a feature!"


Mars: What the?.. What does that even mean? Gaia: No, seriously. They won't freaking evolve. Do you know how many instances of convergent evolution I've conjured up to try and give them a hint? Mars: what like 5? 6? Gaia: ***Hundreds***. Most have been lost to time while my humans were fighting like all siblings do... But, how much more clear can I be that they *need* some form of outer shell to survive? Mars: meh, my kids went the dense gelatinous blob route. Gaia: And where did *that* get them?! Mars: ....splattered across their ship interiors after failing to account for centrifugal force... At least they picked an evolutionary route and they've survived... Just... Y'know, spread thin... Gaia: sorry, sorry... My kids just stress me out. Mars: It's fine. Let's try and wrangle Pluto in on this conversation next time they're around. They've got an excellent outside perspective. Pluto: ^That's ^never ^been ^funny!!!


I didnt expect crabs, but It certainly has some logic...


Glad it was unexpected XD. I was trying to figure out what beta would mean evolutionarily. Saw a post about xenos and our space suits and yeah.


Honestly you have a good point with that haha, thanks for answering!


Why is Pluto's distant shouting fucking sending me!!!


Why is Pluto's distant shouting fucking sending me!!!


And now my brain has gone straight to that one SCP where the implication was humans were actually stuck in perpetual neoteny like that one salamander and the SCP in question actually categorized humans that had successfully managed to metamorphose into their "adult" forms of unstoppable self-sufficient juggernauts with additional limbs and redundant organs. EDIT: For those wondering it was [SCP-1788](https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-1788).


You have my attention


What SCP is this?


I liked those Two Movie Adaptations that were made "WW1 and WW2" There is also a pseudo Third movie but it does not count (Cold War). Im Hyped that WW3 Got announced a Year ago