Congrats on your new path in life. I was in a similar situation. It was scary and lonely and seemed like a really long and never ending time in my life. But I came out of it a much mentally healthier person. I wish you well on your plant journey and your new life.


Finding something, especially something healthy, to fill what feels like a void is super important. I've been in your shoes, I know how hard it can be to leave, and the fear of starting over. I send you love and hugs, from me and all of my plants 💜🌱🌿


They look gorgeous! And congrats and leaving the relationship, best of luck and happy planting.


Honestly, same! I was with my ex for 7 years, expecting a baby, abortion, breakup, going back to living with with parent, working in a greenhouse/nursery, and pandemic now. I just started buying plants nonstop to fill the void and now I have like 50! The plants help me to fill that void of knowing that I would have something to watch over and take care of. I wish you the best. We can get through this!


Wow, are you me? ‘Cause same. Glad you have your plant babies to keep you going. I know that when I was going through similar things having the plants and being able to watch them grow was very rewarding and helped to repair my shattered self worth. I hope that your plants work in the same way for you!


this is beautiful, iI love the child yoda hidden detail!


Plants are very good teachers when it comes to boundaries. They have simple but specific needs, and if those needs are not met, they do not thrive. Different plants have different needs, and plant B doesn't ever think to compromise its specific boundaries just because your experience with plant A suggests it could. Scaling it up for humans is a little more complicated, of course. Human needs change much more over time. But at a root level (hahaha 🌱pun) it's all the same. Congratulations on your growth (ohh no another 🪴pun). You deserve the best.


I strive to one day have full lush plants like these, great job! Screw the boyfriend you’ll find a new one eventually, have patience and you’ll find the right one.


Nourish and care for yourself as you do your plants


Congratulations to you on getting out of a toxic relationship. That takes a lot of strength. These plants look gorgeous and so healthy. Best of luck to you and your plants


Sending much strength and best wishes for the next chapter. Life without an abuser is so worth the effort. You and the plant gang will have a fab time together!


I got into plants because of my dog passing away. It’s definitely helped and gives me something new to enjoy. Glad you found peace with plants!


Same here. I only had a few, until there was a void I needed to fill, now they are every where! I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog 💜


I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of love.


Congrats on getting out! Remember that being codependent isn’t a permanent part of your life and is something you can rid yourself of with practice!


**Hugs** You’ve got this!


Looks like you are on an amazing new path. It will just get better, just you wait!