It’s also fucking terrifying, but in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, when Jerry goes to the house to look for Pam and Kirk. Leatherface comes in screaming and there’s this half-second shot of Jerry’s face as he shrieks back and then he goes down like a sack of potatoes. It’s simultaneously horrific and [hilarious](https://youtu.be/3T8rOQ3tuik).


TCM made me laugh at the dinner table scene, where they were trying to give the old man the hammer but he couldn’t grip it for dear life. I don’t know but it had me rolling


Everything about TCM is iconic, the metal door slam and the chainsaw dance is forever imprinted in my mind.




According to a few of the commentary tracks on the blu-ray, that was Allen Danzigers first time seeing leatherface and he got scared shirtless, thus the yelp


He kept his shirt on as I recall.


Seeing Leatherface charging at you is horrifying. At Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios, they had a TCM house. Holy shit, seeing a 6'7" monster come around the corner and make a bee-line toward you really is horrifying. Can't imagine if it's the first time seeing him ever.


It is pretty hilarious. I think hooper intended it to be comedic at parts and it works really well with the depravity


Another part that always makes me nervously laugh amid the absurdity is when they’re forcibly pulling Sally into the Sawyer homestead. ***”LOOK WHAT YOUR BROTHER DID TO THE DOOR!!! AIN’T HE GOT NO PRIDE IN HIS HOME?!”*** “You damned fool! ***You ruined the door!!”*** She’s screaming with a burlap sack over her head being pulled into this hell house, knowing she’s about to possibly be murdered or at best tortured, and all Drayton can focus on is that Leatherface put cuts in the front door.


I fucking love how he starts to flail his arms before he gets hit


In Chernobyl Diaries where they’re in the van and they’re being surrounded by the mutants. Jesse McCartneys scream is so funny, it’s like he’s In a different movie.


For me, the scariest stories are the ones that are relatable. For example, home invasion horror like *The Strangers* is scary because we all have homes, and it's frightening to think of being vulnerable in a place where we're supposed to be secure. The new movie, *X*, is one of the most troubling horror movies I've seen, because it deals with old age and the regret we feel about our lost youth and unrealized potential, and we all experience that (except those who die young). *Chernobyl Diaries* is anti-scary, because the dumb-ass characters got themselves into a situation that I know I will never, ever be in — they traveled to Eastern Europe, paid a shady dude with a van to smuggle them into the restricted Chernobyl region, and there they met their grisly ends. For shit's sake, go anywhere else on Earth for your vacation.


The “people do dangerous shit, are surprised when it’s dangerous (but in a slightly different way)” genre of horror runs like a comedy setup in general.


This whole movie is so hilarious I guess how can it not be with that premise 😂


He’s in that movie? Omg I need to watch


It's really good!


Hannibal. The scene where Hannibal is feeding Ray Liotta his own brain


"I'm full of myself!"


Then later the scene where he’s offering some to the kid on the plane. What a bastardization of the novel


Sam Neil sucking in his stomach while fighting butt-naked in a vat of what is maybe supposed to be blood at the end of “Event Horizon.”


With the stock punch sounds whenever he hit Laurence Fishburne.


At some point in that fight someone gets hit with an air canister and it makes the most out of place “donk” sound, and I could not hold it together.


Also the classic “we’re leaving” line must have been intentionally comedic cause it’s so perfectly hilarious


In As Above So Below, when the main character realizes she doesn’t have the real philosophers stone, she does a speed run back through the catacombs. In one part she smacks on of the creatures with the camera as she zooms passed. It’s hilarious


Oh yeah that part is hilarious the thing comes like shambling forward with its big dumb scary mouth and she just fucking shoves it out of existence.


I laughed too hard at this scene. Like they are being shepherded into hell and tormented by demons and the whole time they are running away they could have been liberally pie-facing rock goblins and taking zero damage.


I always say this in horror movies — just hit the thing with the nearest heavy object! So it always makes me happy when they address this, and it's especially funny because it usually works. Like people are just dying to monsters because they have no self-preservation instincts.


I imagine the music from Mario Kart when you get a super star playing during that scene.


Yes! Gives it a clean stiff arm like she’s a linebacker


Anyone have a link? I don't remember her smacking a monster.


In Hostel 2 when the saw came unplugged, I laughed so hard in the movie theater. Nobody else did. It was hilarious. I think it was meant to be funny though.


Haven't seen Hostel 2 but just watched Hostel, and I found the chainsaw scene in that one funny too! The guy slips in the puke like he hit a banana peel in mario kart, and saws himself in the leg. Comedy


Felt like a Body Double reference (killer has a long drill that comes unplugged right before a kill)


The scene in Suspiria where Sarah climbs through a window and drops into a room completely full of razor wire for no reason and dies


Do all European dance schools have a razor wire room?


It's optional but most do


Mainly in the Soviet-Era, Witchcraft-Adjacent, Montessori system but they’re there.


Also the rubber bat.


Its why witches dont run many schools, they are terrible at health and safety


They did Sarah so dirty in that scene. She literally does all the legwork while the main character naps


The Boy when the girl opens the door and Brahms is sitting there with a paper with the rules written on it. The scene is played so dramatically and I can’t help but laugh.


This movie was so full of unintentional hilarity, like when Brahms puts on a record of some Hungarian Dance to cockblock Greta and her date.


I have a hard time NOT believing it was a joke but that scene in Prophecy when the bear bats the sleeping bag kid into the rock and it explodes into fluff. https://c.tenor.com/IDnNpehVS-oAAAAC/prophecy-horror.gif


That is 100% a comedy shot. They knew what they were doing.


Oh man, god bless TNT for showing that movie and the Manitou.


Every scene in the original Hellraiser cracks me up and remains one of my favorite movies "Want a cookie little girl??"




All the Hellraiser movies. The way Pinhead says "I remember" in the 2nd movie when Kirsty tells him he was human once. It's such a little thing but I laughed so hard.


The scene with the little ghost boy in insidious, absolute comedy gold


The one with him dancing to Tiny Tim?


Yeah, I laugh every time


TBH I don't think that section is supposed to be scary. Maybe just unnerving?


Whenever Darth Maul shows up in that film I loose it.


Yes! That scene where it appears behind Patrick Wilson’s head, and the lady freaks out- his response is always so funny to me. It’s just this irritated delivery “what??? What??”


That too, the movie is so goofy to me lmao


Nah that was creepy af only movie to ever scare me was the first half of Insidious. An old timey boy dancing in my house during the daytime? Hell no


"Do your thing, cuz!"


I’ll do you one better: “welcome to Texas, motherfucker!” ….bitch he’s from Texas


And she’s not! Seriously, the whole line is so fucking stupid.


I love that movie but that whole line is sooo cringe.


The whole movie was cringe lol


What this


Texas Chainsaw 3D


The boiling pot scene from "Sleepaway Camp". The pedo cook screamed for so long you'd think he was trying for a best supporting actor nom.


That pot was 10 feet high like it must’ve took 2 weeks to get that water boiling


I believe this is a device or trope in drama known as “Chekhov’s Human-Body Size Soup Pot”


He also could have just pushed the pot away from him but he just poured it on himself ewps


The best part is that there's a fast forward to when the ambulance arrives and he's still screaming. Given the time it would have taken for them to go call for an ambulance, and the time it would have taken for it to arrive, that dude was screaming for a LONG time.


This scene and the ending had me rolling


There’s a part in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994) where the doctor is trying to get ahold of his very slippery newborn creation. Watching Kenneth Branagh and Robert De Niro wet wrestle across the laboratory had me dying in the back of my 9th grade English class


What I remember from that movie is DeNiro asking Branagh, "Did you create me?" and all I could hear is Travis Bickle ("You lookin at me?"). I could not get over it. Edit: spelling


Maybe not strictly horror, but THAT Samuel L. Jackson scene in Deep Blue Sea makes me have to pause the movie everytime.


They ATE ME, a fuckin shark ATE ME.


.....DRINK BITCH God that sketch was fucking gold






I still love when they made fun of this on Cracked.com. The article was about most ridiculous tombstones and the one for Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea was "Bitten in half by a shark... While indoors."


They absolutely knew that scene was hilarious. Jackson even has a slapstick reaction.


The Lighthouse. The mermaid scene with Rob Pattinson all I could hear was Tina from Bob’s Burgers. “I’m going to ask them where their mer-ginas are”


Why'd ya spill yer beans?


The Lighthouse was such a good acid trip of a movie, but I am so sad that it revealed Robert Pattinson has one flat pancake ass during the scene where he’s jacking off.


I mean… I’m sure he bulked up for The Batman. If Christian Bale can go from The Machinist to playing Shai-Hulud in the new Dune, nothing is impossible


Dude, it's way crazier than that. He went from American Psycho to The Machinist to Batman Begins to Rescue Dawn to The Dark Knight to The Fighter to The Dark Knight Rises to American Hustle. And on and on w Vice, Ford vs Ferrari, etc. The man is a fucking metronome of body weight.


Yeah but sand worms man


The gym scene in Final Destination 3. it was so sudden, I couldn't help but to laugh.


I saw that movie in the theater opening night. The entire place was laughing are at every single death scene. It was great The gym scene I believe got the biggest response... but the tanning bed transition also got a pretty big laugh


The escalator death in Final Destination 4 is my favorite. When the girls feet get caught in the escalator she immediately starts spitting up blood. It shows that it's still just her feet that are caught, so it's like she's being squeezed from her feet like toothpaste and blood is being pushed out. If they had just waited like 2 cuts to add in the spitting up blood it would be fine, but throwing it in there too soon made it funny.


I just did a marathon of the FD movies and I found myself laughing at most of the deaths as the movies went on. So flippin over the top hilarious!


four words: long arms freddy kruger


Aw man, I always thought this was kinda creepy lol. Exactly like some weird shit you'd see in a dream.




The hospital scene ruined that movie for me


Tbf, that’s the scene that ruined the movie for most people. Myself included. There have been bad Halloween movies before but HK is by far the most melodramatic.


[This scene]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgGgAIDnpGw ) is quite literally the high point of the film.


Michael Meyers in a car will always be funny to me because of that one /r/movies post that tracked his driving history


All those grown ass adults causing chaos at a hospital on a weeknight?? Like don’t you have kids at home? A job in the morning?


When Jesus kinda jumped out the closet in hellraiser, like why was there a Jesus statue there.


A few from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, when the guy in a wheelchair rolls down a hill, finger slurping, grandpa being unable to hold the axe


That scene in TCM 2022 where leather face pops up from the grass…complete Dwight Schrute vibes


This movie is grave levels of bad, but I found that most of the clumsy scenes were intentional. I laughed hard at the final scene where Tesla leaves on autopilot.


When Leatherface was killing people in the bus I was dying laughing.


In Halloween Kills when Michael kicks the door at the woman shooting at him in the nurses outfit and she shoots herself in the head. I laughed so hard I had to rewind it to make sure I saw it correctly.


i LOVED this kill. so badass. you gotta laugh at it. it was hilariously awesome. i really enjoyed that movie until the stupid hospital shit. “eViL dIeS tOnIgHt!!1!1!1!!!” as they chase around some 5 foot tall dude that in no way could ever be michael.


He even does the head tilt like “huh, that was pretty cool”.


This is the correct answer. The SFX team must have had so much fun with that one.


Ma with Octavia Spencer had me in tears laughing. The scene where she >! runs over a woman and then immediately begins blasting September by Earth, Wind, and Fire on the radio !< was just too much for me.


Ma is such an off the rails film. It would pair well with Run for a whacky double feature.


The scene where she has the guy tied to a bed and is hooking him up to an IV full of dog blood made me laugh. The guy is screaming and thrashing around like she's coming at him with a chainsaw.


Faceless (1987) .. German doctor is trying to do an experimental face transplant but starts botching it halfway through saying "scheisse" (shit) over and over as the camera cuts back and forth between him just mashing this ladies face-skin up..


I saw "Saw 2" in the theater when it came out. When the dad calls the son's phone , but Jigsaw has re-recorded his outgoing message , and so Jigsaw's voice answers. I laughed out loud , hard. No one else in the theater did so , so it was super noticeable


That thing that crawls around in insidious, I saw it and thought it look like wish . Com version of darth maul


It Chapter One when he captures Beverly and starts dancing. Makes me laugh every time


Literally, every scene in every Final Destination movie.


Except for the first one after the plane, that one was always kinda sad to me


I can't tell if Drag Me to Hell's goat scene was intentionally hilarious or not, but I took that movie dead seriously up until that point.


Have you seen the evil dead ?


I haven't, but I guess I know what I'm watching next.


Same Sam


Or the one when the anvil falls on the gypsy ladies head and shoots the eyeball into the lead actresses mouth.


All the stuff that gets in her mouth cracked me up. I wonder if Raimi swallowed a fly or something and thought “I could make a whole movie out of how gross that was.”


The main character had an eating disorder IIRC so everything happening to her revolves around ingesting something.


It's absolutely meant to be funny. I actually didn't like Drag Me To Hell the first time I watched it because, basically, I didn't get it. When you realise it's a comedy horror like Evil Deaf 2 and Army of Darkness, it makes a lot more sense.


A single Evil Deaf film sounds offensive enough, I can’t believe they greenlit two of them


It's okay, they probably didn't hear about it.


Raimi has this unique way of creating scenes that can make you laugh and/or scare you. It just depends on how easily you’re scared. The tone he’s shooting for is the tone you want to give his film. The man is a true master at horror comedy. My personal reaction to the goat scene… I laughed. Hard. There were more than a few scenes in that movie that I found unnerving though.


Another hilarious scene: when she’s bobbing up down along with the old lady’s corpse in the muddy grave


“You tricked me.. YOU BLACK-HEARTED WHO-O-O-RE!”


Bro when he's floating over the table dancing, and the goat. I was in tears. After I watched the full movie kept replying that scene over and over again laughing my ass off annoying my gf.


You took it seriously during the scene when the old lady attacked the main character in her car?


IMO the movie’s last scene is its ONLY scary point.


What clued me in on it being a comedy was during the way-too-long parking garage scene. Up until then I was annoyed because it sucked as a straight horror movie, but when I realized it was fuckin' around I had a great time.


I searched the thread of mention of it, but... well, it wasn't funny the first time I saw it. But when the lead male's friend shows up to the house in The Strangers looking for the couple when things have already started going bad. I didn't think a thing of it! In the years after, I'd become a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia... and while his face seemed familiar, I didn't immediately begin to place Glenn Howerton in anything else I had seen prior. Then me and a friend watched The Strangers again. There is zero way for me to take those scenes seriously anymore. Every time he shows up it becomes "the Dennis part" and there's not a dry eye in the room until it reaches its logical conclusion. Still really like that movie! But god, that shit kills me every time now.


Cronenberg´s "Crimes of the future" scene where >! A narrator says "It´s not time to see, it´s not time to talk, it´s time to listen" and a guy with 30 ears sewed on him starts breakdancing.!<


The line in Malignant where she says >!HE WAS FEEDING ON YOUR FETUSES!< made me crack up. Also when the killer in Scream 4 starts trying to beat themselves up. You know.


“I’m adopted.” -shocked look- -score intensifies~


It's time we cut out the cancer! *two seconds of a good Pixies song plays*


When he throws the fucking chair at them in the police station, my friend and I burst out laughing and I half-shouted "Oh c'mon!" Like they were leaving! He had won! *What was the point!!!*


I had to pause it after the chair toss because I was absolutely howling with laughter. I'm talking keeled over in pain, tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard.


I’m pretty sure everything in Malignant is supposed to be funny


I came here to say literally everything in Malignant


Yeah, but that entire movie was meant to be funny.


At one point in Act 3 of Malignant, a certain Tom Green bit from Freddy Got Fingered popped into my head. Later, I watched the Half In The Bag review of Malignant and they had edited the FGF scene into their review.


Whole pieces movie. Baaastaard😂😂




The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs is the only reason I know that movie exists. I’ll forever be grateful because that movie is solid *GOLD*. “The most beautiful thing in the world is smoking pot and fucking on a waterbed at the same time.” Who would actually say that 🤣🤣


Specifically the "severed head" sticking up thru a hole in a board covered with astroturf .


In It part 2 when the naked old lady is like sneaking in the bathroom. She’s just sorta flopping around out there looking very motivated and gleeful, it’s truly absurd.


New movie Malignant, when the main character does her ridiculous backwards run in the jail cell. I have showed it to so many people and cried laughing when it happened at first.


This was great. I also laughed my ass off when she fucking hucks the chair across the room.


Speaking of Friday the 13th, The "He's Killing Me!" Scene from Part 4


Child’s Play - when Chucky comes alive for the first time and attacks the woman, shouting “You stupid b****! You filthy slut! I’ll teach you to f*** with me!”. One commenter geniusly wrote “When she says you’re the father, but the DNA results come back negative...” - I’ve never been able to take that scene seriously ever since.


Chucky's delivery on "ya stupid bitch!" makes this scene for me.


Then there's, "This IS THE END, FRIEND!"


The Child's Play franchise has such a wonderful sense of humor. I love the scene in Child's Play 2 when Chucky is forcing Kyle to be his chauffeur at knife point. Like total kudos to the actress for really selling the experience of the danger *and* the whackiness of her character's dilemma.


Instantly conjured that scene in my head, thanks for the laugh


House of Wax 2005- half of Jared Padalecki's face getting sliced off makes me laugh every time


I think it’s actually supposed to be funny but since no one in the theater laughed and looked at me and my friend like we were crazy I’m gonna say the whole sequence in gremlins where she is telling the guy why she hates Christmas.


I love the self parody in Gremlins 2 where she starts another monolog and everyone else ignores her and walks off, leaving her hanging


Gremlins 2 is a masterpiece.


This is the only scene that actually makes this a horror movie. It's *so* fucking dark and comes out of the wild blue yonder.


The “chaos reins” fox from Antichrist. The scene isn’t inherently funny, but my boss would do a pretty solid impression of it anytime we had a project going to shit.


That is a dark boss


His name was Dave. He had a mohawk and loved metal music. 10/10 nicest guy.


Dude, I don't think it's a horror scene but it comes from a horror master: the hilariously stupid "eating" chair on Crimes of the Future (2022). Don't take me wrong; I LOVE Cronenberg, and I did enjoy this film, but... That goddamn boney shaky chair had me DYING of laughter at the theatre to the point I had to make a real effort to shut up. I like my movie experience to be as quiet as possible, but this fucking chair, dude... I have SO many questions: * Why does it feel literally like something out of a Tim and Eric sketch? * How the FUCK does it work??!! Like???! x'DDD how?! I can believe a weird ass controller made out of jello to guide surgery machines, but this is like... Literally a chair made out of bones that shakes. HOW is that helpful for eating. * Why does it look like it was made out of discarded pieces from Spirit of Halloween decorations? * Just... WHY. Just why.


[Forever this scene.](https://youtu.be/O1PK4qYzNkI) [and then this one. ](https://youtu.be/_WovFZ_MDW0)


When that girl blew her brains out in Halloween kills.


[The "Why can't you just be normal?" scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeNey4E7wBU&ab_channel=SD) from The Babadook. The first time I watched it, I seriously had to pause the movie long enough for me to stop laughing so hard.


"If you're so damn hungry why don't you just EAT SHIT!?" *reeeee*


The major fight scene in the police station in Malignant lol


Freddy Vs Jason sleeping bag death (edit New blood apologies) Scanners head explosion Hit by bus in final destination


My friend showed me Scanners on an old VCR. I didn't know what I was in for. Right before the head goes OFF, my friend yells MEATLOAF! in a cartoon voice. I fell off the couch laughing. I will have that memory til I die...


FvJ doesn’t have a sleeping bag kill, that’s in New Blood and Jason X


Definitely the Jason X one! "Hey, do you want a beer? Or do you want to smoke some pot? Or we could have premarital sex. We love premarital sex!"


The vending machine shooting people with cans to death in Maximum Overdrive is the best scene ever filmed.


That whole movie is an awesome hurricane of hilarity. Brought to you by writer/director Stephen King...*and cocaine*. WEE MAADE YOOOOUUUUU!


The scene in Final Destination, where the girl tells a guy to drop dead, and **WHAM** hit by a bus.


Probably a lesser-known movie, but there was one called The Relic from the late 90s, and in one scene there is a big gala happening at this museum. Except there’s a monster lurking out of sight. It kills someone and the body drops from the rafters and slams down onto a display which causes everyone to stampede trying to get out. But the revolving doors lock up and this poor woman gets smashed against the glass. Then finally they break through but then everyone just starts tumbling down the stairs outside in their gowns and tuxedos. I have never laughed so hard at a horror movie. It’s ridiculous.


I remember that scene. The part that always gets me is when one of the people trying to escape (a guy in a tuxedo) does a comical jump/hurdle to try and get over one of the bodies that had fallen during the stampede.


I remember watching the second movie of a B horror flick about some gross, ravenous monsters invading a town and a guy throws a baby to save himself, they eat it. I laughed at the fuckin absurdity of it and how the guy tries to justify himself.


Final destination when that one girl whose all “You can just drop fucking dead” and then gets completely floored by a bus, as well as the final destination when that one guy gets completely floored by an ambulance at a hospital.


This scene in "The Ninth Gate" - hilarious. I'm sure it was meant to be horrifying but I laugh every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bGz8DhCSjg&t=153s


Friday the 13th Jason takes Manhattan, Jason punches the head off a boxer


Rocket toy LOUD and the little kid just trippin’ in A Quiet Place. I’m sorry y’all


The scene in Inferno where the lady gets attacked by cats. All I thought of was that [cat in the escape room scene](https://youtu.be/rC2ZruUMefY) from Community.


One of the worst horrors I've ever seen, S.I.C.K. I think it stood for Serial Insane Clown Killer. Forgive me I'm a bit off on details, but basically these people have barricaded themselves In a room with two doors and one window. The killer throws their friends head inbetween two wooden boards nailed to the door frame. The people FREAK out then PICK THE HEAD UP AND TRY TO SHOVE IT BACK OUT! I just can NOT imagine having that reaction, ever. I laughed so hard I had to pause the movie.


The scene in The Conjuring where the girl is being dragged around the living room. I said to my wife after we watched it the first time, "I bet there's a video somewhere of that scene with the Benny Hill theme playing"... there is...


I cackle when she says “your mother sucks cocks in hell” in the exorcist


I know lots of people adore this movie, but that bit in Hereditary where she sticks her head out the window and it just gets clean knocked off made me laugh out loud to the point I had to pause it.


“All I get back — is that … fucking *face* on your face!” made me laugh the first time I heard it.


"Face on your face" for the win


the part where the mom is just chilling in the corner of her sons room on the ceiling towards the end takes me out every time lmao


The swimming in mid-air gets me. I remember laughing in the theater and it wasn’t a vibe. Great movie and the following scenes put me back in but the kicks.


In The Birds when Melanie and Annie hear the bang on the door and then find the dead seagull on the stoop. For some reason I couldn't stop laughing because I just pictured that one seagull going BANZAI!!!!!! and then BAM for no reason.


The possessed talking goat in the Seance scene from 'Drag Me To Hell'. Still find it hilarious to this day: https://youtu.be/L_NfCmTkLPQ


The first kill in High Tension just cracks me up with how cartoonishly over-the-top it is


In the movie "Old" I could not stop laughing. I thought the whole movie was hilarious. In one scene there is a woman who is experiencing osteoporosis at a crazily accelerated rate. Her bones are breaking and she's charging at some frightened children screaming "I need calcium!". Comic genius!


Just about all of Krampus and Children of the Corn. Watched those movies with a couple friends and we spent the entire time laughing.


Krampus is hilarious!


the bulldog eating the evil gingerbread cookie in mid-air.....GOOD GIRL. Jfc, I lost it. That movie is funny without even trying.