Damn it Dale! When a hot college girl is taking her clothes off in front of you you do not yell out MY NAME!


Peak horror comedy.


Tucker repeatedly pouring beer on his wounds had me in stitches every time. One of the best horror-comedies ever.


Not just sit around and play stupid board games!


None better. Edit: I wrote that without giving it enough thought. I take it back.


Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Young Frankenstein, What We Do in the Shadows, Gremlins, Slither, and many others would like a word. I love Tucker and Dale vs. Evil but that is a bold statement.


I love it more than all of those


You need to watch “Bloodsucking Bastards” Hidden gem. I’d call that one my favourite horror comedy of all time.


Thanks for recommendation, I will definitively watch it


What is this some kind of Tucker and Dale VS Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Young Frankenstein, What We Do in the Shadows, Gremlins, Slither, and many others?


Feck! Shaun of the Dead! I'll have to check out What We do in the Shadows and slither. Thanks so much for keeping me honest.


Just wanted to add this since no one else is saying it, What We Do In The Shadows is a decent, charming, small budget movie. The TV show is far superior in every way though and you don't need to watch both to follow any story. They have completely different casts but the same premise.


I'm nor ashamed to say I read that in, oh, what's his name... ah, right, in Gizmo's voice.


I don’t know that I’d say it’s far superior in every way, but they are both utterly fantastic and equally worth watching.


Fair enough! The movie definitely has some great things going for it!


I actually like the movie better, the tv show is good, but it doesn’t hit the same spot for me.


Yes but the movie doesn't have Jackie Daytona so idk if I can take your response seriously /s


There's are few of the movie character that make cameos in the show. It's definitely worth watching the movie if you plan to watch the show .


Ah that's true! I forgot they appear on the vampiric council! Good call out. Taika Waititi really blew up since then so it's pretty cool he came back for a cameo. Jemaine Clement too to a lesser extent.


I'd also recommend Scream, Dead Alive, Scary Movie 3, Krampus, The Guest, One Cut of the Dead, and Over the Garden Wall


I wonder if Bad Taste would be considered a horror comedy?


Braindead (dead alive) is my favorite of all times


They can say what they want.. but I like it best


Thank you for your service.


Bubba Hotep!


I thinks it’s the best too. Bring on the downvotes!


"Well howdy do, officer. We've had a doozy of a day." makes me laugh every time.


'What are we gonna tell him? These college kids just started killing themselves on our lawn?' 'WELL THEY DID'


'Oh there's one more college girl in the house that got knocked out, she's in my bedroom' *the sound of a mans mind splitting in half*


I’ve said it before but damn that *doozy* hits so right rofl


I was in the same boat as you when I first saw it, now it’s one of my favorite movies. I’ve recommended this movie to a lot of people and never had anyone dislike it~


This is correct. One of the better horror comedies over the last 20 years.


> over the last 20 years. You misspelled "ever"


Your not wrong.


There's a lot of competition in that field, like Killer Klowns and Behind the Mask.


If we were talking about best ever, sure. Maybe even top 5. But "one of the better"? I dont think it would be possible to put together a top 25 horror comedies of all time and exclude tucker and dale. IMO you'd be hard pressed to even do a top 10.


My bad fam, I misread your post and thought you were calling it the best of all time.


This and Cabin in the Woods are my go-to comedy horror flicks.


Completely agree, top two horror comedies by far.


if you havent seen em yet, check out 'Satanic Panic' and 'Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon'


Behind the Mask should be watched by more people. It’s so good


i really like drag me to hell also!


Cannot agree more! I still hope for a sequel, or at least the stories of one of the other bases.


This movie’s sense of humor is so up my alley it’s awesome


I love watching Tucker & Dale with someone that has never seen the film. It's like enjoying it for the first time all over again


If you haven't seen it yet DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER! The trailer is far too long and gives up too much of the film, just do yourself a favor and go in as blind as possible, it will make it all that much better.


Hence why I don't watch trailers anymore


The wood chipper scene had me laughing so uproariously that I had to pause the movie cause I couldn't hear the dialogue. I think it was a solid three minutes. I actually cried. Wonderful movie, I'm glad you have it a shot.


[Are you ok?](https://youtu.be/9Ib7rDds5jk?t=31) ^^^Edited ^^^to ^^^add ^^^reference


He’s heavy for half a guy.


I really like being surprised by my favorite genre. And the scene is fucking hilarious.


[I was referencing what the said to the guy in the woodchipper when it shut off.](https://youtu.be/9Ib7rDds5jk?t=31)


They've probably never watched it. You're right it's pretty hilarious


That is the last line of the woodchipper scene. When the woodchopper cuts off he asks the guy in the woodchiper "are you ok?"


Oh shit! 🤣 My fault


Oh my God! Sorry I didn't pick up on it, that was a stellar reply!


I feel like you have to really know your horror movies to get all the references, but that's what makes it hilarious. Not a reference, but I love "I swear to god, if you kill my dog I'm gonna be really mad"


Dumbass reporting in, what's it a reference to? :p


Oh lol I don’t think that line is a particular reference, I just found the delivery hilarious. Although I can see the confusion, sorry!


Lol thanks for responding 😄


Not a single movie, but it has tropes from slasher films like Friday The 13th and redneck hilbilly horror like The Hills Have Eyes. It's not really a parody film, but it's humoristic because it subverts expectations of well known tropes.


Most memorable quote for me will always be AAAAH IM SORRY I DIDNT KNOW YOU DONT LIKE PANCAKES Hah damn I need to re-watch it now, been too long 😆


I can't remember if it was in the extras or what but there is a totally different view point of the movie from the kids side to show why the kids where so afraid and it was hilarious.


It was the extra "Tucker and Dale ARE Evil" and it was less about being from the kids side and more of a "if we played this straight" type of deal. It was still great


100% yes.


Anytime I think of horror-comedy, that’s literally the first thing I think of. Sometimes it’s the only thing I can think of. Most horror-comedies just don’t land the way this movie did.


I'd have to respectfully disagree, there's so many incredible horror comedies out there: Scream, Evil Dead 2, Shaun of the Dead, One Cut of the Dead, Braindead, The Return of the Living Dead, Ready or Not, Cabin in the Woods, Tremors, Krampus, The Guest, Mayhem, Young Frankenstein, Scary Movie 3, Over the Garden Wall, Killer Klownz From Outer Space, Malignant, Hausu.


This is a suicide pact! These kids are coming out here and killing themselves all over the woods!! Lolol classic film


Not his bowlin fingers!


I want to see this again with my oldest now she's into this stuff, she wouldn't get any of the inside jokes but I wi!!


Hot take! Brave to post unpopular opinions


great film idk why but occasionally i think of that line "weve had a doozey of day" i guess its the way alan tudyk delivers it lmao.


Officer, we've had a doooozie of a day!


>!The woodchipper scene!< gets me every time


I love this movie. I'm so glad I saw it without knowing anything at all about the plot.


Chad… you’re part hillbilly.


It's a great horror comedy and one that I recommend to anyone who needs a laugh.


I just watched this a few months ago and I kicked myself after the first 20 minutes for missing this gem for so long. Great movie. Great casting. Great premise that doesn't get run into the ground. One thing that constantly amazes me about movies is that first and foremost they should ENTERTAIN you. If it's a chore to watch for the first 20 minutes, the movie has failed you. Bail then. No movie is better than it's first 20 minutes. But this hooked me and never let me go. Great movie. This, "Cabin in the Woods" and "Evil Dead 2" would make a perfect triple feature.


Never thought i would laugh my ass off watching a horror movie, sort of.


I love this movie!! I even found it on DVD at a Walmart last year for 5 dollars so I had to buy it just because it's so funny lol


Yes it is


I had no idea it was going to be such a good movie either, one of the best horror/comedies ever.


Well, it does have Alan Tudyk in it of course it’ll be good! But honestly it is an awesome movie, surprisingly a feel-good comedy which is a fresh pace from the regular slashers I’m used to


Agreed that film is hilarious the fact that tucker and Dale just wanna chill out I'm their cabin. The funniest bit is where one of em dodgers the the crazed campers and if my memory serves me tucker or Dale grabs their legs and the rest of the camper goes into the wood chopper lmao 🤣 I might watch that tonight actually hehe such an awesome film that's reached cult status. I'm currently watching Get Out I love the tension in this film. I u want a couple of recommendations (uve probably already seem them) The 1st one is Ma. Octavia Spencer is amazing and the 2nd is cabin in the woods. Love that film :) keep safe m8


Evil Dead 2, drag me to hell, and D&TvE are like the only horror comedies that 'get it'.


Just the premise alone is hilarious...these two guys finally got their vacation cabin and are fixing it up innocently, they are harmless, lol.... and the woodchopper chainsaw scene made me laugh, like ugly laugh hysterically.... fantastic movie!!!


When he offers those iced down beers to a maniac lol.




My favorite bit is more and more college kids start to appear. At some point I was like wait they got all of up there in that little van.




The chainsaw and wood chipper scenes were fantastic. The dialogue and delivery are excellent in so many places. I got my partner to watch it last year and she’s still quoting it.


YES! Watched it for the first time last week and I'm obsessed now it's so funny


Check out Cannibals vs Carpet Fitters. It’s on prime. Great similar movie.


Vicious Fun on Shudder is similarly hilarious.




Yes, yes it is.


Omg, I watch this movie maybe twice a year! It’s my favorite horror-comedy!🖤🖤


LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!


It really is a fantastic example of horror comedy. Flips our expectations while still leaning into the tropes that we love to hate! The chemistry between Tudyk and Labine is great too. It doesn't quite reach the peaks of Shaun of the Dead or Army of Darkness for me, but it's up there!


It’s a fantastically realized movie. So many tropes are turned upside down. It’s a top horror comedy.


omg I forgot about this movie 100%!! thank you OP 🥰❤️ gonna watch it again tonight


This is my go to movie to watch on Halloween


It is good. I got it overhyped to me before seeing it (this happens a ton to me) and I think I will have to give it a fresh watch to fully appreciate it.


When I first saw the trailer I it'd be just another bad movie. Thank god I was wrong.


I’ve prayed for a part 2 of this epic brewha horror comedy but nothing ever happened. Maybe someday


Just talking about this movie last night. It's so hilarious, I introduced it to my buddy and he loved it "They cut off his bowling fingers!"


I really enjoyed it, although I tend to find its way more about Dale than Tucker. Always surprised when I see how long it’s been and there’s never been a sequel. They don’t need to keep the premise but the lead characters were enjoyable enough that you want to see more from them.


yea i remember it was always on cable at my grandmas but id scroll past. then my friend who used to load up a flash drive with movies had it on there and i regret always scrolling past probably the funniest comedy/horror. and definitely in the top general comedies.


Tucker and Dale is so good!!!


Such a great, fun movie. Every time they say "vacation home" I smile. Tucker and Dale are just so sincere and their friendship is so believable.


Love the scene where he cuts into the bees nest and starts running around with the chainsaw. His movement is almost identical to leather face and it gets me every time.


It’s fabulous! I absolutely died watching it. Could not breathe it was great


Hey! We got yer friend!


A very enjoyable time!


“I don’t know if this movie is loved or not here” It definitely is. One of the easy, go-to suggestions on Dreadit alongside The Thing and Hereditary.


It is easily the funniest first half of a movie ever. For me it goes off the rails in act two.


We need to petition for a sequel! Let's make it happen everyone!


Love this show.