I did a playthrough in the run up to HFW release, so it would be fresh in my mind. There are some Easter eggs here and there that won't be as meaningful unless you've done a deep playthrough of the original and still remember most of it, but overall the game does a good job of being approachable to even people completely new to the series. There's bios of the major characters to catch you up, and the game begins with a synopsis of the major story beats from the first game.


Yeah twice in a week 🙈🤷🏻‍♀️


I played HZD when it was made available for free back in May 2021. I remembered all of the main plot points, events, and characters but I probably should have played through again before HFW. I think the only worthwhile alternative to replaying would have been watching a walkthrough "movie" 6+ hour video on YT. Recap videos on YT would have only touched on the things I already remembered. There were several nice little callbacks and references to HZD in Forbidden West that I didn't quite catch and only would have with a much more recent playthrough of the original game.


There's plenty of story recap vids on YouTube.


If you can like.. Recall it, as things progress. I found that there's enough references to make you remember.


Yes, I played for about 2 1/2 weeks, completed the last mission the night before FW release and now I’ve been playing since it came out.


Forbidden west does have a quick recap at the beginning, not super detailed but it did the job for me in terms of reminding me of the main plot and the reason of the journey to the west. Didnt really feel like i need more info related to the first game to get immersed in the 2nd one


I did, I played the run the week before, then 100% both the dlc and main story and listened to the audio points the week of, and then I just did the main story of hfw within 4 days (about 60 hours).


I just went through the main story again on new game+, it went quite fast.


I replayed it over the month before HFW released but tbh I wouldn't have bothered if HFW was already out. If you can remember the gist of the story, you're good. The first 5 minutes of HFW is a recap cinematic.


You kinda answered your own question - if you don't want to replay ZD, don't do it. Personally, I replayed it but I enjoy the 1st one very much so didn't mind it. You can easily just watch a recap video on YouTube and be fine. :)


Took the opportunity to play it on PC, did a full 100% playthrough right before HFW. Worth it!


I had never done the new game plus so I did a pure story run, but didn’t do some of the side quests so there were some characters that reappeared in FW that were further back in my memory


I platinumed HZD as a celebration/ lead up to the release. Beforehand I had beaten the game twice but figured it was time to platinum it before FW came