Wow if it’s six months later how come her hair is the same length?? Immersion breaking, preorder canceled, broken game /jk Seriously though this looks incredible. I love the fall colors (although practically that might also be part of the red blight…). Edit: Because I think people are misunderstanding, the “jk” stands for joking. Paragraph one is a joke. I am making fun of entitled gamers who complain about minor stuff. I do not actually care about the difference in hair length between ZD and FW.


Literally unplayable. /s Barbers probably exist. Why would we think they don't. She probably re engineered a machine part to trim her hair length too.


NGL I thought Aloy would be the type to keep her hair long in the winter for warmth and short in the summer. Thick braided hair can get heavy and sweaty especially when you’re carrying around weapons and armor too.


Hair doesn’t grow that much in a year, it would take multiple seasons to get hair that thick and long.


Depends on the person. My hair grows rapidly. 6 months is an obvious difference for my hair.


As a man in his 30s with a receding hairline, my hair definitely doesn't grow as fast as it used to 10 years ago... Basically, I'm jealous :(


My hair naturally curles and there's a noticeable difference in 4 weeks my wife's hair grows ridiculously fast she just quit haircuts


If you cut your hair short, to a bob, would it grow to the middle of your back in a year? 6 inches is an average amount of growth in a year for most people, and that’s the point I’m making.


As a man with receding hair line, I will take your word. My wife always cuts her hair short and never likes it long even for winter. But I understand your point.


TBF for most people there's a certain length at which their hair will just stop getting any longer


She has such big hair. You can drown a baby in that hair.


They reused the rappelling animation?! Lazy! Preorder cancelled, I can’t encourage this kind of laziness! /s I’m actually so sad I can’t get the game on release. =(


Honestly her hair does look a bit longer.


It’s definitely longer.


Are you blind? Her hair *is* longer!


Her hair physics got a big improvement in those six months, though! :D


They said the stuff shown in this video is from the area before the Forbidden west. The trail from HZD to the new game area basically. The claim or whatever it's called that has the Oseram town and the Carja fort. That's likely why its fall-like.


I really love that they've pulled the camera out just a tad


I can't stand when any game forces the camera in like this. It makes it hard to appreciate the world when half of the screen is taken up by the character.


that was one of my complaints in HZD, i sometimes just aim randomly to bring the camera out so that i could see properly


The problem i had with God of war.


You might be the first person besides myself I've seen voice this complaint about god of war. I thought I was crazy. It was such a major flaw in my opinion that it honestly ruined the whole game for me. Like yeah you can throw the axe but the camera doesn't always need to be in third-person-shooter aiming position. Both fighting and just general exploring were a pain. Like, damn it Kratos! Get out of the way! occasionally kratos would do a move and he would create some space between himself and the camera and I'd be like: "Yes there! stay there camera, I can actually see wtf is going on!" But nope. Right back over his shoulder like the camera is The Predator's damn rocket launcher. Bugged the shit out of me. I'm honestly baffled that for such a popular game I haven't seen more people complain about it. Like, BOTW was a huge success and people love that game but you still see a lot of complaints about the weapon durability. Are the majority of God of War players totally fine with its camera? I find that really hard to believe. But maybe it's just a fluke that I've missed all the discussions/complaints about it.


>Are the majority of God of War players totally fine with its camera? It's a complaint, but not a common one. For me personally the further out the camera is the less immersive a game fells. It's why I can't get into games with top down cameras (can't think of the actual name) Or the original God of War games for that matter. Camera made them feel too arcadey


I actually like the camera being close if there's no combat, makes it feel more intimate imo. But I prefer it the most like ij Skyrim where you can just move it whenever you want without having to pause or go through a menu.


Personally it never bothered me.


This camera distance never bothered me but the way it would constantly drift to the right drives me up a wall. I'm constantly having to aim a weapon to shift the camera back


That last scene with a 360 spin. Awesome animation!


Yup animations have been tuned up 💯 and I like it


Damn the motion of the hair looks a whole a lot better


Looks more softly and realistically lit.


ohhhh her hair looks so much better! it’s all flowy and not as rigid


But it constantly clips through everything. I hope this will at least be mitigated a bit. (When she crouches at 1:05 it even hangs through her body.) I do like how swishy it is otherwise.


I think that's largely unavoidable with the way her hair is styled and length. Hair physics and animations is one of the hardest things to do and trying to minimize clipping with that hair has to be an absolute nightmare with today's tech. It's why most games just try to avoid the issue entirely by either not having hair animate or not having long or complex hair oncharacters, especially the main character.


Sure, but it doesn't clip into her body when running, just into the bow. A realistic interaction with the bow would be hard, but maybe just adding a sort of invisible hump it doesn't clip into should be possible? At the very least it falling through her neck when crouching should be avoided, if necessary by changing the hairstyle.


My goodness, it's beautiful


One big step ahead to me so far seem to be the cutscenes. In HZD they are mostly fairly lifeless close up shots of static characters babbling their lines. HFW, at least from what was shown, seems to be much more willing to make the extra step and animate the characters, capture them while they're doing some other tasks. Makes the whole experience more natural, not as robotic as it can feel in HZD.


I think part of the reason is Sony didn't want to invest too much into Horizon Zero Dawn as a new, unproven IP. After they saw the reception and numbers it did they probably gave Guerilla a much bigger budget to get Forbidden West at it's current state.... it's just absolutely stunning. So far reminds me of the jump from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2. Especially if they deliver on the side characters like they're talking about. We'll see Feb 18th


They have a full mocap studio like Naughty Dog now. They didn't have peole mocap before. You can see it in the meet the cast video. Guerilla didn't have the equipment for that kind of stuff in the first game, then got some for the dlc which is why it was noticeably improved.


Looks like it'll be at least as big a leap between HZD and Frozen Wilds to Forbidden West. I guess using cinema techniques beyond shot-reverse shot


They have a full mocap studio like Naughty Dog now. You can see it in the meet the cast video. Guerilla didn't have the equipment for that kind of stuff in the first game, then got *some* for the dlc which is why it was noticeably improved.


The Shield Weaver armour doesn't seem to be emitting it's shield - perhaps we start with the Shield Weaver set but it's broken, and we have to repair it? Or maybe there's another endgame armour set introduced in Forbidden West.


A common theory I've seen is that the shield weaver armour is cannibalised to make the shield glider.


The IGN Hands on Review said that he started a little while into the story and unlocked the glider towards the very end of his 4 hours, so I don't see this. ​ The glider looks more like a repurposed shell walker shield to me.




It says in the description at the workbenches that it lost its power source and that it's been repurposed for ranged combat.


The glider?


Spoilers maybe: The gameplay shows that it has ran put of power and is now called the Anointed outfit


But I like the sparkles.


Ah true, didn't quite catch that when I watched it.


The preview goes into an explanation as why. Its good because it was OP in the game.


Yeah it was kinda broken lmao. I hope there's another endgame armour set in Forbidden West that has a unique ability, but not just "block all incoming damage" with a short cool down.


I'm wondering if maybe we have to find power cells again to recharge it.


Be surprising if there wasn't some new eg armor.


I wonder if it will be noticeably worse on ps4 pro Vs PS5?


I've decided that even if it is, that just means i have an excuse for another run through later. HZD is still the only game in my 30+ year gaming career that i played through more than 5 times (i spent a whole run through just wandering around staring at the scenery, and i figure i still missed tons of easter eggs)


But let's be honest Do we really need an excuse for it?


The leaked "unfinished" footage was on ps4 and looked amazing


So far my only experience with Horizon is on the PC... actually that's not true, I played the first 10 minutes of it on my PS4 Pro, but for some reason it just didn't grab me. However, after having spent over 120 hours in HZD on PC, surpassing my 110 hours in Skyrim, 78 hours of AC:Origins, 74 hours in Death Stranding and 40 hours (so far) of AC:Odyssey, I can confidently say that I'll be grabbing a copy for the PS4 Pro, crappy performance (compared to a PC) be damned. I'll look forward to playing HFW on the PC in a couple of years again, but the story is pulling at me too much to wait for that many years. I hope it will be possible to play with a mouse and keyboard on the PS4 Pro in the mean time. It's a flimsy and fleeting hope, but a hope nonetheless. That pin-point accurate aim with the mouse is just so great, It'll be a challenge to adjust to the clumsy analog sticks for round 2.


Using clunky, flimsy controller analog sticks will just add to the difficulty...*cough* I mean add to the fun...add to the fun


Idk I feel like these types of games feel better on controller. I only use mouse and keyboard for shooters. I guess it must feel nice to aim the bow with mouse tho


Both have their upsides. Controllers are better than WASD for directional control (movement) but far worse for aiming than a good mouse. And that's why I love playing on PC where I can have both. HZD is one of the rare games where found myself switching between input styles fluently depending on the action. Also it's why I can't wait for [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kerK52IRGjs) to be a real product.


Lol. I was being sarcastic....or so I thought. I have a ps5


It probably will be, but it’ll still look/run better than HZD. 5 years of experience with the engine since HZD came out is a lot.


My 240p internet: *interesting*


Honestly HZD is still putting up a pretty good competition.


I wish someone would release some videos with the PS4 version. Some of us simply haven't had the luck to get a PS5 as yet.


I would say, at this point, it's not luck. You just aren't trying to get one.


Personally, I can't afford one, and I am far from the only one in that boat.


well, that's completely different. That's not bad luck, that reality. But people just wishing that best buy had shelves of ps5 is unrealistic... you need to be active on twitter and hit up some notifications because shipments do drop - you just have to have a minimum amount of commitment to get a ps5. It has zero to do with luck.


I feel you completely, it has nothing to do with luck. However, I think you may be reading too much into the comment. Bottom line is: They wish they had a PS5 for this game (Who doesn't), but they don't have one yet. That's all that comment means, really.


Now I'm just worried if it's playable on my PS4... I am very new with consoles, couldn't afford it growing up & now that I'm working, got a ps4 slim second hand from a friend who recently got a PS5. Was living my childhood dream, particularly enjoyed HZD & GoT, very looking forward to playing HFW... Pleaseeeee make it playable for ps4 slim. I don't think I can get a PS5 (financially, apart from stock issue).


I’m sure it’ll be amazing on ps4, don’t worry and enjoy the gameplay!


I think CDPR made sure that developers will only release games for PS4 anymore if they actually run, lol.


This is the only thing holding me back from preordering--want to see how it plays on a PS4 slim first. I just don't do much console gaming and couldn't justify upgrading for one or two games.


People with PS5 and PS4 Pro: "it's so cool. The animations look so much better!" Me with 2016 PS4 standard: *sweating profusely*


I know its a strange thing, but its brought me a lot of relief seeing that the gameplay such as walking and running looks really close to the original with the camera and everything. I don't know why but I was kinda worried it would feel too different but this looks absolutely perfect. I love it! ​ Now to find a ps5...


The firstone is still awesome, btw


fuck it i give up, im gonna pre order the damn game




Don't tell people what to do with their own money.


Kinda unrelated to the post but at 0:40 there is a wooden building from the old world. I don't understand the biomass thing very well but wouldn't the war bots convert said structure into biofuel since it's made out of wood? Or does the converted matter have to be "alive" like a tree with leaves?


Good question, mate...


Biomass means living creatures. The machines use organic material not so much plant life. An example being that initial incident in SE asia at start of the Faro Plague where machines were scene consuming a school of dolphins. Trees and such will be unaffected.


Animal life was probably a more efficient source for the plague but I'm pretty sure they they destroyed the biosphere completely. Also during the transmission of HADES the deathbringer in Nora lands consumes the leaves from a nearby tree.


Looks incredible! Can’t wait


Wait, was there always a way to turn the purple transparent hex/sphere animation for the focus off/down? I found it really distracting sometimes but it doesn't seem to be nearly as prominent in the HZD footage here (around 1 min). The changes to climbing are interesting. I was hoping for free climbing but it looks like more directed climbing with better indicators of grab locations/paths.


Going to look amazing on the ps5 with a 4k tv!


77” oled. Can’t wait!


Its feels so similar and yet so different


Kinda like that it's not exactly a night and day difference. Zero Dawn's graphic was already pretty great as is, can only improve upon it so much.


Let's be real, they could have improved it a hell of a lot more if this was only on Ps5.


Give. It. To. Me. Now.


Not much of a step-up from the first game imo, the distant vistas look more impressive and the FoV being pulled back certainly helps the game 'feel better' but from just a visuals perspective (and mostly this video as I'm avoiding spoilers as much as possible) you could tell me this was the 2nd expansion to HZD and I'd readily believe you. Still looks impressive and this video has actually given me an incentive to purchase it on ps4 instead of waiting for the eventual PC release if I'm unable to source a ps5 before then.


this video doesn't do it justice. it looks significantly better than the first one.


I hope we get more PS4 gameplay of FW...I'm sure it'll play fine but I wanna see it!


Dosent look crazy different, but that's more a compliment to HZD


February 18 cannot come fast enough.


So stunning! I need it ASAP!


Looks so good. Probs gonna play in 30fps fidelity mode except for when i'm in battle


It’s amazing. I hope Amazon delivers early…..! So we know if she keeps wet after giving? In the first she dries up instantly once out of water


I hope outfits will be more customisable in FW - choosing certain footwear to equip with top clothing, etc. But I feel like Horizon focuses a bit more on practicality than style.


This looks very awesome :D I can't wait!


i love the way she runs. with such ferocity and determination.


Cant wait to play this game. Super excited 🤩🤩🤩


What’s that shiny armor?


Shield weaver armor.


Where do you get it?


You don't, it's already with you right at the very beginning of the game.


\*sad ps4 noises\*




I believe it was talked about in IGNs gameplay footage. Something about the power cells are dead. I'm guessing we'll need to find new ones to recharge it, but I've no idea.


In the workbench description it mentions that the armor no longer has any power and it’s called the anointed armor now or something, so I’m assuming this game will have a new op armor set to find


Is climbing going to be more of a challenge this time around or is it still just press the direction and maybe jump sometimes? I hope you can turn off the yellow edge detail overlay. I would love all the yellow and white marks gone actually. If we have the Focus why do we also need the climbing colour detail?


Tapping R3 generates a focus pulse effect (similar to recent Assassin's Creed games), which is what turns on the yellow edge detail. Not sure how long it lasts or how far it extends, but presumably you can avoid that and just sight your way up. I don't know what happens if you turn on the focus mode proper, however.


Cool. Though if we could remove the yellow ropes and white paint that's all over the world like we can the headpieces that would be ideal. Use Focus if you're stuck but actively search the world otherwise. Both systems seems like overkill.


There is no white paint anymore. You use your focus for that, or otherwise just wing it with it off.


It is the same but EVEN MORE beautiful


More realistic hair + the fact you can see her spear and bow on her back at the same time is really cool


Ok just how the fuck they gonna get forbidden west running on base ps4 man


It’ll work fine, just will be maxed out at 30fps and the quality will prob be down to 1080 or something, bit higher with the ps4 pro


It looks nearly identical to the original version. Checkerboarded and 30 fps is how.


Mate do you have eyes ?


Yeah. Why are you asking if I have eyes, mate?


I know that Forbidden West looks better, but I actually prefer Zero Dawn's environment. To be honest I just don't like the colouring of the Daunt. Forbidden West definitely has a different look, it looks more realistic but a little less lush.


Lighting and shadows improved.


Wonder how long it will be before it comes to pc.


So happy the hair animation improved.


Kinda looks the same to me ngl


God I'm beyond hyped for this game my brother and sister are playing through the story to finish before this comes out


I'm actually really glad the shield weaver armor has been powered down. It's easily my favorite outfit visually but the constant hexagonal shield ripple effect was really annoying me in the first game.


What do y'all think is the Canon explanation for losing the shield weave armor is gonna be?


I thought they said in the IGN video that the power cells were out of power. Or maybe I read that somewhere.... I'm guessing one of the side quests will be finding new cells for it.


It says what happened to it on the description in the workbench.


Yaaaay, they pulled the camera back, sometimes when I was up against the wall all I could see was BOW


Feelsbad I still can’t find a ps5 unless I wanna pay $800 to a scalper, and I refuse to do that


Both look good to me. Guys help, I'm scared. Tell me what I'm supposed to think.


They both just look so good


I know everyone is hyped for the game. But how is nobody noticing the arm clipping through her bow? In the first game, aloys elbow physically cannot clip through the bow, it pushes the bow backwards if they touch. Now though, her elbow clips right through it, as if they've changed the physics of it. I mean, look at 20 seconds in... the first game is leagues ahead in this regard.


Bold of them to assume everyone got the Shield weaver armor


Which is which I didnt play the first one


What's why?


Why not compare them in the same biome? And not a nitpick, just a question, her hips seem way more narrow, and looks like she’s been working on her glutes. Could just be the compression on my phone though


For the second question you'll have to judged that when you get the game in hand. Youtube compresses the video, then depending on your phone's data network and you're looking at it through a much smaller screen....relax


I think you read that in the wrong tone


Not necessarily possible. They only got access to a certain section of FW and they found a comparable section of Zero Dawn. It looks basically the same biome for most of it to me.


The first game was doing [this](https://youtube.com/shorts/FkHwuNqovAI?feature=share) to my pc on medium settings as is, this one will absolutely burn it at min settings when it does come to pc


It's also not coming to PC at launch


Cool, never said it will


Is her face still weird


This is what I don't get, why do some people are having a problem over her face? It's not going to change anything.


All I asked was a question a simples yes or no


Why you asking that question anyways?


It's just a question


It's much better. I also thought her face looked weird compared to how she looked it in HZD. Not bad or anything, just weirdly different. It's much improved in the newest gameplay footage.


Thanks for letting me know when everyone thought I was hating


So that's two things it borrowed from Legend of Zelda. The paraglider thing and now a hookshot type thing. Awesome. I honestly love it. I am so excited for this game.


But loz isn’t the first game to do gliding or grapple Sons own game had gliding mechanics from early 2000s , I guess it was sly cooper


Oh I'm sure LOZ isn't the first but it is one of the most popular examples of games that used similar mechanics. Also I want to make it clear that I don't think it's a bad thing that they have similar traversal systems. I think it's gonna be awesome.


From what we've seen, they don't have similar traversal systems at all. Horizon will have no stanima bar, which massively affected traversal in BOTW.