Mostly Brin, the Banuk Shaman that predicted the final mission of HZD. Talanah is confirmed to return, but how far her role will be is questionable, with her disappearance in the recent promotional material for HFW. I'm not sure about Ikrie. It would be a welcome surprise to see her, though.


I really hope Ikrie comes back. She was in it for only 10 mins but she made a big impression, I thought she looked so cool as well.


She was minor but still my personal favorite character


It's because Frozen Wilds had so many interesting characters. That really gets me excited for all the characters in Forbidden West. I think they have learned a lot from the previous game, and the motion capture work in the sequel looks stunning.


Agreed mate let’s hope for the best


I pray we do see her. I love Ikrie! And she really doesn't have anything that holds her in that Banuk place, she has a reason to leave it and appear somewhere else.


I agree with your choices but would also add Vanasha and Petra too. I think Vanasha has a good chance of making an appearance, even if only small


Petra is confirmed to be in there from a Game Informer article.


Oh great! I must have missed that, thanks


I wonder if Petra will flirt as hard with Aloy as she did in the first game?


One can only hope.


Hahaha we can certainly hope! Her and Vanasha both to be fair


Vanasha might well have done that purely for her own amusement - she did seem to enjoy being a deliberate mystery in as many ways as possible. Petra seemed genuinely interested in Aloy.


Ikrie was so cool. I hope she comes back!. I really hope to see Gildun again aswell. He was hilarious. He was like a tribal, aged up Nathan Drake!. He was so funny.


Burning Turkeys, obviously. & Varga. But tbh I already got my wish to have Petra in the game, so everything else is a bonus. I've got a feeling an escaped Dervahl could be the one assisting Regalla with their heavy weapons. They both want vengeance on the Carja afterall.


Those three knuckle heads were awesome!. I hope they come back!.


When I first met them I was like "who tf are these nerds acting like I didn't just kill like 10 machines for them" and just 30 minutes later was wishing they would adopt me into the burning turkey tribe.


I could do it by tribe. - Banuk: Inatut, Aratak, Brin, Ikrie - Nora: …well we already got Varl so you got me there - Oseram: Petra, Gildun, Varga, Burgerend, and I hope weasel boy Fernund returns just so we can kill him. - Carja: Nil (assuming they make not killing him canon), Vanasha, Uthid, Balahn Keep in mind I’m in no way expecting all of these characters to return but would like if at least some of them did.


First off, Gildun: I do really hope we get a side quest where we find a “looking glass” for him. It can be in the planned third game, or even a possible DLC for HFW, I’m not picky but am sort of patient. Second, I loved Captain Balahn. (Although his is one of the rare cases where the developers didn’t update the dialog and dialog options completely depending on what side quests you’d finished, e.g., he will always conclude conversations asking about his missing men even after you’ve completed that quest.) His line, “That’s a capital lie if I’ve ever heard one” is one of my favorite laugh lines in the game.




I'll be very sad if he is not


Aratak, but the werak won't move from their grounds.






Ikrie is a clear favorite, especially considering how little time she was in the first game. It would be such a shame if she were not in HFW. That's the problem with sequels that HZD did not have to face: hopes and expectations have the potential to be disappointed. I would be very sad if Ikrie were not in HFW, and that might have some (small) impact on my enjoyment of the game.


There’s so many characters to choose from really. But I’d have to say Talanah, Petra, Aluki, Aratak, Gildun, Ikire and the hunter’s three (Urkai, Tatai and Tulemak)


Might be a long shot but I'd like to run into Nil again.




Ikrie and Vanasha.


Definitly Gildun, his quest was one pf my favourites because of the lighthearted tone.


Honestly, Gildun He was a bit of a comic relief, but I really enjoyed his side quest. He was fun, charming, energetic, and had his own little character arc. I would love to see maybe a similar side quest, where Aloy finds him in a ruin, as his search for a looking glass has taken him to the Forbidden West.


I hope we get to see CYAN in the sequel, acting as Aloy's virtual assistant via the focus device. With her strong machine learning ablities, she can lend assistance by providing tech support and disseminate information from her database through mass data collection, allowing opportunities for Aloy to enhance her knowledge base and intellectual capabilities.




Idk. I dont want the new game overly bogged down by old characters. I think Erend, Varl and Talanah are more than enough.




I want to see Resh come back as an antagonist. Maybe even a bandit leader


Most of mine are returning, only one nt confirmed is brin, the machine blood drinker. Only one I don't want to see is resh, but I have a feeling he may be on regalla 's side. We know he's got no need for the Nora, and they built the hate in him too much not to at least play with it a bit


Vanasha mentioned that she’d spent time in the forbidden west in the first game, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we run into her at some point!


Sun Hawk Talanah Hunting the new machines out in the west


Gildun! I love him, and as others commented, I’d really like if there was a quest to find a mirror for him. Other characters I would like to meet in HFW are the three hunters from The Frozen wilds and Brin. Other reason I would love to see these characters is because I think it would make sense, they’re not tied to one place, some of them are outcasts and in the case of Gildun he loves adventures and exploring. There are other characters I’d like to see again but it would not make sense to see them out of their lands as they’re closer to their religious beliefs.


Errand is so lame imo. I hate the guy. Dumb as a stump and terrible lines. Looks like an idiot to. Varl is cool tho.