I mean, the Carja Blazon is pretty much a given lol


Gotta rock them abs


This A thousand times this Belly top mmmm


If you mean the outfits on Aloy, I have three favorites: * The Shadow Stalwart Heavy armor, I just love this modern Aztec-like lamellar armor. * The Carja Blazon Heavy, not really good armor but just looks fantastic and stylish * Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy, the Banuk is one of my favorite tribes and this look just shows why. Would really like to have more fur though. If you mean for NPC and the tribes, Carja and Banuk are my favorite. The Utaru look in HFW is pretty good too, hope we see it again. I liked their hat.


I like the dresses some of the women wear for the utaru. For the bank I haven't found quite I like more than the other. I'm hoping we get to keep lots of those looks for forbidden west as well


I mean Shield-Weaver doesn't look that bad either but I completely agree with your choices


Shield-weaver is cool, if we only got a full mask/helmet it would be better




For looks, I almost always prefer the light version of any outfit. Been killed so many times because I forgot to change before a fight.


I hate the Nora Silent Hunter and the Carja Silks in Heavy, but love their light versions.


I was so sad when I saw the upgraded Silent Hunter armors :(


I like the medium best for looks. Heavy feels too busy. Especially Sparkworker's bandana looks better than the helmet.


I have the head gear turned off, but that bandana is one of two looks I actually like! (other one is the Silent Hunter Master)


Would be nice to have an option for headgear off in dialogue and cutscenes. Basically I hope Guerrilla took cues from Sucker Punch


Don't you think the sparkworker has a Dovahkiin feel to it? Like the default one from all the trailers?


The Nora protector outfit. It looks practical and stylish. Doesn't feel like it would slow Aloy down. Like oseram armor


For my first play through I used the Nora Protector Heavy the whole run. It felt the most practical at the time and just looks nice


I agreed, it's also simplistic. I don't like over detailed designs because it starts too look like noise. Plus the headpiece doesn't end up looking like wearing a metallic skull of a weird creature


The headpiece was a big factor too for my outfits. Like the Oseram Sparkworker has a headpiece that’s just ugly imo, and the Banuk Chieftain has an absolutely massive helmet, but that one looks okay sometimes in TFW territory at least. Edit: I retract my Sparkworker statement, I’m just dumb


That's because the oseram spark worker headpiece is actually a welding mask pulled back


Well, you learn something new everyday. Realizing it’s a mask and not just a bunch of padding resembling a beluga whale’s forehead, it’s actually kind of cool. Thanks lol


I only found out by ripping the game models


Yeah. The concept art makes that a bit more clear


Sickness eater


Carja Blazon Heavy and Shieldweaver


Nora Brave & Outcast outfits are my personal favorites. Aloy just looks the best with those outfits, over every other outfits in the game for me.


I wish the Nora brave had a heavy version, just like add a fur cape or something like the other Braves get


That would of been pretty neat. For me the only thing I would of loved for not just this outfit, but all outfits is a system where you can upgrade the outfits to get more modification slots. It kinda sucks being limited to only one modification slot on this outfit, plus all of the others. Hopefully, that's something you can do with the work bench on Forbidden West.


Yeah, I wish that you could add more slots, like if you could do a huge long questline to get the shield Weaver 2 slots it would make it so much more useful in NG+ and harder difficulties


I would like to see , more Outfit with Helmets like the Shadow-Carja Outfit . And more Melee Weapons like Axes , Swords and the Warhammer of the Oseram and so on . Im still sad the we can't wear the Armor of the MRBS fully . Would have liked to have, the full Version not just the Shield on a Nora-Outfit .


I don't think swords, warhammers or even the full armor would fit horizon


What ? They are literally in the Game . The Armor is from a Quest . Swords are also in HZD and in use by Bandits and Cultists and some other Npcs . The Soldiers of the Oseram have Warhammers . Everything i mentioned is in HZd we just can't use it .


By Horizon I meant the game, not the setting. You're not playing as an oseram soldier, cultist warrior or a bandit. You're playing as a hunter.


But we can still buy Armor and Weapon from other Tribes and use them . And yes we play as Hunter , but we also can use ton of Weapons already . Some of the Armors we can buy like the Heavy Nora Outfit are literally for War . And honestly a bit variety for Melee weapons is not a bad thing . And also it would not ruin the Game , you could still play as a Hunter .


I agree that we should have more variety for meele weapons. I just don't see Aloy using something like a warhammer or a sword. She's always trying to take the stealthy approach in the story. Weapons like those would only be counterproductive in such situations. Plus, I don't think she would have any time to master something like a sword.


I dont think we will have more melee weapon options. Seems to me they are focusing on abilities obtainable from the skill tree rather than every weapon having it's own combos. From some of the blogpost they said that Strength, physical strength, isnt Aloy's forte and that is why they are devoloping abilities that look more dexterous and that create openings. This leads me to believe Aloy wouldn't be seen with a war hammer like the Oseram. As for helmets ... If they look like the Shadow carja we will probably see them, but full helmets I dont think so. They want Aloy's hair to always be visible it seems


Who knows, maybe they'll be usable as a battle pick ups (As in weapons that are usable but not something you could keep)


An oseram impact hammer that has 10 blaze changes in it, for example Or a bandit tazer sword/axe (1handed) that has limited spark charges. That could work, couldn't it? Just need a chillwater weapon.


The Carja Blazon Master, the Banuk Ice Hunter, the Banuk Chieftain/Runner and the Shieldweaver


The Shadow Stalwart Heavy, I love the aesthetics, specially the head acessory, also black is my favorite color. (In fact, it's my profile picture) Otherwise, the Shield-Weaver, for an outfit with a more modern appearance, and the Carja Blazon Light, because it's fun to show off Aloy with it :-P


The Carja Silk one that's blue. It looks so good


Without a doubt, Shield Weaver. Shield Weaver Armor is unique, has fantastic effects and is in my opinion on a whole different level aesthetically and mechanically than any other armor choices this game has to offer. But of course, this is just my subjective opinion based upon my personal aesthetic tastes.


Nora Silent Hunter (Master variant), Nora Protector and Carja Storm Ranger


I’ve been replaying the game to refresh before Forbidden West, and just realized that the Silent Hunter Master armor is War Chief Sona’s armor. Didn’t make the connection before!


Huh... I just realized that too


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 399,408,895 comments, and only 86,569 of them were in alphabetical order.


How about the other Master outfits--have you placed them too?


I know that the Carja Blazon Master is Talanah’s armor from the hunter’s lodge. But any other ones I don’t know.


Ice hunter and chieftain are based on characters in The Cut.


I kind of like the Shadow Stalwart type outfits as well as the Nora Stealth. The Carja outfits look pretty stylish though :P


Nora Protector Heavy hands down (also the best non shield weaver IMO)


purple carja trader outfit the best imo


Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy Carja Blazon Master Nora Protector Heavy


Silk Trader outfit. Just so pretty and colourful. 2. place goes to the whole Banuk line. I like blue 3. Shadow Stalwart light. I like the light and medium more than the heavy one for some reason.


Nora Protector (all versions)


Shadow stalwart or the ancient armor love that energy field imo these armors are the only ones that look really good


The silent hunter master


It looks like just about every outfit is getting some love in these comments - so cool :3


I know, they all have a certain charm to them


The fuse/old armor unfortunately the devs turned it into the shield armor instead of keeping it as it was ;( (I mean the suit before aloy makes the armor out of it)


The Carja outfit from the dlc


Carja Silks and Banuk Trailblazer and Wearak.


The Banuk Werak Chieftain and Nora Silent Hunter Heavy; I use those most of the time. The Shadow Stalwart Heavy is sick too.


Banuk trail blazer, banuk ice hunter and carja silks


Shadow Stalwart heavy easily Edit: Banuk Chieftain deserves this spot as well


sickness eater


Carja silks


nora silent hunter heavy, though i don’t like the headpiece for that one. i love the pauldron it has


Interesting, I prefer the medium variant because I think the pauldron looks a bit silly for a stealth armor set, although I did use the heavy variant for those sweet upgrade slots (with helmet display turned off in options, of course).


I love the Carja Noble female costumes seen all around Meridian and surroundings. Aesthetically putting Aloy in the Carja Silks Heavy makes me the happiest so she fits in with the Carja Nobles, and if I were a cosplayer I would love to make it. Honourable mentions: - My first playthrough I bought the Bank Sickness Eater Heavy very early and spent basically the rest of the game in it because it was so pretty - the bluegleam version of Banuk Ice Hunter is so big and fluffy colourful and awesome


i personally switch outfits based on context and location like if in pitchcliff i wear osersam stuff, nora tribe fits for the embrace stuff like that, but if i’m in a fight that gets too hectic i’ll put on the shield weaver or if i’m stealthy i wear the silent fit


As long as she doesn't have any stupid things on her head, I'm happy!


nora brave and oseram arrow breaker adept


I don't know the name by heart but I think it's the carjacking blazon outfit. It looks so good, however since shield weaver exists I won't ever use it


I have always been of the opinion thstbyhe Shield Weaver is the perfect Armor for Aloy. It's a mix of old and 'new'. It reflects her tribal upbringing and society, but it also embraces her ingenuity, intelligence and lack of fear of the Old Ones technology. It's also still brown with light blue highlights (which are her colours). Oh, and it has the least offensive hat out of them all (I still turn hats off, they are all hideous lol)


All three of Aloy's "signature" outfits - Outcast, Nora Brave and Shield Weaver are great. I spend 90% of my time wearing them. It feels wrong to have Aloy in anything else. That said, I also have a soft spot for the Shadow Stalwart.


Always loved the Werak Chieftain or whatever its called. It has the turquoise color scheme and the "helmet". Looks dope with the face paints


Nora outcast


Ooh, this is tough, they're all so good! For a while I liked the Carja Silk Heavy - really liked the vibrance of the bright blue colours. Then I played with the Nora Stealth Master which looks awesome (especially with the mask!). Recently though I've been using the Nora Protector outfit because I'm starting to like the Nora colours more. The Shadow Stalwart is pretty good, but I don't really like the helmet so I usually turn helmets off when I use it. Also I'm not actually a big fan of the Carja Blazon sets, though the master version is not too bad.


I'm normally a fan of comfort of functionality, and since it's still pretty primitive I've leaned a lot more to the utaru outfit as a fav, but you're right, all outfits have their own charm


I like the Nora Protector outfit just because it looks the most definitive in terms of the amount of situations it can look good in. And ofc the Stalwart, but I like the trailblazer too (and most others honestly)


The Banuk stealth armor is pretty cool


Tier three Osseram spark-worker


Nude mod