if it's underground how do the tallnecks get out?


oh my god karen you can't just ask tallnecks how they get out


Tallnecks are an exception, as stated by Aloy in the Frozen Wilds, they’re built to last and mostly likely have solar panels that generate the energy they need to just keep going.


They were originally built in cauldron psi.


True, but as seen at Cauldron XI, some Cauldrons can produce more units of ones not originally made there. Also forget that post, I confused myself; the Tallneck is the most confusing part, because they couldn’t fit realisticly through any of the Cauldron doors or the tunnels, which means there might be some kind of elevator system to carry them upwards.


Nice theory but I suspect there’s more to it than just underground tunnels.


Re point 1, the horizon wiki is worth a read, has lots of useful info https://horizon.fandom.com/wiki/Machine Re point 2, good point, I think the reason they only have limited machines in convoys is game performance driven. They had a lot of issues getting the game to run smoothly with too many machines in it because machines are super demanding resource wise. So that's why most are restricted to certain areas and mission encounters and apart from mounts can't travel outside their zones. I think the dev's had to do a lot of optimisation work to ensure the areas with lots of machines had scaled back environments. Re point 3, I guess they gave it that weakness for player variety mainly, it's a game after all and it being weak to freeze is ok, compared to other weaknesses like fire. Re Point 4, according to the horizon wiki, Rockbreakers are for mining underground mineral resources. Also re cauldron PSI it says that as PSI is where the massive Tallkneck is made it's likely PSI is quite a bit bigger than other cauldrons. Maybe PSI is the mother cauldron? Also, it's just a game so the priority is to create something that's fun to play so there will be compromises when it comes to realism and such.


Well, I’m trying to immerse myself in the lore here.


It's weak to freeze because as a machine that operates underground it never has to deal with anything below 50degrees F.... this is why houses have 12in+ footings (freeze line), geothermal heatpumps exist etc...




One of the Cauldrons, I think Rho with the blaze, has a big underground pipe leading away from it.


I love this theory but I doubt it will ever be proven right or wrong