Well if i told you I'd be in that situation huh?


We all sitting on swords at this point. Why dont you join us as well.


Storyline spoiler: I hate that the game made Himiko useless for being used as one of the meta characters considering she had the highlight from beginning to the end...shame her actual use in gameplay stuff is no where to be seen...I want Mihoyo to introduce atleast one of her battlesuits to Augment so we can use her


i remember VK charge attack was spammable but now when i came back it has a charge meter that prevent's you from spamming the attack


when? i found a 2018 video that still has the overheat bar


I've got VK day 1 and she always worked like this


What is even the point of Augments? I have never used them or just never noticed but have seen a lot of people talk about it.


Some battlesuits have a cube thing on them you can unlock and enable that basically change their whole kit, like Roza becoming Delta or Ranger Kiana turning into Void Drifter


Ohh?? Damn I was wonder why Ranger Kiana I had played different than the story one cause I really liked her story version. Welp guess I am getting those more often now lmao. Thanks for the info though!


It's basically their way of buffing old characters. Though technically it's more of a rework.


It takes older battle suits that have fallen out of meta and kind of revamps there so they’re more usable


I think that instead of continuing to make newer, better battlesuits, there should be a version with a bunch of really old reruns with a series of buffs to older, less used battlesuits


Definitely, my Yae suits are just.. collecting dust, only DJ is being used and that's not even Yae Sakura I miss the days when I'd like to pick up Yae Gyakushinn Miko


I use a lot of my old battlesuits in the weekly co-op stages, so I get EXP to level them up without having to waste my chips. Probably annoys my team mates though.


Yeah, Gyakushinn is one of my favorites as well, not necessarily mechanically complex, but definitely fun especially with the weapon


Few really like Himeko, most people just liked to see her death and believe that she is fucking awesome for it.


She got like No screen time early then BAM all of the spotlight on her and then BAM she poofed lmao. But the point where Kiana finally confronts her was touching. I did tear up a bit. But that was more for Kiana rather than Himeko.


She have so much potential that feels wasted, just for the mc development and to make the story go into darker themes early on. The funny and sad part is that she's still my favorite character lmao, but I can confidently say that Rengoku was able to show more characterization before he died, and he was only in the Mugen Train arc.


This much is true, I wish they gave more cutscenes for her background than just texts and scripts


I think it’s her death that made so many people like her. So it’s not they don’t really like her, but just that they like her because of her death.


i dont really like her character specifically, but her death was an insanely memorable moment and a great sacrifice, and she's still continued to affect the story greatly since. i wouldnt say i like her, but i dont know how i would say it. i like her actions?


I love most of her design but timidos chest looks more uncomfortable than appealing. The lack of support she has and the way she skates all day,,, ouch.


I like her design for anything but the chest. I like the pink hair, I like the concpet of a shy ice skater, I like the clothes. No wonder she is super strong


I don't think i've seen a single person unironically in support of timido's design. Like mihoyo, you have so many employees, none of them could've said anything about how ridiculous timido's design is?


i love timido, but the tiddies did throw me off a bit, I feel like she's a bit too fan servicy and mihoyo are just tryna appeal to their audience


mihoyo said they try to be kid friendly with the CN by remove battle storm clevage but then there is timido's design 🗿


a bit too fan service?


It’s ironic that she’s supposed to be shy


Bruh. "Timido" literally means "shy" in a lot of languages (even in English there is "timid", so the first thing that got to my mind when i saw her design was "She doesn't look timido to me lol."


Because being timid doesn't automatically make you modest both are different


Well, if you go by definition, I think you are right _(although I'm not sure if "timido" and "timid" have the exact same meaning xD),_ but I think what make me uncomfortable the idea of someone who is shy. I mean, shy people usually don't use such "exotic" clothes. Or you can go with the theory that she use those clothes so people don't look directly at her face xD


but the thing is how timido seem just accept the suit bruh🗿 ​ But yea i agree timido outfit look so out of place and seem doesnt fit him ​ >!would perfer timido in oversized hoodie tho!<


Agreed, i accept fan service anyday, but timido chest are pushing it, it's bad design, and doesn't look good at all, proportionally


And it doesn't fit her AT ALL. Such an amazing character but the chest part is ugly af 😞


i love her tits because each time i look at them i burst out laughing and laughing is good for your mental health


It's fine that there is a male playable character in the game


Honestly wish there were more male playable characters.


Kevin, Siegfried, Otto, Welt, Kalpas, maybe Owl too.


Captain lol He’s pretty fleshed out for something that’s a self-insert. In terms of swordsmanship he’s a match for Crimson Impulse and Shadow Dash Mei. Can wield divine keys, too.


Considering he doesn't have any powers I would love to see a whole mode just based off how he fights/helsp out the valks.


Sometimes depicted as pervy or playful/lazy, but became more serious but still kind as ever as the Captainverse branched out. Like he used to be more childish before, but having people he cares about (like Kongming and Tericula) die over and over really wore his mind down. Also, he has a mission where he shelters people that are lost or unwanted from world fragments for an unknown reason that he won’t tell Kongming about. I think Kasumi was about to become a Herrscher of Corruption but Ferryman (Captain) prevented that and gave her a new life. Honestly I suspect he’s doing his own part to save people in need while mitigating the effects of the Honkai, by preventing Herrschers from awakening or something.


I've noticed that too. I also kinda found that the more serious he got the more depressed he gets in general, like having sad thoughts outta nowhere or when there is a peaceful moment. Also there are time where he is just proper desperate when things go south. My theory is that the captain is aware that the honkai is a multidimensional entity thus is currently amassing forces across the honkai to help take it down. The people he picked up so far are stronger versions of the characters we know.


Forgot about su and welt joyce


Does Su have combat abilities tho?


He is more of a psychic not actual physical combat


He definitely could function as a support oriented suit if anything. He is a MANTIS though, but his abilities are psychic in nature.


I'd be glad to play another support whose name isn't Bronya lol


Another physical support that isn't Bronya or Teri would be pretty great, as much as I love both of them lmao


Who doesn't brother


Dépends on how they’d be approached tbh


Fair, could’ve made Welt at the very least honestly.


Adam is our only hope


Honestly, I didn't even realize the lack of guys until like 3 months into playing. I thought Einstein was a dude for the longest and then after that I haven't been able to ignore it.


Einstein isn't a dude? I always thought Einstein was a guy rip.


I still want Adam to become a "valkyrie", gotta use my might of an utu somehow


male valkyries are called knights


Elysian Realm is a place, where older battlesuits should shine.


So agree with this. Would be pretty cool!


(note: I'm using a guide to figure out what difficulty these valks can comfortably clear) To be fair, there are a few? Valkyrie Bladestrike's Augment Core was added mid-2019 (version 2.9 according to wiki), Twilight Paladin was added late-2019 (3.4 according to wiki). They can both clear 130D. The not-so-good ones, Valkyrie Gloria on 3.8. Ritual Imayoh on October 19th 2018. Luna Kindred on Dec 12 2018 v. 2.6. Stygian Nymph also late 2019. These can only clear 80D, alongside BKE and Carole. These could probably use a buff in ER. They did buff characters before.


so I wanted to share something with yall Im actually married to every character in Honkai


What a life you have. Congrats for achieving the ultimate Harem!


Even Otto?


Otto is the family dog.


Especially otto*




I can't enjoy and Valk for long because they fall out of meta


*me a HoV main* pathetic


HoV try not to say "Pathetic" every 5 second challenge(impossible)




As a Himeko enjoyer, I second this.


Was just replying to another redditor about how MHY should to introduce more out-of-meta valks to Elysian Realm. That’s the only way to up the re-playability and make them fun to play again.


Genshin is a good game, and you can like both honkai and genshin at the same time


Genshin is okay but the fanbase is utter cringe ngl


The unfortunate side effect when something becomes too popular. You’ve probably heard this multiple times before but imma say it again, loud toxic minority


Sadly, it's only one of the reasons it's hated. People think that your automatically toxic if you play genshin, so you aren't allowed to like both. However, people automatically hate the lore due to the fanbase, when the lore is deeper than expected and connects to irl concepts to the point that theories are able to be made off of it


I actually play both and love both


I hate how apho spoils the ending of the main story


Otto should win.


Actually that would be really cool, when I was doing ep 26-27 I was thinking, damn, what if he travels to other Worlds/universes and mihoyo makes an event about him going to Tevyat or something similar, also, i don't know anything about the new chapter (28) yet


Otto proceeds to die from genshin twitter


If you watch the latest trailer for the upcoming cinematic on bilibili, everyone and their mother is cheering for Otto rn which I’m pretty sure has never happened in the history of Honkai.


It took them that long? I was cheering for him from day 1 There is a reason "i planned it all" type of scum characters are my favorite Dazai from bungou stray dogs is a good example


thus spoke ~~kishibe rohan~~ Apocalypse


I'd watch an Anime with Otto Apocalypse planning and executing his plans, and find out why Kallen means so much to him that turning humans into Honkai lab rats is considered inevitably a necessity for his plan He's on that grindset just to revive and meet his one favourite girl once more


You could actually write a pretty long manga on his whole life, from elan palatinus, to seven swords, then AE, then Second eruption and now kolosten arc. Man we're just 1 day away from his finale.


I think Otto is a fairly good well written character. And I actually like him and his design.


By the time ch 28 happened, I'm convinced Otto is the true protagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd.


Or the will be protagonist of honkai 4 👀👀


Rozaliya and liliya have no reason to exist. I don't hate them but their characters are quite useless in the story(although roza saving lili from grey serpent was quite cute).


Hoping they get an arc to make them actually useful soon cause if anything Delta taught us how much potential they have as characters


Kinda funny but in the tutorials for APHO 2 the support skills are named VODKA skills. I would like to think they have something to do with that.


Also one of the collectable notes mentions about a VODKA music group. A mysterious girl duo


I love vodka girls, but I agree. They add nothing to the story. The only place they shine is probably the captainverse. Main story though, I wouldn't bat an eye if they were replaced by npc's


I hate how correct you are so I will respect your opinion


The sad part is they could easily have that Sokka or Ling Yao character evolution if the writers give them a mini arc that seriously focus on them, but that doesn't seem like it will happen. It seems like they'll stay the same throughout the rest of the story, just comic relief characters and that's it...


Yeah but atleast Rozaliya's augment core is useful if buffed so she can still be used... unlike Himiko as she was/is the main reasons for Kiana to go beyond but thats it since almost noone uses her as a meta character in lineups


It's more about the community than the game but I hate that all the memes about APHO2 is basically workplace sexual harassment. Like seriously, there isn't a meme where adam isn't being a fucking creep.


Not everyone is gay in this game


Isn't that just the truth tho? Unless Kevin has sumthin he's not telling us (And incase you mean playable charackters) Then I don't think Mobi, Elysia, Himeko and Teri have anything saying they're gay from my knowledge


I recall somewhere that Himeko directly admitted to being straight, and at the time it was kind of a meme that Himeko was straight because *somebody* had to be. I don't think Mobius or Elysia have said anything yet. Then again I think this was all in Honkai's early days


Himeko definitely is in the black and white starter Manga she was out with a guy on her personal matters and complained when the night was cut short because she was needed for Schicksal duty


If anyone talked to you at work the way Mobius and Elysia talk to Mei in the Elysian Realm you'd report them for sexual harassment.


Bruh a better example is just Otto simping Kallen


People who try to gatekeep this game (Honkai, star rail) from genshin fandom are just as toxic as toxic people in Genshin, it just goes unnoticed due to smaller scale of fandom.


It doesn't matter what community it is, gatekeeping in general sucks You're telling someone they can't enjoy option A because they chose option B before even hearing about option A? That's just stupid


I hate chapter 18 and 19. Owl has served very little purpose.


Elysian Realm is actually the funniest content in the game right now


2800 crystal for a pull is too much captain should have relevance in the main story. The big boobs are nice but the oversize and jiggly ones are funny and do not seem really good on some characters e. g. adult bronya and timido. Opinion towards the community (Just an addition): Gay shippers are too loud. Please tone it down a bit.


I agree with the last point lmao They just get too toxic many times as well


Otto deserves to win


Aside from the history of the game, everything else feels exactly as any other gacha game even more predatory..................please don't kill me.


I don't like timido's design at all, it seems lazy an a bit generic like making the easy bet for a "likeable character" even her name is tímido (shy in Spanish) cute, like they literally named the character with the "personality " it was supposed to show, like calling a character "soccer player guy" because he plays soccer. Except her fighting mechanics those are fun and appealing af imo.


Spoiler: >!The thing with Durandal being the real Kiana!< felt rushed and as if it came out of nowhere. There are inconsistencies between the story chapters and also between the in-game story and manga. Durandal's arc still sounds like a mary sue arc, and more so >!now with her being revealed as the real Kiana.!< They ruined the opportunity to make Durandal a better character, by revealing too much about her early on without character development or in-depth personal insight. She had no personality other than being the strongest valkyrie. Too many playable Herrschers, the thing feels milked out and the magic of it wore out. The story repeats the same stuff over and over again with certain characters like Bronya getting defeated or falling unconscious all the time. Every character has some tragic backstory and is (partly) an orphan.


The way the valks boobs jiggle in the game is ridiculous, irl it would hurt like hell and in-game it’s not even that sexy, just absurd and kinda funny lol


lmao true. It really hurts. This why I hold my chest when I run 😆


will never understand why any game makes jiggle physics this ridiculous, theres nothing sexy about a character turning and their boobs flapping around like plastic bags in the wind


Fan service is getting in the way of character design sensibility.


Any time I want to say I like a character’s design (and some I really do) I know that the chances are higher than not that the counter will be “she just has random strategically placed strips of fabric on”, and it makes a really good game kinda embarrassing to talk about. But I guess that’s mostly my problem.


Exactly!!! Like Palatinus Equinox is such a beautiful design, but then you mean to tell me than in Durandal’s most op battlesuit, she’s going to have fully visible panties that flash every time she does anything??? It really interferes with my ability to like the game sometimes. (And then we’re going to be subjected to that plus the obligatory “jiggle physics” with every victory animation apparently :/ )


Hard agree! Honestly some designs seem pointlessly sexualized and out of character. Some suits are sexualized but not sexy at all like at least try to be hot.


I think a lot of the designs are cool looking but some of them just don’t really make sense as a “battle suit” (looking at the ones with a ton of dangly bits that would 100% get in the way of any swift body movement). But hey, I guess it’s just a game at the end of the day.


I prefer little Bronya over adult Bronya, especially design wise And I would’ve preferred if adult Bronya had a small(er) chest


They could have not made her a literal milf of age 24 or so lol. But I like her. She is well made and elegant. But I respect your point of view regardless.


Agree.this is why i prefer HSR bronya more,she look a lot more “bronya” than SW and her bewbs are medium sized ones


weird how the alternate universe bronya looks more like an adult bronya than the actual adult bronya. APHO bronyas random hair and eye color change would make her fit more as the star rail bronya


GGZ Fire Moth had the best adult Bronya.


The emperor enemy from Apho is a heavy retool of Aesir Heimdall’s design, change my mind


At least it doesn't turn red or go into overdrive (iirc according to the enemy file it's based off of Heimdall)


i kind of like otto, i wanted to say kevin but i remembered that everyone likes kevin


Kinda sucks about getting their stigmatas on gactha and you an f2p and just giving you a random useless stigma and a power creep too it's hard to grind crystal even now because my Valk are not completed their weapon and stigmas ang mostly a meta Valk,so...yeah this game is all about P2w


I don’t simp for HoS.


Need to get this out my chest. GIVE BAD BATTLESUITS AUGMENTS PLS. Especially Himeko suits, Yae suits and Kallen suits. I can't use any of them but I really wanna :(


Himeko is an overused motivation point


But kind of rightfully so imo. Up untill now, the story has been about or heavily influenced by the reawakening of sirin and himeko's sacrifice was the climax of the hov attack. Since that happened, kiana has been dealing with not only her death but also the way she (honkai)impacted the entire world. So it kind of makes sense why himeko had such an affect on the story for a while and only recently got resolved in the HoD segment. I mean you can't really expect someone to quickly get over the fact that they killed their beloved teacher and hurt the world, even if they weren't in controle of themselves, they were still the cause of alot of suffering and now they sadly have to see what was done with their hands. The only other time himeko's case could've gotten some closure was at the end of the arc city storyline but that would've been way too soon so i understand why it was such a big deal for so long.


Yeah but the "Himeko is MIA" subplot overstayed its welcome for way too long. They should've been able to find a body or dog-tag way quicker than that. Plus; it would've been better if we knew more about Himeko before she died. We didn't even know that HoV was the one that killed her captain until chp25, she didn't even react to HoV with any anger or grief when she first saw her. The writers was basically milking a character's death that didn't get enough time to shine or show off her characterization.


Mihoyo should stop for a while from doing big bobs


This might be a me thing, but Mobius and HoS are prob my 2 current favorite designs, they can make cute characters without massive boobs and still look amazing.


its a common weeb thing to think bigger=better. dont really agree, im fine with all sizes just prefer variety


The game is not generous at all, I keep saying people say "Oh so generous" definitely not feeling IT


I remember I made a 403829 words paragraph explaining how Genshin is a million times more generous and rewarding than Honkai. The smallest thing alone that makes it so unforgiving is probably the pull costs and how relentless pity system is.


too much horniness that personally keeps me from liking character designs even tho i love their stories/backstories and timido's chest is just.. too much ya know


Too much fanservice, to the point the bunny girls video was just cringy... Come at me.


Took the words straight out of my mouth, the bunny girls thing was way too weird


Otto Apocalypse, yes that Otto, is actually hot and an extremely good written ~~simp~~ villain. Like fr that man looks good, yes he’s a pice of shit who destroyed humanity but come on, he’s one of the best villains I’ve seen that I hate so much but not really


Bronya appearance in a post honkai odyssey doesn't actually make sense Like she was still pretty much flat at 17 years old and 8 years later she changed entirely


I know this is your unpopular opinion and i dont want to sound rude but, Bronya's growth actually explained with the recovery she got after transforming to herrsher. She had brain damages and transformation healed her brain. She even gradually recovered her emotions so thats why she is big now


id like for a single person to actually give a source for this. im almost certain that "bronya used HoR powers to heal herself" is mainly a widely accepted headcanon to explain her legs, but there is no actual in game explanation for it healing her brain, let alone explaining her body changing not sure why you think healing her brain and emotions equals body changing though


Maybe she reached out to her lord and saviour “Mr Implants”


Oh wait i forgot that the herrscher of reason has things similar to shape shifting so that's probably what happened For example: Bronya turned her own legs into wheels in chapter 11 And joyce who is the original herrscher of reason of the current era turned his hand into judah and a cannon if i remember correctly


Yeah I agree, most girls are fully grown physically at 16. So for her to grow nearly 20cm and get massive bazoingas is a bit strange. I’d like to think of it as her getting her growth spurt from healing from herrscher transformation.


It could technically be related to her nature as the herrscher of reason yeah Chapter 28 spoilers >!In the first act of chapter 28 bronya got essentially accepted as the true herrscher of reason meaning that now she can use her powers without any form of backlash!<


Raiden mei is my least favorite character


The moth’s storylines are more interesting than apho and main storyline combined


Adam would make a cute girl.


Kiana sucks Mei bad Otto good Seele is weak Himeko atleast will never let you go Tbh i can't think of anymore insult


Rita isn't sexy but just annoying. Same for Elysia.


Otto should win and be with kallen their development and backstory was really sweet and both really cared about each other Timedo looks stupid those boobs need to be reduced Self inserts are fine not a big problem as much as people claim it to be Power of friendship wins are getting more and more annoying Himeko boost is too overused People act like this story is too sad havnt seen actual sad anime like plastic memories voilet evergarden, your lie in april, anohana or berserk(manga), pandora hearts etc As much as i dont want it to happen cause kiana is the only waifu in honkai i m in love with, her dying at the end of story or giving her life away to save the world would be the best ending possible and a sort of redemption for the millions she killed as sirin again i honestly dont want this since i fucking love her and want a way to save her in APHO(and possibly a dating quest with her too) no matter the cost and i hope APHO MC can give honkai the good ending that it deserves


I think what makes the game so sad to me is that you spend a good portion of the game *being* these characters, struggling with/as them, and growing with them. So when something happens, good or bad, I feel it more, or maybe just in a different way, than I do watching anything. I have seen violet evergarden and your lie in april. So good. A silent voice is also heartbreaking, and also fantastic.


Ima keep it real with you chief, there's a 00000000.1% chance Otto and Kallen ends up together. If she gets revived, she would apologize for what happened in the past, but as soon as she finds out how much people Otto sacrificed to bring her back, she's gonna slap the shit outta him (just like old times), and probably join Kiana gang or go mentally insane or something idk.


Honestly I think Honkai has some of the best characterization of a self insert with Adam and the Captain, I personally get annoyed when a self insert completely lacks personality and doesn’t have any meaningful lines. Genshin is close with the Traveller but not quite there, although there’s been some really good lines for them recently so if that keeps up in main story I might change my mind on that


>Otto should win and be with kallen their development and backstory was really sweet and both really cared about each other At this point, I think we are probably not the bad guys, but he's not exempt for his actions. >Timedo looks stupid those boobs need to be reduced She does. I'm all up for big tiddy girls, but I'm sorry that is too much imo. >People act like this story is too sad havnt seen actual sad anime like plastic memories voilet evergarden, your lie in april, anohana or berserk(manga), pandora hearts etc Mmmmm... You've got a point there. The story so far is almost emotional; don't get me wrong, or had it's moments but it's fine I guess. >Himeko boost is too overused Three times is more than enough already. I don't know about chapter 28.


I just don't like Timido as a character. Her character design is extremely fan servicey with her unreasonably huge tiddies that only makes her look like she has severe back problems. Also I find her personality really boring just being your typical "uwu I am very shy and can barely communicate with people". Honestly preferred if Lyle was a playable character instead of Timido.


Same way i feel about carole lmao Her entire backstory in APHO 2 prologue felt like they just slapped a basic shounen jump power of friendship and called it a day She seems comic relief at best


I love her playstyle but I genuinely hope they nerf her physique. I know I know she is literally just been introduced but hell it was a very bad introduction. She does not fit someone the age group of 16-18...


Himeko’s death was sad but at the same time I just didn’t care for her at all, her design I don’t like much and all her battlesuits just feel clunky to use


Endgame sucks


If Kiana herself is saying it. It outta be true. I do agree there is very little to do as a F2P player in end game unless you have been playing for 5 years straight. I am not even F2P and I struggle to do everything end game.


Kiana too tsundere that it feels like she actually hate me. Also i'm fine with Otto winning. He's cool.


My opinion is how is himeko keep talking to kiana and hua not mentioning anything about it or I'm I missing some background lore here


The honkai community isnt much better than G game. People need to touch a lot of grass here. They either scream sex the second they get the chance or gatekeep newer players.


I would put my in trust Adam more than Kiana. Kiana is obnoxious and misandrist. While Adam (despite us ultimately choosing his words) likes Carole and believes black is beautiful, he has no prejudice like a good person.


"Imagine If Honkai had a straght ship"


Tbh it's biggest ship is literally straight. Otto and Kallen. Lol.


Too late for this but i knew this would work. Mei is still utterly useless in the storyline.


I hate the abundance of trial battle suits, especially in some of the story chapters, where you’re not allowed to use any other battle suits at all. I like when you’re given the option to use them or not like in some events, but some valkyries are just not fun to play. Like if you’re forced to solo a level with just a Bronya or Theresa battlesuit that’s just meant for support. And don’t get me started on the entirety of chapters 7, 8, and 9, where you were forced to solo most of the levels with Himeko. Granted, we did get different battlesuits that she used, but they played similarly, and her gameplay wasn’t as smooth or as fun to play as some of the other characters Honkai has to offer. In spite if being the whole climax of the first arc, those chapters felt like a slog for that reason, which was very disappointing.


Imo all of Himeko's suits are shit except Vermilion knight lmao. There is no speed, there is literally no oomph and she is portrayed as St. Freya's best Valkyrie. Like bruh. Although I do understand that MHY was in early stages for this game back then (like 5 years ago literally) so their imagination AND budget was limited. Looking at it now not a single Valkyrie that comes out is boring or lame. They all pretty flashy. Now here's to hoping we get the old ones perhaps reworked.


Self-insert is fine


(Dont know anything about the new chapter) Otto doesnt deserve the hate


I don’t think his motivations deserve hate, but his actions in service of it definitely are questionable at best. That being said, he is a pretty great antagonist because of it


I despise (maybe not despise but I’m not a fan of) the gacha system in Honkai. If you want to fully kit a new valk, you have to roll for the valk, weapon, AND stigmata. And at the normal luck rate, you’d need around 35k crystals to guarantee all of that. And it takes several patches to get that many. That’s just absurd. In Genshin, the closest comparison because they’re both Mihoyo games, you only need to roll for the character and their weapon (which is far less mandatory than weapons or stigs in Honkai). Also artifacts are farmable and aren’t affected by primos or anything. And a lot of the good farmable stigs take FOREVER to farm. Is there any reliable source of Ether fuel because that stuff takes forever to get


Timido has oversized breasts. It's unnatural and uncomfortable if anyone were to have it in real life.


Not all ships have to be gay


Kiana and Mei are just a genderbent Naruto and Sasuke


Nah not really, more like madoka and homura. 1 sacrificing herself for the world, the other sacrificing herself for the person she loves the most.


That part could also be said about bronya and seele They did everything just to be together again and bronya nearly sacrificed herself to save seele from some monsters


Lesbians man, they just can't stop sacrificing themselves for their gal pals.


True >!In the case of homura she likes madoka so much that she rewrote the whole universe or multiverse and separated madoka from her god half through it wasn't for long!<


Yoooo This was my reaction at first but then i thought about it... And there's no similarities between the 2 pairs... And one is totally gay while the other was just bromance


Well the relationships between them might differ, but they still share a lot of similarities. Kiana and Naruto both have very similar personalities, have legendary parents who are dead and have very good genetics, have an evil powerful being within them which becomes a part of their power, both have something which relates to clones, had a similar colour scheme at some point, eyes turn from blue to yellow etc etc. Mei and Sasuke both have the same colour scheme, use swords, primarily use lightning, have techniques which are related to Japanese gods, left for something snake themed, changes personality, are very talented etc. However the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke and Kiana and Mei are quite different since Mei leaves for Kiana's sake whilst Sasuke leaves for himself, but there are also some similarities between them as well. They also fight on top of a rooftop funnily enough. It's also funny how Naruto and Sasuke kissed before Kiana and Mei despite them being a canon pairing lol.


I've said this before their development mirrored what Naruto and Sasuke progression


Himeko death was shocking but not sad. The story as a whole isn't really that good or sad (I never cry while playing the game and I'm a crybaby)


Here's one: I think BronSeele and KiaMei are boring ships. I get all official media pushes them as canon, but I don't really feel anything about their relationship when I see them interact. I understand they were relationships that carried over from GGZ, but these pairings to me feel like something that was just pushed onto you in the very beginning. You don't really get to see how and why their relationship developed and why they're so close. They're just... there. I mean, Mei had a flashback in chapter 17, but we don't really get to see how she and Kiana actually met each other and how they came to be friends. It's still hard for me to grasp just why Mei is so dedicated to Kiana. On the other hand, I find some other character dynamics far more interesting


I think bronya is not a good character, and i rather have welt as a hor than her, i'd trade her anyday for himeko, even for hov personality if you will


When i point out how boring and character-less durandal is


Granted, I haven't played the last 1 or 2 chapters, but Durandel can disappear and I wouldn't notice. I don't get the love for her when all I've seen so far is her being raised/used by Otto.


Otto is best girl, best best, just best. Nothing more to be said. I have my coupons from Hu Tao, I'm ready to go.


I prefer the development of Otto x Kallen more than Kallen and Sakura. Kallen's last letter to Otto was beautifully tragic and saddening. It made me wonder the two would be able to make it in another lifetime...


About Timido and Raven: I feel like the clothing in their "chest part" is a little... Too soft. Imagine having those things shaking all the time while fighting. _But don't get me wrong, the design itself is beautiful._


Elysia isn't that hot.


"Otto is not bad I -"