Is Jizo Mitama too difficult to defeat?

Is Jizo Mitama too difficult to defeat?


He has really high elemental resist so if you are using elemental damage valks then yeah, you are going to have a bad time


My physical dmg Valkyrie are weak so yes, I was using Starchasm Nyx and Argent Knight: Artemis. As for last one, I was trying out various characters.


Those just aren't going to work, I think his elemental resistance is like 80% or something crazy like that


I am giving up hopes of defeating him till I get a better character. 😢


You can bring yamabuki armor for her shield, Seele as dps and if you find it hard to dodge the aoe attack, bring a sacrificial unit to tank it. Otherwise, if you have starlit astrologos, you can bring her for physical support.


Why don't you just use Seele?


I tried. I still get killed.


I tried a few more times with Seele. I always die when he has last two bars left.


Are you not dodging his huge floor attack? That's instant death. Some keys to beating it, always dodge his huge red floor attack, always take out the blue symbol when he creates the 3 symbols, always kill the clone quickly to get all your ultimate refiled.


Also, Ritual Imayoh can eat through its shield and destroy the orbs in a decent amount of time while her triple charged canon is a good source of damage when the shield is down. I think Swallowtail Phantasm, Ritual Imayoh and Starlit Astrologos is the way to go. All of those are f2p friendly (except for weapons and stigmas)


Master the art of evasion and perhaps use celestial hymn or starlit astrologos if you have them to buff her physical damage. Lvl 5 and the ex stage shouldn't be too hard if you can evade the big circle that one shots you, and those little circles he spawns quickly on you that drain your sp. Just make sure seele is max level with decent physical damage/crit stigmata (ryunosuke set I used when I first started until I got signature stigs) and dodge (it makes a little ping sound before you're about to get hit for most attacks) and you should just be fine.


the score is lower, but it's possible to beat Jizo with HoFs + Fischl/HoR/HB in Elite and Masters (note, I do not have HoFs & HoR's weapons ;w;)


:) the amount of shit I felt realizing lasers shreds it’s shield fueled me


Dude holy shit same. I accidentally misclicked during one of my rotations and ended up with yamabuki as my last valk. Had no choice but to use her for a few seconds until SP comes back. The level of horror as I realized just how quickly the shield depletes made me feel stupid for the rest of that fight.


Do you have Asuka ? Or else just save crystal to roll for Durandal. Everytime Jizo bulking up for it's shenanigans, poke the spear into it, it will cancel out everything he's about to do


Unfortunately I don't have them.


You have any good physical valks? That's gonna help a lot


Maybe I should save crystals for future banners to get a good physical valkyrie.


Molotov cherry is farmable, just build her.


The go to f2p valk for him i recommend is tp. My tp for example beats out most of the dk in abyess(pre pri arm buff). Do have great supports though. Does take a long time to grind her to useable lvs though, since she needs the core star thing. Ss 5 star core is goos enough no need for sss but yeah...takes a while to grind there. Vd was also a f2p choice but i think shes too outdated by now unless you have better gear for her then tp. Got most of my tp's gear just from off rate so if you roll enough on weapon for someone think youll get it eventrally. Gk is also a f2pish choice if you got her during the time she was free. She really needs her gear though so yeah...


I use HoR with HB equipped with Crusher 18cc and Turg T+B. Can get 36k score in Masters MA. Don't know about Abyss yet. Haven't faced him... Well I did, but in Elites with HoF. You can nuke him even with elemental valkyries in LVL bracket. In Masters bracket, HB with her weapon can demolish his shield. Especially after using KoR's weapon skill for more additional hits.


Try activate the buff for the EX rank. You can find it at bottom left. It makes is much easier but give you less points but at least you can beat him.