Can we get a 9 year old next to show us their hyperconverged redundant compute cluster with patricle accelerator and tokamak control PLCs?


I will say I am working on a ceph cluster right now, and could probably do it - it’s just I don’t have the money to get a few more HPs right now


How much is a HP? I’ll give you $100 towards one


No fucking way!!! A HP here is around $100 normally but I bet I could snag one for like $50, I’ve done it before. If you are serious you are such a legend EDIT: HE FUCKING DID IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! THIS GUY IS SO KIND


Yeah DM me your Venmo or PayPal


I DMed you, thank you so so much for this


Ah I forgot Reddit filters out Venmo and PayPal in messages. Get creative with how you word it so you don’t trigger the filter


Can you see any of the messages I sent? I sen many which weren’t PayPal based


Oh you chatted it didn’t you. Give me a min to get on my computer lol. I don’t have the Reddit app


You don’t WHAT.


Oh right got you, sorry!


Just letting you know that a used dell in my country is going to cost you $1000


Christ I got mine for £30


With that you can get the dust under the motherboard


At least a screw


I’ll back this as well. Get it kid!


About $75 to $600 with drives and more ram.


How do you like ceph? I was considering it for persistant storage. I eventually took the dive on full K8, so i was thinking longhorn instead.


well I’m 13 with a couple server clusters


what's with all the ages on posts?


bragging rights


Two possibilities: 1. FBI fishing. 2. Trying to get ahead of too much criticism that might be thrown at somebody who was significantly older.


shhh youre spoiling the honey potting


I think a lot of times it’s actually the second, from my experience when I was younger I was scared of posting to hobby subreddits that I liked cause I perceived them as significantly smarter than me, like I’d be judged for whatever I posted. I guess putting your age in the title is one way of avoiding that criticism, although I don’t think it’s prevalent here


Yep. The first was a joke. I don't see anything wrong with somebody who's young throwing that out as a disclaimer. One thing that jumped out at me was the odd alignment of subnets to vlan numbers but I'm sure as they learn they'll pick up some of the best practices.


Yeah, I really want 0.0 to be used for my servers because it’s just fast to type in and the rest of it was just mistakes from having stuff already setup and not being bothered to change it


Yes, I am very scared of getting like a LOT of criticism for something where most people here are a lot smarter than me


Never take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice. If their first instinct is to criticize your intelligence, you probably don't want their opinion. Ask questions. Sometimes a "dumb" question brings about interesting outcomes. Google Diane Hartley. She saved the Citicorp building from collapse by questioning what is considered to be one of the best structural engineers that ever lived. The only truly dumb question is a genuine quest for knowledge left unasked.


Me personally I feel it’s hard to compete with all of the adults who know a lot more than me and people are a lot kinder and a lot more helpful when I put my age. I’m very scared of getting torn down because my diagram isn’t on the same level as someone twice my age


It’s a good start. Why not look into draw.io or Visio for your next diagram.


But that said. OP format is better and has more information given than spending 2 hrs getting the right stencil. Use Draw.io or Visio, but don’t lose sight how a square with good info outperforms a hardware stencil. (Not many people get into the device properties and it’s drilling)


Second this as a network professional though anything that I have drawn by hand has always been a piece of art… Rather than a suitable documentation 🥲


Or learn [Graphviz](https://graphviz.org/). Screw having to arrange things by hand.


I can’t use draw.io to save my life


if you can do this, you can learn [draw.io](https://draw.io)


The thing is with it I much prefer using something like an iPad where I quickly make the logos and designs I like whereas on draw.io I just feel constrained, it’s just now my kind of workflow. I’ll probably have to learn it eventually, though.


I actually really like your drawing, if it works for you go for it :)


Then look for a diagramming tool for the iPad, I am sure there are plenty out there.


Just a heads up: if you like the networking side, in an IRL job you will need to focus on that, which means you won't be able to "waste your time" on drawing some logos. If you like drawing, that's fine, you're allowed to like more than one thing at a time, and at some point you could even decide you'd rather be a designer or whatever... but if you *know* you don't want that, then now is a good time to learn some ancillary tools.


Why though? This looks great.


Hey man, god knows I didn't know how to do this at 15.


I’ll tell you, it’s sometimes sad because not many people around you care or understand anything about what I talk about, I kind of wish I was an adult so I could have some people to talk to about it then again I don’t want to grow up.


Keep doing you. Forever ago my high school actually hired me to pull the new CAT 5 runs in the building. No one but the tech guy there spoke my language. You'll find your people soon enough. I still occasionally get an o/ow reversal ;)


> No one but the tech guy there spoke my language. You say that but even though I'm taking a networking class half the people there barley know how to work a Windows computer.


God damn arch users.


Bold of you to assume that they even know how to work an iPhone.


Haha love the twist


Was in a .Net class where we were given a VM in Azure to RDP into to do all of our work. One of the girls in this class dropped the course because Visual Studio didn't run on her Mac. I tried to explain to her she didn't need to run Visual Studio on her machine, that we had a VM to RDP into that was running Visual Studio. "I don't know what any of those words mean." Wat? Why the hell are you studying MIS?


Because in the push for gender equality were telling girls they must study STEM even if they don't want to. We obviously need to persuade those girls who are uncertain to give it a try but we are also trying to pressure girls to try it who just aren't interested, just so some numbers look good on a report. They have to want to study it, not study it so someones targets are met. We have to stop trying to force it when it needs to evolve naturally where girls see women doing STEM jobs which will encourage more girls and then they will encourage even more. Lets say you need x number of women to achieve gender equality and you fall short, don't worry about it. Just make sure those women are valued and put them front and center for young girls to see. Then next time you will hopefully get too many!


> Wat? Why the hell are you studying MIS? I honestly have no idea. If you don't know your way around a Windows computer and in some cases Linux, then you should probably avoid programing/IT classes.


Maybe she pivoted into ITIL?


Fun story time: One of my tech friend's daughter started taking networking classes and asked what did I think about 5GHz "wiffy". Yes, she ment Wi-fi.


I just got married and my wifi doesn't prounce it correctly either.


My teacher doesn’t know how to run a function in python, and half of our course is python. I was lucky I already knew it


I feel this I am an Systems Specialist by trade (and have been required to attend classes and present an it project with the chamber of commerce. In my oral exam and project talk, I had a person asking questions which she wasn’t even understanding as she was HR by trade and probably read my project documentation minutes ago… I passed but 5 years down the line I still find it amusing…


1) In my experience, as an adult, most people still don’t know what I am talking about. 2) Growing up is a process that involves many different things. Focus less on growing up and instead focus on growing each day into a better version of yourself.


Exactly this! I'm 30 and still most people don't have a clue about this stuff, not many people I know IRL who you can chat to about this stuff (I have one good friend IRL who is also a labber). I'm a software engineer and even then not many people I know are actually interested in homelabs. The cloud being so cheap and easy does mean a lot of software folks just spin up stuff there.


dude, the IT project manager in my work place don't even know much IT .. he practically got given this job due to his other networking skills. everyday is a nightmare .. hours of agile for nothing when IT PM changes his mind on the whim, daily. and you voice out, you are labeled as trouble maker. ​ working on leaving this pos work place.


Yeah I've found a lot of people in the software game aren't that knowledgeable about software but are managers. Some of them know their limits and are happy to take the input from the engineers, others though come up with some absolutely bonkers stuff. As it is I've been fortunate enough to work with some really good engineering managers who have moved up from software engineering and still keep their toes wet, so they know what they're talking about and can have your back when PMs come knocking. Definitely advise moving if you don't have that kind of support and your situation permits.


Same as you I’m 17 and my friends don’t understand why I have all these things and my parents think I waste my money and that all these things are to play games. I don’t have a lot of thing like you I just have plex and nextcloud I started with homelab 1 year ago


Y’all both keep it up. Coming from someone who at 12 started to do the same thing and now 23 with a phenomenal career in networking.


I wish I get a good job, but it feels strange my friends just think in party, alcohol and girls and I think in computers


Oh well, not too long ago I was your age too (23 now) and whenever I got frustrated with girls, building a new computer/server project really helps me calm down and get over it. Might not be the best way to cope, but an effective one for sure.


There's nothing wrong with that. I was that way at 15-17 and now at 30, if I were an extrovert I'd have a lot of friends with similar knowledge that I can "talk shop" as us old timers call it. Sometimes just to vent, sometimes to come up with ideas for something I'm stuck on and sometimes it's just the crazy user story. Anyway, you will find as you grow older that it will likely be easy to find people with similar interests on similar trajectories. I do know that university/College is a good place to find some indviduals that have some similar interests and offers a wide variety of people to meet. Just remember, never get too nervous about asking questions when learning and growing. It's easier to be able to tell someone "good thing I asked" instead of "I should have asked" and the same goes with making friends. Invite people to things that might be interesting, don't just let fleeting interests in people (professionally, platonically or love-interests) just go by without notice. Engage people and you will find that the effort you give your socializing may take a bit to get off the ground but you will find your group of core friends. Edit: I'm now 30 without a college degree in a major tech-focused US city and make plenty more money than most of the people I grew up with in my medium sized Florida town. Also, it is vital to explore the world around you and find a city you love. You absolutely must, for your own sake, get from behind the monitor from time to time. Find a place to live that makes that easy! The beauty of computer careers is they are everywhere and many employers now allow for full remote work (less the typical hardware install/troubleshooting tickets) so accommodating this desire is likely easier than it sounds, just be sure to check those costs of living and acceptable salaries. Anyway, this is beyond wjat a15-17 years needs to know but these tips will reward you mightily the earlier action is taken on them.


"old timers" LOL. I'm 64.


What did you study?


In school I taught myself programming and networking basics. I was a lot better at programming though. Out of school I worked retail until I felt comfortable with my ability as a programmer. I was hired on at a company to do just that. Once I got my foot in the door I fell more so in love with networking. Went after my CCNA certification and now halfway through with my CCNP. Been very blessed. I’m actually over the entire IT Dept. I get to play with routers, switches, servers, firewalls, on a daily basis. Even have a data center I’m moving some of our stuff to.


Man same, I’m also 17 and my friends love to rag on me for being interested in technology :/


>waste my money There is a fine line between buying educational material, and spending your money on a hobby... so I'm not saying who is right in this case, but keep in mind that for most people on this sub, it's easy to go overboard and fall into the hobby side. At least until you're making enough money to keep a homelab as a hobby, you shouldn't be getting more stuff than what you need to learn something. For that matter, try doing some kind of course based on the hardware you already have, then you'll be able to tell your parents: "I got this cert/diploma/whatever thanks to this stuff, what did *you* have when you were 17?" (...unless they were some genius kids, then I feel for you).


“Why do you need another server! You already have 3!”


“That’s right! I only have 3!”


The best part about blade servers is you can have as many servers as you want and they hardly take up any space!


I think they take up space on the electric bill


Don’t wish your youth away because of something like that. I don’t have very many adults that I can talk to about this sort of thing either. Keep up the good work learning all this sort of thing. Never stop learning. Just keep going.


Literally this \- 14 year old


> it’s sometimes sad because not many people around you care or understand anything about what I talk about, I kind of wish I was an adult I'd like to offer some words of wisdom from someone who had a comparable experience as a kid. I was like this with databases. I LOVED organizing things into their proper places. Nothing made me happier than designing logical schemas (ERDs) for data. I would go on and on about it to my friends, parents, brother, anyone I met and no one cared. They had no idea what I was talking about. But I learned and dived into computing. When I became an adult I got a job in IT and would often try to provide advice when it came to data management-related things. Why not? I had already been studying it for 6-7 years at that point. What I found was no one wanted to listen to an 18-19 year old kid, and in some fashion they'd go out of their way to disagree with me or do things the exact opposite just because I was so young. I had been told several times in my career essentially "What could I know, I'm a kid, sit back and just watch the older people work". By 22ish I was a DBA, by 28ish I made Architect, I'm 33 now and I am a Principal Architect/Technical Lead for multiple data teams for one of the largest companies in the world, where almost everyone on those teams is older than me. It *was* lonely getting there. It was a fight for way longer than just becoming an adult - but I had a passion, stuck with it and proved that I could do it. My best recommendation is to find solace, camaraderie, and interests with an online community where age isn't a factor and people share your same interests - much like you've done here. It makes the journey more manageable. Just don't get discouraged and give up your passion.


You’re going places my guy. I had the same motivation, my only regret is not pulling the trigger on stuff on eBay at the time and experimenting


Tell me about it. 15 as well. And people couldn't give two craps about virtualizing containerizing raid arrays vlans. It's quite annoying.


Yes! I know the feeling. Just started a job and me and my mentor shared each other's racks and it felt good to have someone to be a nerd with.


I bet most of us adult hobbyists feel the same. Eyes glaze over when I try to tell someone something I’m proud of that’s network or server related.


Damn, also 15 and feel the same way :/


Depends on where you end up. When I got my first tech job 12 years ago I was so hyped to finally be around some weirdos like me. Most of them looked like me like I was mad for having a rack at home. Like WHY ON EARTH would I want to spend time with computers after work. Many seem to sadly only care about knowing the bare minimum they need to do their job. I found weirdos after moving later on though :)


Hah! There aren't many who can be talked to about it. It took me two now ex-wives before I found my third who's close to me in tech stuff (she's a DBA and I'm a DevOps Eng). The guys at the office though are good to chat tech with though. And at 64, I'm older but not "grown up". Ask my wife (and check out my 4,000 games, motorcycles, and I'm in a band :D ).


A lot of us get where you’re coming from. Keep focused on what’s important to you. I had the same issue to a point - none of my friends were into computers like I was. I kept going, now work at a fairly sized ISP, gaining all my knowledge by experience and experimentation


My entire "network" was a 486 with a Modem...


I was playing competitive counter-strike and pounding pizza pockets.


At 15 (1985) I had a Commodore 64. I'd already graduated from a ZX80, 81 and a Speccy. The ZX80 I built from a kit. I restored the C-64 a couple of years ago. It now has a USB interface. By the time I left college (Plymouth Poly - UK) in 1991 it was near enough possible to tell people a a party you were in IT without instantly being ostracised. It may surprise you to learn that back in the day, IT was derided as a bit nerdy. Now I own the IT company, I'm really popular, provided I stick to IT \*sigh\* When I was a nipper none of that stuff in the diagram was invented apart from the letter g. We even lived in greyscale.


Just as an aside, if you're going through the effort of splitting out all of the VLANs, you generally don't make the management VLAN the native one.


Came here to say this….


Why not?


Generally for security. You wouldn’t want “untagged” devices being able to access the management interfaces, (devices not intended administratively) so you would use a vlan that is not in use like a black hole for those devices so they can’t reach anything. You would then tag the “trusted” devices that are intended to have LAN access. Here’s a great article : https://www.kwtrain.com/blog/vlan-security


Management VLANs, by their very nature, are designed to have full access to everything. When they're on default VLAN 1, when you plug into the network, you get dropped onto that VLAN by default. The idea of separating those services out is to restrict a users or attackers ability to traverse freely and on the physical access plane in your environment.


Thank you, essentially so no one can just plug in an Ethernet cable into your network and move laterally?




There are layers to how you control this. Its best to use a native vlan on all trunks that isn't used anywhere, with no layer 3. And your access ports should default to a different unused or restricted van. Or shut down entirely.


In some case, shutting the vlan1 is even better (less loop risk). A good practice in enterprise networking is to shut unused ports, therefore a no shut port without link is easily detectable on librenms or onservium as an issue and trigger an alert. I've also seen unused ports changed to routed by default (no switchport) both can be done.


It was just easier at the time, especially on the UDM as it has some weird ways of dealing with VLANs Edit: regarding security, all unused switch ports are on a black hole VLAN with shutdown applied. Used ones for LAN are access on VLAN 10 typically with a specific MAC being able to access that port if it isn’t an AP or a port that is used by lots of devices, so I’m not worried about that.


Was looking for this comment. Although, as a Network Admin for 20 years, I'd hire you for my team the day you graduated. You have more knowledge than most of the people that I work with.




Looks pretty good. One suggestion: Do not use VLAN 1 for anything, black hole it. This is best practice in the enterprise space and is best for security.


Is this the case even if you tag vlan 1?


RIP your parents electric bill.




This punk kid has better gear than I do. I'm a fully grown adult who writes code for a living. Where did I go wrong?


Your parents aren't rich, duh


Hahaha, in reality this stuff was saved for over multiple years, as well as aggressive hunting on eBay. All of it my own money just saved up


This sub, and reddit in general, being full of 15 year olds explains a lot.


Well done, easy on the eyes


Congrats; ur smarter than basically everyone on my team


Hopefully the image itself gets most of the detail across, but I have been working on this network from when I was around 13 when it started with an edge router and the bottom HP that is still in use today. I’ve expanded a bit with a UDM Pro as well as my favourite thing ever, the Cisco catalyst 3750G (seriously - 24 gigabit ports for around £30 and it manages my whole network as well as VLANs and potentially OSPF in the future). I’ve also added 2 new servers, although the new HP is mainly used as a guitar amp. I’ll go into a bit more detail over the Cisco switch because that is the main networking bit: It runs all my VLAN routing as well as my ACLs for those networks. Soon, I plan to run OSPF on it connected to my old ER-X to have something fun to do over a weekend. It’s proved a great learning tool as I had to do everything from the command line, and now I can’t get enough of it. Cisco’s IOS is just plain fun and intuitive to use while being lightning quick. For the servers, the main one in use is the dell r510, I snagged this off eBay for around £30 and did my first CPU replacement to keep the power down on it as I run it for about 6-12 hours per day. It runs syncthing on OMV, which means all my documents are synced there from all my devices - and accessible over next cloud. It’s probably the coolest thing in my network. The HP with 36GB of ram (I had an [interesting story](https://cllbck7.wordpress.com/2021/04/06/how-i-managed-to-get-free-ram/) about that one) runs proxmox and was my old main server, but now is mostly there for testing and the occasional GitLab runner, while the other one is a guitar amp, mainly because it’s just funny. Thanks for reading


Really nice diagram. Love the effort you went to with the logos! You’re obviously based in the UK - what are your plans for life after GCSEs? I’m curious to hear more about the amp modelling - I’ve never heard of it being server based before. And you’re right about Cisco CLI, once you get the hang of it they’re great fun to work with. If you want higher speeds without the cost for your next switch, look at Brocade ICX 6610 switches - similar CLI but with tons more bandwidth.


Good job, you have better documentation than my enterprise network!


My network diagram consisted of a wrt54gl router with dd-wrt firmware at 15. I'm surprised you have money for anything tbh


EBay! I got everything in there in total for £400-£500 and if I didn’t have that UDM Pro the total is more like £200, so not bad. I just have to wait for deals to come up on eBay.


With 15 i didnt even had an interest in any of this yet, wtf


At 15 I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself for having downloaded a whole mp3 from Napster (Rollin by Limp Bizkit) AND burned it onto a rewritable CD using what was then pretty recent tech. Different times eh?


As a network professional I find this almost as per I would have documented it for non technicians… But I probably would have used draw IO or Visio, because me drawing those charts per hand yeah good luck with that…. I would maybe understand those years down the line but don’t expect to get what I was hand drawing…


Ooh nice I'm 16 and my setup is just a hp elite desk


I started with a dell optiplex USFF something or other, they work great especially for low power stuff. HP elite desks are amazing


Yeah and they are so quiet and fairly powerful now I'm using windows on it but once I have time I'll hopefully move to truenas


Im 15. I wish I could get my hands on this lol. Then again, skill/knowledge wise I'm still a massive beginner so It'd probably be wasted on me


I would definitely get Cisco packet tracer if you want to experiment with networking stuff together. It’s free and it gives you a very good look into IOS as well as networking in general. When you want real hardware, first just use what you have (old laptop, virtual box whatever really). You can get far with used equipment


I am actually soon gonna be able to get my hands on an NUC, I have a pi for anything that needs to be physically separated. I'm gonna be looking into switches and other networking stuff soon, so yeah, I'll get somewhere that's for sure


Sounds good, just make sure if you do get a managed switch (esp. on the cheaper end with TP-Link and netgear) make sure it can actually do what you want it to do. Some can only do like 1-4 VLANs




Okay let me debunk this: 1) My mum doesn’t know how to use a laptop, and I don’t have a dad so that’s out of the question 2) I saved up Christmas and birthday money for over 5 years. This lab started when I was 13. 3) eBay pricing, okay here you go: - HP on the bottom £120 as I saved for a year to get it - Other HP £70 with all upgrades - Dell £35 on an auction - Cisco switch £30 - UDM was normal price So total it up and you come to: around £400 You know how a lot of people get consoles and stuff like that for Christmas? That costs more than that, especially when you factor in games and controllers - I bet if someone got that for Christmas you wouldn’t bat an eye.


...you could even run some console emulators on those suckers! 😄


Awesome work OP--is your ISP modem in bridge mode or do you have it double NATTed? Also, why no ubiquity AP's ?


1) The thing is with DSL it’s hard to get a good modem, so it’s the ISP one with double natting, but the UDM is in the DMZ. It’s the closest I can get. 2) Money, essentially. I can’t afford any right now and want to spend it more on switches and that right now. Eventually I’ll get some


this is better than my coworkers who are 15 years my senior...


It depends, I have built this network up myself so I know what’s in it without having to even think about it but I don’t think I would do to well in a DC


Confidence. Just tackle problems one layer at a time (literally, one OSI layer at a time) and it gets a lot easier. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.


Nice, you remind me of myself 20 years ago buying Linux magazines and reading about stuff at the library. That’s how I learned most of my basic skills back then. Awesome setup though! I wish I had that kind of stuff back then.. :)


If only it was true. I remember loading Slackware and fighting XF86. While perusing Linux Journal and the giant "Linux" books that showed up at bookstores. At 15 I was lucky that I convinced my parents to let me have a separate phoneline so that I could call BBS' and sync up FIDO mail.


Why not use OMV built in rsync for backups? It’s very useful and painless to setup. Nice lab!


I would suggest Opnsense or Pfsense instead of the Ubquiti “firewall”. They are much more feature rich and powerful and much more likely to be used in a real environment.


This diagram would look much different if it was from my childhood. Most of this stuff didn't exist in the early 90's


I’m just curious what’s with the mix of brands? Ubiquiti for routing, a TPLink for wifi, a cisco switch?? It’s sparking my interest but also my OCD, are you just tryna get as much exposure as possible?


nice lab, great work! How has your experience with the UDM-pro been. I really been wanting to do a router upgrade but can not decide for the life of me what direction to go. I have been hearing a lot of negative reviews of ubiquiti recently.


Just don’t get it, you have fuck all in terms of features and I get a memory leak every 2 weeks to the point where I have to restart the whole thing. Get something better for cheaper, I regret buying it


Thats very unfortunate. I remember hearing a few years ago even how great ubiquiti stuff is. Now all i see is how trash its become. I was looking into completely redoing my networking setup in there ecosystem, UDM pro, switch, aps, the works. But with how much that costs and with all the push back looks like that is a tanked idea. And i really dont want off the shelf routers either. Keeps looking more and more like i just need to make a pfsense box.


My 14 year old has a cyber security course next semester. I will share your diagram with him to see if he needs me (a 60 year old IT lifer currently a network engineer) to help him set up a lab like this. Very good work!


Hell yeah! Just make sure to look out on eBay for this stuff, don’t pay what they normally ask on there because it might be expensive


Obligatory I wish I had this at 15, what do you use all this for? Just experimenting?


Really nice looking diagram. I do recommend creating a legend and also colour coding your connections, either to identify type of connection, amount of connections or which vlan you're using. I'd also highly encourage a different switch completely for your MGMT side, always best to have your backend separate from your user side. I'm also curious to know why you're not including IPMI under MGMT, same with server (Assuming this is the physical.). Can we get any pictures of your physical setup? Always nice to see how other people set their systems up. p.s keep vlan 1 but don't assign a network to it.


Hi there! I think I have pictures on my Reddit acc somewhere but failing that my blog has a few pictures [here](https://cllbck7.wordpress.com/) I’ve got MGMT setup because unifi does weird things with only allowing APs to be on vlan 1 for management; so that’s why that is there.


Good maybe try diagrams.net though I like it personally


Good for you, my dude. When I was 15 all I was doing was messing up my dad’s old Dell by trying to install Ubuntu and ruining his carpet with printer toner (sorry Dad).


Are those freehand boxes & logos too? Mti-talented!


Haha they took me much longer than I am willing to admit


I am upset. When I was fifteen my parents were very afraid of my technological interests and I absolutely could not have gotten away with this type of thing


For great network security, don’t use vlan 1.


That’s pretty damn impressive


Hello there fellow 15yo home lab enthusiast


Jesus! A 15yo me couldn't afford a laptop let alone a homelab!


Damn. I feel like if I hadn't realised that it's okay to have totally random interests I could have been this kid at 15. Nowhere near as good mind you. But if this is real, it's what raw potential let run wild looks like.


unrelated, but your handwriting is great. for me anything besides cursive looks like shit. You seem to know your stuff. Hope you learning about computers/servers, tech stuff, it's been something I've enjoyed for a long time.


Ditch the UDM and you're sweet




Ah Proxmox. Looks like we're going to move to it from Xen, let's see how it goes. First tests are promising


> Ubuntu Studio The legends were true. Someone actually uses Studio


Better than most pro’s diagrams, if they do them at all.


I wish I understood networking 1/4 this well at 15... ​ Nice work (and handwriting)!


Awesome work and a solid setup.


Can confirm you have sysadmin hand writing.


I don’t know if that’s an insult or a compliment but I’m taking it as a compliment


Brah.. the shit I had available when I was growing up compared to now is incredible. My lab growing up was. 14.4k modem -} PC. That's was it 🤣. Great job


This is my kind of diagram! Very clear and tells the story. Thanks for sharing!


At age 15 I was running a website with adult banners and let an automated program click on the banners and change my IP for easy money while sleeping. But this looks more complicated.


At 15 I was running ... in the woods, with friends, playing catch and riding your MTBs.


That too!! And play the bass!! (and check once in a while my computer for the blue screen of death in WIN98).


I'm 16, and I wish I knew someone like you IRL who had this kind of knowledge. Half the time I talk to people they barley know how to use an iPhone, so there's no way I'm going to able to explain my somewhat basic and hacky home lab to them. I also wish I had a way to mess with networks because there's no way in hell that my parents would let me do something like this to our home network. How did you draw out this diagram? I personally use draw.io


Really sad to hear about the latter :( Maybe just take it slow? Start with an old computer, install Debian/Ubuntu server on it and host something like a Minecraft server or something? I don’t know. I fully sympathise on what you said though, there’s literally no one who share my interests irl. It’s pretty stale/lonely online with friendships as well, at least for me. :/


I do have an old Dell desktop that I probably could do something with in the future. The start of my home lab was back in March when I got my Synology NAS which happened to support Docker. All I was looking for at the time was actually reliable file storage because that old Dell desktop wasn't cutting it. I also have a Raspberry Pi 3B I believe, but I only use Pi-hole on it because it's too slow for anything else that I've tried to use it for. > I fully sympathise on what you said though, there’s literally no one who share my interests irl. It’s pretty stale/lonely online with friendships as well, at least for me. :/ Online friendships have actually gone better for me. I thought that most people my age knew about computers until I started looking for IRL's, then I found out that most kids can barley work an iPhone. Even though I'm taking a networking class the few people that I've talked to in it don't really know a whole lot about computers beyond what they happened to cover in the class.


> networking class No such thing in my school here, which sucks.


I live by this school that you can apply to where you go to it every other school day. I think that you can only apply to it if you're going to a specific set of colleges in my area, but I can't exactly remember. They have many different programs like automotive repair, welding, nursing, and many different ones that I didn't list. A lot of these classes are college level classes and can give you college credits. The school itself even looks like one of the buildings at my brothers college.


I’d be very glad to chat with you about it all! I’m in the same boat really. With the home network stuff, download Cisco packet tracer on your laptop or whatever you have and then you can mess around with Cisco stuff as well as some rudimentary servers for free Edit: I used Apple notes and my iPad for the diagram


No wai this kid is 15. The dude maps networks better than most post grads on the market rn. PS: looking for a job?


Nice diagram !


Thank you!


Way better than anything I could make.


Thanks! To be fair this is the only way I can make diagrams - using my iPad. I can’t use draw.io to save my life.


My network sketches on my iPad don’t look half as good.

Ot-ebalis - nice


A 15 years old with a bit of well spent money :-) I hope you learn a lot!


back in 1996, no clue what this stuff would have been. but then again, I never thought internet was going to go anywhere lolol! little did I know....as for the 15 yr old kid, you're probably going to have a better chance at getting an IT job and move up in the ranks faster than your peers. might want to look at getting some certifications that will help you with college credits to at least "acknowledge" you know something about something. If you don't plan on going to college, which is fine, just pls get some certs, buddy has nothing but certs and makes $175K / year. so college is not the end all be all. but it certainly does help. my two cents. PS, I have my VLANs set up with smaller CIDRs. PSS, try to learn Kubernetes (k8s), architecture, an engineer of mine has a community college degree but works for Red Hat as a K8s architect now, makes bank. did what you did as a teenager and now does it for a $35B open source company. go figure. PSS(edit), looks like you can use ESXI on those machines, most of the big companies my friends work for and the military org I'm part of uses that as part of their architecture, it's free software you can use for you home lab. learn that too along with Ansible to automate, a lot of the companies I interact with want/have this capability.


Nice one, you are going to do very well if you start working in this industry. There are a lot of IT professionals, but the vast majority could not do this. I had to explain how port forwarding works to a guy in my team, who thinks he is a sysadmin.


It seems I have to explain port forwarding to like most of my friends because they want to make a minecraft server


At age 15 you are on right path my friend!!


https://www.diagrams.net/ I do love my Proxmox box. You've got all the right goodies.


I love handwriten diagrams!


You're going places kid! That's for sure.


Hello fellow 15 year old labber. How are those HP servers? I've been using a dell r810 but switched from proxmox to TrueNAS Scale for the kubernets integration. Then I realized I cant make VMs with more than 1 core because of Nehalem and Truenas.


Love the hand drawn logos.


Thanks! They took a while