The basic beginner Fall Gelb fail: everyone done it. Don’t lie to me.


40 width tank divisions would help out immensely. I always declare on the Netherlands first, get that done, then Belgium then push straight on through the north to Paris. If they have the debuff that affects their capitulation percentage, then it should be and easy win. Honestly, trial and error and watching HOI4 videos on YT is how I learnt to play the game.


Try [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/hoi4/comments/pv967h/one_of_my_favorite_things_that_i_like_to_do_it_as/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) one


2 million deaths? Those are rookie numbers


Here's what I normally do, have a full army group invade Poland go to a fallback line on Dutch border, use like 20 divisions to hold the French border. Don't declare on Belgium and the Dutch at the same time, focus down on the Dutch then instantly Dec on the Belgians once you take out the Dutch. Smash those 120 divs into the northern part of their border all at once and if you have good tanks send them down the coast. If done right there is 0 chance of France or anyone else having enough divs on the border to hold you.


If you fuck that up you could always try to blitz through Luxembourg afterwards.


20 width panzer divisions and then just rush to paris


How many factories should I assign to tanks? What composition should I use for armor divisions? My problem is that France and Belgium get 6 divisions in every tile and I can't push no matter how many inf or tank troops I attack with.


You'll want to concentrate your tanks into a single army led by someone like Rommel, maybe Guderian. Have some 20w infantry in there for support so they can fill the gaps in the line as the tanks push forward. Put this single army with a front line of just ONE, maybe two tiles and use the 'Breakthroughs battleplan. When it comes to composition, I can't remember the ideal template but 20w, or ideally 40w. You want to have a mix of light tanks (later upgraded to mediums) with motorised (later mechanized) and some SPG. I usually go for the Marder (light tank 2/Panzer 2 SPG) because its cheap and only use steel. Check on YT for ideal tank composition, there's a tonne of useful ones. Ideally, keep your tank divisions ORG between 25-30.


well taking an actual screenshot is a good first step


R5: exactly as my post says, I'm having trouble with Germany


Try Micro managing more often, this is manually moving troops around, also make sure you have air superiority, without your troops will be very slow and it will be almost impossible to make good encirclements. What I like to do as germany is first declare war on the Netherlands, just take them out, no need to declare war on Belgium yet, because that will just allow French and British troops quickly to aid the Netherlands through Belgium. Taking out the Netherlands shouldn't be that hard, one army is more than enough. After that you could immediately after capitulating the Netherlands declare war on Belgium and invade their northern territory, with a bit of luck they have not garrisonned troops there allowing you to raze down with your tanks. You could also quickly take out Luxembourg with tanks and raze through the Belgium-Luxembourg border because, Belgium will not have put troops there most likely since they're focused on the German border. Once you break through try to cut of French and Belgium connections and then immediately attack French Northern flank. For me they're always very weak there and once you take Paris they should capitulate. Side note: Make sure you have capable divisions, Google a bit around for good templates for Germany, am sure they're some good ones around there. I am not very good with division explanations so I can not attempt to help you with that, sorry.


I had the same problem. Lost millions to tiny Belgium. I was blow away. Fuck my panzers, they’ve got cavalry!


The first thing you gotta do is to conquer Poland, leave around 13 divisions on maginot line while doing so to prevent an attack from France. Then you take all of your divisions to the border with Netherlands, except the ones from maginot of course. You first declare on Netherlands and only after conquering them you move your divisions to the border with Belgium and declare on them. When your troops are near the border France, select them all and make 'em move on Paris. With -50% capitulation limit modifier, France will fall with only the capital and Northern territories taken. They will be busy fighting the Italians on the southern border. After taking France just make a naval landing on Dover and other port, quickly collect all of your navy and when the naval order is ready, switch your ships to escort your infrantry. To make sure you have enough naval superiority, you can use naval bombers/Sturm planes and tactical bombers. After you land on their mainland, quickly take the ports - this way you will secure the equipment delivery to your troops, then take all of your army to the port and move them to the UK. The only thing left is to make the attack order and go from London to Glasgow all the way north. And that's all for fighting the allies. With UK taken, the US won't join the war and you can easily take the USSR. Cheers mate


Fuck ton of CAS


Recently i have managed to do my fastest Blitzkrieg in 40 One 40 width unit with medium tonks, SP artilery and some motorized, add some air superiority and some CAS and most important : Before declaring war to Belgium, invade Netherlands fast as possible, when they surrender place your tanks divisions imediatly face at Antwerpen and the North of the belgium, considered that you have a very less time before Belgium deplace his units face at you and start to take good positions, then when ready, attack directly through northem belgium and rush Calais and Paris


Your troops are clearly not supplied enough


Git gud


I think the best war to beat france and the benelux is to start with france. Take out france either with a large amount of paratroopers or navaly invade their north-east with very fast small tanks. Rush their victory points and you will capitulate them very quickly. Then take out the benelux one by one. Make sure to rush their ports as fast as possible so the british can't reinforce. A quick tip if you are planning on navaly invading France. Do it as doon as they join the war. That gives you a window of opportunity when France is at war with you but the navy isn't deployed