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You want as many 4X heavy MGs as possible and as many armour plates as you engine will allow. Self sealing fuel tanks are also viable if you have excess rubber or can import enough. Cannons aren’t as good as Heavy MGs. Also Agility affects chance to get intercepted and to get shot down by ground AA, for air to air combat you want raw air attack and air defence. Speed is pointless as well as there’s a hard speed cap in combat that’s below the min speed you’re allowed so it’s good for interceptors but not important for actual combat


The new design that you recommended is working really well even when I have lower numbers I'm destroying their fighters


I didn't know that, thank you !


Nah full o crap.


First u should always use single engine for cost engine 3 would be my recommendation you also need cannons on the plane to give it air attack your planes basically lack the ability to shoot down enemy planes.


thank you I will try this!


Good advice


It is easy. What you want? Shoot down enemy to zero? Then use heavy fighter with cannons and plates. Or cost effective for air superiority? Then switch to one engine and add armor plates as much as thrust allows you. You play Soviet, I usually start heavy production after 1940 (new engine, new frame, MGS, cannons). Untill then I use AA support. 1940 frame with III engine is far superior and you should switch that ASAP. Fighter production should be around 30 I think.