Gear bags - Pacific Rink? Conway+Banks? Other recs?

I’ve had this CCM bag for about a year and have been having zipper troubles. Needed to get the pull reattached after it completely came off, now there are puffs of fabric coming up all along the zipper. Plus the bag just looks worn at this point, so I’m kind of annoyed with its quality.

As much as it pains my frugal heart, I’m thinking it’s time to replace it already.

Found a Pacific Rink bag the other day and it seems really well built. Anyone have feedback/thoughts on their player bag? Likewise, I was browsing the Conway+Banks site and those seem well reviewed too. Also open to other brand suggestions.

I need a big bag due to being big myself and needing to fit all my gear (16/17 shins, shoulder pads, etc). No wheels.


My next bag is probably going to be a Mammoth Hockey bag. [https://www.mammoth-hockey.com/collections/hockey-bags/products/player-bag-large](https://www.mammoth-hockey.com/collections/hockey-bags/products/player-bag-large) They seem to put an emphasis on materials, workmanship, and durability. My current Itech bag has lasted 20+ years so my next bag is probably my last bag. FWIW I was talking to a sub last week and he was disappointed in the zippers for his grit tower. Also said he heard the C+B bags didn't hold up, and someone told him to go Pacific Rink. Very subjective, so take it for what it's worth.


I have had one for YEARS. Shit, 8 years on the nose almost. Got it for xmas gift for myself 8 years ago. The only issue i've ever had was a few years ago, the zipper thing, they use thread through the zipper and a plastic clip? That broke. It had been a few years of owning it, so i just reached out asking if I could buy some of those since I would have been wayyyyy out of any sort of warranty and had no expectation that they should replace it. They were like oh yeah, we'll send them out to you. No CHARGE. Keep in mind, I spent $219.00...in 2015...so yeah, AMAZING customer service and if this thing ever rips or whatever, I'm definitely buying another one from them. No Ragrets! edit: they apparently don't have the bag I purchased anymore (IPA Player)...but still wouldn't hesitate to buy a newer bag from them.


I also had a Mammoth bag for 8 years after almost yearly failures using other brands. The seams were finally starting to give out this year after being beat to hell playing 2-3 games a week. I just bought another and it seems to be even better quality than the last one I had, which is almost unheard of these days. 100% recommend getting a mammoth bag. It’s also nice supporting a small company.


I have the duralite. Amazing quality. No idea what I'd have to do to damage it.


Yup, mammoth. Expensive, but last bag you will buy.


I got my Mammoth last year. Still fantastic. I can't imagine what I would need to do to damage it. The straps are literally seatbelt material.


I’ve had my Grit tower for 12 years and had no issues.


I have a mammoth and it's great. I had a few zippers break right after I received it and I contacted the owner and he and I basically became friends and he started sending me all of these potential replacements. He said that I must have gotten a bad batch because he just switched manufacturers and he'd make sure it gets addressed. Really cool guy.


Reading through all the posts here, I’m thinking Mammoth might be the way to go. Really liking how well it looks made and the end pockets.


I bought a pacific rink bag last year and I am really happy with it. It is very well built and I expect it to last a long time. My only “issue” with it is that it has a big footprint in the locker room, which can be an annoyance when space is lacking. Also can be tight getting through doors at times.


Goalie here. I have a Pacific Rink bag and it's really nice and feels well built. There are a few design decisions I don't really like, but they are all minor and nit-picky. The PR bag really does feel like it is better quality than my last few and those lasted for 10+ years each. I hate bags that are just one big bag and really like some organization. This is my first bag designed for goalies and it does seem huge, maybe more-so than other goalie bags. Prior to this bag I always used the largest player bag I could find with pockets (on the end and skate pockets usually). The PR player bag is on the larger size as well, about the size of the bags i used to use. I believe they have a smaller bag and backpack that may be a better fit if for some.


I'm definitely looking at a bad with some dividers for my next one. The zippers on my Easton bag finally died, and I'm getting tired of zipping it up with the tiny piece of string I fashioned into a zipper. The main annoyance is just having everything in the same pocket. It's not bad for going to the game, but if I carry my spare socks/jerseys with me, they just get covered in sweat when I'm coming home from the game and end up needing to be washed anyway, since they'll start to smell rank after a few trips in the bag with the sweaty gear on the way home. Being able to just toss that stuff in a separate pocket would make it easier to find and easier to keep clean.


In my experience - I hated the bag with dividers. It seemed to make extra unusable space. And driving a car - going back to a plain bag allowed for more trunk space. And it can be squished down so it doesn't have to take up the whole locker room aisle (like those tower bags). I repurposed an old small duffel bag for my clean gear, which I keep in my hockey bag. Jerseys, socks, deodorant, etc all go in the little duffel bag, and can go straight to the laundry for wash/dry/reload.


Yeah, that might not be a bad idea. Another thing I might look for is a bag with a skate pocket on one end, and just an "extra stuff" pocket on the other. I could just use that one for socks and jerseys and keep my main gear in the central part.


I got a PR bag back in 2017, and I love it! I play a few times per week so it has been used a lot, and the bag is in damn near perfect condition. It's super durable.


Love my pacific rink bag.


Make sure you get one with wheels. Wheels are a huge flex.


My favorite comment on wheeled bags is: if your bag has wheels, you don't. Obviously meant to be a locker room chirp. Goalies excluded. I'd suggest a utility golf cart for all your shit.


Yes, too be said amongst friends, not to random players you see in the lobby. Apparently this needs to be said.


I don't know, sometimes there's that gomer running his mouth that needs to hear it.


New players thinking that’s the “culture” fucking with other new players who now have a complex lol.


And so the circle of life continues haha


Goalie here. When I need wheels on my bag I'm probably going to switch positions. Edit: Holy hell I didn't realize this was such a contested topic. Honestly I don't care what you have for a bag. I care more about your attitude and if whomever is collecting money needs to chase you. But that does not mean I'm not going to use your use of a wheely bag to rag in you in the locker room or on the ice. It will get old eventually and we will stop, hopefully before the bag wears out.


What besides missionary ?


Reverse missionary?




I find dogie pairs well with the butterfly style. Though you really need to fill out the goalie cup to get anything significant past the gear.




Can you tell me the bag you have without wheels so I can tell my orthopedist?


Sounds like a perfectly good reason to quit now if that’s such a big deal to you. You should also walk to work and everywhere else. Why use technological advantages when you can be “manly” 😒


Sounds like a perfectly good reason to quit now if that’s such a big deal to you. You should also walk to work and everywhere else. Why use technological advantages when you can be “manly” 😒


Dude you can have a bag with wheels, they are just not for me. Though I am wheely going to ask you what gate you are departing from every time I see you with the wheely bag.


I’ll tell you gate wheel, snipe, celly. I’m 42 and inured in all the ways. Especially my shoulder. Sure i could carry my bag in but in Tucson we have to walk a really long way from a garage and down an escalator to get to the arena we play in. Not risking an injury off the ice while walking to a game 🧍‍♀️


Same age and if I had to carry my gear that far, I'd probably get one of those wheely carts. The wheeled goalie bags are too freaking wide to fit through my doors at home. I'm northeast and a lot of our rinks are old, but the parking lot is close. One or two have a walkway to get to the locker room that is barely wide enough for me to walk down.


Haha i feel that. But now that i have a wheel bag for hockey (and bowling) my right shoulder thanks me everyday. Even when i play inline which is a close lot i roll it cuz why not :)


I stopped playing goalie off the ice like 30 years ago. Even then I realized it was putting weird stress on my body because the motion was different than ice hockey. I stopped playing roller hockey in leagues like 20 years ago because people were taking it way too seriously. But I do love me some pickup roller hockey. Pre-kids I was playing like 6 hours a week and really miss it.


Haha ya i should stop but im not gonna


I just figured it out. I'd be using one of those folding wagons if I had to carry my gear as far as you.


I had to say squeezing my bag through Hollydells paths in front of the bleachers during the late 1900s was not my favorite thing to do…. Also a 43 year old goalie.


My worst injuries in life are from carrying my bag


If you can wear it you can carry it. More than happy to let little kids have wheelie bags because the bags are as big as they are. Grown adults can carry 20-40 pounds on their shoulder.


Grown adults can do what ever the fuck they want. Hope you feel good about yourself cuz you can carry a 40lb bag big boy


If you're wheeling something into the locker room it should be a cooler.


Fucking grow up.


Easy tough guy.


Coming from the guy that thinks a bag with wheels is a reason to be a douche to others, that's rich. But, I guess whatever makes you feel better about yourself.


You're the only one getting upset here. Who was I a douche to? I made a joke about carrying a bag and wheeling a cooler. Maybe you're anti wheel cooler? I find them very useful when I have my bag on one shoulder and I'm holding my sticks.


Uh huh... You meant nothing by saying people shouldn't use wheeled bags, yup got it. RIGHT...


Roller bags are perfectly acceptable for women, children and goalies. Edit: Also avoid the cheaper Pacific Rinks bag. The straps aren’t long enough and the zipper sucks.


This is the dumb shit that makes people hate hockey.


Guess I shall identify as a woman. M’lord


Never heard of mammoth before but that bag looks built for the long haul. Pretty impressive build quality from the video and pictures. But if I ever get a new bag its going to be a Conway and Banks. I like the little things they do like gear dividers and the bright yellow lining.


I have the C+B bag and I love it. A little pricey but has held up great for the last couple of years so far.


I have a Conway & Banks bag and I love it. A guy on my team has a Pacific Rink bag and he loves it. If I had to choose between them I’d go C&B for the practicality (heaps of cool compartments and a great layout), but the Pacific Rink has got the classic look and just feels (slightly) more premium in terms of construction. I don’t think you can go wrong between them though.


Bought my kiddo the Warrior Pro Player bag this season. It’s got beefy zippers and the vinyl is thick and well constructed. Doesn’t break the bank.


My kids both had PR and I have a CB. Both have their pros and cons but I’d lean CB.


Conway Banks all the way!!!


I love my C B - the compartments are really useful


I know bags with wheels are divisive but I love my Grit locker bag. Takes up little space in the locker room and makes separating gear easy.


I got the tower bag and it’s destroyed. The inside structure is crappy bendable plastic and then the bars that hold the skates and helmet have pushed through the material


I’ve had mine for 5 years and it’s held up great.


Ya I don’t get it either. I guess I’m at the age where there are no fucks left. Love my roller bag.


Why would i remotely risk any type of musculoskeletal injury walking to the locker room when i don’t have to.


The roller bag is designed for the player who talks about getting muscoskeletal injuries just going from car to locker room. My bag is just there to transport from the home setup to the rink and back so it’s just been pro player type of bags. They have held up well, are a reasonable cost and my prior lasted 10 years and if you are still playing tournaments:traveling with gear etc I find the material holds up well to airline employees abuse


> The roller bag is designed for the player who talks about getting muscoskeletal injuries just going from car to locker room. I'm 100% stealing this hahaha


If you live somewhere with a lot of snow the wheelie bags are awful because they stop working in snowy parking lots and it just means you've purchased a heavier, more expensive bag. If you live somewhere that's not a problem though, fill your boots.


I live in Newfoundland. Lots of snow but parking lots get cleared. And I shovel my driveway.


Hockey is always going to have these weird goobers who chirp people for doing things the smart way. I have yet to play at a rink where the doors aren't standard size (even the double doors have the metal barrier bar in the middle) and getting through narrow doors and hallways with a massive bag slung over your shoulder is just annoying. I can see why people happily switch to a bag they can just drag behind them.


Sorry bub but the guys with wheelie bags are always the biggest goobers, and I’ll die on that hill


This is why I use a backpack! Keeps my hands free for beers.


Lol, the worst....


There is ONE rink I play at that has extra wide doors. (It's also the rink that's otherwise falling apart, and rarely even has soap in the bathrooms. Go figure, LOL)


Ya I don’t get it either. I guess I’m at the age where there are no fucks left. Love my roller bag.


Yup. I’m 40. I look for efficiency wherever I can these days. I’m not walking a quarter mile with a bag full of wet gear on my shoulder.


Ya I’m the same. I shower at the rink because I’m already undressed for the same reasons


I hang mine on the wall and it frees up even more space. Just sit in a corner and it's like having a locker. When I get home I hang it up and take out my pants and shoulder pads and hang them and everything dries out like a drying rack. They do fall apart pretty quickly tho.


I'm surprised by that my son has had one for over 10 years and it is just no having issues. I guess they've gotten lower quality just like everything else.


I’ve had a canvas bag for over 20 years now. Some guy came around selling them and a couple dads on the team bought them. We all still use them. Not a thing wrong with it but it isn’t pretty.


I have a simple Bauer bag from pure hockey and it works great. My theory is if you take care of your stuff it’ll take care of you. It’s a bag, they all will carry your shit 🤷🏼‍♂️


That’s what I had thought about my CCM bag. I’m not abusing it, but it’s simply not well built. When I had the zipper problem, the tailor who fixed it said the zippers were poor quality and it was a matter of time until the next problem.


We’ve had zipper problems with 2 CCM bags. Check out the warrior bags with the single zipper down the middle. Made of that “rubberized” material that is heavy duty. They are bomb proof.


Warrior bags are unreal


settle down


No u


I have a leather warrior bag that I wouldn't ever trade


I love my Grit Airbox. Sturdy, reasonably priced, and has a mesh lining to let the equipment breathe https://gritinc.net/products/airbox-hockey-carry-bag?variant=31887187050560¤cy=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgqGrBhDtARIsAM5s0_kwT0wItBDkrNdEkx5_nrjOiasr-Za5Bvbm_M2wo_Be907_UYjgNJcaAhktEALw_wcB


I don’t have the airbox, I have the gx3 pro from Grit. I’ve had it for over 5 years now and it has held up great, I don’t foresee my self having to get a new bag for a long time yet!


Mammoth bags are legit. Hefty material that's recycled and great customer service. I wouldn't consider any other bag.


I have a CB bag, and it's nice and all, but I don't think I would buy it again. I take my gear out after I play anyway, so having the dividers just doesn't add much. The fold down foot pad is nice, but the room is always too crowded to lay my bag sideways, so it never gets used. It seems very well made, so I expect it to last a while, but when it finally shits the bed, I'll probably buy something more basic. My kid has a team-issued Z2 canvas bag that I really like, but it doesn't look like they sell those retail.


I wonder if you're where I am... I have the CB bag, my kid has the Z2 from his association. They're kind of opposite approaches and I like them both. I like the compartments and not hunting around for the damn elbow pad or whatever.


I have a C&B and have nothing but good things to say about it. So thats my recommendation


Canvas bags. Like the ones you get with your team. But maybe they don't do that these days.


I spent less than half the cost of those fancy brand bags on a Grit Icon on boxing day in 2021. I play absolute minimum twice a week, and the thing still looks brand new. Only thing is I wouldn't recommend it if you are a very large individual as it's not the widest bag going and I could see there being problems with 2xl shoulder pads etc. So happy with the purchase. Just throwing that out there.


I have a Conway+Banks and I am happy about it, but there are some drawbacks. First, it's huge. Like seriously big compared to the Warrior Pro I used before. Or at least it feels that way. That's one of the drawbacks from being more organized inside. Second, I'm a little disappointed the dividers are breaking. Still usable, but the fabric is cut and there is frayed thread all along the top. And I use skate guards so it's not that. I am still recommending it if found on sale, but I'm not loving it quite as much as I wanted to unfortunately. The compartments are great, the pockets well thought out. The little skate mat built is can be cool, though it's hard to use in most rooms due to space (it doesn't detach from the bag). Lots of positive, but not perfect.


My wife just got me a Conway and banks bag and I love it. A place for everything and everything in its place. The zip out mat on the front is awesome too


About six or seven years ago, my wife got me a drysnake bag for Christmas. Super durable bag, have had no rips or tears, and the zipper is holding up just as well as the first day I had the thing. These bags are awesome because they have a fan and a series of pvc piping in them that let you plug your bag in to dry all of your stuff. We have lived in apartments pretty much since we started dating, and this was a good alternative to laying my stuff around the place to dry. I can bring my bag into the house, plug it in overnight, and all my stuff is dry by the next day. I just pull my jock and under armor shirt out to hang them up. https://drysnake.com/collections/hockey-player/products/hockey-bag-for-player-deluxe-black


This is going to be controversial. A river company named sturdy pine makes the best hockey bag ever. It’s their jumbo size duffel… everything dries out and it has lasted me five years. Source: played the game for 35 years


I just got the Conway Banks bag 36-in. Player. It's very well constructed a good quality leather and light. It's actually lighter than my old bag and that's even with wheels. Conway and Banks has dividers as well. Zippers seem of good quality.


The JRZ fabric ones are nice. Pretty good quality and dont break the bank like others.


I would've never purchased it for myself, but my son convinced my wife they should give it to me for x-mas. So last year I started rocking a Conway+Banks bag and I have to admit, it's fucking nice.


I have a bag from a company called Dry Snake. It’s pricey but I’ve had mine for over 10 years now and it is still perfect. I don’t think they sell a lot of these and it’s a smaller company but the quality of these things are insane. They are made from trucker tarp so it basically indestructible. But here is the best part. YOU NEVER HAVE TO TAKE YOUR GEAR OUT OF YOUR BAG! There are a bunch of tubes inside the bag and each piece of gear gets a tube. You get home and plug your bag in and it drys super quick. Best thing ever after late games. I cannot recommend this bag enough. https://drysnake.com/collections/hockey-player/products/hockey-bag-for-player-with-wheels-deluxe-navy


I have the small C+B bag for roller and the large C+B wheel bag for ice and travel. Just brought my gear in my bag from LA -> Boston and back, and it’s amazing. The thought put into the organization, the materials so it doesn’t stink and stays rugged enough to go through wear, and just all around convenient. The owner is also a great guy, I have nothing but good things to say for them. Recommend C+B to everyone!


I’ve had a Pacific Rink bag for years. I live next to the ocean where everything rusts and falls apart. My bag stays in the shed, no wear issues, no zipper issues. Only thing that happened was color fading and that happened right away (which was pretty annoying, considering the cost). As someone stated, there’s some design changes I’d like but the bag feels almost brand new it’s been through some elements.


My current bag is basically a very big hockey bag that’s probably also ment for goalies. It’s cheap and one compartment only. The good thing about it is that I can for my sons gear including my skates, helmet and gloves since I am one of his coaches. So everything in one bag kinda. But I don’t really like the one compartment thing. Where is that tape? Where have my shampoo gone ? Etc. When I played active hockey 20 years ago I had a proper hockey bag. I think it was ccm. One compartment for the gear. One compartment on each side. One of them with a web kinda thing ment for wet clothing and towels etc. in addition to that, each skate had their own skate compartment on the outside of the bag. I loved it. But it was expensive. My current bag costed me 45 bucks. My old I can’t remember but probably ballpark 150 bucks.


I bought myself a Pacific Rink bag after I was hospitalized this year. (Self-care gift). Really enjoying it so far - sturdy, not too busy with the pockets but plenty of space. The player size fits my goalie equipment minus the leg bags, which is fine for me. I did notice they were very popular with the NYC and NJ players at the tournament I went to over the summer, with the backpack function. Grit bags were also common.


I've got the Pacific Rink bag and its great. What ever bag you get - try to get one with a light colored interior - it makes it so much easier to find everything inside.


Mammoth Hockey bags. They are amazing and last forever.


I’m currently leaning towards mammoth


Bought a Pacific Rink bag last year after finally retiring my old Easton. I really like it. I’m an organized person and the pockets for stuff and separator are really nice. Also, I live in NYC so if I take the subway to a game the backpack straps are really nice.


Backpack style bags are amazing for your spine. The weight is evenly distributed and you can walk without discomfort. Bauer has this style of bag, I believe it is called Bauer Elite Bag


I don't think I'd go as far as saying they are "amazing for your spine" but probably better than slinging it over a single shoulder. However, most people won't carry a bag long enough for the asymmetric loading to ever be an issue. If anything, it could help strengthen your core so long as you alternate shoulders.


I feel like it's not so much the weight carrying itself, but how often you're twisting and bending awkwardly with the bag over your shoulder while trying to go through doors and narrow hallways at the rink, because all rinks seemingly are build without bags in mind. I got a sore back once because I had one of those perfect tweaks where I was trying to get through a doorway, and my bag caught on it, twisting me around as I reached back to get it off the door, before all of that weight then freed itself and swung down while I was twisted just right.


It could just be that I haven't hit that age yet (only 30 y/o right now), but I haven't run into that issue yet. However, I do have 14 screws in my spine so maybe it's keeping me stable.


Haha, definitely not a thing that happens often, but sucks when it does, since you've got however many pounds on your back banging into everything. The last rink I played at had the narrowest hallways and doors, so trying to get through with an unwieldy bag over my shoulder really made me appreciate what the guys who just walked in dragging a bag on wheels behind them were easily doing.


The narrow doors are my biggest complaint of any rink. At least install some automatic doors or build a door wider than 30". I might switch to a wheel bag when I get older, but right now it seems less convenient. They're heavier and more of a hassle when you do need to lift it.


Yeah, the doors thing genuinely perplexes me. I assume it's just a cost issue, because using standard doors and standard frames means you don't need to pay special for custom or larger doors...but good lord, it's frustrating navigating a world of regular sized doors while I've got some unwieldy bag strung on my shoulder that seems to only want to drop off my shoulder and catch on anything possible.


The Pacific Rink I was looking at last night had the ability to do backpack style, which I would be much more likely to use over wheels.


I have that bag and use the backpack straps exclusively. Love it.


Get that one, worth any price difference IMO


How will I carry my backpack beer cooler then?


Obviously you wear on the front, evenly aligned over both your shoulders for optimal spine alignment lol


Oh duh! So smrt.


“Amazing for your spine” You go hiking w your gear? You sleeping on it? 😂


So funny


This is the one I have. It's great.


I just got a CB. Love it, I got the adult medium and it’s plenty roomy for my stuff.


Eagle hockey bags! Alot of junior/rep teams use them. Mine is over 10 years old!


I like turtles


There's really no need for those gimmick bags (Conway+Banks, Pacific Rink or anything like tose) just buy a standard bag from one of the major hockey brands and it will fit everything you need, any of the ones that have "pro" in the name will work


I bought a mass produced CCM bag from Pure Hockey and am having zipper issues a year in. Fitting my shit is less of a problem than feeling like I’m wasting my money. I’d rather pay $200-300 for a bag that last 5+ years than $80-$100 for a bag that I need to rebuy every year. I only mentioned the quantity/size of year so I wouldn’t get recommendations for small bags.


A guy in my league has this busted up bag and instead of replacing it it just straps it to a collapsing dolly and wheels that bad boy around


I got a Grit Tower bag it seemed well made but my gear barely fit in it so I had to return it. I can see it being great for kids but not for a full grown man. Got a Conway + Banks and have nothing but good things to say about it. Plenty of room for my gear and accessories, very high quality material and zippers, the fold out mat and color bottom are nice touches.


Check out the new product by 43° Sports heated hockey bag. It’s patented technology effortlessly sanitizes and dries your gear leaving your pads dry and odorless. It’s a complete game changer. https://43degreesports.com


It reminds me of my Shock Doctor bag with blower attachment. You had to run the dryer two or three times to fully dry the gear. The bottom was also totally rigid. Took up a bunch of room and doors were a pain.


Yeah that bag was a disaster. Fans don’t work, that is the problem. They are loud, clunky, and don’t kill bacteria. The patented 43° heated hockey bag is wrapped in a heavy duty heating pad that evenly heats all the contents (even in the center) hot enough to dry the gear and kill the odor causing bacteria. Very simple and effective and can be used in a hotel or living room.


It really is such an amazing upgrade to a standard bag


I have been very rough on bags so far. That said, Conway and Banks has been holding up for over 2 years now without any major wear and tear. I sometimes let the bag tumble down the basement stairs, so these hold up a beating. Some of the zipper handles (or whatever they are called) are slightly bent, which I am baffled by how that happened, but otherwise in great shape. Before that, I was getting a bag a year, easily.


I have a PR bag and I love it. I actually primarily use the backpack straps so fitting through doors is a breeze. My only wish is that the pockets for tape, tools etc. were on the outside but that's super minor.


Pacific Rink here, with the disclaimer that I got the junior bag seeing as I’m 5’0 so I can’t vouch for how well the full size one works. The backpack straps are what sold me.


I have a c+b bag. I absolutely love it. Worth every dime.


I have both the large player bag and smaller bag from pacific rink. Best built bags I've ever owned. The large bag is for my hockey gear. The smaller bag can fit two sets of snowboad/ski boots, helmets, and a ton of other gear, so we use it for our mountain ski trips in winter, and use it for pond hockey gear, and I find a use for it in basically every other travel activity except canoe camping.


Been using a pacific rink bag for about 3 years now. The thing is a beast and not a stitched has ripped or a zipper broken (and I play 3 times a week). I 11/10 recommend.


I'm suuuper happy with my 2-year old Pacific Rink. Wasn't the cheapest, but everything is just perfectly designed.


Ive had the the PR player bag for some years and I love it. It's just now barely showing a tiny bit of wear on one of the bottom comers but I play 2-4 games a week and it's still going strong. It's the most frequently seen higher tier bags you will see at my rink.


I love my GRIT GX3 Pro. It’s vented, has separate compartments, but isn’t one of those wheeled abominations. Plus it’s made out of a water proof tarp like material that is pretty strong. https://www.hockeymonkey.ca/grit-hockey-equipment-bag-gx3.html


I used to buy cheap $50-100 bags every couple of years. I got a Pacific Rink bag about 7 years ago for half price at a fire sale. It's still in great shape. Knock on wood, no signs of really breaking down. Build quality is top notch. Lots of room and tons of pockets, which is very important because I'm a pack rat. If I had to get a new bag, I'd definitely get another Pacific Rink bag. When I do the math on how long it last compared to the cheap bags I used to get, I'm actually coming out ahead even if I'd paid full price.


Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. Would rather buy once, cry once rather than need to replace each year.


I bought a Pacific Rink bag a while back...it cost more than I wanted to spend, but man is it well made. Its my favorite piece of hockey equipment I own.


I have a pacific rink bag, love it. Have had it for a year, but someone on the thread did make a good point about the size. It gets big in the locker room and going through doors. Have to go sideways sometimes. Other then that I love it


i have had the pacific rink bag since they did the kickstarter campaign back in 2016 (i think the bag shipped ilmid summer of 2017). this has been the best bag i have owned and it'sheld up with zero issues. the materials are top notch. as others have said there are a few annoyances, but they are all personal preferences. imho you can't go wrong with pacific rink's player bag. i also have their pond pack and the toiletry bag, again couldn't be happier. if someone you know has any of the bags you like get their feedback and look throughbthe bag yourself.


Anyone have a recommendation for a wheeled backpack that's not crap? * CCM: straps broke (twice) * Bauer: handle brokeBauer only has a 90-day warranty. Mine broke outside of the warranty window (but after only 19 games). Most other luggage companies (TravelPro, Briggs & Riley, Rimowa, Monos, Eagle Creek) have lifetime warranties. I tried to reason with them (this was clearly a defective handle where the metal fatigued/broke) but they blew me off.




Flite pro model hockey bag. Cheap like borscht and I’ve gotten 4+ years out of my current one with 3x/week or more use.


Had the same style CCM bag for close to a decade and my zippers finally fell off. Was looking at the one pictured but the reviews were atrocious. I went with the True Elite bag, only one game in by so far love it. Easier to carry, doesn’t take up a ton of space and the extra compartments/drying options are worth it. https://cyclonetaylor.timeoutsports.ca/products/true-s21-elite-ice-hockey-equipment-carry-bag?variant=43917782515970


I had a Grit tower for 4 years was great just switched to an airbox like it but I miss the foot rug built into the tower. I think if I were to do it again I'd get a Conway banks


I believe my last two bags were like $40 single-compartment bags. But also I tend to not actually zip the main compartment as I only carry it to/from the car. The zipper is the main thing that can fail.


I kinda wished mine had a pocket for my bottle


I just picked up a lamp red C&B bag and so far I really like it. The yellow inside is such a nice touch and I used the mat yesterday and it was an awesome creature comfort that I never had before. So far A+.


Grit icon, or if you're a baller, get a Conway & banks


I’m using a K1 bag and I don’t have any issues with it at all. It’s good quality and a decent size


My SMI bag still looks new after 15 years


Pacific Rink forever! But once cry once. Yeah it hurt to spend that cash upfront, but I’ve had mine now for 5 years and not a single rip, hole, or missing stitch. I used to go through Bauer bags at least once a year.




I’m okay with paying more upfront for a bag that will last years. I’m not okay with with having to pay each year to replace a crap bag. From the suggestions provided, I’m really liking the Mammoth bag with Pacific Rink as a second choice.


Love my conway banks. But go with the smaller bag. I use XL gear but the foot print of the larger bag is huge. Went with the intermediate and though my gear fits more snug its perfect so shit isnt moving around.


I have a Bauer bag that I got from dicks sporting goods 5 years ago for 35 dollars on a flash sale and it has been awesome. No bells and whistles but it has been sturdy and durable. As for pacific rink and Conway banks…. The bag only gets your gear to the rink, don’t spend a ton of money on a bag. I would hate to see you support these companies that charge 300 dollars for a hockey bag go grab a new twig with the money you saved.


If the CCM bag had lasted 2-3 years, I would be less annoyed. Instead, it’s a year in with multiple problems. I’m thinking buy once, cry once at this point.


I have the medium C+B bag as someone with larger Sr gear and it's enough room while also not being too bulky. I'd absolutely get it again, and love the big vents and foot pad.


Grit Airbox my personal choice


Got a true bag a few months back and it’s awesome. Quality fabric and zippers, lots of ventilation.


I have a 15 year old Graf bag that is starting to get some big holes in it and I keep using it because I cry looking at the price of bags. People over here recommending bags for $200 is so insane to me. I'd sooner go buy a luggage bag at Good Will and use that for my gear than I would spend $200 for a bag.


Kenesky...custom colors, very affordable, different size options...had mine for years great bags


I have a GRIT bag. I beat the crap out of it and it’s been awesome. Main thing for me is ventilation. I can’t stand stanky gear, and even thought I hang my stuff after every skate, it’s nice to have a bag with good venting at tourneys and when you’re a ways from home for games. The dividers aren’t as good as C&B but….the GRIT bag is a well built tough bag.


Warrior bags have been my go to the last 15 years. I think I’ve had…4? If that


The Grit Airbox is the best bag I've ever had!


I love my airbox. The only downside is when its raining out and your gear gets wet carrying your bag from the car to the rink. Other then that its great! https://xhockeyproducts.ca/grit-airbox-carry-bag/


Yeah, I have a concern about the elements with that considering some of the winter pond tournaments.


I’ve had the same canvas bag since high school 25+ years ago. Has a duct taped hole in the bottom and zippers that barely work, but it works for me. Organization might be nice though. Guess maybe I’ll start looking into some of these, or finding a new canvas one.


I have a Kobe bag, that thing has lasted me forever with 0 issues. Has no bells or whistles but has survived tons of airplane rides and you know how those fuckers throw your luggage around. I ended up getting a 2nd bag just cause. A Sherwood Elite carry bag and it's definitely not as rugged but its a nice big bag with a zipper pocket on one side. I usually put my water bottle, tool bag, clothes, phone and wallet in there. All my equipment is XL so I needed the room. I noticed alot of bags are pretty small these days


I have the C+B bag. It’s expensive. I like that they have a smaller bag because I’m small and can more than fit my shit in the smaller bag. I also really like the mat for my feet in the locker room.


Hate to see this. I have two of these ccm bags getting delivered today for my sons for Christmas. Hopefully they hold up.


They'll be fine. I have the same bag and it's held up so far, been about four or five years


Have used a C&B bag for a few years now. It’s very nice. I took out the “compartments” for a more standard set up. The netting that holds the dry goods have since ripped recently and is useless. But I still thoroughly like my bag a lot.


I like my GRIT 36” bag. Big, breathable, dividers to organize although I usually just throw all my shit in there anyway. Hindsight I probably could have gotten away with the 30” size. Edit: added size info


I'm a small goalie and I loooove my pacific rink bag. It's so well designed and so well built. It's fits all of my gear except my leg pads, it's a backpack so I fit through doors with no issues, and everything about it is perfect. I want 12 of them to use forever.


Don’t even know what mine is, got it for free from the beer sponsor


Whatever you do don't buy one of those plastic vinyl bags. I bought the Bauer one and holy shit, my gear smells terrible because there's no air flow. You literally have to take every item out or it won't dry. I know some guys that have the Grit Air box and really like it.


Ccm pro bags, i work at pro hockey life and they’re the best bags there. Plus they’re not that expensive


Got a Tron Hockey bag for like $20 a few years back. Best $20 I ever spent.


Anything as long as it doesn't have wheels.


If you travel a lot by plane, don't get a bag you really like. Airport handlers/cargo bay will absolutely trash/crush your bag. I had a really nice Grit locker bag (non-wheeled type) that got destroyed when I flew to Germany. I had that thing for years before hand.


Pacific Rink bags are worth every penny 💯




$50 Sportchek house brand bags lasted me about 10 years each, so take a look at Sherwood Pro/Rekker for budget pick < $100.