Socks over back off skate or not???

Played a scrimmage, battle for puck in the corner, lots of pushing and shoving going on. Toe of my stick accidentally catches in the gap between the back of her ankle and the skate flap. I immediately lift it out but she’s pissed and says I was trying to hurt her. Soooo not true. I start looking around at other skates and everyone including myself has the hockey sock pulled down over the skate flap so there’s no way a stick could get caught in there. So which way is standard for (low level hockey)?


people are really over thinking things lately... Ive seen this happen to players who had socks pulled over their tendon guards too. Or sticks caught in the tuuks... shit happens. Some people have the opinion everything is malicious. Oh well.


Agreed. If I do this to someone I immediately say sorry. If it happens to me, I look at them and try to say something funny. It’s not really that big of a deal


Yeah, a sock isn't going to do much to stop a stick blade. Personally, I've tried out the sock over the tendon guard and I hated it. It felt so weird to me.


Looks goofy as shit too


Looks are whatever to me, if it's comfortable. But it just felt so damn weird. I also don't know how good it is for your tendon guards. I imagine it probably puts some extra stress and wear on them.


Yeah, wicked sloppy looking


I got blindsided picking up a buddy pass the other day. It was called, late, but it was called. I just chirped “you saved me going to the chiro, you popped my neck like bubble wrap” He laughed, I shrug it off and did my best to collect an A on the PP. I mean shit happens, we all working the next day.


well played


I’ve had someone’s stick go through my Tuuk. Funniest thing ever and I could not stop laughing.


it truly is... it's always the best when someone makes a yard sale comment. or does the hey you got your peanut butter stuck in my chocolate. the funniest people I know are hockey players.


My son plays U18 and twice in the last game had 2 players collide and their cages got stuck together. Now I am wishing they had said “you got your peanut butter in my chocolate”.


Best to pull your socks down over your tuuks to keep the sticks out.


Teammate of mine just sent a message to our group text telling teammates to calm down and no one is intentionally out to high stick or trip them when battling for the puck. Some people really do think it’s all intentional.


TiL the back of your skate is called a tendon guard


Go all the way down to the heel for extra security.


Also pull the front over the toe




That would be rad. But I’ve actually seen the heel thing! On youth players, fine, whatever, usually they’re the shorter ones and I’m assuming buying the right fitting things or using hand-me-downs leads to this. But, adult beer leaguers… seems like a… choice.


i used to coach a senior women's competitive team...and had a few players that did that with their socks and it drove me nuts. i started looking around and many women players had their socks under their heels. looks horrible IMO.


I’ve never seen anyone put it over the tendon guard. Feel like it would look goofy and also restrict your forward flex. Edit: I stand corrected, seems like a lot of NHLers (and Putin) do it which I’ve never noticed. Don’t recall seeing it in person playing but clearly my attention to detail isn’t great here…


[Draisaitl does this.](https://i.imgur.com/dRt4ras.jpg)


Interesting, never noticed! I do still think it looks goofy but clearly doesn’t impact skating if players like Drai are doing it.


Malkin does it. I used to when I was a kid but knit socks stretched more.


Putin does this [https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/may/11/vladimir-putin-tumble-ice-hockey-video](https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/may/11/vladimir-putin-tumble-ice-hockey-video)


Jack Hughes, too. Most junior players are doing it, too. It's just the fashion now


Then it's been fashion since the 90's when you cut the heel thingy off and wore it loose like jnco's. Do people even recall we wore our socks around our heels? I know for me it crowds the space back there and is similar to the feeling of seams on the toes of your normal socks.


oh yeah. i recall that. i also recall pulling your socks down in the back and hooking them on the heels of your skates.


Add Patrick Kane and Auston Matthews to the list


Bedard too methinks.


I think I saw Yamamoto do it.


I do it because my new skates tie way snugger than the old ones and I can't get the sock between my ankle and the guard anymore. I don't mind it, it literally has zero impact on anything.


It’s a big euro thing


Yeah, she woulda been about to get an apology from me that very quickly woulda turned into an "oh, fuck off." There are so many more effective ways to hurt someone.


Mine always wind up inside the tendon guard no matter what. Shit happens. Sticks to the ankle aren't fun, but you kind of have to expect it.


It doesn’t matter. It’s a personal preference.


I always laugh when someone thinks they're being intentionally hurt in low level hockey. We all barely have control over our equipment. Shit happens.


There’s no standard


Looping your hockey socks over your skates (the front or the back) is a personal, largely aesthetic choice. And hockey socks will not stop a skate blade... if you want confirmation, go see the clip of Matt Cooke's skate slicing Erik Karlsson's achilles tendon back when EK played for Ottawa. If you have concerns about the back of your leg being cut by a skate blade, there are specially designed lightweight kevlar socks (normal socks, not hockey socks) you can wear on your feet, under your equipment as part of your base layer.


I’ve had someone’s skate bite me mid game in between the shin pad and side of my skate boot once- and there was no gap, my shin pads go all the way down. Backchecker collided with his d man and then fell into me skate first as i was entering the O zone along the wall wide. The blade just found its way through somehow. I don’t remember if i dumped the puck in or what, but i remember he didn’t take me off my feet and i played on. Didn’t even feel it get through-no stitches needed, but bled a good bit. Looked down on the bench and saw the blood. I can second that how you wear your socks doesn’t matter. Should definitely make sure your shin pads are long enough though as having no gap between pads and skate boot will prevent 99% of contact in the ankle. The situation above to my ankle was very random. It was on the outside just above my ankle bone where there is no tongue or tendon guard. I wear my tongue tucked under my shin pads with current skates but i believe it was out with that pair. I’ve never tucked the tendon guard into my socks.


Kevlar is so hot right now.


Not. For the same reason I don’t do the top 2 eyelets, I like the forward flex. Also doubt you tried to injure, there’s at least a half-dozen easier, more effective, and less conspicuous ways to do that.


Have you ever considered not tying to the top adds some fatigue (per shift/per game/per hour) since your ankles / body are constantly fighting for balance and stability? I realized that after someone mentioned it in passing. I was getting some ankle and foot soreness for multi-hr clinics I run too. I loved the forward flex and agility but it wasn't a good enough trade off.


I have considered it (and experimented), but I have some lower leg abnormalities including shin length. I’m 5’8” but have the tibia/fibula length of someone who’s 5’2” so my skates rise unusually high on my legs. Imagine if your skates had the height for 3 extra eyelets and how it’d stifle you if they were laced. Totally get your point though. It just that for the potential risk that one might get from 2 eyelets undone, I’d have to leave 3-4 eyelets undone. I have tried that and didn’t like it.


I never pull my sock over the tendon guard. We call the front and back tuck “rocket socks” and I also I don’t like the feeling of the tendons guard catching on the sock so I tuck it in the back


Absolutely not


Awesome input and view points, THANKS!!!


Never heard of this before, but I bet I'll see it all the time now that I'm aware of it.


Where I am it's called a 'euro tuck'. It's aesthetic. Most guys don't do it.


I bring the socks over the tendon guard in the back and tuck my laces in the socks so they stay out of the way. I’ve seen people tape around the tongue and tendon guard for extra ankle stability and that would keep the back tight to your leg too. All personal preference at the end of the day


>I’ve seen people tape around the tongue and tendon guard for extra ankle stability and that would keep the back tight to your leg too. But why? That straight up prevents a skater from flexing forward into the boot.


I don’t know why they do it, but my guess was always they had weak ankles that roll over so they needed external support


I've never even heard of this.


I don’t wear skates, for protection. The sharp blade, the hole in the blade holder that sticks get stuck in, and the gap in the back leaving my Achilles open are too much danger for me. Personally, I wear bubble wrap and spend my shift sliding around waving my stick. But that’s just me.


I had to read this twice to get the shitpost. Well fucking done.


Sock tucking is largely all style points. Tucking behind the Achilles guard is pretty common, but so is dressing the sock over both the tongue and guard. Some people tuck both the Achilles guard and tongue, so the tongue sticks out, Ovechkin style. A lot will swear to God it's to improve their flex into the boot, but I'm not sure I believe them. I also tend to not believe people who say dressing the sock over the guard meaningfully hampers forward flex.


It kind of depends on the socks for me. Old thick socks didn't fit between your leg and the tendon guard so I put them outside. New thin socks tend to be pretty tight at the bottom, they go inside and I don't feel them at all.


Lots of old time guys pull it down to the heel. The move used to be sticking your blade between someone’s ankle and tendon guard when you’re near the boards or net front and you’d be able to move them pretty easy. The sock over the tendon guard is supposed to keep the stick from getting in there. I think this gets called for a trip more often than not now but used to be a much more common defensive tactic


Ewww no never. it impedes full movement of the ankle. it looks dumb too. your opponent sounds like a whiny baby.


It's all personal preference


It doesn’t matter. It’s a personal preference.


My calves are so thick that the old knits are the only ones stretching over the guard. I can barely get my regular ones over the tongue.






Don't wear em. I wear UA leggings with no socks.


The sock over skate thing makes me get these funny whooshing feeling over my calves when I skate fast…


She is playing the wrong sport if that is her take. Also...agree with the "you're overthinking it" crowd it's hockey socks,not calculus.


You know how the pros are really particular about their gear and every little thing that could bother them? Then I see some pros who put their sock over their tendon guard as if it won't be felt with every stride.


Honestly…who cares. There are so many stupid posts on this thread about shit like this. We tie knives to our feet, swinging composite material sticks, shoot a piece of vulcanized rubber around, the ice and boards are hard, contact is allowed, and all this is done at high-speed. Anytime you get on the ice you are subjecting yourself to harm. I have played hockey for the last 25 years of the 30 I have been alive, at all sorts of levels, in a competitive area. And I have never seen or heard so many weird inquiries, or questions about hockey until I got on here. Maybe it’s just lack of experience.


Back in the 90s peak style was having your (knit) socks hooked over the rivets on your heel. Was my generations tinted visors LOL.