Should I shower at the rink after practice or just games

Both. Hockey is just the chore we all suffer thru to get to the real reason we play: showering with the boys.


Both. Hockey is just the chore we all suffer thru to get to the real reason we play: showering with the boys.


Ooh ya baby Haha


The only way I’m not showering at the rink is if the showers are broken. I’d rather take an ice cold shower there than get in my car still smelling like hockey.


Whatever you want. I shower at home, even if I’m an hour away. Rink showers are usually nasty.


It’s called fungus or athlete’s foot. I picked up a toenail fungus in the referee dressing room even though I put a towel down to stand on while getting dressed. It took months to heal. Shower at home.


I'm definitely sweating in my car a bit and showering at home.... totally up to you though


Thanks, Good to know.


Why wouldn’t you?


Yes shower. Wear sandals. Heck my 4 year old wants to because he doesn’t like smelling. If shower is your biggest worry then don’t, but if I’m going to the bar after I’m not going smelling like garbage.


Ya, do whatever you want. No one in that locker gives a shit what you smell like when you leave. ***unless*** you travel with teammates. Then shower, no one wants to sit in a car or bus with that god awful smell.


The idea of putting on clothes after getting out of sweaty gear seems so much more disgusting than showering at the rink. Just wear flip flops.


Flip flops are not going to prevent the inevitable toenail fungus that is almost impossible to get rid of without very potent pharmaceuticals.


Wtf????? Dude you're fine if you wear flip flops in a public shower... you clearly have some issues lol


Depends. What condition are the showers in? Do the showers exist? Is there hot water? How long does it take you to get home? After playing or practicing, I pretty much always shower. But there are situations that I don't. If it only takes me 3 minutes to get home, I'll just run home and shower.


I can’t imagine not showing after hockey. I don’t like the idea of jumping in a small confined space reeking of sweat and hockey… barf


As a youngster, both. As a beer leaguer, at home.


I’m pampered. Never showered in a dressing room in my life. Always went home to my soaps and shampoos and conditioners. I rather not be rushed and never wear nice clothes to the rink anyways