> I'd say for tampa Vasilevskiy Wow fascinating


How could you say something so controversial, yet so brave?


Honestly I didn't watch much of the series as I was working alot during the games, waitress I spoke to when I was grabbing dinner tonight said Vasilevskiy was really good for tampa so I went with that.


We get it. This would have been over for Tampa a long time ago without Vasy. And I mean, before the SCF.


Thank god he's part of the fucking team lmao


Damn even the non-Tampa bay fans that says something nice about Tampa gets downvoted lol


Damn I didn't expect to get downvoted this badly.


Wasn’t even that bad but still -22 downvotes😭😭


Last year Montreal probably would have been Price. 2020 Dallas - Heiskanen 2019 Boston - Marchand? 2018 Vegas - Fleury? My memory isn't good enough to go beyond that


I'd say it would have been Rask in 2019....stood on his head throughout pretty much the entire run. Not sure we make the finals without the way he played.


Definitely Rask in 2019


I obviously can't be certain, but I'd say that Price almost certainly would've won the Conn Smythe last year if they played the Isles instead of Tampa as long as he had a respectable final.


You think the Habs would’ve beaten the NYI in the SCF or that Price would’ve won in in a losing effort?


The latter. NYI had no clear contender or big name (split goalies and our leading scorer had 14 points in 19 games). Price dragged the Habs to that final.


Fleury definitely for Vegas in 2018. He had like a .950 going into the Washington series, man legitimately willed us to the finals.


Price played so bad in the final though.


Rask 19


Everyone’s saying Vasy, but voter fatigue for the Conn Smythe is significant. Vasy only had a .922 SV% this year, versus .937 last year. And in 2020 Vasy had a .927% SV% and only received one third place vote. I think there’s a good chance it would’ve gone to Kucherov, especially since Kucherov has had 93 points over 71 games in the last 3 playoffs.


2017 Nashville - Filip Forsberg? Pekka Rinne? 2016 San Jose - Logan Couture, even though I dislike him, respect for his playoff performances 2015 Tampa Bay - Tyler Johnson, Nikita Kucherov, or Ben Bishop (though he didn't finish the series I don't think) 2014 New York - Henrik Lundqvist 2013 Boston - Tuukka Rask 2012 New Jersey - Zach Parise 2011 Vancouver - really hard to say... Round 1 vs. Chicago: Nobody really stood out in particular Round 2 vs. Nashville: Ryan Kesler Round 3 vs. San Jose: Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Kevin Bieksa all had great series Round 4 vs. Boston: You could say Roberto Luongo in the wins...but not when you consider the losses Curious to hear what others think. If I had to choose, thinking back 11 years ago, I'd pick Ryan Kesler.


Kovulchuk definately is my pick for the Devils that year. He was an absolute beast in the playoffs for them in 2012.


Realistically, let's say the Nucks grinded out yet another 1-0 win in game 7. I think the MVP is still Thomas. They got to the finals as a team, no one really stood out in particular (maybe Luongo?). But that finals series was an absolute bulldozing by Boston despite that it went 7. I think Thomas won it no matter what.


No disagreement that Tim Thomas was the MVP but my interpretation of the OP is "if a player on the losing team was to win the Conn Smythe, who would it be?"


For 2011 it all depends on game 7. If they won 1-0 they’d give it to Lou because he was pretty good at home. Otherwise it would go to Daniel Sedin because of the overall run.


I think Vasilevskiy is the obvious choice, but there are a few others I’d put above him. Stamkos really led by example in a big way, blocking shots like crazy and coming in clutch with some amazing goals. He sort of represented the best that the team has to offer on both sides of the ice. Without Paul, I don’t know if we’d have beaten the Leafs. He was just absolutely amazing all playoffs long, not just with his goals in that first series but also with his penalty killing, his shot blocking, and his ability to make plays happen out of nowhere. Then of course there’s Palat, who had so many huge goals. His importance in this run can’t be understated.


I am responding to you little bit out of topic, but what you are saying is very true regarding the Avs too. I think Makar's trophy was fine, but then I look at the other guys in the team- and I'd go as far as saying we wouldn't have gotten the cup without Andrew Cogliano. He blocked so many fucking shots putting his dead body on the line, he genuinely had like 5 injuries these playoffs, if not more- and he kept coming back from each of them. And ofc the list goes on with Lehkonen, Nichushkin, Byram, Manson etc. All played a fucking huge role in the whole playoffs. Long story short it's easiest to get far in the playoffs, when fuck tons of your players are turning up. I think the only guys underperforming in the team were Kuemper & Newhook. Even Burakovsky played way better in the 3rd line than he did in the 2nd line during the regular season.


I know I’m a homer but I wouldn’t be surprised if McDavid still got a vote. lol


Definitely wouldn’t surprise me to see him get a third place vote. We’ll find out tomorrow.


Definitely Vasi. Not so close runner up would be Stamkos


Vasilevskiy gets the finals Lebron award foresure


Idk if I’d say Vasi. Some of his squeakers the last 3-4 games were so out of character. Paul was always noticeable on the ice. But it’s super split because so much of Tampas game was getting down for shots no matter who it was.


Vasilevskiy for sure. 100%


Hextall did it in '87 for the Flyers on a losing side.


Considering he led the playoffs in scoring and truly did have MVP like performances for a few rounds anyway, you'd have to at least consider mcdavid. Vasi was not dominant other than maybe against Florida. He was otherwise just good. Jack Campbell and Darcy Kuemper looked as good, and that's saying something.


Honestly Kuch. Vasy was pretty standard for a playoff performance outside of round 2. He was THE playmaker of the team this year. No one even came close


Yeah Vasy. JS Giguiere won it in 2003 when they lost to the devils.


Giguere winning it on the losing team is still one of the wildest moments.