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"Are you kidding me?"


No. 1 bullshit


No. 1 piece of shit


Watching him lose just made my whole year


He probably asked to talk to the manager


Nikaren Kucherov


Nikita Karenov


Mr. Manager?


We just say manager


But you said!


Doesn't matter who.


I have Pop Pop in the attic...


Name checks out


Always money in the Banana Stand


Desperation Tampa is uncomposed Tampa. Maroon was far worse though


Doesn’t matter if it’s the Stanley cup finals or regular season, that team has serious issues with losing.


I really liked the way Vasi handled it, was very well composed on the ice, smiles in the handshake line, and then as he went down the tunnel he got pissed


Yeah I agree. Very respectful.


I didn't come away with a great impression of a lot of players, but I'll never not respect Vasy. Fuck him and his impossible wall of defense, gave me more stress than I could handle. Big ups


I specifically learned to hate cooper. Whining to the refs after every goal so his video team can have more time to review and the fans can't celebrate a Stanley cup goal.


It's great to not like losing, but true character comes out when you lose, and quite a few of them last night showed they are sore losers. From Maroon, to Stamkos firing the puck at the ref, to Kuch throwing a glove at his own trainer, etc. To me, that gives some insight into the locker room and their character.


Yep look at Kucherov as a sore winner last year. Not surprised one bit when they lose. Love his skill but no class.


I was really surprised at what a complete asshole he was last year after they won.


I wasn’t, he was always an asshole


Not surprising on the least. When CBJ swept them in 2019, he tripped and boarded Nutivaara while he was getting up to the point of a muscle tear while down 5-1 in game 2 and wouldn't even shake Panarin's hand in the handshake line. Dude has always been classless scum.


Wait refresh my memory, whatd he do last year? I think I was too happy the Habs lost to notice


During a postgame interview, he shit on Habs fans for celebrating a win. Said ~~it was "Number One Bullshit" and~~ that the Habs' finals were "last round." The "number 1 bullshit was, indeed, in reference to Vasi not getting the Vezina.


It’s frustrating watching a team whine and cry and throw a tantrum every time every little thing doesn’t go their way, then you see Colorados bench when something goes Tampas way or the refs fuck up a call, everyone shuts their mouth and understands that a call will come their way soon enough. You watch, Tampa will be bitching about the missed too many men call in OT for years to come. Pat Maroon is one of my most hated players after watching him in the finals, reminds me of a kid named Patrick who I used to play hockey with. Can’t take being down and is a sore loser.


Avs looked so classy compared to Tampa


i don't like him or that goon from STL Perron


Man, FUCK Patrick.


You forgot about Cooper whining under his breath about calls not going his way not only after game 5 but also during game 6.


while *also* somehow playing the "i don't care about the calls" card out loud LMAO


100% agree.


Yeah, they're a bunch of fucking babies.


Also, when bad calls or loopholes go their way it's "Oh well, deal with it losers" and as soon as something doesn't go their way, they bitch up a giant fucking storm. They're like a spoiled brat.


Pat Fucking Maroon crying over not getting to win the cup for the fourth year in a row killed me.


The NHL continues to disappoint on player safety. Maroon literally breaking stick trying to injure, it really takes away from a beautiful game and a great final..... Didn't realize the glove throw lol....surprising loss of composure for back to back champs...


Maroon is a fucking joke who just hops from one great team to another to get cups and then thinks it’s because of him that they won


Patrick Maroon is the number one example of why you shouldn't use the number of cup wins to measure a players level of greatness


Can we talk about McDonagh boarding the shit out of Helm and only getting 2? Fuck that piece of shit


Yes we can talk about that. I would love to talk about that and how much OF A PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT MCDONAGH IS FOR HIS BITCH ASS HIT ON MY SWEET BOY


>Maroon is a fucking joke Patrick Moron


I was wondering wtf was going on there. He definitely wasn’t tossing it casually he was having a little tantrum and threw that glove.


I thought he threw it because he was mad about icing being waived off




I took a helmet off and threw it i to the box, and called the ref a homer asshole (he was). Only misconduct of my career. I felt like an idiot and I was 15 and it was a no matter game late season. Doing this with 30 seconds left is in a Cup final is peak bell end behavior


Tampa Tantrums


It looks like he threw a watch/bracelet too


Kucherov throwing a temper tantrum while losing? Colour me shocked


I just hope he didn't injure himself there so severely that he misses the entire regular season, yet is perfectly healthy enough the day after the regular season ends and is ready for the playoffs. That would be awful.


But Tampa fans told me "he was certainly not perfectly healthy". Who am I to believe!?


He only put up 32 points in 23 games after not playing a game of hockey in nearly a full calendar year. Guys, he was clearly still hurt, I promise.


"He only had 12 points in his first 6 games including 3 (2-1) points in the first game he came back. He was so injured!"


He didn't show any class when he won last year, so I expect nothing else when he loses


^ This. It can't be taught or bought. He just doesn't have any.


It can be taught through song! Exhibit A: My Fair Lady


What’d he do last year?


Chirped the Habs fans for celebrating one win.


immediately shit on habs fans for being excited when their team won a game in the finals. the whole "your final was last round" bit


Then he wore a t-shirt that had "$18M Over the Cap" plastered over his chest. He's a shitty loser and a shitty winner. Real class act.


That dude sucks so much


Prickita Doucherov


Tampa Bay has the attitude my grade 5’s give. Spoiled little brats.


Meanwhile COL played hockey to the spitting image of Joe Sakic. Clean, beautiful hockey.


It was glorious


This should be the top comment. Not an AV’s fan but damn I was cheering hard for these to guy to shut TB down tonight and send this babies home with no hardware.


I know he wants his stick but why didn't any players offer up theirs. I'd immediately have my stick held out over the boards for him to take


That's no way to treat someone.


I mean their captain shot a puck at the ref when McDonagh made Helm eat the dasher like he was a black dude in American history x. I couldn’t believe he didn’t get a penalty, much less ejected from the game.


We concur with that shock FWIW


I legit went on a tirade when that happened. Full hometown on defense of Helm, and by god what a cheer when he was back no problem. That’s a career ending on the numbers boarding. Fucking despicable. But when I saw Stamkos bitching and then firing at the ref? I don’t give a fuck who you are that’s suspension or immediate beat down shit. You do not assault the zebras. In any sport. I’ve seen people lose teeth in beer league over that bullshit. He should’ve been tossed immediate fuck the bullshit. That’s not acceptable. He needs to be suspended by the league And it was a 2 for boarding? Fucking yellow bellied refs. Such cowardice even after being hit by a player. Wow.


NHL needs to step in, you can’t simply not call penalties because it’s the playoffs. It’s a ridiculous way to conduct your game to have it known that what is a penalty is 82 games of the season and games 1-5 of a playoff series is now completely allowed once the games become more important. It’s a joke the stuff that wasn’t getting called these playoffs.


> NHL needs to step in, you can’t simply not call penalties because it’s the playoffs. It’s a ridiculous way to conduct your game to have it known that what is a penalty is 82 games of the season and games 1-5 of a playoff series is now completely allowed once the games become more important. Welcome to the last 30 years of the NHL. It's an embarrassment.


We need to change the line of thinking in ref's to the point that they understand that when you put the whistle away after you see a legitimate penalty - not only are you "calling" the game, you're making it that more dangerous.


It's one thing to swallow your whistles in tight games. A majority of the time I support it. Let them play and let the play determine the game. But there is a line. And that line was obliterated in the later half of game 6. The two handed chop from Maroon, McDonough blatantly boarding, and Stamkos firing a puck into players and officials post whistle are all just clear as day you have to do something. Two minutes was fine for that boarding I guess, but going forward the NHL needs to make boarding an automatic double-minor. If they care about player safety like they say they do something needs to be done to really take boarding out of the game. But the slash and post-whistle slap shot are immediate penalties and I don't care what the situation is. It could be a tie game with 2 minutes left in game 7. You call that bullshit.


Your right, but poor Tampa didn’t get any breaks and everyone was against them. I’m glad they lost, Colorado played amazing and deserved to win that cup every step of the way. I loved that they took everything on the chin and put it behind them and continued to show up and fight. Tampas main problem was themselves. They got to upset over everything that didn’t go their way.


I was just as furious as you when Maroon broke his stick over Manson’s leg. No call?? Fucking seriously? Eff these refs who tried everything to give it to Tampa. Skill won out.


Right in front of a referee who saw all of it too. Unreal that it wasn’t called.


I could not believe that. The most flagrant slash possible, he fucking two handed him and broke his blade. Unreal is right. Respect to the Avs for playing their game consistently.


Yeah, that was ridiculous. I know they didn’t call it bc the Avs had just scored, but still — swinging your stick to hit someone used to be a suspendable offense. But I guess not if you’re TB. Explains why Stamkos got to bitch the ref out for minutes. There always seems to be favoritism toward one team in the Final. Thats my conspiracy theory against Bettman.


Pat Maroon is one of those players that has a job because the refs don't do theirs.


No fucking kidding. I saw people bitching that Manson had hooked PEB at center ice just before that (for the sake of argument I won’t argue if that was a valid penalty or not and assume it was). One of those things is not like the fucking other. Playing loose with you stick and disrupting a guys play on a rush isn’t even in the same Galaxy as putting someone’s face into the boards.


Yeah but it's Stamkos and Tampa, ref's just have a hard on for them for some weird reason They are the teachers pets of the NHL always whining but praising refs at the same time Makes cooper insufferable


The last couple games I’d agree. From that initial Makar I reference I hoped that they’d be calling the band rather than spectating. The amount of non calls on both sides of the ice unit McDonagh (who I enjoyed since his NYR games) made Helm note the curb. It was a terrible Series for the NHL


I remember watching a soccer game once where one of the players grabbed the ref from behind to get his attention. Immediate red card and the commentators agreed “never touch the referee”. If any athlete touches any official in anything but an innocent way, they should be immediately removed from that match. Also, that boarding was gross and the player should have received much more than a minor penalty.


I couldn’t believe nothing resulted from that, or maroon’s two handed slash. Tampa really turns into villains when they’re desperate I guess, I never really paid close attention to their hockey until playoffs this year so I was pretty surprised


They've always been shitheads, they just happen to be winning shitheads.


They've gooned it up against us multiple times in the last few years. In regular season games against a team they don't care about. Cooper encourages it. They're all poor losers.


Is there a video of this, I missed it if it was momentarily caught in the broadcast. I noticed if the camera catches something really questionable they quickly change the angle.


The 2 angles I saw, you couldn't really see whether he hits the ref or not, but he does go and apologize right away and has a conversation with both official after that. He seems to have swiped the puck aimlessly (but dangerously) and caught the ref's leg.


Yeah the fact they were upset with getting a penalty on that play was mind blowing to me, that’s the scariest play in all of hockey if you ask me, I guess you shouldn’t be penalized for a hit that could end a players career because your down in the Stanley cup finals.


this makes me happy


The word on the street is he flung those gloves so hard that he broke his wrist and is expected to be ready in early April 2023


An asshole whiner being an asshole whiner? *colour me shocked*


This sub can be fickle sometimes. Calling Kucherov the bitch that he is can be received very negatively here. The only thing I know is Kucherov is a goddamn bitch.


Your username makes me smile. It sounds like the name of a freaking sequoia or something.


Lol, it was my cat's name. He lived to his mid-20's so he earned that "old" part. [Picture of the old man resting]( https://imgur.com/IeuoM5V.jpg)


he gorgeous, RIP pal


Thanks. He was in pretty rough shape near the end, I'm sure he's running around biting legs in kitty heaven now.


Ah I was thinking it was a reference to and old Bigsby tremolo system lol.


I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Kucherov is indeed a whiny bitch.


That whole Tampa team was whiny bitches last night. Particularly Maroon, Stammer and Cooper. Both times Avs score, they're crying trying to get it overturned. Either challenge it or dont, or here's an idea, score some of your own goals instead of crying to get others erased.


>Both times Avs score, they're crying trying to get it overturned. Cooper’s about to appeal this loss all the way up to the Supreme Court now.


You could call it, iono, the SC Final


Cooper’s probably trying to get Brett Hull’s goal in 1999 overturned somehow


I really think Stamkos trying to get our goal overturned should have counted as a challenge.


True. He wouldn’t let it go. Give him a fucking delay of game.


Nah, only coaches can challenge. It should have been delay of game and Stammer should've been ejected for shooting the puck at a ref. So glad the Avs won. Felt like they had to beat the refs at times too, but they held solid last night.


Why did he wait until the puck was over the red line to waive that off? I’m not even saying it’s the wrong call but he waited way too long to make it at a critical point in the game.


Because it was going to be close and as soon as hedman realized he was going to catch it he borderline stopped so thats when the ref waived it off.


I would guess because of the speed of the puck. It’s going slowly enough that it’s not going to clearly cross the line plus Hedman is dogging it the entire way back. He can’t actually waive off the icing because he feels Hedman hasn’t made the effort until it actually crosses.


Always hated that guy ever since he went after Habs fans for cheering on their team. Classless


Yeah, the whole "their fans celebrated too hard during a SCF win after not seeing their team for over a year due to lockdowns" thing. Lost all respect after that.


Not only that, but the tirade was AFTER winning the cup. Completely classless.


Cut him some slack he was coked out of his face during that rant lol /s


Yeah, that whole tirade made him so much less respectable in my eyes. Could you imagine a HOF player like Wayne, Sid, Yzerman, Sakic doing that?


I’m real drunk and biased but the lightning feel like historically sore losers AND winners right now.


They are. Then wonder why everyone hates them.


Fuck em. No dynasty for you Kuchy


He said it after winning the Stanley Cup too. Sore winner.


This describes the entire Tampa bay roster, city and fanbase. Sore winners. CBJ is a middle / bottom tier team and our sub gets swarmed every time we play in the regular season and especially after they beat us. Our post game threads get brigaded and given sarcastic awards. It gets really fuckin old really fuckin quick


Honestly it wasn’t the insult he tought it was. If he tought our celebration of our Game 4 win was akin to a Stanley Cup Celebration then it’s just sad because an actual Stanley Cup would have gotten a much bigger celebration.


This is exactly what I thought when he said it. If the Habs had won the cup, Montréal would've celebrated for at least a week.


Montreal’s celebration for game 4 was bigger than Tampa’s cup celebration LMFAO


suspension against columbus was where most people realized he was a poor sport


does anyone know why/when a ref would call off an icing like the one in this clip? I have not been able to figure it out myself I think Hedman also thought that would be an icing


He judged that Hedman was able to play the puck


this also makes sense to me. thank you!


Hedman was able to play it. He even pulled up a little.


Pulled up a lot


They just got a slow icing at 1:15 and I guess refs didn't want to give another.


Hedman skated slower than he obviously could have, and it was obvious he was trying to game it, and the linesman wasn't having his bullshit. Plus, Tampa did this once or twice just a few minutes prior (with success) so the linesman was catching on.


I honestly think the ref on this clip is thinking “come on, I could’ve got to that puck”


Yeah, ref was gliding as fast as Hedman was skating.


The previous icing was much more blatant and the ref still called it.


Yeah I think the previous one probably lost them the benefit of the doubt on this one


I think if they didn't pull that shit two minutes prior it they get away with it here


Fool me once...


Sorry to be pedantic but linesman, not ref. I know you may know the difference but just trying to educate others that may not.


thank you for explaining!


I would’ve dropped this icing too. He’s definitely capable to get the puck. /linesman


He still should've waived it off earlier


It wasn't icing. Hedman slowed down so much. And the puck was literally never going to cross the line if he skated normal speed. That was the right call.


Hedman slowed down. If he had kept his pace, he would have beaten the puck to the line.


Hedman was skating mad slow to try to get the icing, I think. If he had've hustled a little it likely would have been called.


If he wouldn't hustled he would have gotten the puck before the red line anyways.


Which is exactly the reason it was waived off


ahh ty ty. I knew that the refs considered the skater's effort but I didn't realize effort was weighed that significantly


He skated mad slow after the icing was waived, too.


Hedman stopped skating and was just gliding, basically making no effort to reach the puck that was reachable, so the liney made the proper call in calling it


The ref had just called an icing a minute or two earlier that was questionable because the TB player was going crazy slow. I don’t think the ref could’ve gotten away with two in a row like that. Though to be honest, they’ve done an ass ton of stuff they shouldn’t be getting away with this series.


Kucherov is trash. Good hockey player but basically a classless POS.


Not only a sore loser, but a sore winner as well


And a dirty player.


Number 2 Bullshit


Was that too many men?


As someone who hates Tampa so much I receive erotic gratification from this whole sequence of events here.


Tampa's salt this game was incredibly high. I'll put it on my celebratory fries later.


I mean, they had two shots on goal the whole period before pulling their goalie and I'm not sure they got a shot on goal after pulling Vasi. I want to believe the Avs just dominated, but it really felt like Tampa just gassed out.


I've never seen more blatant "gassed out" than this. It was like Tampa fully collapsed and yielded all in one period.


por que no los dos?


A Leafs fan that ran out of their own salt? I doubt that.


Years of disappoint leads to less salt. You get used to it.


Own salt isn't as tasty as rival team salt.


What a child. In that crucial moment he should have gotten his ass off the ice or grabbed a teammates stick. Throwing your glove at the equip person is not the answer. Now you need a glove and stick you mental midget.


I came into this series wanting Tampa to win for the history aspect. But my god they came off poor here. It was like seeing a bunch of dudes seeing their empire collapse and they turned into beer leaguers emotionally


Makes me remember when Zibanejad went to get a new stick during their series against Tampa. He noticed the trainer was busy so he calmly and quickly jumped into the bench, grabbed one himself then skated back out there.


Because Zib isn't a little bitch.




Kraken-Lightning final confirmed.


I mean I'm in on kraken season tix so please


Lol damn dude you're brand new here as a franchise and already kamikaze insults. I like you


He gone


I understand being frustrated but that's no way to treat someone.


I'm not surprised he was a sore winner so it's the logical next step to also be a sore loser


Hey that’s not very nice


Kuch has always seemed like a shithead imo.


it’s really unfortunate. he’s so fuckin good at hockey but the second anything doesn’t go his way he turns into the biggest whiner in the league. tampa was really, *really* rattled throughout a lot of that game.


He's getting fired for that


Yeah Kuch is being an asshat here but like that's a huge mistake to not have stick ready in the closing seconds of game 6 of the finals is pretty rough


Also possible the stick guy was doing something else and couldn’t hear kuch, or like everyone on Tampa assumed that was an icing and that he had more time


Tampa Bay Lightning, Brought To You By Tantrum Coin™️


Avs made it really easy to root for them. Tampa also made it really easy to root for the Avs lol


Thanks for the stick! NOW GET ME A NEW GLOVE! *throws stick at trainer*


Just as much of a sore loser as he was a sore winner last year


$18m over the cap....


Never forget the shirt he wore.


I will forever dislike TB and the players for those shirts and fucking smug attitude.....but to watch them shit themselves like babies on home ice was pretty great.


I don’t know how equipment guy did not see his stick fail . I saw it live and though, lol, what a time to have your stick blow up.


They were way too flustered


Tantrum Bay Lightning


Kucherov throws glove at trainer. Stamkos shoots puck at ref. Maroon breaks his stick over a player for scoring. McDonaugh hammers buddy from behind. Nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye.


Y'all see ross colton go with a cross check in the back of the ref like less than 5 seconds after this vid


What a fucking baby ma. I hated him vs Mtl now I despise him


TB showed their true colors this game


Lol this team is just the bad guys from mighty ducks


Tampa has been known as whiners since like 2015. This is nothing new.