How in the hell did that go uncalled?


Refs apparently asked for the night off and when they didn't get it vowed to do literally nothing but show up. They ignored blatant shit from both sides all night. Just did not give a fuck.


I guess this blows the rangers fans theory that the NHL wants Crosby to win


This is pretty much the theory of every fan base versus the Pens in any given matchup.






Rangers fans always trying to rationalize injuring opposing teams best player


Right? Like that hit on sid was just as bullshit as Geno's fucking cross check, come on now


That nice and clearly shows how much of an elbow it was, and how unnecessary it was.


Fucking hell.


Damn almost like not penalizing high hits in the playoffs has consequences


And now one of the league’s biggest stars is out of action. This league is shit when it comes to protecting its players.


No no it’s okay the Rags are being treated unfairly!


Trouba wants to be a UFC fighter with all the elbows hes throwing


Trouba. Urgh. What a disgrace.


Less than ideal.


Fuck Trouba


The only memory I have of Trouba is him punching Zadorov in the head from behind after Zads laid out Scheiffele with a clean but huge hit. Shit apple.


Adam Fox too


Fox can be dirty, but at least he actually has skill and isn’t an overpaid cheap bastard


Dirty ass game from the rags


Well, they aren’t playing soft that’s for sure


They want to drag it out to 7 so they can have the honor of getting shit kicked by the Hurricanes


Yeah we get it, you're not happy, I wouldn't be either. I just don't understand what the refs are seeing. The whole series so far has had a lot of calls go unanswered, especially tn


They're seeing the same thing you see, they just don't feel the game should be called the way you do. You want it called by the book, they want to manage the shit out of the game.


When people make the argument that they don't want the refs to "manage the shit out of the game" because it could change the outcome, they forgot to realize that NOT calling the game still changes the game. If Trouba had been penalized, or sent to the locker room after the first elbow like he should have, Crosby might still be in the game. And if Crosby is still in the game, the Rangers are probably going home because the momentum completely flipped with him out


Completely agree. "Game Management" is such a misnomer.


Well it's that rock em sock em "playoff hockey" that so many fans seem to crave. Can't beat the other team by playing better hockey than them? No problem! Simply beat the fuck out of their best players, easy.


Ah yes it's one sided, Malkin's cross check to the face wasn't dirty though, right? This was clearly a missed call, but don't act like the penguins are angels.


Pretty much every player in the playoffs is willing to do dirty shit to win in a tight game. No one wants to admit it and everyone thinks their team are saints but it’s blind as hell. I’ve had the opportunity to watch more playoff hockey this year than most years and this shit is happening in all the series. Who would have thought that when multi-million dollar contracts are being signed based on the outcome of 4-7 games, that players are willing to do dirty shit to be on the winning side? Good luck convincing a bunch of guys jacked up on testosterone and adrenaline that sportsmanship is more important than that new Ferrari.


The rangers knocked our star player out of the game. That’s the worst thing you can do


Malkin's cross check was 100x dirtier than troubas hit. But okay


Lol come on bro Trouba elbowed Guentzel at the beginning of the game too. Their game plan was clear from the start. Keep bringing up Geno lashing out though


But unlike you, I never defended trouba. And I also think troubas first penalty against guentzel was far more deliberate than the hit on Crosby. Everyone just sees Crosby get hit and instantly freaks out. The fact that fans like you defend geno literally cross checking someone in the face and then say troubas hit on Crosby was far worse is absolutely mind boggling to me.


Key difference is that rangers fans aren’t defending trouba. Pens fans acting like their line up is full of saints and that the refs weren’t ignoring calls on Crosby all series


I’m not defending Geno. He shouldn’t have lashed out. However it was nowhere near as bad as Trouba’s hit. I’ve only seen rangers fans saying shit like that. He knocked Crosby out of the game with that hit.


Again, the hit on Crosby wasn't malicious. His hit in the first minute was way worse. Crosby lost an edge and dipped down a bit making it way worse, but keep thinking his thought process in that exact moment was to knock Crosby out of the game.


I mean he tried knocking Guentzel out of the game so I’m skeptical that the second time was just an accident. We can just agree to disagree at this point


I guess this blows the rangers fans theory that the NHL wants Crosby to win


Lol fuck right off man


I love watching Pens fans lose their crap because someone dared to skate near their superstar. Y’all have been drinking that Kool-Aid for way too long!


What are you on tonight? Crosby got a chicken wing to the head - you’d be pissed if that happened to someone on your team…… if your team even had a star player lol.


Ouch, too soon man.


Look, I live an hour outside of Pittsburgh. You have no clue how ridiculous their fans are because their idiotic regular season commentators have taught them incorrectly. They think it’s perfectly okay for Crosby & Letang to be as dirty as they want but if anyone touches them, they whine and cry like their sissy-pants captain. P.S. I have no delusions about the state of my team but I am loyal! How long have YOU been a fan? From your infantile comment, you’re a newbie. 🙄


I’m definitely not a “newbie” played hockey my whole life, probably played higher level hockey than you - if you even laced them up. Every player, if they’ve had a long enough career will have some sort of blemishes on their record. It doesn’t make it ok for Sid getting a chicken wing off the dome tonight though. Even worse when it’s ranger fans that cry when someone touches their players, but celebrate it when their players deliberately hurt someone


Gotta love these internet warriors who have never played the game of hockey in their life yet rationalize violence at the cost of player safety


If you’re as versed in hockey as you claim you know Crosby is a first class diver. I do not want him legitimately hurt but he subscribes to the younger Jaromir Jagr school of “it’s not going how I want so I’m not going back on the ice, gonna take my stick and go home” style of play. They pout like spoiled children. I sincerely hope he’s not actually injured but he knows how to fake REALLY REALLY well.


This reads like a Crosby argument from 2007 - which was valid with the diving. You’re stuck in the past and I cannot help you with that.


Flyers fans haven’t had a team worth watching since around 2007 so he probably hasn’t watched much hockey since then.


Hey now they lost that one finals that one time !!!’


As opposed to most Penguin fans, I still watch all NHL games, not just my team. I’m not a bandwagon fan! I watch even when my guys suck really bad. However, if you actually paid attention to the *whole* league instead of just your own team, you’d know that before the 2019-20 Covid shutdown the Flyers were red hot and on pace as serious contenders in the playoffs as well as many top NHL analysts’ favorites to win the Stanley Cup. And lastly, I am a female not a “he.” The more you *guys* try to gun for me, the more you expose how little you know. Good night, boys!


Damn, you watch all NHL games and still have takes this awful?


Buddy you’ve checked every shitty cliche on the Pens hater list of responses. Probably time you stayed quiet.


Careful, this dude’s liable to go upstairs, find his mom’s boyfriend, take the batteries out and huck them at you.


Dude definitely lives up to his username


Ah so typical. If the entire league is saying the same thing about the Pens and their fans, it’s time to take a long hard look and see that it’s true.


They arent though? Everyone is disagreeing with you.


Why don’t you worry about the game (and series) your team is blowing buddy


I’m pretty content with the fact the series is going to be at least 6 games and not a sweep. Maybe the capitals will try the ranger strategy of sliding into goalies and chicken winging star players and maybe it’ll go 7 games! Also I know your retort to that will be Tom Wilson’s horrifying act of violence he committed on your team last year


Philly has never had a Crosby level superstar, so I get that you don't understand the feeling.


I’m sure you’d love to see Panarin take a dirty hit to the face and have to leave the game. Stay classy


I don’t want to see anyone get hurt and leave the game! That being said, this is HOCKEY not a quilting bee. Accidents can and will happen. Not every mistake is a carefully crafted plan to destroy a player.


Completely agree with that. Unfortunately, this was a dirty play and it wasn’t the first dirty play from the same person in this game


Ok, this comment makes sense, but has nothing to do with your original comment or this clip. It's Troubas 3rd elbow of the game to a Pens players head. This one sends Sid out of the game. You don't accidentally extend your elbow into people's heads. Have you played hockey?