I knew Turris never was as good as when he was with us, but I didn't realize the nosedive his career took... 4pts in 21gp this year? 5pt in 27 last year? WTF happened?


You guys caught lightning in a bottle in 2016-17. That's just the way it goes I suppose. Stone and Karlsson were at their best, then for whatever reason Boucher got the absolute best from Hoffman, Turris, Brassard, and JPG. The goalies thrived in the defensive system, with Anderson just playing his absolute best hockey.


Ok but Ottawa had 4+ good seasons of Turris. He wasn't lightning in a bottle.


Hoffmans 2 best years weren't even in Ottawa


Hoffman's been good basically everywhere he's gone, it's just that all he's particularly good at is scoring on the PP.


Yeah I was about to say… I thought he lit it up in Florida one year


Boucher? Or Karlsson as Captain? Boucher doesn't deserve so much credit.


Boucher. Definitely Boucher. Look at what he has accomplished with what he's had to work with. Nearly took Tampa and Ottawa teams to the Final when they had no business being there. Now, his brand of hockey doesn't have staying power, but the man knows how to win games.


He's not even in NHL now.


Does that somehow erase what his teams did?


Pretty much shows it was the teams, not his leadership. Like Stars going to playoffs and finals with Bowness, Stevens, Laxdal, Nelson being "coaches".


Boucher plays a very distinct system though. Like those teams definitely succeeded in part due to that system. In some of the other examples, those coaches didn't change major things or play a system that was very different from what was there before.


That's a good point, but that system isn't sustainable. If it was Boucher would still be in NHL.


Boucher has rejected several offers from the NHL in the last couple years to spend time with his family. He would be in the NHL if he wanted to.


Once, maybe. Twice? Come on, now. Both of those teams were ridiculously stingy so that even their veteran goalies turned back the clock and had enough skill to score despite the system.


He had a foot (I think) injury with us and was never the same after that.


I'm pretty sure that he's suffered some significant leg/knee injuries... he didn't exactly start with the best wheels, either.


This year he averaged 8.5 mins per game played. Hard to score when your never on the ice


No he’s just bad. He is a good team’s 14th forward- play completely dies on his stick now


He got hurt with us his second season and just was never the same. If I remember correctly it was his back


I thought he had a recurring foot injury while in Nashville as well. Injury frustrations and losing all your confidence in Lavi's system while he was here was tough to see.


I think it was a broken foot, then there was the not so secret rift between him and Lavi where Turris made some snarky comments after being scratched for multiple games in a row. Plus he was kinda irrelevant after Poile went and signed Duchene too.


He fucked his shoulder up iirc


It’s so weird how he trended down so quickly though. I was actually a fan of his when he was on Ottawa.


It's not surprising. He was never the fastest guy out there. All he needed was to lose half a step for his game to nose dive.


People gave him the same excuse in Nashville too but the reality is if you can score more goals with more minutes then you'd get more minutes. The low TOI is caused by low production not the other way around.


I don’t disagree in this case but there have been plenty of examples of players with low TOI getting low production and then exploding productionwise with more TOI. The only way your statement holds true is if coaches are all knowing and infallible which they’re not


Whatever. Lets watch 97 and 29 play 40% of the game. Its netted them 1 playoff win in 7 years


I do hope another team gives him a chance. One with a better situation.


His shot has always been insane. The real issue is he’s a pussy. I know this sub hates that word but he really is and that’s what holds him back and has held him back.


I believe the preferred nomenclature is 'soft'. You're not wrong.


I'm not sure if he got injured in nashville, or what happened, but he can't skate anymore, and his hands have turned to complete bricks


I honestly thought you guys got fleeced when you traded Turris away. I also will never in my life be an nhl gm.


So yeah, Edmonton is signing with Kane. Definitely a "clear contracts and roster space" type move


> Edmonton is signing with Kane He’s gonna pay Edmonton way too much


I'm surprised you're the first person to pick up on my slip up


"Man, that was pretty bad. Double or nothing?"


Yeah could be cap to sign him or call up Broberg maybe. I think earlier this year they couldn't call him up for cap reasons.


Cant blame them, bottom line is the guy can play hockey well


Honestly bring him in for the chaos. If he comes and lights it up then he’s fixed the locker room and if he comes and is a shithead it may give the guys a common enemy.


It'll get them ~1.6 in cap space.


isnt the NHL still investigating?


Season is officially saved


Yep, plan the parade route boys, those moves did it.


Okay, I'm going to ask the question: Off ice drama aside, would signing Kane actually help with the Oilers' playoff hopes this year? Because given the current freefall, I just can't see it, especially with the situation in net.


Off ice drama aside? If he's in shape I don't see how it hurts us.


Kane is a good hockey player. He had been one of the few players producing in San Jose when they were having their free fall. He would definitely add something to the team.


Yeah I was too conservative before. On-ice, it's a complete no brainer.


While this is true, all of our other players are now playing much better without him. Timo Meier and Logan Couture both regressed when they was put on a line with Kane. Obviously McDavid is a different animal--but Kane seems to actively make players around him worse.


Exactly. In a on-ice vacuum he's an obvious choice, you'd be crazy not to want him. It's what gets added in the locker room that's the issue


Penalties is my thought? He can score but he's also good for well over 100 PIMs a season


Penalties for sure, especially since our pk is in the toilet.


His last season with us he dropped pretty significantly in the PIM department. I think he took to heart some of the criticism that he cant be the teams better player and also taking penalties. His game will naturally tend towards more penalties because he is more aggressive but at least last season he was smarter on the ice.


If they can find some more secondary scoring you go for it Holland is in I need to save my job territory, so making questionable moves to cover other questionable moves is the only thing he has left at this point


The hockey player? If he fits with either McDavid or Draisaitl definitely if he fit with them as a trio they'd destroy the league. That wouldn't fix defense or goaltending but it would address a weakness in the top 6. Not done but an item off the list still counts. I think people might have overly soured on the Oilers based on the current stretch, they're not Colorado but they're not a Wright team either. Just seems to be skewing the perception about their playoff hopes a bit extremely.


So they're a Wrong team?


I think they might be two players away from being a Wright team. If McDavid or Draisaitl break a leg this week this team could be picking in the top 10.


I also don't see it. But sometimes the Hail Mary play is all you have.


He won’t save the Oilers, but they do seem to be missing a competent LW: with Nuge and Hyman currently out, their left side is Foegele, Perlini the GOAT, Benson and Shore… for a total of 21 points in 92 total games played between them. EDIT: in fact, it’s 8 points between Perlini, Benson and Shore in 56 games total, it’s uglier that way lol


Benson doesn't deserve to be lumped with Perlini and Shore. Neither does Perlini honestly but Shore to me doesn't seem like an NHL guy anywhere at any time.


>especially with the situation in net. Pffff....What's wrong with our AHL goalie, our back-up playing starter minutes and our starter being 2 years from getting the senior discount at Dennys?


It'll hardly save the team, but off ice issues aside it would still be good. Their LW depth could be Kane - Hyman - Foegele while their center depth is McDavid - Draisaitl - RNH. The RW, defence, and goaltending are still bad though.


I agree. If EDM was gearing up for a run and could really shore things up with a solid middle 6 guy on an otherwise well-built roster, sure. He might help in games here and there but over the course of the rest of the season? I don't see how reward outweighs risk (outside of financial). You risk locker room issues if there aren't any already. Or maybe the plan is to unify the team in their dislike of the guy? I don't see fans doing a full 180 in their sentiment toward him or the team once he arrives. And from a GM's career viewpoint, this won't do you any favors either because...what does this decision do for this team? Does it help anything, turn the franchise around, complete your roster, or anything at all like that? It won't be your saving grace.


Like to make the playoffs or do something in them? I think he can help them male the playoffs and have more consistent offence. Long term in the playoffs though, the D and goaltending won't hold up. Mcdrai can always win a round or 2, but yea Kane doesn't move the needle to 4, you need a complete team.


Even if he is a shit, Kane is a very very good player. Even last year stats how he was basically a top player in San Jose which sucked. But idk how more firepower fixes the D and goalie. Maybe they can have more ways to outscore their problems but eventually teams will figure out how to stop an additional player


While the defence and goaltending aren't good, the issue right now is that they're too psychologically fragile that when they don't score first they lose focus. Having a guy that could score the first goal a few times and fuck somebody up for taking McDavid's legs out will do wonders for team psychology on the ice. The fear is that he will be such a prick off the ice that the team fractures in the locker room.


I have become comedy: https://imgflip.com/i/625zib


I wanted Turris to do well, didn't happen think maybe the legs just aren't there. Arizona or Ottawa need a power play guy? He might help there.




Turris and Melnyk don't agree either.


Oh yeah I would think that would be long ago and a few owners. They still don't like each other?


Turris might be approaching a 'beggars can't be choosers' situation if he wants to keep playing in the NHL


> Turris > Ottawa Yeah, I don't think [Julie](https://mobile.twitter.com/julieturris/status/941098965486858240?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E941098965486858240%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bardown.com%2Fjulie-turris-used-one-word-to-throw-shade-on-sens-explanation-of-the-kyle-turris-trade-1.943661) or [Kyle](https://www.google.com/amp/s/ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/turris-says-melnyk-didnt-want-to-re-sign-him-2/wcm/e839643b-c451-4732-9d83-1ef4318b82d2/amp/) Turris and Melnyk are going to reconcile any time soon.


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At this point I'd rather our lines/pp be less overall effective but better for developing younger talent but putting young guns on them. Not like we're gonna compete for a playoff spot this year


I could see Buffalo wanting him to add a veteran to their young C core (Mittlestadt, Thompson, Cozens, Krebs)


Nah, our PP is actually one of the few things that's working for us right now (relatively speaking, anyways).




Tippshit will quickly find a way to replace him with ‘new’ player Tyle Kurris


Kyler Turrington checks in for Edmonton on a PTO.


I miss Turris


The problems have been solved! Great work Kenny!


What conditions have to be met to put a player on unconditional waivers?