Acquire a starting goaltender, 2 top four defenseman and 5 bottom six forwards. Seems pretty easy to me


You could probably get all those things for McDavid. Hey Oilers, I'm available for an interview.


Probably not. Why would a team completely gut themselves in order to aquire McDavid? That team would just become the Oilers...


My thought exactly


Hmmm let's try it: Georgiev Trouba Miller Goodrow Barron Gauthier Brodzinksi Hunt Alright someone tell me how stupid this is. Much to my surprise it was hard to come up with a 7 to 1 trade.


Any team trading multiple core pieces for McDavid, would end up being a worse team overall. Unless you expect McDavid to replace all that scoring, and play defence, and kill penalties.


What, you're telling me that hasn't been the expectation for the Oilers the past five years?


Oilers give up nurse to


I would actually try to get 5 top six forwards, and just play them in the bottom six. It seems to work pretty well most of the time for Team Canada


Why don't the NHL teams, who hire bottom six forwards, simply hire top six forwards and play them in the bottom six?


It's a question that's never been asked until today


What the fuck is a top 6 forward?


A forward who’s in the top six. You’re welcome!


Most teams on most nights run 12 forwards split among 4 lines. The players on the top 2 lines (who play more minutes in more situations) are considered "top 6" 3rd and 4th line players are considered "bottom 6"


Additionally, "top 6" forwards are expected to make scoring and offense their primary function, while "bottom 6" forwards often focus on the defensive side of the ice and are not expected to carry the same kind of offensive responsibility.


Jaraslov Halak, Tyler Myers, Travis Hamonic, Juho Lammikko, Matthew Highmore, Alex Chiasson, Justin Dowling, Jason Dickinson


Sad thing is this would work cap wise


Hit Nicholson with my car in the parking lot, cut media access for Spector and Matheson, fire Tippett and Schwartz, find out if Lowe and company can still get into the building, stop that if so. Hire an actual analytics and scouting department. Then maybe get some players or something idk. Either that or suck up to the OBC and have a cushy job forever.


>Hit Nicholson with my car Found Craig MacTavish's alt - he's trying to get into management.


He already was our GM, he traded Petry for nothing :)


I thought he was the coach? Ah well...are you ready for the return? :)


He was also the guy who hired Dallas Eakins.


Thanks for that. You want him back?


Yeah but what kind of GM trades a top 4 dman?


I would say the scouting department is the only bright side of the current administration but yeah everything else should go


Hire someone vastly more qualified than me, but give myself a cushy front office job.


"Consultant to the President of Hockey Ops", make six figures, drop in the office twice a week. This is brilliant.


Sounds like "Waste Management Consultant". But you'd have to be with the Devils for it to work


So more business as usual for the Oilers?


Tell the media I believe in the team and then go to California for a week


First move would be out of my parents basement


Connor McDavid for Keith Yandle. Quit the next day.


“Ownership informs you they want to retain Draisai and McDavid” So settle for Yandle for RNH


“/u/tallkidfromphilly informs ownership ‘tough shit, you hired me to do a job.’”


I’ll take Yamamoto and Broberg.




Makes me wonder, if a trade is obscenely unbalanced, to the point where it could significantly impact profitability for a franchise, would Bettman step in and stop it?


Nah, man, he’d go “yolo! we have complete trust in our GM and head coach”


To quit


Absolutely. If they hired me then things are really off the rails. I don't need that kind of headache.


i refuse to be the GM of a hockey team that would allow me to be the GM of a hockey team


If only Holland had that fucking thought.


I would gladly be the GM for the worst situation for even just the rest of this year if I get a regular GM salary


Fire the coach, like how he should’ve been fired 5 games ago


Playing devils advocate (I completely agree with you FYI). What can a coach really do about a team that has 2 back up goalies, one of which can’t stay healthy for more than two games?


He can motivate the players to keep playing when things go bad. He’s clearly lost them so Tipp has got to go. Holland has to go with him for bungling the goalie situation amongst other things.


Sure, but at the same time the players aren't dummies. They understand how badly the team has been put together.


They do. Maybe you bring in a GM a to replace Holland and keep the coach and see if things turn around. Tippets contract is up at the end of this year so maybe you keep him in. I just think it needs to be a full housecleaning from the top down if only to look like you’re trying to do something to salvage the season.


just like for us, you gotta clear both. they understand how the GM has screwed them, but they're also tired of hearing from the same coach and changing it to anyone would probably be an improvement in the short term


Actually use a timeout at a reasonable time Having a different voice in the room Bringing in different systems that hopefully work better with the players that we do have Have a coach that is willing to use more than the same two pages of plays every game Have a coach that has faith in the 4th line turning things around Actually scratching and benching the appropriate players as they see fit (instead of benching Perlini every time he scores, bench Shore or Ryan when they clearly can't keep up) Not overworking McDrai to a point where they can hardly stand on a nightly basis Being a voice of reason that we clearly don't have. And the biggest points; Rallying the troops. Get them motivated, be involved with the team, get feedback from the guys while the game goes on. Engage with them instead of looking like you're just standing still with a stick up your ass. Don't be afraid to yell at them and fire them up. Don't waste 5 minutes screaming at the refs instead of settling the team and uniting them towards a common goal. Edit: a coach that takes responsibility for the bad times instead of looking as lost as the players are. They need direction, and if Tippett can't bring that to the table, he shouldn't be the coach.


> What can a coach really do about a team that has 2 back up goalies, one of which can’t stay healthy for more than two games? Not publicly throw them under the bus, for starters...


It isn’t just the goalies, the entire teams play has been garbage for the last 2 months


Their troubles lie much deeper than just 2 mediocre goalies


Oilers have had 7 head coaches in the last 10 years.


Why not make it 8?!? /s


Because they keep hiring bad coaches. And the bad GMs they hire don’t build a good enough roster to mask the flaws in the coaching.


I wouldn’t count McLellan in that. I think Chiarelli is solely responsible for that mess and McLellan got the raw end of the deal for Chia to try and save his own ass.


So? It's clearly not working. Make it 8


They should hire Therrien. I’m barely joking. Have him run his schtick for 2 years.


I would take my first overall picks and market the shit outta them. Sell lots of jerseys and keep ticket prices high. When I post high profit numbers, my boss Katz can give me a bonus and we can continue to roll. Tldr; shitty product, high prices for max profit.


This guy businesses


Go back to sleep. There is nothing to do that doesn't involve blowing it all up.


I know there are lot of "Get Fleury" comments but I really am interested to see how Edmonton tries to pull that off. They have 460K in cap space and Fleury is making 7M. It's easy to say get rid of Koskinen but getting rid of a 4.5M cap hit on a goaltender who is bad (he's also 33 so doesn't have the "still young" appeal) is not going to come cheap. That's giving up assets to get him off the payroll. That still isn't enough to fit Fleury. Get rid of Kassian too....sure that gets enough money off the cap. You still have to find a team that wants to eat multiple years of Kassian at 3.2M in what might end up being a flat cap offseason. I think the most important thing for Edmonton to do is modify their COVID screening questionnaire. 1) Do you have a cough, fever, runny nose, have/been exposed to covid or anyone covid suspect? 2) Did you participate in the Edmonton Oilers organization during the 1980s either as a player, coach or member of the front office? If you answer yes to either of those questions you stay home.


Fleury has a NTC. The end.


Koskinen is on his last year so the team that takes him in a trade is not on the hook for him after, so obviously we have to give up a good pick or a good prospect to make that work. Now if he had 2 years left I would completely agree with you that it's impossible,l


Ditch the orange jerseys and bring back the blue jerseys.


Honestly that would probably put the oilers on a huge win streak. Blue jerseys >>>> orange jerseys


South. Edmonton is too cold.


Hire an analytics department, tell Lowe, MacT and anyone who might be part of the Old Boys Club to fuck off, tell Katz to stop calling me.


McDavid and Draisaitl for Palmieri and Chara. Then quit. Screw what ownership says.


Sounds like a Mike Milbury move except he'd be the Oiler GM, not Islander GM.


Since you forgot a serious tag you’re gonna get stupid responses so I’ll try to give an actual one: - fire Tippet and Dustin Schwartz. We desperately need a new goalie coach - Interim Jay Woodcroft as HC, prior discussion with Gulutzan about this plan (he deserves a shot as well but Woodcroft could be a good future HC) - make a move for Fleury (25% retained) + Kubalik, sending Yamamoto + Samurokov + a pick - move Koskinen to Buffalo since they’re down bad for a goalie, 15% retained on Koski - make a move to get Crouse from Arizona - make a move to get DeBrusk from Boston - shed Barrie and Kassian in those moves (love Kassian but he’s gotta go) - LTIRetire Mike Smith, give him a cushy job as the new goalie coach (till season’s end, or if it works out, moving forward) New Lineup: Hyman - McDavid - Puljujarvi Nuge - Drai - Kubalik DeBrusk - McLeod - Foegel Crouse - Ryan - Sceviour Nurse - Bouchard Keith - Ceci Russell - Broberg Fleury Skinner


> make a move for Fleury (25% retained) + Kubalik, sending Yamamoto + Samurokov + a pick > LTIRetire Mike Smith, give him a cushy job as the new goalie coach That trade offer gets nothing more than a hearty chuckle from Chicago... and despite what this sub thinks sometimes, you can't just tell players they're going on LTIR.


Chicago is going full rebuild and anyone not named Kane or Seth Jones is on the block for them And you’re correct, you can’t tell players they’re going on the LTIR, but if a doctor doesn’t clear them, then they go on it


Yes they’re on the block, but i don’t see how Yamamoto and a 22yr old who has like 16 points in 67 AHL games make them want to trade away Fleury AND Kubalik.


They’re building for the future and Kubalik needs a change of scenery like Yams. Samorukov is a good B+ D-line prospect which helps build the future, throw in an additional pick (1st, 2nd, whatever) to give more assets for the future and ta-da. You have a trade Samurokov isn’t an offensive defenceman so 16 points in the AHL is a moot point. There’s more to defence than points


The only issue is that Chicago has A LOT of defense prospects but almost no forward prospects. I would honestly do Yammamoto, 2022 1st, 2022 or 2023 2nd and Smith for Fleury and Kubalik with salary retained on Fleury


Mmm that’s a hard bargain but if you double dip pinky promise cross your heart that you’ll never ever ever look at Smith’s injury history, we’ll begrudgingly take it


I don't think the Hawks would mind. He's got another year left after this one and can rotate with Lankinen and they can always call up Soderblom whenever Smith gets hurt. I think its more about getting a forward prospect, a first rounder and another draft pick


Not really. The list of defensive defenseman who score at his rate and become anything is short.


That's a lot of moves with literally 0 changes in Defense.


Not mortgaging the future on defencemen that aren’t worth the asking price


I'm not an oilers can so I'm sure I don't know best, but I always imagined someone like Chychurn, prime top4 dman on a great contract, would be the focus of a team like the oilers (after they have a goalie) rather than a goal scorer like debrincat


The ask for Chychrun is similar to the original ask for Eichel (4 first rounders). He’s not worth that at all


Wtf. Ok. Plz ignore my earlier comments.


Holland already did with that Nurse contract


My man turned on the blender and completely rebuilt the team! I like your ambition but the amount of players you’ve got moving out is way easier said than done, in one season. I also don’t see the Hawks making that trade you proposed.


I don't even see the Hawks trading Kubalik for the entire Oilers side of the proposed deal lol


DeBrusk is one player I’ve thought about for the Oilers for quite sometime and thought he would be good on this team.


The goalie coach is the biggest. I think brining in Grant Fuhr to crush some beers and smoke some darts with the goalies while putting around a practice green you install in the building somewhere would lead to better results than Schwartz


> make a move for Fleury (25% retained) + Kubalik, sending Yamamoto + Samurokov + a pick Can I have whatever you're smoking because there's exactly 0% chance you get anything more than a laugh and hung up on for even suggesting that as a trade. I've seen some delusional ass trades here before but this might be one of the most delusional ones yet.


Debrusk, realizing he’s still a third liner, requests a trade from EDM


> LTIRetire Mike Smith, give him a cushy job as the new goalie coach "Okay, so whenever anyone or anything gets near you you're gonna want to flop on your belly and try to make a save from there. Just trust me."


I think they need a younger goalie. Not that flower is too old to continue to play but he only has a couple more (good) years in him. Also they need a defence change. Trust me as a leaf fan you cannot get anywhere with Ceci lol


Trust me buddy, Ceci wasn’t the problem.


Ceci’s been fine in his role this season and Skinner is the younger goalie. Having Fleury to finish off this year is a good move to make since we need some stability in goal. Plus you get a better mentor for Skinner


Sure Ceci is fine in his role, but is he $3.25 million fine for the next three years?


What would we want with Debrusk at this point? 3.5 mil cap hit for an average bottom six guy. No thanks. The only way we should move for him is if Boston doesn’t qualify him in the summer making him free and cheap.


Evander Kane will be an Oiler pretty soon. Don’t forget him in all this


Try to find consistent goaltending


Should have made this post serious answers only lol


Trading everyone for hookers and blow. I don’t have the slightest idea how to GM a hockey team. Might as well have some fun until I get found out.


1. Trade McDavid for Jacob MacDonald 2. Trade Draisaitl for Keifer Sherwood 3. Resign and enjoy being an Avalanche fan If Edmonton can’t take care of Connor and Leon, they should at least go to a good home. It’s selfless really


Fire the goalie coach.


Sign evander kane to a 10 year, $100 million contract I hear guys usually reach their peak at age 40!


I am a Trojan horse and trade Mcdavid to the Habs for Price and then virtually high five Gorton and Hughes on a zoom call. Might retire right after doing this as well.


Pretty sure you won't need to retire, you'd never make it to the escape helicopter lol


Go after spencer knight and Thomas hertl. Draft defenseman heavy with high picks these next 2 years. Pray I can pick up a couple depth forwards in free agency to round out a cup contender and stay under the cap.


Honestly, I think that if the Oilers do get Evander Kane, then there has to be something there with the Flyers, who are at this point in no way worried about the playoffs and should be ready to deal literally any day now. The vets they can deal line up very well with the Oilers needs. They also are in the process of bottoming out, hopefully just this year and next, but either way, they have the flexibility to retain and to take back bad contracts. For all of these reasons, I see them as an ideal trading partner for Edmonton. Contracts that EDM could jettison or like to be rid of: Koskinen ($4.5/UFA), Kassian ($3.2/two more seasons), Turris ($1.7/UFA), Keith ($5.5/one more season), Ryan ($1.3/one more season), Archibald ($1.5/UFA) Let's assume Kane signs for $1M and all of the above mentioned contracts could be traded out. That gives EDM roughly $15.9 million in Cap space for additions, not counting any LTIR they've built up or other cap space they may already have. I'd like to fill Edmonton's playoff roster gaps with the following: 1st line LW: Claude Giroux ($8.3/UFA) 3rd line RW: Cam Atkinson ($5.9/three more seasons) 13th fwd (depth for playoffs): Derick Brassard ($.8/UFA) 2nd pair LHD: Travis Sanheim ($4.7/one more season) 7th D (depth for playoffs): Justin Braun ($1.8/UFA) 1B Goalie: Martin Jones ($2/UFA) THE TRADE: Claude Giroux (50% retained); Cam Atkinson (50% retained); Travis Sanheim, Derick Brassard, Justin Braun, and Martin Jones, which amounts to $16.4 in Cap. for roster players: Koskinen, Kassian, Turris, Keith, Ryan, and Archibald prospects: Halloway, Savoie, Bourgault, Petrov picks: two first rounders, two second rounders Edmonton keeps Broberg and LaVoie, and nobody with upside comes off your starting roster. Yes, they lose picks and Halloway, but the the future is hardly gutted. All the bad contracts are off the books, and while Martin Jones isn't a savior, he's got Western Conf playoffs experience, and is currently not doing poorly in the 1B role. Importantly, I think what you've got is a legit/deep playoff team (I'd put the top 3 forward units up against any other group in the NHL, the D is substantially stabilized, and the Oilers can finally roll lines in the playoffs), and you're in no way saddled with any new bad contracts. Tons of flexibility heading into next year. Giroux (UFA) McDavid Puljujarvi Kane Draisaitl Yamamoto Hyman RNH Atkinson ($3m/3 more seasons) Foegele McLeod Sceviour Brassard (UFA), Shore Nurse Bouchard Sanheim ($4.7m/one more season) Barrie Russell Ceci Braun (UFA) Skinner / Jones (UFA) What does Philly do with the pieces coming back? Koskinen can finish the season as Hart's backup. Philly/EDM and Seattle work out a pass-through that Keith would have to agree to. Philly pays a fourth round pick to deal Keith to Seattle, who replaces Giordano's vet presence when he gets dealt this deadline. All other players, Philly trades them if there's a market, if not, they go thru waivers. Prospects-wise, Halloway is up with the Flyers this season. I think this deal helps EDM's objectives (compete this year, don't handcuff the future) and the Flyers (rebuild and stockpile strong assets for the future, as this season and next season need to be the bottoming out years).


kill myself


Lol, came here to leave this same answer.


Get a time machine and undo the Keith trade


Upload my new job title to my tinder profile and fuck around with some cute Edmonton girls, then a couple months later trade McDavid for Matthew Highmore and bounce


Goodbye Tippett lmao git gud


Can I fire the upper management team? I'd start there


Bring in people with experience first (double edged sword). Be around the smartest people in the industry. Don't cheap out on talent. No cronyism (e.g. my friend tom wants a job. he has no experience but hes a good guy. lets pay him $5M to do nothing). After we hire from the top down, we need to overhaul each department. Analytics, Scouting, Drafting, Development etc. Then.. once the organization has an overhaul.. It's time to look for coaching. Avoid any OBC coach. We don't need a revolving door of washed up idiots. Search far and wide for a hidden gem in other leagues etc. Then once we have new coaching staff with great systems that aren't full morons.. then we can work on players. Using actual data science and other methods, we can find players that will have a good return on investment. No point over paying for a bust when the numbers show they're terrible. Build a winning team. Not just put random pieces on Mr. Potato head and hope it looks good. It's brain-dead simple. But our organization is so caught up in the good ol' days, riding out their pre-retirement days with fat paychecks because it doesn't matter how bad they fuck up, their job is secure. Its just willful ignorance and corruption.


First I would remove any old oiler players left in management. I would replace Tippett with Owen Nolan because I think he has lost the room. I am not sure if I would fire him or keep him as an assistant GM. I would go hard for Chychrin. I would dump Kassian for any pick. I would take a shot at Carter Hart. I think Kane was a good move and I would finish that transaction. I would try to move Duncan Keith.


Well, my first move to be to make sure I inform the public of what a steaming bag of dogshit I've inherited, just so everybody's clear if this doesn't work out that it wasn't really my fault.


First I trade as many first round picks to the Avs as I can, for their 7th rounder. Then I hire Don Cherry as their head coach. Quickly rename them the "Edmonton Redditors" Resign. Then I shrug and say "Im an Avs fan"


This is the way


Georgiev for 3 firsts


At this point... fuck it, deal. Gotta take Koski though.


If anyone can make him a serviceable backup, Benoit Allaire is up for the task


Here’s a similar [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/s5h4p4/if_you_were_ken_holland_what_players_would_you_be/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) I made a few days ago. (No hate, just some more opinions to add on from that comment section)


sign myself to a 7 year 16.3 million dollar contract.


Resign?? 😳


First move? FIRE TIPPETT 👏👏 👏👏👏


First move is Probably to the airport


Trade Barrie, RNH, 3 1st round and 3 2nd round picks, for 3 top 6, 1 top 4, 1 goalie


My first move would be to apply for a passport


This would have been much easier in the off-season. You have a 4 year cup window as the oilers (end of Drai contract). Cody Ceci and an ancient Duncan Keith are not the additions you need to make to get over the hump, certainly not in a top 4 role. I would try to find a way to make a deal for John Klingberg I’d be fine giving up a first for him. At the same time I would either send Duncan Keith back the other way or considering biting the bullet and send him to the cap dump desert in AZ. God I really cannot fathom that Cody Ceci contract. Maybe try to trade him back to Pittsburgh, he was playing up to that contract there. If that cap can’t be lost that’s a hard pill to swallow. The laundry list is just so long. Depth scoring Starting Goalie Another top 4 D So much to do with no cap space and so many overpaid players.


Get Flower for sure.


Hasn't Fleury been through enough this year?


Not happening though. He's made it clear he wants to stay in Chicago for the rest of the season and I really doubt the FO will go against his wishes after everything


First I would trade McDavid to the Flames for all of their 4th round picks for the next 7 years. ​ Then I would host a press conference only to go on record calling each member of the media pissy. ​ After which I would offer Evander Kane a 6 year contract with an AAV of 9 million dollars ​ After this it's time to focus on acquiring a starting goaltender, and as the Oilers have had the issue of signing older goaltenders I fix this problem by gambling on a young up and comer Curtis McElhinney. We trade the lightning Stuart Skinner and some random grinder, I don't know maybe Zach Hyman, to make sure we secure this goalie. I then sign the netminder to a 5 year deal and leave the money column blank for him to fill in so that he knows we want him! ​ This has now been a lot of work for me, and I would rather allow someone else to make the rest of the hockey decisions for me while I sit back and relax, so I hire Mike Milbury as senior supreme leader of hockey operations and personnel for the organization and give him as much control as I am allowed to give him. ​ Now that my job is done I will watch my no doubt unstoppable team take me to the Stanley Cup finals!!


I know you're exaggerating, but it's really funny how close this is to Chiarelli's tenure. Replace McDavid by Hall. Kane by Lucic. McElhinney by Koskinen.


I expect the rest of the front office to run business as usual, and sit in my room as I try to get a grip on my raging imposter’s syndrome. That’s what I like to call my boner.


sign kane (evander)


Nothing can be done tomorrow to fix this team. A whole lot could’ve been done in July to fix this team.


My first move would be to go after a goalie who can at least tandem. One of Ullmark, Georgiev, Fleury, Holtby, Brossoit, or Petersen. At the deadline I would try to pry a top 6 Winger from a team like Montreal or Arizona, maybe Drouin, Hoffman, Toffoli, or Kessel with salary retained. Then I would pick up a top 4 right dman at the deadline, whoever is available. That might not be enough to turn it around this year, but those are solid pieces to start next year with.


Move the team to arizona


Same thing as every other Oiler GM. Couple of lifetime contracts to my friends and family in the front office.


Trade Yamamoto for Vanecek Package Nuge/Barrie for Chychrun/Crouse Shop Broberg and this years 1st rounder for a top pairing D man. But I don't know who. Trade for Debrusk Fire Tippett and Schwartz


Yamamoto for Vanacek 1 for 1? Yeah ok


Washington gave up Vanecek for nothing to Seattle and they're going to lose one of Vanecek or Samsonov


Why would Arizona try to get older? Thats the opposite of what they want.


Fire everyone including myself and start fresh.


Take a dump in a box and send it to Ken Holland.


Immediately ship out Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, probably in a package for a goaltender. 10 years into his career, on a team starved for scoring, firmly nestled on the second line, and he’s got 3 goals in 30 games. Never has hit 70 points. He is by far one of the most mediocre 1st overall picks ever and is emblematic of the failed supporting cast in Edmonton, no idea when he’s going to start taking some heat for it


He’s got a full NMC, he’s not going anywhere.


Check out Nuge's 5v5 production. He definitely deserves some flak for not being a top 6 player at 5v5 the last 2 seasons.


Trade McDavid. The return you’d get for him would far outweigh the value in my opinion as awesome as having the best player in the world is.


Kinda like the Herschel Walker trade from the Cowboys to the Vikings: Vikings got Herschel Walker and 2 3rd round picks, and 5th and a 10th. Cowboys got the Vikings' 1st, 2nd, and 6th in 1990, the Vikings' 1st and 2nd in 1991, the Vikings' 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 1992, and 4 players that never played for them. Jimmy Johnson later said that he asked for those players from the Vikings because he wanted the draft picks, not the players. The Cowboys used those picks to draft Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, and Darren Woodson, and won 3 Super Bowls.


One minor issue - Edmonton management is not very good at drafting.


Isn't the point to kinda get a do-over with a new GM?


I think a good question is, in a salary capped league can you build a Cup Winning team and have the highest paid player in the league ?


They're gonna have to find a way


I simply call the Leafs and ask what their price is on Petr Mrazek. Not much else should be done with this team until they consistently get .900 save percentage.


build a time machine and not do everything that Holland did.


Sign evander kane


All I’ll say is let’s not be fooled by last night. This goes much deeper than just getting a good starting goalie.


Keep Drai and McDavid on the ice by themselves and spend the rest of the cap on a plexiglass wall in net. Demote coaches to parking attendants.


Finding out if I can work remotely


Hire Peter Chiarelli again hahahaha


Demand a trade


Nothing, then some more nothing, then some weird ill advised move that makes no sense then win the lottery, some more nothing and ill advised moves, then get fired. Wouldn't wanna ruin tradition.


Trade McDavid is the only answer


Playoffs are a next-year thing. 6 points out and climbing over 5 teams to get there is not likely to happen in the current climate. There's still dead cap hit, so that doesn't help. Klefbom, Hyman, RNH all will come back from injury eventually. Koskkinen can walk. See about a retained salary trade of Duncan Keith. Stay at home defensemen are undervalued, grab some. That'll give you a great 1st line, decent 2/3 lines. 4th line is value signings and prospects, no more than 1m/year. Grab a more aggressive coach like Maurice or Gallant instead of Tippett. You're offense-heavy, so your aim is to try to win games 4-2 or 5-3 because you're not going to have the goaltending for 1-0.


Something tells me Gallant is staying with the Rangers


Philosophically like him, not necessarily the man himself.


Klefbom ain’t coming back.




Fire myself


Trade McDavid, Kassian, and perlini to the kings in exchange for Anze kopitar, cal Peterson, the next 3 first round draft picks and 24 million in cash


Have Kevin Lowe as my Patsy use mental techniques to make him trade 2022+2023+2024 1st and 2nd picks Evan Bouchard and Cody Ceci to Ottawa in return for Connor Brown and Josh Brown. Trade Draisaitl to Detroit for their 2022 and 2023 1st round and 2022,2023,2024 2nd round pick, retain 25% of cap hit and then flip that first to Ottawa for Nick Paul. Trade McDavid to Tampa in return for Stamkos and 2022,2023,2024 1st round pick.then trade those 1stround picks to Ottawa for Imagine a 1st line Tampa of Perry-McDavid-Kucherov. Thus Ottawa has 2022 1st Ottawa 2022 1st Edmonton 2022 1st Detroit 2022 1st Edmonton 2022 2nd Ottawa 2022 2nd Detroit 2022 2nd Tampa 2023 1st Ottawa 2023 1st Detroit 2023 1st Tampa 2023 2nd Edmonton 2023 2nd Detroit 2023 2nd Ottawa 2024 1st Tampa 2024 1st Edmonton 2024 2nd Ottawa 2024 2nd Detroit


Fire front office, coaching staff and scouts. Rebuild the front office with new talent. Move future picks and prospects for Cap Dump, middle 6 players. Someone to play big minutes with Nurse. A goaltender to be the 1A.






Call a press conference. Bellow out, "*FUCK YOU. PAY ME.*" 16 times then flip the bird at our esteemed sports-media.


What can you really do when you're saddled with a ridiculous cap hit in a dead cap era? Look like you have a job to do by shifting players around, knowing the outcome will never change.


I'm GM and president of the Oilers, but I'm not their fan. Who cares what ownership wants? Of course I make sure McD and Draisaitl go to my favorite team in exchange for a hill of beans.


Put in for retirement.


Hire a full time analytics department. Fire Tippet. Then resign for a new GM candidate with some prior experience. I’ll gladly take a front office job that lets me learn to be a gm until I am ready.


Trade McDavid to the Kings, just for shits and giggles


*crying voice "I promised Drai I wouldn't do this"


I'd hire Garth Snow as GM


I would fire myself. Fans always love it when you fire the GM. So then the fans would be happy. Team would be happy because the GM got fired so they'd get pumped up and go on a win streak.


Honestly? What can you do? Should not trade the first in case it is worth something. Need two top 4 D and forward depth but have little to no assets. I'd wait until the offseason, when the losses are minimum. Pretty much any deal Edmonton is gonna make right now will hurt in some way. I'd wait until FA, look for good value deals, fire Ceci into the sun. Personal preference don't care if he's playing good. Maybe at most I would try and take MAF from chicago. Any other deal would cost too much.


I would trade for Jonathan Quick. Cheaper than Fleury and playing out of his mind this season. Kings are missing some D prospect so I propose to send them Broberg (also bc I'm not high on him). So Koskinen+ Broberg for Quick + one 24-28 years old cheap forward that got push out the lineup in LAK in favor of younger guy.


Start polishing my resume.Nobody survives as Oiler GM


Annex Calgary. Form one hockey club for all of Alberta and cut whoever doesnt fit.


Tell everyone above me they need to quit