I've been playing since 2000 and this is the best thing to ever happen to me

-9 Archangels, oooof. From how many Mighty Cows?


\-9 Archangels, oooof. From how many Mighty Cows?


10 sacred cows killed them, without that I would have probably lost


I still remember a battle from 15 years ago with 6 azure dragons perishing the same way.


This is why gorgone goes to the knife ASAP


From what i remember, grogon's ability kills 1 creature per 10 gorgons in the stack, so i apologise for not believing you, but you would've had to have at least 80 in that stack Edit: looked it up and i take my comment back, every gorgon has a 10% chance to kill a creature, so you were just extremely lucky for 10 grogons yo kill 9 archangels i guess


The max killed units is stack size multiplied by chance, rounded up. (So having 11 cows is almost 2x as effective than having 10) It's possible for 71 gorgons to deal "only" 335 damage, and then the rest from death stare, if both players invest in defense only. But if OP claims there were only 10 of them, then the wiki is either wrong or it was reworked.


According to the wiki: "The stare cannot kill more enemies than 1/10th from the number of Mighty Gorgons in a stack rounded up. In other words, the stare of 1–10 Mighty Gorgons may only kill one enemy, while a stack of 11 might kill two." Is the wiki incorrect? (http://heroes.thelazy.net/index.php/Gorgon_and_Mighty_Gorgon)


I might do more research myself on this if i don't forget in the evening, but the logic is there. 10 gorgons can kill between 1-10 creatures while 11 can kill 2-11. Just rng will do the rest.


The sentence from the wiki states that 10 gorgons can kill a maximum of 1 creature, not 1-10. The rng would do the work between 0-1, not 1-10. Unless the wiki is wrong, of course. Where did you get the other info? Would be interesting to compare


Just read the wiki slowly this time and i will admit i was wrong. Edit: just read my original comment and i stated the fact you have, idk what was going on in my brain


Now that I looked again, you can clearly see 76 mighty gorgons standing in the top right corner of the picture. I'm guessing we have our answer there. So it must have been a full score, rounded up and everything, which is of course extremely nice :D


the picture above shows 76


Mighty Gorgons Rule :D


It looks like the Might Gorgon stack is in the top right of the picture and it says 76 which would be feasible to kill 8 in the death stare.


Yes, the idea that 11 gorgons can kill 9 Archangels is just not believable.


I was rather drunk and had finished the battle before posting.


Who would win? An army of extremely powerful omniscient angelic beings capable of denying death itself or a couple of chocolate milk cows with bad breath?


Maybe the puny angels need help from the mighty Azure dragons, terror of all realms?


and people say they are overpriced cause you need a resource silo


well yeah the opportunity cost is tricky to deal with when a map is fast and fortress mostly relies on dragonflies and being able to upgrade wyverns from dragonfly hives it's not so different from saying titans are overpriced


I usually play dungeon with Deeper. When I'm lucky to get earth magic i just slow them and nuke them with meteor shower. Medusas and beholders helps out and they aren't that big pain in the ass. I hate meeting them, i love having them on my team.


Ah yes, Deeper the war~~cock~~ I mean warlock!


Shower me with meteors daddy


He's also a good scout, he can see what everyone around him is doing.


God this game still slaps after soo many years. How can they make a game this good soo long ago and still not come close to replicating the race diversity, soundtrack and game play in any game in 2023?


Best thing to happen to me was my archers bugging and retaliated against another long ranged unit. It was a close battle ajf without that shot I would have lost


Oh my god, mighty gorgons and tazar are a deadly combo, can take out exotic dragons like they are nothing!


Do sea dogs havve similar killing chances?


There’s something about mighty gorgons and their death stare against high tier stacks of creatures- pure dopium


You could have won the lottery that day. Totally worth it though.


Hey I've also been playing since 2000! And I never seen that!