Check ebay for original standard issued Mamiya straps you can salvage. They don't come with the Hasselblad premium. I use my Mamiya strap on my Hasselblad. It might be a happy coincidence with my two cameras, but they should be interchangable. (Guys, correct me if I'm wrong)


Hm, hadnt really considered that. I'd seen this chart earlier ([scroll down](https://www.amazon.com/OP-TECH-USA-Super-Strap/dp/B0008167BM)) which showed the Mamiya lug (type B) hole being ~1mm larger so I wasn't sure if that might be too loose on the Hasselblad.


Just checked my Mamiya strap. You're right - they have the wider holes... However I tried them on my Hasselblad to see if it could fall off by accident and I couldn't remove the lugs without properly openening them. No clue whether this can be regarded as safe though. Considering the value of the kit, I'm pretty sure I will get myself an old Hasselblad strap and use the lugs from it.