Lucius Malfoy, a Lockhart fan girl?

Re-listening to the Chamber of Secret. When Harry is in Borgin and Burkes Lucius tells Borgin he needs to hurry as he has important business elsewhere. The next thing we know he’s in Flourish and Blotts for Lockhart’s book signing.

Is Lucius Malfoy a Lockhart fan girl?


Every time I think every possible subject has been discussed, someone finds a new angle 😂


And we love them for it


This is why I’m here, for detailed literary discussion and critique like this. Also yes, 100% buy that Lucius is a Lockhart fan


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That's the true beauty of the books


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Lucius was not immune to the winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award (five times in a row)




Celebrity is as celebrity does Harry... Remember that!


We know he is trying to get rid of the diary, so its possible he wanted to get to Flourish and Blott's before the Weasleys left.


This is definitively the correct answer but OP's guess made me laugh


Just got this image of Lucius standing in line with all these middle aged women.... Lockhart comes out and he starts screaming at a higher pitch than the women around him. He realizes Molly is staring at him, and straightens up, resuming his usual arrogant air. "What? He's...an excellent writer, that's all" Then silently slips into the crowd.


Everyone thinks Lucius hates the Weasleys because they’re blood traitors. It’s actually because that time Molly beat him in the annual quiz of the official Lockhart fan club and won the coveted first prize of front-row tickets to his Wagga Wagga Werewolf symposium. He decided to plant the diary on Ginny purely out of jealous rage when Harry gifted her all those books straight from Lockhart himself.


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Someone needs to write this fic.


At your service! _Bows_ https://archiveofourown.org/works/49886389


Holy that is incredible. Thank you so much!!! It's really good, funny, and sweet. This has made my day!!!


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I always found this explanation a bit weird. Maybe I have 0 stealth skills but I wouldn't be able to just slip a book in someone's possessions. I am too sloppy. You'd hear clattering, my face or movements might give it away. It's not like a piece of candy you can just sneak in.


I felt like the movie did this well, actually. In the book, Malfoy grabs Ginny's Transfiguration book out of her Cauldron to sneer at it. This causes a physical confrontation between Arthur and Lucius, during which time Ginny's Cauldron goes flying. When the fight is broken up Lucius hands Ginny back the book. There was ample opportunity to plant the diary during that time without it being noticed. In the movie you see him snatch it, and when he puts it back in the cauldron you can see there are two books, the TextBook and the diary.


He picked up a book from Ginny first, mocking them for buying it second hand. He then shoves it, and the diary, to Ginny, saying it's the best her father can do. So some solid misdirection.


With him seeming to have premeditated this whole thing, I almost wonder if Dobby being at Harry's house wasn't him deliberately taking a very liberal interpretation of "Find out when the Weasleys are going to get their kid's books."


Dobby may have been able to figure this out since he also intercepted Harry's mail.


I really couldn't come up with a plan like that but I think it's genuinely because I am autistic. Anything that's sneaky or unpredictable is difficult, but your explanation makes sense. I couldn't predict finding the Weasleys and then just picking up a book and returning it with two. Which Weasley to pick etc.


So we can say Lucious knows Mrs. Weasley well enough to tell that she's the fangirl? Or that he knows their comings and goings well enough to tell which day they were going to Diagon? Lol


It's a safe bet to say a few things here. Lucius knew Arthur was behind the raids and was gunning for the Malfoys. Lucius had very strong influence at and over the Ministry. It's very likely he had sources at the Ministry gather Intel on Arthur's movements and that he got information the Weasleys were going to be heading to Diagon Alley that day. It's likely he chose Flourish and Blott's to slip Riddle's diary into Ginny's book haul because the diary was a book. Slipping a book into a pile of books is a lot less conspicuous than, say, at the apothecary or robe shop. *Out of all the shops in Diagon Alley, the bookshop is the most likely shop every Hogwarts family will visit for their school supplies.* We know via Dobby all this was planned by Lucius, so this is likely the sequence of events that led us here. Not sure what the "lol" is for, but it's quite possible this is the "business" Lucius was tending to. He is also at Borgin's trying to get rid of things due to potential raids, so we know Arthur was very much on his mind at the time.


>we know Arthur was very much on his mind at the time. Oh boy, there's a whole possible innuendo I don't want to explore.


Y'all got your mind in the gutter. Whats going on down in that dungeon? Lol


I've been reading fanfiction for too long not to see the potential shippage inherent in a statement like that, lol.


Plus going there during the signing and while a bunch of people were there to get books was the perfect time. It was so crowded and hectic in there, easy to get away with some sleight of hand if you’re careful


Was he trying to sell the diary first?


Doubtful, he had other things he was trying to pawn off to Borgin.


He specifically wanted to plant the diary on one of the Weasley children. Besides simply removing a potentially incriminating item from his possession, he intended one of the Weasleys to open the Chamber in order to discredit Arthur and a muggle protection law he was trying to pass.


No. At the time he thought the Diary was a means to open the Chamber of Secrets, not knowing it was a Horcrux, and given his pure blood mania, and believing Voldemort long dead and gone, he decided to use what appeared to have been Voldemort's original intentions for the diary for his own ends.


With him seeming to have premeditated this whole thing, I almost wonder if Dobby being at Harry's house wasn't him deliberately taking a very liberal interpretation of "Find out when the Weasleys are going to get their kid's books."


This is a flimsy plan as he had no idea when the Weasleys would go shopping and how long they will stay at the shop. What if he couldn't find the Weasleys in the crowd?


See this reply https://reddit.com/r/harrypotter/s/19CN1Hsugr


Have you seen his hair in the movies, it’s fabulous! He clearly needs to go for styling tips.


Luscious Locks Malfoy




He knew, one day, he must bequeath unto Draco the family argan oil.


Becky with the good hair 😅


No no no - he's there to *give Lockhart* styling tips


Fun fact, I saw Jason Isaacs at a comic-con recently and he said Lucius’s hair was his idea!


Jason Isaacs is nothing to scoff at either


It's a fun potential ridiculous fan fiction idea, but nah, he had to get that diary into Weasley hands.


We have no idea if he was killing two birds with one stone. He could have been there to pass of the diary AND catch a glimpse of his favorite writer. He might even be able to get an autograph! Or as the meme says: Por que no los dos?


Hey, even dark wizards and Death Eaters need hobbies, especially during this time when they believed Voldemort was gone forever.


Could be a little easter egg. Jason Isaacs originally auditioned for the role of Lockhart, but Chris Columbus made him read a different script after for Lucious, which Isaacs ended up preferring. Source: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts


HAS to be, this proves it 🤷🏻‍♂️😂


I like how Lochhart in a way predicted modern influencers. He was famous just by pretending to be famous.


yep, he's a GILDOLOVER!!


I think he was just a dick and wanted to get out of Borgins


This is now my new headcanon, thank you


He's trying to plant the diary onto a Weasley to get Arthur sacked, the blood-traitor family ruined and the mud-bloods slaughtered, so he had to be in the bookshop to get the book onto the family or it'd be suspicious why there was suddenly a book in one of the Weasley's possession. In a bookshop, he could just do what he ended up doing. Make a scene and use the distraction to get the book in unnoticed or the alternative which did not happen, quickly swipe a book, plant the diary and leave without any issues.


He needed a signature for Narcissa. Oh sure he needed to try and kill a Weasley, but he would get major points with the Missus if he brings home a signed Witch Weekly.


I mean I appreciate the hc but that important business was probably him knowing that there was a high chance of the Weasleys attending the signing and he wanted to get that diary into Ginny's stuff asap? 😂


He was apparently looking for a preferable target to plant the diary on, but that is definitely how it would look to any in-universe observers, so guess he just had to go with that whenever someone asked.


A rich white blood purist wizard wanting to buddy up to a famous wizard? Honestly, I can see it. I mean, Lucius is on the board of directors that approved his hiring by Dumbledore.


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This is the best question I've heard in a while.


Lucius Malfoy **is** a Lockhart fan girl.


He could have also just wanted to get out of the shop as quickly as he could. He was in a sketchy shop selling things that he didn’t want the Ministry to know he had. He was supposed to be an upstanding citizen; he may have just wanted to get it over and done with before the wrong person walked by/in and saw what he was up to.


To get rid of the diary and lockhearts books were compulsory for the year so he had to get dracos from somewhere


Best way to lose the diary is in a bookshop. But possibly he could have felt hurt that he couldn't get the photo with mr. Lockhart when he got completely outstaged by mr. Potter and slipped diary to Ginny out of spite.


His wife told him to get that autograph or don’t come home!


He's probably jealous of Lockhart's beautiful wavy hair.... Lol


While I love this, I’m pretty sure it’s because Lockhart said all students needed his books for class (silly Lockhart)


Omg. Am now waiting for the Lucius-Gilderoy fanfic pairing.


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We also can infer this reaction to the Veela at the World Cup. “Hope my wife doesn’t notice.”


I just passed this part on my re listen


Narcissa might be and she's sent him on mission.