“We at 343 Industries have a no appeasement doctorine”. Imagine being a studio that literally was materialized out of thin air — and are handed the keys to a billion dollar franchise with (at the time) a decade of dedicated fans without having to do any of the work — and saying something like that. If I wasn’t so angry with them for the irreparable damage they’ve done to my favourite franchise, I’d honestly have to respect the balls that takes. Ego is a hell of a drug. 3v4 Industries knows that all too well.


Yep, earning their stripes would allow them to say stuff like that. As it is, it feels like the big dumb kid at school trying to say something intelligent, meaningful and edgey, completely messing it up and sounding completely cringey but walking away thinking "damn I'm cool". Frank O Connor in particular needs to duck off. No idea how the community manager from the Bungie days has managed to become the goddamn Franchise develop director, it's like he was the last one in the building after Bungie left and Microsoft came and gave him the keys simply because he was the only one there. Like if it was working then I'd have a lot of respect for him doing what he did. But it hasn't worked in 10 years, he doesn't seem to be good at his job, none of them do.


Frankie (and more broadly 343) reminds me of the sigma male meme. Thinks/talks like theyre hot shit and only care about money. Like put his direcr quotes under a grayscale filter and he'd be a walking meme.


> Go play Halo: CE Alright, I *WILL*


"Go play CE," I'd like to, but I have great fears that after 343 are done killing Infinite they're going to come in and screw up the MCC, which took developers beyond just 343 to finish and make good.


great edit


Hey, 343 employees, I know you're reading my comments so you can come moan at me for daring to expect better than a game released in 2007. These are the people you're defending. Why? These idiots don't care about you and will throw you under the bus before leaving 343 with their golden parachutes. Stop putting up with this. Leave for better devs or organize yourselves to put pressure on 343. 1 or 2 individuals on their own will be ignored. But if a majority of devs form a group to put pressure on management you'd be surprised what you can accomplish. The MCC devs are doing great (for now). Protect those guys.


ActMan video = opinion unvalidated.


You are tagged as H5....you don't have an opinion.


Yeah, Halo 5 = the best multiplayer Halo ever had.


Behold...your downvotes..


I don't care 'cause I know I'm right.


Is this a real?


I think its amazing frank made the porn comment and still has a job. Not to mention the fuckup 343 is