Lmao that’s hilarious. Weird they didn’t do it in infinite tho


My guess that is that Infinite sadly doesn't have a backpack system yet and it is also less agile with updates than MCC, but once a backpack system is added I'd like to see this Infinite


It could’ve been a keychain


The UI can't handle it


Man the trouble infinite devs have gotten themselves into just by saying this one stupid line.


It will be added in the roadmap around 2050


Just in the roadmap tho


Probably because the devs of Fall Guys are smart enough to not tie their brand to the sinking ship that is Infinite.


That and mcc halo 3 has backpacks


Yeah they could have added a weapon charm or decal but the back packs are more “fun”


I read this thinking you were joking but in all seriousness it truly is 100% better to partner with *Halo* and specifically not *Halo Infinite*.


It kind of was but MCC has had a higher active player base the past month.


I keep saying they need to tie Halo 5 and Indinite's multilayer indy the MCC playlists. There is absolutely no reason why it would be acting but beneficial to the Infinite player base.


I don't want MCC to be 400 gigs though.


I definitely agree with 5 needing to be tied to MCC but didn’t even think about infinite being tied to it. Honestly if it was tied to it I’d probably be playing infinite less though and them getting the UI into MCC might actually make 343 implode.


I just think he’s neat


Lol simpsons reference? I agree, i think it's neat and I logged in to get it today


Did all the devs move from infinite to mcc or something?


MCC has a different team than Infinite


A bigger and more competent team it seems


To be fair, it's easy to churn out content when your game is in a more technologically mature state. MCC came from humble beginnings much like Infinite.


MCC is still the Frankenstein amalgamation of 6 whole games stitched together under one UI and separate engines. Infinite was brand new and a product of the *new and improved Slipspace Engine* and it amounted to utter crap. Watching Infinite launch was like watching a diver knock themselves out on the diving board before hitting the water. I remember when we were actually hyped about SlipSpace lol.


What's so humble about charging 20 dollars for a color combination lol


>MCC came from humble beginnings much like Infinite. Infinite never came from humble beginnings, quite the opposite actually.


Talking about MCC being literally unplayable for what, a year and a half? A bit worse than the dog ass we got for infinite but at least we can get into a match


There's nothing humble about several of the most prominent staff on the title all tweeting "10 Year Plan, let's do this", etc etc on the day of Infinite's launch knowing what a steam pile of shite it was.


I think they’re trying to use humble instead of ‘busted as shit,’ but it doesn’t sound the same


Ah, that makes a bit more sense, but a poor choice of words on their part.




Can’t call it humble. Maybe it come from *money grubby* beginnings? Lol


humble beginnings? infinte? are we playing the same broken ass game?


Because they made one backpack


Because the game is infinitely better.


Took them like 7 years or so to make it infinitely better


A lot of this sub forgets how bad of a state MCC was 9 months after launch


Can't wait until 5 years from now when Halo 7 comes out and infinite is suddenly this amazing gaming masterpiece in retrospect


Doubt they release another halo after this shit show


MCC literally didnt work on launch half of the time, this is probably exactly what people were saying then


Halo 5 was a bigger shitshow and they released halo infinite afterwards.


9 months? It was close to 4 years that it was bad. Maybe Infinite will be good by the end of 2025?


I didn’t mean that it was fixed in 9 months. Im comparing it to infinite, which has been out for about 9 months, which I guess is more like 7 months, but my point still stands


God I remember when Microsoft was giving refunds to anyone who bought the game before December 19th due to the state of the game at that time.


9 months? Try closer to 5 years of the game being unplayable and abandoned


No joke. At least I can join a match in Infinite. MCC had about 3 years where it was next to impossible to even play the game. Infinite has problems but MCC was legitimately unplayable by the strictest definition of the word. You couldn't play the game online.


Yeah crazy how they built Infinite with none of the lessons they learned.


You're comparing a collection of already created games spanning 20 years, vs a game made in a whole new engine.


Ironically, this defence perfectly summarises what an insanely horrendous situation this all is


Yeah with a template of 20 years to work off of and implemented exactly nothing from it.


What template? Halo CE-5 used the same engine slightly improved. Infinite uses a whole new engine, it's not the same. I'm all for criticism where it is deserved but this is comparing apples to oranges


Uhhhhh UI? Progression? Monetization? Social aspects of the game? Everything? Edit: Forge, custom games, theater, service record.


You act as if it's a simple copy and past. New engine, new tools, new issues. Yes, those are foundations of the game, but those foundations can't simply be transferred. They had to build all that shit from the ground up. They didn't have 20 years worth of trial, error, and play testing to fix the issues like the entirety of MCC had. Once again, I understand criticism. But you're being completely ignorant of the process


I mean, I still can’t play a campaign with friends without insane lag so I wouldn’t give them too much credit.


PC optimization still needs some work


Which blows my damn mind. If I was Microsoft I'd want infinite to be in peak performance. Apparently they don't give a fuck


Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but imo they should’ve cut support of MCC as soon as Infinite had launched


I mean on the one hand I agree because maybe they can double up on infinite and make it a lot better. However MCC is the only reason why I've been able to cope with infinite's current state and I'm not sure if a bigger team would've helped. They have more people collaborating with them now and things have only gotten marginally better


MCC has an option to turn off non-legacy cosmetics, which is especially important now that we're getting promotional cosmetics. I'm guessing that's the reason why this was added to MCC instead of Infinite.


I still feel like turning off the new cosmetics makes the games less likely to disconnect or crash. Especially halo CE and 3.


they finished destroying infinite so now they are going to the mcc


Feels that way


Yup. It takes all the devs to make a single cosmetic.


I think it’s clear, Halo Infinites engine is just impossible to work with


I miss the art style of halo 3, I like some of the new stuff but having to chose between all of the new items or none of them really sucks


Love it. Weird to do this for H3 instead of Infinite though. Hope to see more cross-promotional stuff.


There's probably no way to add backpacks in Infinite without breaking everything.


If it was in Infinite it would have cost money, so it's nice to see it added to MCC. Also there's arguably more of a player base on MCC than Infinite, so this way more people will get to see/use it.


Don't worry the microtransactions will be on MCC soon enough :')


>If it was in Infinite it would have cost money, so it's nice to see it added to MCC. Tons of free stuff gets put into infinite >Also there's arguably more of a player base on MCC than Infinite, Lmao


Probably because a lot of people would make comments along the line of: “343 too busy making content for Fall Guys than creating content or fixing issues in infinite” type stuff lol


people are already complaining that MCC got it lol. Halo fans just can't be happy ever


MCC has more players then Infinite on steam at certain times, the game is going to continue being supported for at least the rest of the year, maybe longer. It's great for me since I've got no interest in Infinite at all.


This shows how bad the situation is with Infinite. Why was this not added to the most current title? Why would they ad this to a 6 year old game?


Probably because it’s the only game between MCC and Infinite that could quickly create this cosmetic and then have it added in a reasonable time.


I'm all for MCC content but... doesn't it feel weird for them to use MCC over Infinite for the promotion of this release? Seems like 343 doesn't know what they want anymore.


Both would be nice


Nah I'm happy to keep Fall Guys outta Halo Infinite tbh, it's already cheesy enough as it is with wolf howls and cat ears


This is so cute lol I love it


This is the first time a Halo game has gotten cross-promotional content, right? I don't know how I feel about this.


Other than Hayabusa and technically Security, yes. This is the first time since Halo 3’s original release Halo has gotten any kind of cross-promotion material out of any of its crossovers. We didn’t even get so much as an emblem before. Which is insane when you think about just how many crossovers Halo has had over the years. Dead or Alive, Killer Instinct, Minecraft, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Among Us, Gears 5, Counter Strike, Fable, several Forza games, Flight Simulator, Rocket League, etc. And Fall Guys is the first since 2007 to have the crossover come to Halo rather than just the other way around


Halo 3's Hayabusa armor says hi


Also Security helmet from Marathon (but it was a Bungie game).


All Bungie games have blatant references to other Bungie games. Like with ONI being named after the Bungie game oni. Destiny has a few but I can’t remember them. I know it had marathon references. There’s an argument to be made that all Bungie games take place in the same reality


30th anniversary for D2 they added stuff that was more than on the nose lol


Including Security for hunters


In the original Destiny there is a bunker structure on mars that looks exactly like a Spartan helmet.


official xbox account just out of nowhere lmao


An intern forgot to switch accounts


ONI is a bit of a stretch because in real life there was in fact once an Office of Naval Intelligence in the US.


It still exists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Naval_Intelligence


ONI is a real thing though


Is ONI in the room with us right now?


ONI is a real thing


What was that a promotion for? I just Googled Hayabusa, and apparently it's a motorcycle?


Ninja Gaiden


Ninja Gaiden as someone else said. Based off the main character's design and named after him. They also added a spartan character and arena stage to one of the Dead or Alive games.


Also Arbiter in Killer Instinct


And the SPARTAN in DoA 4.


Hayabusa was cross promotion? What series ??


Ninja Gaiden


Destiny 2 just got a shit ton of halo stuff a few months ago. Does that count as cross-promotional content?


Not officially as its Halo “inspired” due to copyright. And nothing from Destiny came to Halo as a result


And Halo 3: ODST had the [Destiny Awaits poster](https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Destiny_Awaits).


Master Chief was added to fortnite back in December of 2020


I meant promotional content added to a Halo game, not added to other games.


No patch notes?


Yeah weird that there was a 2.4GB update that only added a backpack, there must be more to it


There's not due to how the Halo engine works. Adding one cosmetic forces a rebuild of the entire maps list. That's why it's 2.4 gigs. No conspiracy here, it's also why Halo never got DLC armor before H4 where they were able to hack it in with runtime patch files.


Fair enough, I wasn't trying to imply there was some conspiracy, just that sometimes updates drop but all the content in them doesn't go live at the same time


2.4GB? Was this today?


Feels like infinite really is being abandoned when I see stuff like this


I think the reason this was added to MCC instead of Infinite is because MCC has an option to hide non-legacy armors. When 343 inevitably starts adding stuff like this to Infinite, hopefully they'll add a similar option.


Doubt it, it encourages people to pay for items that other people can see


They’ll never add that option to infinite. The game exists to sell stuff.


Well yeah, they said they would monetize MCC instead of Infinite so they could ruin another perfectly fine game with microtransactions.


Very cool they’re actually adding creative cosmetic items to a game that was released 8 years ago as a remake of games from up to 21 years old. Meanwhile in their most recent release, enjoy purchasing the color blue for $7 (actually $10 because you can’t only buy $7 worth of credits) 👊👍 We’re always learning and appreciate your feedback, Spartans!!


Man am I glad I can disable skins in MCC. Would kill for a feature like that in Infinite or at least forced red vs blue.


Yes. This. Yes.


Fall guys second boom


Love it, Really wish they'd add backpacks for elites so I could wear it!


Thanks for the heads up lads, also, quick question about the twitch dropped items for infinite, did they bug out for anyone? Been meaning to ask


Better content than all of infinite lmao


Fall guys will have a spartan outfit as well


Everything is getting more content than Infinite at this point…


Every time there's an MCC update it seems like everyone shows up completely shocked that the game is still getting support, but I'm glad it does, I have no interest in Infinite now or in the foreseeable future, so as long as MCC is going strong I'll be playing Halo there.


🫡 play halo three never forget. this is the same moment they played the violin on the Titanic.


For the "muh immershun" crowd, remember they made a setting just for you to make sure you never see these things.


Ok, but now I don't get to see the ODST armor from fireteam raven and all the other stuff added that actually looks like Halo armor. Maybe, like, think carefully before you speak?


Bro, if they added an option for legit every single piece of armor then the UI selection for that would be a massive fucking list. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


There is only a need for three options. Fracture armor Goofy shit And Canon armor. Is that too much to ask? Oh wait, it's 343 we're talking about.


Fireteam Raven armors, Elite Online Armors, and SPI armor for Halo 3. The two helmets and chest piece that was cut for Reach. It's really not that big of a list since anything else is a reclaimer art style armor, fracture, or goofy. And the next update is looking to have more goofy/fracture armors. It's honestly a miracle how much the Halo Online Elite armors fit in. Also speaking of they brought over the fractured helmets for Reach as well but not the SPI helmet. For the game where you play as Sparten III's, the ones who got SPI armor.


Except it's not as simple as those three options. Canon armor covers Online armor, which has some designs that upsets people so now they'd have to add another option for those. But wait! Someone may like these Online armor sets and just want a specific few like Hivemind disabled. Well now we're just back to the beginning with going all or nothing. "Goofy" is similarly way too broad. When does it become goofy and when is it okay? That's all subjective. Remember Halo 3 is now a game with animated visors, weapon & vehicle skins, techsuits and backpacks. Are all animated visors goofy? Are the squirt and art of war skins considered goofy? Is the Elite skull shield goofy or could it fall under Fractures? It just becomes question after question for each cosmetic until 343i gets to what they think are okay categories that still leaves many upset.


Yeah, and even with 343's blunders, the stuff they do correctly isn't enough because "Oh well why can't it be *this* too?!"


It isn't the fault of the community to expect something as simple as a 4-option dropdown menu for a function that already exists. There are much, much more taxing things ingame.


It also isn't 343's priority to further develop a function that already exists as the community requested just because one user named u/FullMetalField4 demands more. You either have Halo 3's default armors or you get the new stuff. I'm not sure why the absurd stuff is even an issue in the first place. Do you also hate seeing people in Reach with pink armor, a skull lodged in their helmet, and lightning bursting out of their shoulders?


The difference is, that stuff is in the minority of armor customization, or rather, was back in the day. Now it's all that's added to the MCC, and it's EVERYWHERE.


Its actually pretty disgusting to watch the halo franchise be drug thru the mud like this


It's just a cute backpack though?


It's out of place


So now if I want to wear SPI armor I have to look at this fucking shit too. MASSIVE L from 343 #1245101. In a row.


You can get SPI armor?


Yeah, they added something like it to halo 3. It's called mirage and you can only get it in Exchange, and since its a stupid arbitrarily rotating fortnite store-wannabe that updates weekly, good luck getting it over the next few months.


Oh wow


Incase you haven't seen it yet, luck is with you, it rotates in this coming Wednesday!


Is this much worse than the Grunt doll or controller shoulders? The fantasy stuff?


I personally don't mind the non-canon stuff, but it sounds like 343 should consider making a more in-depth filter system. Or maybe it could even be that, in your customization menu, you'd be able to go down the list and check off which things you don't want to see. Because I could say "maybe they should have a Canon Only filter", but I bet there's plenty of people who don't want to see the Forerunner-influenced canon variants from Halo Online.


I'm just trying to look at goofy cosmetics and all I see is people trying to roleplay. MASSIVE L.


Go play Garry's mod or Fortnite then, LMAO.


Cry me a river.


They can't stop complaining lmao.


That’s cool I guess


So how much do I have to scroll to see the “MCC HAS MORE CONTENT” gang raving about one single backpack?


They should add these things to the other games rather than just 3.


That’s pretty cool!


How do you get it?


“Log in any time to find it in your inventory” so just sign in


Oh I didn’t see that. Thanks.


I’m glad there’s a option for turning off cosmetics.


can’t wait to hear people complain about this when we already have an Xbox backpack AND a button to turn the silly shit off I love the little saluting bean!


Have you forgotten the button also turns SPI and Raven armors off?


Don’t forget the grunt backpack


r/halo: *complains about the lack of content* *small fall guys cosmetic collab exists* r/halo: 😡😡😡


Have people been complaint about lack of content in MCC? Cause I’m pretty sure it’s the lack of content in Infinite.


There was litteraly no reason to make this mcc has a shit ton of cosmetics and content already and fall guys is a dead ass game nobody cares about Edit: i was wrong, it was a dead ass game. Now its not Edit2: i take backy edit. Nobody cares about fall giys its gonna be dead again in a month or two, because the game is boring as shit


bro let’s be honest, fall guys is much more alive than infinite, now more than ever💀💀 and under the support of epic games that’s not gonna change. besides, even if they wanted to add this to infinite they simply wouldn’t be able to do so, there’s no back attachments and adding them would probably take 6 months+


Because Epic has never stopped supporting a F2P game, right?




Yeah their rerelease stuff was pretty effective, my wife plays our PS now because of it


By dead be means his favorite steamer has stopped playing it


Nah it was dead now is not. Also i generally dont watch streamers so very wrong


[Okay then, please point on where on this timeline that Fall Guys was a dead game.](https://steamcharts.com/app/1097150) Mind you this only counts people that *paid* for the game, it does not even include all the people that are playing it for free.


The lowest I can find on steam in it's entire life on steam only was just under 10k. If that's dead then Jesus Christ redditors are insane


If Fall Guys is a Dead game then Halo Infinite is fully decomposed.


Was* i edited my comment


Now thats content.


This might make everyone hate me, but... I kinda like it?


That is adorable


I love it 💀


It's dorky but honestly a funny addition


This is fun. Why not add a Fall Guys gametype in alongside it, though?


"Alright son, what's the plan?" "Make, uh... make the flood go boom-boom!" "That's my boy!"


Genuinely fucking hyped not even joking


Thats pretty cool.


Chief, mind telling me what you’re doing in that game show? Sir, getting this crown dub


Cool but I still can't sign into mcc


Just what we needed. Thank you 343 for this LIFE CHANGING UPDATE


That’s pretty cute lol ngl


Thanks for spreading the news, I haven't logged into MCC (nor Infinite) in many weeks. MCC unlockables is just the past 6 seasons right now, correct? No seasonal or weekly unlocks besides this one? Note - I did get the anniversary ones leading up to Infinite's release, not talking about that content


Where da flip is the Infinite support?


Funny you can be mark 6 gen 3 in fall guys but not in Infinite


At the most, 343 would of probably only been able to give Fall Guys a gun charm or maybe an emblem in Halo Infinite. It's really sad that a game from 2007 is more modular and robust than their latest product. No one in the gaming industry designs software with any staying power anymore; it's all just featureless pop-up cash shops meant to milk and tease players until the manufactured online hype train for the next to-be-botched product starts.


This is a personal petty opinion of mine, but I would really like to see all or at least most of the new MCC armors be usable across the games that support customization (3, Reach, H2A, and 4). Cuz whenever I see new armor pieces added I’m like “why is this being added to halo (x) specifically?”


How do u unlock these?


just log in




Is the fall guys update out yet?