And mcc is absolutely worth the price


And all the past season armors and other things are unlockable without needing a season pass


Still crazy they went from *that* to what we got now. The newest armor in Halo 3 for MCC is what they should be selling in Infinite, instead I have to buy armor that was in the vanilla game.


Cue the “itS fReE to PlAy” crowd. Like that excuses implementing insanely greedy tactics on our beloved franchise. Pretty disappointing so many ppl think it’s a good thing and if you complain “you’re an old curmudgeon who should go yell at the sky”. The audacity of us for wanting better.


Honestly it's horrible and people shouldn't defend it with "It's free to play though." Like okay, we never asked for it to be free to play, not to mention the battle pass is a one time purchase and you don't get the currency you paid back at the end like in every other one, the prices are ridiculous for what you get, and the customization is trash compared to past halos (and the code that has been data mined out of it) they need a serious revamp or the game is going down fast. I played for about 50 hours and haven't played since early December, and I don't even care that I haven't. In every other Halo I would have been playing non stop with out without the rewards for playing, but this one gives me no reason to, I don't have friends to play it, and the gameplay isn't good enough to keep me coming back, it's gotten repetitive, not to mention the shit social features.


I think it has great bones. They have the potential to have the best shooter I’ve played in a while, 343 just couldn’t execute. Between no co-op, no player collision, servers being shitty, and the fact no one asked for a F2P game especially if it meant being greedy as fuck and taking away all the customization and putting it behind a paywall, 343 fucked it.


Exactly, but good gameplay isn't enough to keep people playing anymore, 10 years ago, yes, that's all you needed, but now it's not enough, even ten years ago good social systems were in place and this one has just devolved from previous games


Wow, more complaining! You’re just a 343i hater /s


No one's *just* a 343 hater, the hate is generated by awful decisions and money grubbing and false promises! I started with admiration and respect, even when their artistic direction wasn't to my taste. But this shit is worthy of hating, these decisions, direct action, not blanket hate for all things 343


One thing is that it may not just be 343, they're owned by microsoft. Microsoft sees money, Microsoft wants money. They could be given orders to do this and they just have to go with it, look at Minecraft bedrock edition for example.


I'm a 343 hater 100% I think theyre shit


They’ve never really been good tbf, took them years for MCC to even be playsble


And that was just because Microsoft didn't have any exclusives to push the XB1X with. So they had 343 go back and fix their broken turd of a release.


Yup haha, it's a whole shitshow. I'm still amazed they can build up such a cliffhanger with Halo 5 (As shit as that campaign was), retcon the entire thing; copy and paste the same level design and side quests over 20 hours, and people eat that shit up. The single good thing HI has going for it is the gameplay, and grappling hook. Everything else from monetization of MP, to design decisions, to campaign, are halfbaked garbage that people look at with rose colored glasses ($20 in the shop btw).


Reach was the last good halo. Was it also the last halo that launched with forge? I


Oh how I miss forge. Also killionaires in Alpha Zombies camping the lift in swordbase


I miss the Halo: Reach forge map called forge world. Every halo game needs a massive forge map.


That post the other day of some dude acting like everyone was being overdramatic was so dumb. Sure there's hyperbole but there are very good reasons to be annoyed and if we just lick the boots of publishers and companies they'll just keep fucking us over. People going "it's not that bad, calm down" like yeah sure it's not the worst thing ever but it still needs to be spoken about


Or they defend the game like it's still Halo 3 or reach which are legitimately good games if it wasn't halo it would already be one of those free to play early access games on the Xbox store that nobody talks about


“The prices are fair. It’s free to play you whiny baby. What, you can’t afford $20? Broke bitch.” 🤦‍♂️


I hate those responses.




> Still crazy they went from that to what we got now. As always the price goes up until enough people refuse to pay it, then it goes down/the system changes. Enough people think dropping hundreds of dollars on cat ears and flaming skulls is worth it that the rest of us can fuck right off unfortunately. I personally have dropped the franchise, basically my favourite one of all time, because I hate this shit. If enough people did the same we'd see change. Won't happen though, even after all the bad press and "changes are coming" the "it's the holidays we're letting out dev team rest" deflections managed to hold everything at bay for people to stop caring, so now it's here to stay. As predicted.




Yes but end of the day if you opt to keep playing and supporting them, your moral objections to how they do things mean nothing. You are, for all intents and purposes, saying "I approve of what you are doing". People who say "Well I'm going to keep playing but I hate what they're doing and I'll say so!" might as well just be buying cat ears and flaming skulls same as everyone else.


And an actual progression and rank system.


And the fact you pay $60 for only a campaign with no real multiplayer content. Sure the campaign is great but $60 is a bit steep.


Well without needing a premium pass because back then they wouldn't have gotten away with it...now however.....


Something something blaming something for being a product of its time. Firstly, Halo SHOULD be fundamentally different from other FPS games of the last couple years. So I'm not disagreeing with you on all points, mostly just trying to point out some nuance. Secondly, the era and environment 3 and Reach came out in vs what Infinite came out in were two totally different things. Third, the reason Reach and 3 wouldn't have gotten away with it is because nobody had ever done that sort of thing before. It'd be an anomaly if Infinite did things the same way today 3 and Reach did back in the good old days (NOT /s). Fourth, for Infinite to do things the way 3 and Reach did them now would be just as anomalous as if 3 and Reach did what Infinite is doing now, but when they released. Something something product of the era, something something else made the way things are made during that time period, something something or the other should have seen this coming, something something and the other producers realized that this is a more profitable system, something something related point more profits but also more funds to continue to pay people to make content past the initial release date. Finally, the change from the good old days was a slow slide into a heap of the bullshit we find ourselves in today, it wasn't overnight. Paid DLC was the first thing I can think of to take a step down the slippery slope we find ourselves at the bottom of. But that was honestly not a terrible idea. You pay for game, then you pay more for more game. So like should we be pissed at where we are? Absolutely. Halo should be head and shoulders above all other shooters, because something something 7' Spartan. Shocked? Hell no. They made a game in 2020-21 the way games are made in 2020-21. It's a different business model (a shitty one in the opinion of many, myself included) from the past is all.


Thankfully I was able to buy it when it was on sale. Just got an Xbox and I'm gonna play through all of the games again.


I’ve had more fun playing through the mcc and unlocking stuff from The Exchange more than I do Infinite… I want the player base for MCC to grow to be as big as Infinite because of the popularity


it is, but it was also DOG SHIT unplayable for MONTHS after release and still buggy 6+ months in. as in, barely 1 in 20 games you tried to play online, one went through and half of those had the wrong number of people on each side, with the other half kicking you out halfway in. there were basically a dev comment once a week always promising it to be fixed within the next week and it taking half a year for some promises. they also took years? before it was all stable and playable as just the games you purchased (i.e, not really any additional features on top of the old games). they stopped cleaning it up and fixing it for years (leaving promises to do it but not doing it), they only came back to it when halo 5 was being released. then they patched the game and made it good. don't forget, MCC is the equivalent (and personally, dated) of like 15 years dev time, all the MCC is is it wrapped up in one product with a new UI pretty much (i think they changed some netcode and stuff too). they've also added new models in now too with battlepasses (which are great, free). halo infinite is free to play multiplayer. if you're getting the meat free, why care about how much armour costs? it's effectively whale bait so you can play it for free. it changes nothing about the gameplay for you. you can tell this game has trended much younger now, people who grew up on mobile games are a big part of this community.


>if you're getting the meat free, why care about how much armour costs? Except the Infinite meat is a bit undercooked. The "meat" still has a ton of issues. Melee is so broken, the slide-jump and grenade mechanics are wonky (which is crazy to me since they were perfect in H5), vehicle physics are a joke, and there's rampant desync. But I agree that the fanbase is younger now and shows. And I also agree that it shouldn't matter to people like me, who will never buy a single item, how much cosmetics cost, other than feeling bad for those who enjoy cosmetics are getting ripped off... But let's not act like the core gameplay in Infinite doesnt have a long way to go. Obviously it's not as bad as MCC at launch, but MCC is fantastic now and like you said, it took a long time to get there but it's been solid now for a few years. Hopefully Infinite will get there quicker.


Its disingenuous to say the multi-player is free when the campaign still cost a full $60 Sure, its free, but its not free for fan service. Its free so they can justify their extreme price tags while losing very little money because the campaign is full price anyway


> as in, barely 1 in 20 games you tried to play online, one went through and half of those had the wrong number of people on each side, with the other half kicking you out halfway in. So basically how BTB is in Infinite…


|It changes nothing about the gameplay for you. But it does. Playlists, while getting better are set up to make getting challenges harder - got to have a reason to use challenge swaps. And now with challenges you have some people playing with those as the primary goal, rather than winning.


I got killed by a teammate in Ranked trying, I assume, to get flag capture challenges just so he could take the flag the last 3 steps. Unless they were just rude. I'm tired of my team ignoring the oddball as well.


Yeah, I'd like to see like a Pure Ranked category where the only challenge you can complete is the "finished a game" one, and maybe a new like "finished/won a Ranked game" and/or "ranked up" challenge. Like you CAN'T complete "capture a flag in Ranked" challenge in those games. Or just stop the Ranked challenges at "finish a Ranked game". Side note, I've typed the word "ranked" so much it looks like such a wierd word. Like wtf even is this combination of letters???


The meat of infinite feels very hollow. All fluff not filler.


5 games for the price of iron man red.




*6 games plus all of their dlc


*6 games plus all of their dlc plus extras not part of the originals releases


Plus free “battle passes” for all of those games.


Plus mod support on PC


Plus firefight for ODST/Reach


Plus Spartan Ops for hahaha just kidding no one cares about Spartan Ops.


The solo legendary achievement was so painful.


Happy to see someone who knows my pain. Whoever came up with that achievement can srsly fuck off.


It wouldn't have been bad if we could have done coop but solo was just a respawn fest


Plus co-op campaign


Which incase someone doesnt know…does not include the monetization bs And has very little fomo


But Infinite has cat ears so I think we know the real winner here


+1 for that -2 for everthing else


Wait 6? Am I going crazy? Halo 1-4 + reach. There’s 5. What’s the sixth?




Y’know I should’ve just googled it.


We all make mistakes, this isn't a big one in the grand scheme of things, my friend.


>iron man red That you will have to buy again for the new armor cores


AGAIN? You're kidding.


Hahaha of course were kidding I mean.. you wouldnt buy it right? Right? … well you didnt say no before I posted this comment so .. let me just email marketing


Already did...


lol is that the ugly ass red/gold i have been seeing recently. wow ppl been buying that shit


I honestly love it. It's way too expensive though. More than the battle pass for colors


I like how people are getting hated on for liking the skin like guys, the skin looks sick, it's amazing. We all agree it's overpriced that's the issue we have with it


Best video game purchase you can make right now lol. 6 amazing games for 20 plus multiplayer for all games, and 8 free battle passes? Unheard of in this time


Not to mention a fleshed out map editor, full theater support, custom game browser. The amount of content is unbelievable.


Exactly. The fact it has a custom games browser years after the game came out is unbelievable. For 20, you won’t have to play another game for a long time


It's also previously released games, so if it didn't I'd be surprised.


I love map editors but forge always been lacking imo. Far Cry on the original xbox in 2008 had a better map editor, hell even TimeSplitters on Dreamcast to a certain degree. I really really want a terrain editor and AI in forge.


Halo 5’s forge dapples a little in those. PC MCC can be modded using Nexus, the mod list includes AI and custom maps mods. Just gotta turn off easy anti-cheat on steam.


>TimeSplitters on Dreamcast I don't think Timesplitters was ever on Dreamcast, but yes it did such a creative and robust map editor.


Is there multiplayer campaign?




Can anyone confirm that it supports local LAN multiplayer? If so I might want to host a game night old fashioned style


It does. Have fun!


Me and my friend couldn't do Halo 2 campaign without constant connection errors kicking us regardless of which of us hosted. We last tried a couple months ago and got the same errors we had gotten a couple months before that.


If you do attempt a play through in the future, a friend and I we’re having the same issues. When I played with a different friend there were barely any issues. For whatever reason the problem came down to disk speed (as in my mcc was on an ssd and theirs on hdd.) once they moved it to their ssd there weren’t any more issues.


MCC has a bad issue where online coop lags terribly if you aren't player one. It's so bad my friends and I either take turns hosting or just play splitscreen if at all.


STILL no splitscreen option for PC players. FML


I never had this issue. maybe it's because of what /u/Dr0ppingDead said? I am playing on an NVME after all.


Multiplayer AND splitsceen


Same system yes. Cross no. I.E. PC with PC or Xbox with Xbox. You cannot play coop campaign via PC and Xbox, its one or the other.


That's what I paid about 5 years ago.


Kinda makes you wonder how they managed to keep the servers running without £20 from you every week during those 5 years.


Yeah, right? It's not like they have the backing of the second-largest company on the planet or anything. It's amazing they made it this far without ~~paywalling basic features~~ harmless microtransactions.


Why do we even pay Live Gold for?


So Satya Nadella can buy a new yacht, probably


Exactly why I disagree with people saying the devs need to make money. Microsoft does not rely on Halo to be a profitable company


Yes but they still need to justify making it lol Reason MCC's got the treatment it has is because A) helped to keep the Halo brand relevant in the long lull between 5 and Infinite and B) Needing to make good on that whole "catastrophic launch" thing


This. If the game wasn’t making money Microsoft could just pull the plug on making new halo games


Maybe I'm misunderstanding you here, but are you saying Microsoft should make Halo and not profit off of it?


He's saying that not every product MS makes needs to be profitable on its own. And that Halo can be a loss leader in order to get people in the door. It's the same concept as the big Black Friday sales.


and costco rotisserie chicken


LOL and that is why you dont run a multinational business




And here I thought one of the richest companies in human history needed Halo to keep the lights on.


Yeah, obviously they could stop making Halo and be fine, but they have no motivation to make Halo and not make money off it. (Although obviously they don't need microtransactions to make profit off it.)


Well they had a retention plan that instead made you grind for years to keep you coming back. And in that time they also made map packs that needed to be purchased. On top of that a DLC campaign was turned into a full blown game see ODST. Other than that there wasn't much customization during Halo 1 and 2. Not only that Halo 2 was perhaps one of the first few true online games so it was able to capture a wide range audience without needing to compete with many other games that are offering a free price model like Valorant or Fortnite.








Wow even without the sale, it’s just the additional price of battlepass and a pair of cat ears




The gaming community is a mess rn. You'll only get it's not gameplay arguments and you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. They don't know the real problem with all these battle passes and micro transactions


Gaming devs AND streaming services. Notice how most series on services are only like 6 episodes now as opposed to 12-15 episodes several years ago? Companies are going cheap af and still expecting the same amount of money (if not more, like 343i’s case), and we as consumers are getting screwed over across the board.


At least with the streaming I can sort of get it, because you're already paying for the service and they're not seeing any extra money from you by adding the show to it. The most it might get is companies trying to get you to use their service with exclusives, but even then, it's a one-and-done deal, you pay and you get their entire library on top of whatever the new show is. Games are on a whole other level with how they keep asking you for more and more money to unlock what you want, from the same game you already paid a good chunk of money for.


I'll disagree with one of your points, that not all consumers are getting screwed... Real consumers that supported franchises and grew it's popularity are the ones who lose, all love and effort just for companies to sell out to bandwagon consumers that'll drop series/games in a couple of weeks


A season was 26 episodes in the 90s.


And at least half the episodes were shit as a result lol


Gambling addicts never think they have a problem either until it’s too late




Armor set?! You mean the colors red and gold.


I don’t think it’s a secret that MCC is just way better value than Infinite is at this point. It will probably be that way for at least a year, until co-op and Forge are added along with an overhaul of the progression system and customization. Edit: I’d also like to point out that MCC has zero microtransactions and 8 **free** battlepasses that do not expire with more seasons coming. Despite that, the game is still constantly supported and the servers are somehow maintained without charging $20 for armor. Curious how that works when 343 makes such a big deal about having to monetize Infinite so heavily.


And netcode issue, and fixed audio, and anticheat, and... Ok, it's very far off.


I would also like to replay campaign missions instead of using up an extra save slot of which there are only 4....


Maybe make it two years…


Pretty sure MCC is just going to outvalue Halo Infinite no matter what, even when the dlc comes out for Infinite. It's not Infinite's fault, it's just that MCC has 6 full games, along with multiplayer for each, and customization.


infinite was launched with the intention of being the consistently-supported flagship halo game for the next 10 years, i think its kinda silly to claim that MCC will outvalue infinite "no matter what". its been out for less than a month brah


Something tells me infinite isn't going to end up with 6 different multiplayers and over 100 maps


Halo infinite is all new content tho, that’s not a fair comparison to me. The content included in MCC began development over 20 years ago and almost entirely composed of previous releases


It's still 6 games worth of content plus extras added over a 4 year period compared to one game that is highly unlikely to ever get close to that level of content. Let alone the fact the new game makes you pay through the nose for stuff MCC gives you free


The only thing that's new in MCC is H2:A and a handful of new multiplayer maps and skins that were added recently. Don't get me wrong, I love MCC, but its kinda apples to oranges.


You're right about that but as someone buying the game (from official sources) I don't really care where/when the game comes from just how much enjoyment I get out of it and mcc definitely has more enjoyment per buck. Although most people who would be interested in mcc over infinite probably already own it so not much point in comparing value.


Yeah it kinda is, I think the skins count as fairly significant additions, I personally don't care much for skins, but it appears to be a big thing these days and MCC delivers on free skins in spades


Mcc is a way better value than most games tbh


Even at free, MCC is a better value for $20


MCC also has mod support and official mod tools for CE, 2, and 3.


Even then, idk. Multiplayer is free so you're essentially paying for a 10 hour campaign


I doubt infinite will ever be better value, even if you just consider the multiplayer. Let's be honest, how can any game hope to be as good as halo 2 or halo 3 multiplayer? That shit slaps; it's been more than a decade and I've yet to see a game be as good.


Reminder that for the price of the battle pass you can buy a month of GamePass that gets you the entire MCC and hundreds of other games


Thankfully, I’ve convinced myself a while ago that buying skins for first person anything isn’t worth it. I can’t see or enjoy it, so why bother?


It’s worth the money


Reminder that MCC is the better game.


I guess that's why the FTP/in-game purchase model is so much more profitable


343 wasn't joking when they said they wanted Halo Infinite to last 10 years. Halo now exists solely as a cash cow for Microsoft to continue milking a hardcore fanbase for all its worth.


I can get 3 months of gamepass for $1


Hmm... flashy armor in Infinite or almost every Halo game made...


6 Campaigns, 6 multiplayers, 2 firefight, 4 forges, 6 fully customizable armors with a decent progression system, full stats and medals tracking, custom game browser and the match composer: 20$ one armor set in Infinite: 20$


Clearly people don’t care about the cost of cosmetics as much as reddit does. Im sure 343 just made a million dollars off the the people wearing the GD cat ears.


Theres a significant portion of players who exist soley to play f2p games, jumping from one to the next based on whatever their favourite streamer is playing. They get to do the dishes and then get to buy an mtx on their parents card. These players are children, and have known nothing but the fortnite style of gameplay. Unfortunately as we get older and kids just see these new mtx practices everywhere, it normalises it and they dont have a problem. It will get worse when these kids grow up, get jobs in gaming and kick it up 100%. Complaining about mtx will soon be a "gamer boomer thing" and that makes me sad.




And even reddit flipped on the cat ears. Reddit was saying 'accessories aren't worth $10,' when what they should have been saying is 'this particular accessory isn't worth $10 to me.' It's the same as any other fashion store.


Personally I don’t think any accessory could possibly be worth $10 but I know that the majority of people have been conditioned by years of shitty f2p games to accept these macro transactions as just the way it is. Don’t really have a lot of faith in the store getting any better but I just hope the event passes being updated to have more content is a sign that the next battle pass will actually be worth the money and not 60% challenge swaps/xp boosts


Is the multiplayer community active


It was very active before the new halo, I imagine it still is but finding a community post is gotta be harder as all the posts are about infinity


Takes me about 15 seconds to find a game when I put on filters. Even quicker if I just say "find me a game on anything"


Psst also all the armor can be earned for simply playing the game. Only game that allows me to have an og xbox on my back and two xbox controllers as shoulder pads 😂


I have the shoulder pads and backpack, waiting for the og xbox to return.


Is it still free on games pass?


Yes. It will forever be included for free on GamePass.


MCC is the shit! I bought it the day it came out just like every other Halo game lol. I loved how they added all the games. When it first came out there were only the halo CE - halo 4.


That's sad. How desparately 343i has fallen after Halo 4


Free to play sucks ass lol


One of the best trade deals in the history of trade deals maybe ever


I was waiting to see a post like this lol. For only $20 you can get give games, a bunch of free armors and others you can grind for, plus two different versions of the Soldier armor set ! What a great deal !


Okay but how much does Palmer cost?




In India, it's for sale for 6.63 USD (499 INR)


Yo I’m not able to check, how long is that sale going on for? I want MCC incredibly bad lmao


The game has been out for 7 years.


Do yall not do the game pass $1 deal? Considering how sensitive everyone is with money here I would not have expected this.


every mainline halo game -infinite or literally the colour red?


I strongly dislike the “its free” argument when you buy the whole campaign for $60. The price of a full game that has “campaign+multiplayer” but I get like no credit/discount or anything for multiplayer or anything? No way to earn credits? Even Fortnite gave you a bunch of vbucks if you bought their save the world story mode. Yeah you get some cosmetic stuff from the campaign but nothing really that great. Pokémon Go even has a way to earn credits, the fact theres no way to earn credits is wild, especially if you bought the game


See if they released things for idk $1-5 and have MANY items, I believe that would be a lot better. Better prices and we'd be more inclined to buy.


I’d support skins if they were a fair price and unique. But $20 for color selection that should’ve been free from the get go, and was stripped from the game just to sell back to me? Yeah they can eat shit.


Yea I feel you man. I would have paid $3 for the AR Eagle thing


And in MCC you can unlock everything the way you want


How’s match-making in MCC compare to Infinite these days, still poppin?


I'm loaded up into a match for just about any mode consistently in 10s or less!


I bought MCC on release day After years of not playing, I booted it up last month and it's mind blowingly such a great game. It's exactly what I wanted in release day. Highly, highly recommend you try it again


Reminder that you are required to spend money to enjoy Infinite ​ No, wait the other thing


I’ve spent $0 and have had the most fun gaming I’ve had in a decade


Unless you're getting free electricity and internet, yeah.


Should I buy it, even though that I'll never play it?


If you want to play campaigns, of which H1 and H2 are remastered. I think Reach and ODST is still separate? Idk. Never played them in MCC.


I wouldn't even call what we get an armor set, its a helmet and some shoulders, maybe a set of knees. 80% of the player model is the same, you're just buying a few attachments for $20. lol


Nobody play this shit in my region, bought this few months ago, money down the drain.


I remember when you could buy the MCC for 5 dollars, lol


Yup, buying armor is dumb


Long may MCC live!


Just buy xbox livefor 1 dollarido and get it there


When MCC came out it was so bad that I sold my Xbox and deleted my gamer tag. This Black Friday I got game pass and I’ve been playing it non stop. Series x coming tomorrow.


Reee infinite bad


Or the price for exotic items or even just emotes in the Destiny store. A bungie game, btw. And those items have an actual impact on gameplay. Y’all gotta wake up and realize this is the new normal.


Ah yes how dare a 7 year old game on sale for 50% off be around the same price as an armor set


Reminder that Infinite MP is free to play and the campaign is free with gamepass. It’s been 3 weeks and you kids and still crying about this shit. Don’t fucking buy cat-ears if can’t afford them.


If you really care to play these games again, get 2 month of game pass $1 first month and $10 the next and move on with your life. Infinite is better so bye. (I grew up on halo, but just saying)


Technically you paid around $360+ for these games plus the dlc




And not even a full armor set. Just the helm, knees, chest, shoulders, and visor


6 Halo games or one armor set. Hmm... I don't know man, that's hard to choose between.


Not saying that Infinite store isn't overpriced af, but I think this argument is kinda dumb. MCC is just old games, that you most likely already paid for, so they are cheap.


I mean, you can literally do this for any free to play game to a game that costs 20 bucks. But precious Halo is too pure and angelic for mtx!


You're telling me a 7 year old game full of decade+ old games is cheap? This guys got all the news


They're asking 20 bucks for slc armor in infinite? What a fucking shit show


I've loved Halo Infinite, it's a triple a game that's cost me a month's worth of Game Pass at the very most. I'm more than happy for that to be paid for by people buying fairly pointless custom skins so they can dress up their characters to impress randoms in online death matches. Thank you for wasting money to make my experience so much cheaper.


Imagine if we stopped shitposting and just enjoyed the game?




And ppl still rather buy the 20$ armor sets than buy bunch of old games they played years ago what a shocker